Wizards, Mermaids, Seafood, & Lava

Wizards, Mermaids, Seafood, & Lava

food food food food food what food what
food food food food in my bowl Oh No okay no I got it that time that makes
all the sense food food well good morning everybody
back here in Orlando I am actually come back to the Clairemont thousand trails
Orlando Park that is eight miles from Disney World and Downtown Disney got my
cat crossing sign up what I didn’t know about this campground is that they have
some 800 sites I mean they have more loops for camping and then I was just I
was shocked so you might not even remember the last place I can’t when I
was here it was just a concrete pad right next to other RVs this is the
woodsy section so if you ever come to the clairemaude Trails campground near
Orlando deer in Disney World ask for the woods section the D section because it’s
a little more primitive and you’re not staring at other RVs this is my backyard
back here I really like it and it says my little stopover point till I get back
over to the east coast here yes just it’s nice the camp I will mention my
Rhino sewer hose here you’ll remember I cut the tabs off to be able to fit into
the holder here which I let you know it was a bad idea that’s what keeps this
secured all into the sewer attachment right there so in the meantime I’ve put
on a sort of temporary cap here that has a little yellow that you can spin that
with the little clamp and that way this hose will still fit in the compartment
and then the cap the clamp and the see-through elbow all go in this ziplock
bag and then go into my storage compartment my garage on the side so
that the hose itself still fits in here and out of the way
and I am going to actually drill some holes in the bottom of this just so that
if there’s any leakage or anything going on it won’t be compressed in there and
get hot and smelly but I’ve shown you this resort before so I’m not gonna like
do a tour around here they got a pool they got two pools and a sauna and
tennis courts and all sorts of stuff I am going to get on the bike and ride the
whatever it is eight miles to downtown Disney and go have some fun yeah I love
Disney guys and Disney Springs is free to park free to get in I’m gonna watch a
movie there at the big dining movie theater for AMC and we’ll go explore and
if I see anything new I will share that part of my day with you how does that
sound okay also when I got in last night I met back up with some of my Texas
friends Josh and Clarissa who I’ve seen a couple times they actually gave me
this t-shirt we went out to eat last night at a nice burger joint in town and
that was fun so let me pack up a few things the Sun is supposed to come out
in a few hours I’ll get all geared up and I’ll go play today now it’s still
gonna be some 79 degrees at some point today when the Sun decides to come out
that’s why i brought the zippered hoodie and i’m wearing long pants and oh well
they’re actually fixing up old Merlin the Magic Castle gift shop every every
corner down this whole street till they get to Disney is gonna have gift shops
and discount Disney tickets and everything I’ll swing back through here
tonight when it’s dark so maybe it’ll be all lit up
brand new actually I went in to the Magic Castle over there to look around
it their gifts and inside the store and I asked them about it they’re not
replacing the neon of that sign they are converting to LED strips and everything
so I know Adam the whoo was here recently looking at it next time you’re
here though no more neon guys they are going LED which is probably a smart idea
look at this giant mermaid storefront see they put a lot of effort into it a
lot of like coastal Florida places they try to get creative to get people in
here I get it it’s pretty cool but there’s only so many shot glasses
and coffee cups and magnets that are personalized with
name on it I’m just like hey so here’s what I’m gonna do since Disney Springs
has free parking and free entrance I am gonna go over there so I’ll go find a
spot hopefully in the garage and I’ll get back to you when we get there
all parked it was really easy for me I really liked this parking garage here it
gives me it is still currently free although there are rumors that it’s
going to cost eventually this parking garage tells you where the parking spots
are available so you can see that green one with the arrow that means there’s
one spot available down there and they know that because they installed sensors
through here that know when cars come and go that way it’ll tell you also on
the other floors where there’s room and what I noticed last time when I was here
was that as soon as you get in the very first slots are assigned for motorcycles
so that’s kind of cool and it’s literally the first parking spot right
