Why Meat Is Bad For You- In 60 Seconds

Why Meat Is Bad For You- In 60 Seconds

We have all been told that animal flesh is an
essential part of a healthy diet. But meat consumption has been associated with
almost all of the major diseases. Meat is high in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, Which will increase the risk of heart disease and can cause
other serious health problems like diabetes, Is high in animal protein which is far too acidic for the human body and has been linked to kidney disease, cancer and osteoporosis. Most meat also contains antibiotics and growth hormones like estrogen and
testosterone, which can promote cancer growth. And fish is also contaminated with mercury which is toxic and can cause brain damage and may also contribute to atrial fibrillation and fatal heart attack risk. “A lower risk of chronic disease, fewer allergies, fewer surgeries, where talking…” “fewer varicose veins and hemorrhoids, even fewer hysterectomies.” “and where not talking just the big killers, right?” “Not just less heart disease, canc- this is the longest study on vegetarians in human history.” “Not just less heart disease and stroke, higher blood pressure and diabetes, but less diverticulosis, less- (if you can read this) less diseases overall.” “Now, that’s the side effect of a plant based diet.” “Less disease overall” Fortunately there is no need to consume meat and other animal products, And a whole foods, plant based diet can produce all the essential nutrients for long term health. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

100 thoughts on “Why Meat Is Bad For You- In 60 Seconds

  1. Eating their tortured hopeless remains has to be doing a lot mentally And physically..Whether you notice it or not. All those emotions and evil they were enduring before getting to your plates, then you chew and digest them. It’s all bad. We are far from evolved, it’s almost like we’re backtracking.

  2. Alright PLEASE talk to me vegans
    Everything he said is true but we meat eaters don't ONLY eat meat ,infact i eat meat mayby two times a week?
    Witch is not at ALL harmfull plus we don't have to worry about getting a deficiency in any vitamins, while i respect vegans it's your life, but if you talk shit about me then we have a problem, while i don't puke at the thought at only eating greens and veggies it's not hard being vegan

    And the fact that being vegan is better for the earth, yes in some cases, but the things you vegans mostly eat requires a lot of more water and spoiles quicker meaning it is worse for the planet if you realy want to make a difference in the enviornment walk, cycle, ride the bus or buy an electric car

    In conclusion: i respect vegans we dont only eat meat and if you want to be enviormantaly friendly think about your mode of transportation

    I hope i get a reply

  3. Question:If all this is true then how did our primitive ancestors survive? Meat is pretty much all they ate and they somehow survived.

  4. i recommend that you watch the fast food nation movie there is a slaughter scene just watched today and i am not going to eat meat again.

  5. Well so it's a miracle because we shouldn't be there by this time because our ancestors used to eat alot of meat MIRACLE
    P.S. everything is unhealty if you abuse it even fruit and vegetables!

  6. I mean meat is not really bad for you but just as long as you don't eat like….67 steaks a day the ya you could get some health problems but I mean I highly doubt people could eat 67 steaks a day. But besides that meat IS a VERY IMPORTANT.

  7. Countries eat the least meat live the shortest, most corrupt, most wars, most stupid, most diseases
    The 20 countries that eat the least meat
    Bangladesh – 4kg of meat per person per year
    India – 4.4kg
    Burundi – 5.2kg
    Sri Lanka – 6.3kg
    Rwanda – 6.5kg
    Sierra Leone – 7.3kg
    Eritrea – 7.7kg
    Mozambique – 7.8kg
    Gambia – 8.1kg
    Malawi – 8.3kg
    Ethiopia – 8.5kg
    Guinea – 8.6kg
    Nigeria – 8.8kg
    Tanzania – 9.6kg
    Nepal – 9.9kg
    Liberia – 10.4kg
    Uganda – 11kg
    Indonesia – 11.6kg
    Togo – 11.7kg
    Solomon Islands – 11.9kg

  8. both sides can be idiots. Niether are innocent. It doesnt matter which way you go about it. Nomatter how much you try to defend it, there will be negatives. its all in moderation. Eat as you please, just dont act above and beyond everyone else because you believe youre making the "correct choice".

  9. Yea but it’s either one extreme or the other with you people. Either you only eat plants or eat like 80% animal products. The people that get all those diseases eat animal products 3x a day every day for 20+ years. Meat should be treated like how most people treat a cake, only eating it like 3 times a year.

  10. i know this video is a bit old, and im not holding my breath for a response. but does anyone know of a list somewhere that lists all the bad that is in meats. like they didn't meantion Carnation, heme iron, TMA. im sure there are more that i don't know about. i just want to see a list of all the bad things so i have something to research.

  11. People who ride motorcycles without helmets deserve to die. People who eat meat deserve to die. Doing stupid things allows humans to deserve to die.

