Worlds Oldest Kitchen Gadget | Making Pesto | Jamie Oliver

Worlds Oldest Kitchen Gadget | Making Pesto | Jamie Oliver

This humble incredible gadget can take
you from the boring to the sublime and whether you’re smashing it or muddling
it in, so you can add liquids, juices, vinegars, oils. You know, this is your kind
of key to flavour, but for me, in the kitchen, you know, no meal has to be
boring. There’s so many possibilities, but you could take like the everyday roast
potato, it can be made so much better by just grabbing a little bit of rosemary.
Pound out the flavour, the essential oils, the fragrance, you know, a little garlic
can get cracked in there then a little bit of olive oil and then you toss those
par-boiled potatoes in that and you roast it. Next level. You haven’t tasted pesto
until you’ve made your own in this — it’s a different level. We’re not cutting it,
we’re not blending it, we’re pounding it, we’re bruising it, we’re extracting all
the flavour. So I love to take like a handful of basil and mint and just pound
it up to like a sludge and then I pound up almonds, delicious, and then loosen it
with a little olive oil and Parmesan and some crushed garlic, and that – that stodgy
little spoon of intensity – that on hot steaming pasta of any shape or size. Use
your imagination, use your fantasy. Flavoured sugars – just muddle in a little
ginger, bash up some basil and a little sugar, and you dust that over mango or
pineapple. Boom. Wow! Little coffee beans, some beautiful honey,
and then get my pestle and mortar and just shake it all over the top. What you’ve
created is a combination, right. The sweetness with the salty richness of the
delicious cheddar and then this kind of slightly weird flavour, coffee, and even
though it’s wrong, it’s wrong until you put it in your
mouth and then it’s right. Another level. So there you go – the pestle and mortar.
The heart of any real kitchen, and the only thing you got to do is use it.

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  1. My grandma gave me her old pestle and mortar. Probably one of my most cherished inheritances. I am thinking of doing an asian version of pesto, using thai basil, peanuts, some olive oil, garlic and a dab of fish sauce.

  2. I simply love homemade pesto! Since I tried the homemade version, I cannot buy it from store anymore! It has a total different taste! Who is with me? 🙌

  3. I love the Pestle and Mortar so much. Even discounting the end result, which is so great, it just feels so good to use. I love the feeling of it, and I love how "ancient" it feels to use, especially in today's kitchens where there are so many modern tools.

  4. My father is from Liguria region, and the only pesto I ever tasted, and now make myself, is the handmade version with pestle and mortar.
    The blended/blitzed version have to be made with double the basil to have a hint of flavor ans it can never replace the hand made one because the blender gets it too hot and basically cooks the basil while blitzing it

  5. This what we use – even today – to smash the veggie/herbs garments of our sauces in Africa 🤔 #WelcomeToFoodWhitePeople 😂 (#ImBlack 😘)

  6. Hey Jamie… Just giving you a pat on your back…i love your food….. its ok to start from scratch…whenever the dish doesn't turn out right… consolidate again , tweak the method, recipe, processes. marketing, avenues of income and sales…dont give up… use the scamper method in processes. you can become smarter. yeah. cook with passion and discernment. i m into processes.

  7. Exactly!!🏅Delicious taste with basil in spaghetti. In my taste in boiled potatoes, I put onion fresh, parsley, coriander, garlic, oregano, and for the sauce, I put in the Shaker 1 teaspoon honey, 3 tablespoon mustard, salt, mix pepper, 3 tablespoon balsamic vinegar and olive oil extra Virgin, and for the end capers end olives Greek. Amazing taste.. 🇬🇷..

  8. I have 3 pestles and mortars: big, middle and lil one. All are made of olive tree and bought during our annual family vacation in Greece.
    There is nothing more fragrant and attractive than the spices which were crushed in this beauty!

  9. JAMIE OLIVER we love you from Algeria North Africa… you're awesome & so creative & humble and this is The most reason that we love you… 💕💕💕💕💕👌👏👏👏

  10. I tried using mine to make pesto once, and it was a disaster. The leaves took forever to break down and when they did they were a terrible, oxidized brown colored sludge. I was so disappointed and have used the blender for my pesto ever since. What did I do wrong?

  11. I like this guy Jamie Oliver 🤣. I fully agree you should use the mortar to make pesto!!!
    Maybe I'll make a video on this one day!
    Ciaoooooo from the ITALIAN FOOD BOSS 💪🇮🇹

  12. SPLENDID, MR.OLIVER!! ✌🏻😁… Part of Indonesian people (my homeland! 😁) are still using this kind of traditional gadget instead of the modern ones! 😁… different result, thickness, stronger aroma, etc.! 👍👍😁

  13. Had mine for 35yrs already – 1st piece of "foodie" equipment I ever owned – and will be THE only piece of kitchen kit ill have until the day I die..

  14. Can you show us how to clean one of those? I wiped mine and then it still had dirt coming out of it. Through the dishwasher and still had suds. 🙁

  15. i made pesto spagetti yesterday as a dinner(half half white brown spagetti)too difficult to find vassiliko even at out market!!relly love pesto with parmezane! i even make a vegie chocolate cake with greek coffe in it(viniger,oils etc.)goodmornig!

  16. The reason it’s called ‘pesto’ is because it’s made in the mortar and pestle ! Wizzing parmigiana reg. cheese in a blender heats it up and changes the flavor in a bad way

  17. This is very useful tool for housewife they can be cook utensils or they can be a deadly weapon to teach the family a painful lesson

  18. @JamieOliver Some of your videos are not available in my country, according to YouTube.
    Why is that?
    I enjoy watching you cook and I find your recipes really inspiring. Please make all your videos available to everyone.
    Thank you!

  19. Dear Jamie
    I did get a message from your movie "Cannellini Bean & Pasta Soup" but it is not available in my country, Belgium !!
    Can you make it available?

  20. I just wanna ask you is that you who was in the bleu band cuz im confused and i have a headache about you hahahahaa is that you plz somebody answer me i was faaaaaannnn

  21. Hmm, was hoping for a recipe, or at least a rough ratio of the various ingredients. Instead I got a commercial for two pieces of rock I already own.

  22. I don’t know what to say, watching a new recorded video for Jamie Oliver after many years, l have grown up since I was a child, you were one of my childhood friends , l was watching you on tv then , as a child who know nothing about cooking I was enjoying watching you cook, l loved the way you cook , and the idea of using your hands instead of machines, you were so active at the kitchen and full of energy from the moment you start till the end. You I learned from you a lot of English words specially the kitchen ones ( cause my people don’t speak English) any a cooking ideas of course. I am 22 years old now, l stopped watching a cooking Shows from a long time ago . now looking back watching a video for you makes me very emotional thank you so much Jamie Oliver for being good childhood friend

  23. Ciao Jamie,Yes that's our culture in anciant days our people have used the large version of this gadget.they had used it to crush the rice and other spices..Grazie🙏🙏💚💚💜️💜️❤️❤️

  24. Jamie is right, of course. But don't run any cheap mortar. Instead, this is an investment for many decades ahead so go for a heavy one (it will stay put when you work) but not a fancy one (some of the fancy models are made of materials that will not last for even a decade). Happy mortar hunting!!!

  25. Wasn't it Jamie Oliver that brought out the 'flava shaker' ?
    A Russian doll shaped thing that had a solid ball inside that mashed up all the ingredients like a mortar and pestle do?

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