You Will Be SURPRISED Where I Get My Most Favorite Meal!

You Will Be SURPRISED Where I Get My Most Favorite Meal!

oh it's so good the trick is to not eat any of these seeds so the end it's pretty safe but more you go up the sides got a seed though I'll it's wrong fire good stuff hey YouTube campervan Kevin here well today coming to you from commerce Georgia am i doing here came here flew 2,000 miles to see my friend bill got in last night eight or nine o'clock was able to see spent these few minutes with him and went back this morning I sit there with him for about an hour hour and a half had a very good visit he's in good spirits in mind is clear his body is very very weak very weak we were able to catch up and I got some other business here in town that I want to take care of I'm headed to Athens I tell people I'm from Athens I grew up south east of Athens I have lived in Athens but yeah I have a favorite Mexican restaurant that I'm gonna go to today I'm gonna take you with me we got to go from Baldwin through commerce into Athens so headed that way y'all go with me so a little bit more about this so a little bit more about this Mexican restaurant been eating there I go for like every other weekend for the last ten years maybe longer fifteen years they got a torta and of all places I'm in shame I'm ashamed to either tell you I said a flea market please I've taken you guys there before several times and older videos they got a torta this is out of this for us out of this world and they make their own pico de gallo I was so disappointed last time I came sole base camp I was so busy I couldn't get up here to eat so two years I've been stopping at Mexican restaurants all over this Southwest and I found some good Mexican figured I have but nothing compares to my torch at home that's for ago whoo almost there J&J flea market I want to thank Ronnie for this let me use his Buick LeSabre he's my car salesman friend in Cornelia Georgia Calvin I got a car for you to use when you're up here visiting bill he's got a little miles on it but it runs good taking anywhere you want to go so I saw bill in the next place J&J flea market I love a good flea market it's one of the biggest ones left in Georgia I come here to eat but I might go walk around my breakfast is holding pretty good I want to be good and hungry for this image sammich it's an O 2 Buick LeSabre looks pretty good you need a car in North Georgia goes by see Ronnie he'll even say you this one runs good so I'll park the car right there Walter a couple lanes I'm not the country somebody brought the rooster yeah take he's the masterpiece domain and then we'll get to clothes heel spur me you'll say this every day gotta go some peacocks is that your friend if that's your friend is he your friend what's his name pop oh he's a billy goat I think he likes you he likes to eat you gonna feed him I think he's your buddy because come bail – hearings what kind of pheasants mom have ever seen Nene in real life ready little dolphin call that woman escaped a little one time Toyota let's a wretch like me I gave two but I started on clarinet I'll continue something they're moving I did same thing I played with the high school band when I was in the other man played me a song man play me something all right beautiful [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] where else you gonna say Billy Goats presents and a guy playing saxophone all in one place right where where you can find it I have arrived I don't know how to say the name of my favorite restaurant to cure off meat Tierra it's right here in the end of this building right here my most favorite Mexican restaurant yeah yeah yeah yeah well thank you being outside oh yeah just wanna by the end of it get a better look at this thing I got the chicken oh it's so good the trick is to not eat any of these seeds so the end it's pretty safe but more you got besides what got a seed though now let's wrong fire good stuff and you got to have a Mandarin for each over no high fructose corn syrup that's about all the damage that I can do that was good the humidity I hadn't been any humidity in quite a while it just pulls all the energy out of your body you know when you hear you get used to it but you step into it I walked around for a little while I'm glad I didn't find anything that I had to have I'd have to have to mail at home we'll have to mail it to the RV no no one have any room in the RV when it got there so I made room for that torta and that's kind of crazy that's my very most most favorite meal hadn't had it way too long goats chickens peacocks pheasants torches saxophones all in one place right here on the camper van Kevin show back to the Buick LeSabre it's pretty thing cold air conditioning that was good while I'm down here I'm gonna see some friends and family but this videos run long enough so I want to end it right here I appreciate each and every one of you thank you guys so much for watching my videos if you like my videos please give me the thumbs up if you're not subscribed please subscribe okay I gotta go we'll see you later stay tuned for maybe another video or two from home before I get back to Idaho finish that solar okay see you later I think he's your buddy [Applause] thank you

37 thoughts on “You Will Be SURPRISED Where I Get My Most Favorite Meal!

  1. Haven't been to Commerce, Cornelia area in at least 15 yrs. My grandson was born at the hospital in Athens.
    Wish I had some good Mexican food!

  2. Dude, there is a Flea Market near me in Bradenton, FL called the Red Barn that has the best tacos…..once a month I drag my family for my fix…I completely get it!

  3. Best Mexican food I’ve ever eaten is in Colorado & New Mexico ? during my 20 yrs living out yonder. Returning eastward I’ve yet to find anything comparable. It’s funny how that goes…Best pizza ? is from the Jersey shore…Although I hear Chicago has some tasty ? just never been up that way…Hope you enjoy all your favorite places & friends while visiting with Mr. Bill…???

  4. Im going to be visiting Georgia for the first time ever at the end of the month. Your videos from here have inspired me to visit the area! Thanks kevin

  5. Visiting Family & friends is the best time.. ENJOY Kevin!!! I know your fubabies miss you!! LOVES/HUGS!!!

  6. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin…You speak Spanish like a gringo. Pico d eGallo. You got the Pico de part right. In Spanish, the double L is a single sound and has a Y sound. If I said "gayo" you would try to pronounce the gay part the way English speakers would pronounce it, however, in Spanish there is no long A sound, so gallo is pronounced more like guy-o.. That is still incorrect, but way better than gallo. A taqueria
    is a Mexican restaurant specializing especially in tacos and burritos. Pronounced taca-ria. Mi is pronounced more like the English me. Tierra is pronounced tee-era. Love your stuff.

  7. Love a good flea market. I remember the Southern humidity. Bad storm heading in hope you aren't there when it hits. Take care Kevin.

  8. Kevin, I drive a Buick LaSabre – 2005, bought it new and it now has about 82K miles – it is a great car.

  9. Say it with me…."You never know what you'll see on CVK's channel!" A rooster, hens, pheasants, peacock…..and a GOAT!!!" LOL
    Enjoy your visits with family and friends and stops at your favorite culinary spots!!

  10. Hi Kevin, torta looked scrumptous!!…."sammich"….my mom always called it the very same way….we're North Carolina folks…glad you got to visit friends…thanks for sharing.

  11. Continued Prayers for Bill and you Kevin and your time together!!!! Fun video, so surprized you didn't break out with your "Rock Rock Rocket!!! " when you were focused on that Salt ans Pepper chicken ! HaHa I did !!! HAHA Humidity just kills me, it's like having really bad Flu like symptoms yuck! Take care drinks lots of water! Hugs all around!

  12. Great vid Kevin. We have never been to that flea market but have traveled by it since 2000 while going up to Pigeon Forge. Wish I would have known you were coming sooner, I would have drove up and paid for your meal. Safe Travels my friend!

  13. I'm in Canton, GA.  Lived 55 years in Milwaukee and took early retirement and moved to GA as fast as I could.  I consider myself a Southern Belle in the making!  LOL  So, if I want to do a road trip, where exactly is this restaurant.

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