  12. All these butthurt Meat eaters in the comments, this is why the Human Race is collapsing. You all are retards. Meat is HORRIBLE for you. The same ancestors that you have had are the same ancestors that died at the age of 30. Meat kills you, it causes colon cancer, heart disease, liver failure and is extremely unstable for your intestines to fully Digest. Wake up America and evolve from your Hill Billy hot dog cooking ass.

  13. This just isn’t completely faulty info…

    Meat has many unique vitamins and compounds that are good for the body.

    Humans are OMNIVORES. Stop being pretentious and self righteous. Thousands of generations of meat eaters fucked for you to sit on a keyboard and judge others.

    Go yell at a grizzly bear to stop eating fish, and I’d say come back and tell me how precious animals, but you’d be dead…

  14. Holy shit this guy has no idea what moderation means. This is one of the most well made idiotic videos I've ever seen

  15. Wow this is about as incorrect as it gets.
    Humans evolved eating, scavenging and hunting meat. Out digestive systems developed to process it to perfection and no health problems can be truthfully linked with meat. I hope you can all realise the benefits of eating meat. carbohydrates are the enemy AND SUGAR. This video is part of the disgusting nature of humans to brainwash other people from the truth. To stop eating meat means to put your life at risk day in and day out you will have a higher chance of something bad happening to your physical body.
    Meat is undeniably good for you.

  16. Vegans are starving themselves, you may reply to this comment angry and trying to debate me bringing up 'evidence' but you will one day look back at this comment three years down the road when you look like a holocaust survivor asking yourself why, why did i do this to myself? I just had the biggest juiciest steak today and boy do i feel energised and good. My next door neighbour is 97, and she cooks bacon every single day? Do you know how we know? Because it's the one of the reasons i wake up in the morning haha My granddad is 73 and has eaten meat all his life and looks younger than his actual age, hes also able to do paintballing with me and run around fitter than you skeletal wastes.

  17. Actually the real killer is our lungs

    100% of dead people reported to have had their lungs stop working at death.
    Let's Boycott lungs comrades.

  18. Medium rare is the best although medium is good too. Rare is okay but I won't eat it most of the time. Well done is just burnt I dont understand why you would ever eat well done

  19. My boyfriend told me this: "In America we eat too much meat, and for this reason many suffer from cardiovascular diseases etc, but here in Europe we eat less, then you can go as well''

    I replied :" then why the doctors will always say to eat fruits and vegetables? " And he said:" Yes, but they tell you to eat meat but you have to take the supplements" I am vegan (1 month) but I think that everything revolves around the economy, and if one day everyone became a vegan the industries of meat fallirrebbrro immediately.

    What do you think about?

  20. Watch 10 reasons why vegans are ruining the world honestly if you eat too much meat then you can say what you say in the video because thats what happens when you eat to much meat …. But what if you dont

  21. There is absolutely no concrete evidence that suggests eating unprocessed red meat is the causation for heart diseases and cancer. Most studies that point to the correlation between eating meat and heart disease are in fact observational and not random trial studies. It is also relevant to note that the aforementioned studies do not distinguish between red (unprocessed) and processed meat.

  22. What? A Japanese study of more than 51,000 men and women followed for 16 years found no connection between moderate meat consumption (up to three ounces a day) and premature death. Last year, a study by different researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found no connection between eating unprocessed red meat and the development of heart disease and diabetes, though there was a strong connection with eating processed red meat. Upping your risk of dying by 13% or 20% may nudge you toward becoming a vegetarian—but those are relative risks, comparing death rates in the group eating the least meat with those eating the most.

  23. I get what your saying that us Humans aka Animals too should eat vegetables so i think ill go vegan and ill go find a Lion walk up to him eating a deer that was murdered by it and suffered a painful death and say "Hey Lion eating meat is bad you should go ve-" Gets brutally ripped apart and eaten by the Lion who feels no empathy or sadness to the murder it just committed

  24. After being vegan for a year i felt like shit, diarrhea 3+ times a day, gas, inflammation, bloating, weight gain, acne. Eating meat again cured all of those things pretty much instantly.

  25. Wow… obviously you know a lot about the human body and nutrition. What Netflix episode did you watch? Or radical book did you read that has no backing of fact or science of the human body. Cool story bro. Kale supplies everything for your body obviously. What is a frontal lobe? Who knows? Meat never gave us critical thinking?

  26. this is so one sided and bias lol. why not talk about the real good thing about eating meat? what about the side effects of being vegetarian

  27. This is all fake and a complete lie. If you look at any credible source you would know that this information is false. Any study today or diets clearly shows that a high fat and protein diet or a keto diet is healthier for you and can be shown to fight diseases like diabetes. Our brains were developed off high fat and protein hundreds of thousands of years ago. Our brain needs it and so does our body to function. Fats provide way more energy to us then carbohydrates and proteins do, plus we developed a better way of storing them then carbs and proteins. This is false propaganda and any science major could tell you so.

