40 thoughts on “Xenia Rubinos – "Mexican Chef"

  1. This is a great song. Full Stop…

    I like Tool, Metallica, CCR, Joss Stone, Anthrax, Amy Winehouse and Spider Bait. The comments below scare the S—- Out of me. I'm a white 42yr old Aussie, I have little understanding of you're internal politics. Agent Orange and his Trumpkins scare the S— out of me. Please help the planet.

  2. sooo beyond amazing live she took my hat & through it back then came & danced with us during little dragon in Salt Lake Utah forever love dearly best concert I've litterally ever been to xoxo -AX

  3. what brought me here was seeing Xenia play last night at a show here in El Paso Texas!! So talented and this jam was so LIT live!!!

  4. Good song, shitty message. Brown has all the opportunities in the world. Have we forgotten about our Brown President? Countless Hispanic CEOs and politicians?

  5. Awesome! Could be my imagination but I'm picking up guitar flavorings of Frank Zappa/ Mothers of Invention and a sprinkle of Grace Jones

  6. Brown cooks for you
    Brown builds your wall
    Brown takes the flack
    Right. And Brown tries desperately in the millions to reach the US , by air, by land or by sea.
    Por cierto, estamos muy orgullosos de tener tantos chefs latinos , aunque sinceramente nunca he visto uno en un takeaway chino . Pero seguro que hay alguno.

  7. Song reminds me of Fat Boy Slim….Just with that beggar with a stick & chip on the shoulder.
    kinda like BLM.

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