Why Is Waffle House so Popular? — Cult Following

Why Is Waffle House so Popular? — Cult Following

– [Narrator] People go to great lengths to eat at Waffle House. Loyal followers ride
motorcycles across the country. Choreograph dances or simply show up and order the same thing everyday for 50 years. Waffle House is so enduringly popular that the chain serves 341 strips of bacon, 238 orders of hash browns and 145 waffles every minute. And so many eggs that two percent of all
those produced in the U.S. for food service, end up on a Waffle House plate. But as anyone whose eaten at
Waffle House quickly discovers, it’s not actually the
waffles that draw people in. So what sets this southern
favorite apart from other chains like Denny’s and IHOP? – You’ve gotta do the
Waffle House when you come to the A town. It’s only right. – Happy Birthday from Waffle House. – Oh, thank you. See. – [Narrator] Waffle House
isn’t exactly pushing any culinary boundaries. But from the waffles to the hash browns all the food is cooked to order exactly how you want it. Over the years the chain has devised
some quirky was to make its food as consistent a possible. Its got its own secret language. – Smothered, covered, chopped, diced, peppered, cap, topped and country. – [Narrator] Which is code
for different toppings on hash browns like onions, ham, jalapenos and melted cheese. They also have a complex
system that servers and cooks use to mark plates. Servers place condiments
in specific positions on a plate to indicate to the cook how exactly the customer
wants their order. For example, jelly placed on the left
side of the plate signals that the eggs are to be cooked over easy. The sheer amount of love for Waffle House has turned it into an iconic
pop culture touch stone. – Hi, welcome to the Waffle House. May I take your order? – [Narrator] Today on Judge Faith. A trip to the Waffle House ends in a battle between best friends. – You don’t come here expecting The French Laundry. – This is better than
The French Laundry man. – Oops.
(laughing) – [Narrator] Waffle House
is frequented by celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Kobe Bryant. And FEMA even uses the restaurants to evaluate how hard
hit disaster areas are. – If you get there and the
Waffle House is closed? That’s really bad. – [Narrator] And the fact
that it literally never closes also means that late at night things can get a little out of control. (yelling and banging) – Whoa. – Maple syrup. No, no. Oh my god. – [Narrator] But that’s hardly
enough to keep people away. – This is the same type of
stuff I can make at home, only I don’t have to make it. And I don’t have to go
to the store to get it. – It’s like Denny’s. I’ve been raised, born and bred in Atlanta. So this is a part of our culture, if you will. You know what I mean? – I’ve been getting the same thing to eat for like 12 years. Like, they know my order like when I walk in. My coffee and my coke are ready to go, so. – [Narrator] For better or for worse you’ll always get exactly what you order at Waffle House. And for us in the south it’s a fixture. 24 hours a day.

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  1. Small menu.
    Even if you’re drunk you can just point to the thing you want and go “I wannnt that one” also real simple

  2. maybe good 4 hillbillies !u dont eat there, u b better off eating a pbj than their dammmm food! i used to work in a restaurant, ain't ever gonna eat there again!! if i'm hungry i get me a mounds bar or mars, no restaurants. they b filthy!!!

  3. No Waffle House here in the northeast. But at the diner I go to I always get the same thing every single time: 2 eggs over medium with sausage, home fries, rye toast, a glass of ice water, a bottomless cup of coffee, a bottle of Tabasco and a few extra napkins. And I read the paper while I eat (yes, some people still read the actual paper and I don't mean online). Can I get this at Waffle House? If so, and if they would expand up here to the northeast, I would definitely give them a try.

  4. Too bad we don't have Waffle Houses around Chicago. For some reason, when I take road trips, and I discover that there is a Waffle House in the area, I instantly become happy!

  5. In my area of Houston, everyone i know was raised eating at ihop…i still havent eaten at Waffle House at my age of 18 because they are just too far while ihop is always closer

  6. I work at a Waffle House, I think the food is alright, I figured my location is popular since it’s so close to Disney world. I hear people all the time say the food is the best they’ve ever had.

  7. They use their flattop to great effect in making omelets, they really spread the egg mixture out, add the internals and then they roll them up.

    They also make GREAT has browns, with lots of options. Tripled, Scattered, Peppered, Well.

  8. I miss their all you can eat menu. I usually get scrambled eggs, sausage, sometimes grits, at least one waffle, and coffee. I like to play rock and country on their digital box. I've played "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath, "Don't Fear The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult, and "Another Piece Of My Heart" by Janis Joplin, as well as many others. I can't find the Waffle House anthems on the new boxes, however. I'd like to find "Special Lady At The Waffle House" and "Raisins In My Toast". To any Waffle House staff that reads this, are the anthems still there, and if so where?

  9. I used to like it till their menu got very very old and overpriced while there is a 24/7 walmart one block over that can get you the same meal for a good week with the same price.

  10. Love eating @ Waffle House wish we had them in Bakersfield, Ca for this Kern Co is loaded with the good people of the south & mid-west.

  11. Old joke from younger days:

    What has four legs and three teeth?

    The night shift at the Waffle House!