  28. an anti meat video of an vegan activist…. (why black people should be burned by a nazi doesnt make it true), so what about the amino acids and vitamin B you cant find in plants?

    my excuse is that meat provides essential nutrients you cant find in plants period.

  29. Testosterone causes cancer huh? Well i bet you are a twig with not even a gram of muscle.
    1. Harward and a lot of reasearch showed no realations between diseases and meat concumption.
    2. We are not herbivores, just look in your fucking mouth.
    3. B6 vitamin.
    Good luck with that!

  30. I became a vegan recently and I am loving it. I am surprised at peoples negative reaction when I tell them I am now a vegan. I am starting to keep my vegan ways to myself. Lol

  31. The keys are Moderation and knowing yourself.
    Consume what builds YOUR body. If it's meat, so be it. If it's fruit, so be it.
    Whatever you're allergic to, whatever your body rejects and or makes you ill, stay away from it.
    Simple as that.
    Yes there are people who get ill from eating Fish, but that is THAT individuals problem with THEIR individual body. Some people are just built to withstand and or not withstand different things.

    The Truth is, EVERYTHING we consume is alive in a sense. Even things in the Vegan diet.
    Either way, it's killing things. It's farming livestock.
    Just because Nuts, Fruits and Veggies don't make blood curdling, soul/heart wrenching noises or move fast enough, doesn't mean it's not alive.

    Another hard pill to swallow is, even if MANY turn Vegan (or even Vegetarian), those meat/fish factories will STILL exist because there are some people who don't care and or NEED meat or fish to live (again, individuals and their individual bodies).

  32. So you’re basically assuming anyone with meat in their diet is a food junky that only eats meat and thinks bacon was brought to us from the heavens and believes everything negative people say about having too much meat is complete and utter bullshit.

  33. This is a very quick overview, why throw negativity in the mix. Have you heard of the China study? Meat is a serious problem for health, planet and animals. Truth, no more ignorance please

  34. Plenty aminoacids, best source of protein and has vitamins. Why would I say no? I rather trust biochemistry basics than a biased person. And the meat is mostly grassfeed & cheap in my province👍

  35. Funny how people justify that eating meat is healthy which in fact it isnt. Considering it takes 3 days for that crap to pass through your digestive tract says alot.

  36. Ok but why do vegans and vegetarians often lack necessary vitamins and minerals such as iron and vitamin b12? If plants are the only thing people should eat, why do we still need vitamins and minerals not commonly found in them?

  37. If all omnivores eat meat as well as plants, why can’t we. Plus meat is really good for growth and all the Carnivores are healthy so it isn’t bad for you and we are animals as well.

  38. Notice now nearly all meat eaters are all fat and uneducated, if you love the flesh of meat then you are consciously supporting the abuse of animals in farm factories.

  39. To each their own, my diet is literally almost entirely meat and animal products and I'm as healthy as can be. Only thing I would honestly change is I'd lower my sugar intake, but it's a quality of life thing for me. I love eating meat, and animal products. The way I see it is life is short no matter the way you look at it, so you wanna be vegan go for it 🙂 and I in turn will be eating eggs, steak and lamb while drinking chocolate milk till my final day :3

  40. Anybody know what is Fenoboci Diet Plan about? I hear a lot of people burn their weight with this popular weight loss diet plan.

  41. Best compilation of bad science I've seen all week. Absolutely ignores mitigating factors whilst focusing in on a singular aspect of diet (meat) to the exclusion of other variables i.e. if you drink, smoke, and eat shitty processed foods it probably ain't the meat fuckin you up. In the same vein, if you're health conscious and take care to eat sleep and exercise properly (which admittedly most vegans do) while avoiding excess then of course you eliminate many health risks. That being said veganism is very hard to do properly for long periods of time and often after a certain point it really becomes impractical. The fact that true veganism only became possible in the last few decades is proof that without the assistance of high quality supplements this diet is absolutely new and not a "return" to anything our ancestors ate. The secret is rather the quality of your food than any dish on particular.

  42. Excuse me? Do you ever think about how plants make air for us? Do you know what they sacrifice just to be eaten by you vegans?

    This is a joke and Idc what you eat

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  46. This was a nice quick view of a much more complex debate. It's easy to vilify meat when almost every healthy population eats it for good reason. It's a the biggest target, how can you explain the numerous contradictions to your statement or the fact that you simply cannot get all the essential nutrients for humans from plants or that almost every nutrient you get from plants must be converted by the human body and is lower in bioavailability and comes with inflammatory properties.

    Vegetable (plant) seed oils is the major cause for the health crisis in America. A high quality nose to tail ketogenic carnivore diet is one of the best things you can consume for your health.

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