Recipe: Tasty Gourmet Stuffed Crust Pizza

Gourmet Stuffed Crust Pizza. If you're in the mood for a pizza, you could just order out.or, you could make it at home and make it exactly the way you want it. Stuffed crust pizza is pizza with cheese and possibly other toppings added into the crust. Pizza Hut introduced stuffed crust pizza; created by Allison Keefe at a local franchise in San Angelo, Texas.

Gourmet Stuffed Crust Pizza Stuffed crust pizza begins with pizza dough. Now you can definitely use store-bought here, but I urge you to give homemade pizza crust a try. The only things breaking open that cheesy stuffed crust are a pizza cutter and your big giant bite! You can cook Gourmet Stuffed Crust Pizza using 13 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Gourmet Stuffed Crust Pizza

  1. It's of salt.
  2. It's of milk.
  3. Prepare of all-purpose flour.
  4. It's of all-purpose flour.
  5. You need of baking powder.
  6. You need of baking powder.
  7. Prepare of oil (I Used extra virgin olive oil).
  8. Prepare of cooking spray.
  9. Prepare of Package of pepperoni or any meat of your choice.
  10. You need of jar of pizza sauce.
  11. It's of oregano (to taste).
  12. It's of bag of mozzarella shredded cheese (I use a special blend of cheeses).
  13. It's of package of string cheese.

And yes, it really is this easy to create stuffed crust pizza. Stuffed crust pizza is pizza that usually has cheese inside of its crust, but can have other toppings inside with it such as pepperoni, olives, sausage and bacon. The process of stuffing a crust is done with some other toppings and mozzerella cheese sticks rolled inside the crust and baked until melted. Did you know there's more you can make with pizza crust than just your average round, traditional pizza?

Gourmet Stuffed Crust Pizza step by step

  1. Add all of your dry ingredients (salt, flour, baking powder) together in a bowl and whisk together..
  2. Add in the oil (it will look messy but that's alright). Mix together and then add the milk..
  3. Knead the dough on a flat surface enough to stretch your pizza pan and to put cheese in crust..
  4. Spray the pizza pan with cooking spray and spread the pizza dough across it, giving a little extra across the edges to fold over the cheese for stuffed crust..
  5. Take the strings and put them on the outer edge of the pan and fold the dough over it and pinch to seal..
  6. Add the pizza sauce all across the middle of the pizza pan..
  7. Add the cheese all across the top of the pizza sauce..
  8. Add your toppings and Oregano (optional).
  9. Bake to your liking or until crust is golden brown (cheese in crust may seep out, pay close attention so that it doesn't drop to the bottom of the oven).
  10. Let cool and enjoy your amazing home - made pizza..

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