    (It was about true in some locations)

  12. It's what's left of the old hole in the wall diners… and man the food is awesome! You will never find food as good as theirs, not any more. Never gonna let you go Waffle House! <3

  13. So, the waffle IS why i love wafflehouse 🙂 but the service is amazing too, also love them hashbrowns <3

  14. I wouldn't waste my time going to that greasy place plus a lot of crazy people be in the late night or early morning hours

  15. Growing up in Tennessee, some of my best memories are of me and my friends at Waffle House in the middle of the night. From road trips to stumbling in after a night of partying to getting up on a Saturday morning and eating breakfast at 11:00 am, Waffle House will always hold a special place in my heart.

  16. As Atlien Waffle House at 3 am is like going to Mecca it's a right of passage. but now as I've grown older the food is meh and it's usually dirty trust me I used to work at one and probably why I don't eat there anymore.

  17. WH has always had this stick-it-up-your-ass-if-you-don't-like-it corporate style. Allow me to give examples: Waffle House was the only restaurant I saw at the end of the millennium that REFUSED to carry ranch dressing: "French, Thousand Island, Blue Cheese, all that 1950s craze….and fuck you if you don't like it and have a GREAT day!" or, "Try our GREAT Spanish omelette? Salsa?? Huh???!! on an omelette?? Will Ketchup do? Fuck you and have a GREAT Day SWEETIE!!!" They have finally awakened and provide a thin-shit picante. The latest is, that now that we know that hand dryers recirculate fecal matter from the bathroom onto your (and the cook's) hands, many people demand paper towels. Also you can use to paper towel to open the door on your way out to avoid touching where the person who DIDN'T wash his hands grabbed it. "Sorry, blow dryers only, yes, I know we've got shit all over our hands….corporate decides all that, so fuck you and have a GREAT day!! No manager there gives a rats ass, pass it up to corporate. It's a great place for club sluts to ritualize the close of that's night's of disco (yup, it lives!) or line-dancing and cock searching, trying to find The One.

  18. I used to live right across the street from one. And not but 200 ft away there is another one across the bridge.

  19. The waffle House at my campus back when I was studying used to give free waffles on Tuesdays, if we were a member of student association, which again was free. So basically I lived on this every week coz free dinner man!

  20. The secret is it Taste good! you see when they make your food and they never close! I love the chili there it makes a great meal on a cold winter night along with a glass of orange juice…

  21. I went to Georgia this weekend and yes my 1stop was the WAFFLE house…as expected it was too die for…..I stayed 4 days and those 4 days I went to eat my fave breakfast ii also got my cali friends addicted to it…no shame in our game…love the WAFFLE HOUSE nothing changes..all hands up for them

  22. I spend a huge amount of money eating out, sometimes cheap, sometimes expensive. I'm a bit of a connoisseur. And without a doubt, Waffle House is my very favorite restaurant in the world – that is, any one of 96% of them (there are a handful of lazy lame ones). This is based on food quality, speed, attentiveness of service, friendliness of service, consistency and price. I'm very serious. They have high quality and the employees take it seriously. In almost every store. I know some of you are rolling your eyes. But it's true.

  23. They might be called Omelette House because while the waffles are tasty the omelettes are insanely fine. I've been eating the Ham and Cheese one for decades and it's been perfect all along. I'm telling you: perfect. Every single time.

    The genius of Waffle House is not changing for the sake of change. They have perfect formulas, and they don't mess with them.

  24. Waffle House is one of my favourite restaurants. It’s always open in the 20 years I’ve been going there and the food is consistent. I know if I order my bacon, chicken & cheese hold the garden with hash browns scattered, covered and chunked I get exactly what I ordered. Some nights are better than others but I’m always satisfied.

  25. I live farther north, but go a waffle house any chance I get when traveling.

    IHOP, Denny's? Please that's not real food (not real as in it's fake waffles and pancakes)

  26. People steer clear of the ones in Tulsa. No regulars. Mostly just travelers. Bad waitress. High prices. Nasty floors and little cleaning.

  27. Me in New York having gone to waffle house like twice is wishing I lived in the South. (also Bojangles Chick Fillet, and Dairy Queen)

  28. Bruh im craving waffle house so much and i want some cheesy eggs and some hash browns with tabasco and a waffle and bacon and a cheeseburger

  29. I Hate Waffle House Now because one employee Said I'm Sorry Sir But There's No More Chocolate Milk Left And she Said Your food Is Coming Baby.

  30. I miss Waffle House……because I’m all the way at Wisconsin and it’s all the way to Tennessee……

  31. I was in AL for a few months. I wasnt a burger person. Since burgers from where I am from may visually look delicious and presented the taste is usually not as good as it looks. I love waffle house so much that when I got back home I genuinely miss it so much that I tried every single burger place I havent tried in my country just to fill the void. But alas, no luck. Its been 3 years.

  32. Pull 2 && 1 half bacon drop 2 hash browns mark order scramble on 2 make one a raisin plate Texas bacon cheesestake melt plate smothered cover peppered && capped waffle on 4 make 2 out like one make one peanut butter one chocolate…. heard?

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