Your Food Horoscope: Capricorn | Food Network

Your Food Horoscope: Capricorn | Food Network

– Hello. I am Angel Eyedealism, and I’m
here to tell you what the best foods are for your zodiac sign. Capricorn– the control
freaks of the zodiac. With them, ritual is
everything, and especially when it comes to food. The expression “you
can call me late, but don’t call me
late for dinner” was perhaps made
up by a Capricorn, because they get very
moody when they skip a meal or if they have to
wait for dinner. They need their food a little
on the bland side and just that it’s very well prepared
with the finest ingredients. Capricorns can be snobs
to a certain extent so that the label
or the brand name must be the creme de la creme or
they simply can’t be bothered. [music playing]

4 thoughts on “Your Food Horoscope: Capricorn | Food Network

  1. all about the taste and brand doesnt matter! as long as im not chewing on cartilage or fat or bone shards

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