after you come into the lime garage so alright I’m gonna go explore for a
little bit here share anything new with you and I got my movie reservation for
the world war 1 restoration they did 3d color all this stuff from really old
film they shall not grow old I think it’s called yeah so I got my reservation
for that later tonight so my name you know I was already here the week before
Christmas I will put a link up top if you want to check out some of my
vlogging from all of the parks and Disney springs and the campground and
all that if you want to check that out later after the end of this video but
you know I was kind of critical of the whole remodel of world of Disney when it
first came out really criticals I thought it looked really plain and
everything but after seeing what they did with Christmas with all the lights
and projections in the store I can see how they can adapt it a lot more to like
each season so take you in there actually as you can see just two months later it
doesn’t look Christmassy at all all of the red garland and green decorations
and all of the projections that were green and red on the ceiling they just
look more natural now and it’s 2019 so we’ve got all the year for 2019 like the
Walt Disney vision Cup with the Hidden Mickeys in there can you see him and
some new designs for coffee cups like a sketchbook Mickey pretty empty here in
the morning looks like it’s actually growing on me
to be honest with you I like what they’ve done with the place see even
over here in the princess section they can put different projections on that
screen instead of Christmas Day I think it’s a lot easier for them to decorate
for holidays now I will want to get a new magnet before I leave today but
there’s a lot of Disney Stores to visit so pick out the best one on the way out
tonight yes now is the time to go to Lava Lounge it is pretty empty in there am I really too early it’s 11:30 where’s everybody getting busy now I am
NOT doing the Parmesan chicken like I always do I’m trying something their
planet no parmesan chicken this time yeah is teriyaki salmon it’s been a long time since I’ve had
salmon I think the last time was at Disneyworld couple years ago oh my god
it’s good firefire right on to you now the sun’s
out nice sunny ditch the long sleep till later tonight I know it’s February but I
always loved Christmas let’s see what they got oh my gosh they got Merlin from
sword in a stone a special 55 year anniversary of Merlin in case you didn’t
know sword in the stone is my all-time favorite Disney movie of all time number
one sword in the stone I actually did not know that Roger Rabbit was Disney I
probably should have known that 30 year anniversary gotta get a pineapple soul
with anyway I want to walk around experience a little more in the springs
without filming I’m here a lot you know but anyway just wanted to share with you
let you know I’m in a good mood and I gotta go see my movie so you know how
that goes tonight when we get back to the resort just sitting up here enjoying
a tall coke with this nice view over down Disney springs and for 20 bucks you
can ride this big hot-air balloon or what not but you can ride it up there
and get a nice view of it I’m gonna pass on that it’s almost time for my movie
about an hour to go really good movie guys that’s over 100 year old footage
it was remastered and put color and three you got to see it in 3d if you
get a chance please guys I highly recommend that movie they will not grow
very good World War one documentary loved it it’s like we got some live
music heroes at the bowling alley time to head back to the RV and want to
check in on Jax before it gets dark I don’t like riding the motorcycle a dark
so scoot on back real quick oh god I’m back safe it’s quiet here I
love it it was a little cold on the trip back it took about 45 minutes to ride
eight miles through traffic and well I didn’t like having having to carry
around the long sleeve zippered and wearing pants I was sweating walking
around I was very thankful I had it we’re going 55 mile an hour on that
motorcycle in the wind hitting me very thankful to have an extra layer so
tomorrow I’m gonna go to a park I’m gonna go into Epcot and for the first
time in five years I’m going to go experience a Disney park without a video
camera not gonna share any of with you I’m just gonna enjoy Disney for Disney I
might take some pictures and put those on Instagram or something but yeah it’s
gonna spend one more day to park before I leave the Orlando area so I won’t bore
you with that but if you haven’t seen any of my Epcot videos I’ll put one up
here if you want to watch it otherwise you can stick around and in a couple
days I’ll be somewhere else with you so have a good night guys check and I will
see you very soon you

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