WHO’S THE BETTER COOK?! – Cooking Battle! ft. AngelsKimi

WHO’S THE BETTER COOK?! – Cooking Battle! ft. AngelsKimi

This is my today pants Cute? Perfect for hiding pink shorts PepeLaugh Hey! You think me hide pink shorts? You think real?! You think?! Oh yes Wow! You genius! You genious! You…You genious! What?! Why touch? Why touch?! Why touch?! Why touch me?! Okay, okay, okay, okay,okay, okay, okay This isn’t right It can be all four of us Four? Four in me? I just woke up, so I am still really tired and I’m still trying to wake up right now, and I need okay, hold on I’m gonna chug. Okay Why not stop? Why? Why? Why? Why just… Oh my god brain freeze She’s okay? Okay monkaS Oh, I’m cold. She’s crazy Okay Called you crazy? What?! No, no! Hachu called me crazy? Who?! Who?! Who?! Who?! Oh! Hachu? What What are you doing? Why are you calling me crazy? Nothing! Nothing! No! No! I’m not! Hachu calling me crazy? Hi!!! Hi!!! Oh! Hello? Hello! Why this picture? Ah this…Ah Why? Why this? Uhmm…because…I like it. I like it. Why do you like it? Yes I like it! Just I like it because very cute Why? very cute? Yes! I like this clip. Why? because…uhmmmm… You pervert Okay, okay, okay, I am a pervert Okay, no no no. No No No! Yes! No no no no No no no no Korean language class 2 Step 0? Oh, yes yes yes Read please Be a strong human. Is…Is this English lesson or Korean lesson? Korean lesson of course. Okay okay okay okay Korean sometimes make strong noises. Yes You understand? Uhmmmm….No Okay, Korean pronunciation is sometimes very strong. Ohhh I have… I actually have a problem with making my voice strong I have a very not strong voice I think Most English people say have soft pronunciation. Really? Yes Next Next Next step Okay. Oh, next step. Okay step 1 Let’s practice strong pronunciation Let’s go Okay One Jja jang myeon Ahh! Black bean sauce. Okay, one more time. Jja jang myeon Jja… Jja jang myeon! Oh! Perfect! Jja jang myeon! Oh, oh, why perfect? Why she’s perfect? Oh my god! I’m now surprised, really! I feel like if you like yell and have like an alpha voice all the time you know people might think you’re like angry or like mad And I don’t want that, so like I’m not angry. I’m not angry. I’m just happy about Just Korean pronunciation is strong so my English is sometimes very strong. Kapp Okay next is Kka ma gwi Kka ma gwi Very good. Good? Yes, but uhm…small sound please Kka ma gwi Oh small sound? Yes I can’t do it anymore, it’s small. I can’t do it. How do you… How do you do it without making it loud? Just Just Just relax mind and go to the Kka ma gwi Kka Kka Oh, she can. Kka mmmm Kka Kka ma gwi Why big sound? Why? I can’t do it small sound. Relax and your mouth go to the small Kka ma gwi Kka ma gwi Oh, now good, now good! Yes! Yes! Yes! A lot of air please. very good now. Okay, more air, more air Yes, more air Kka ma gwi Oh very good! Very good! Kka ma gwi Very good Pervert is Korean word “byeon tae” byeon tae Oh! Why perfect?! Oh my god! Not byeon tae This is a cute swear word. Cute swear word? Yes Cute swear word? Yes This word was used a lot in Internet romance novels to make fun of the man that the female protagonist likes. Ohhh! Oh, that’s cute. It’s like, it’s like when a girl teases the boy. Yes yes yes Stupid shit dog Yes, but it’s very bad but Korea it’s fine. Shit is shibal No! No! No! No! Different No! Different different Shibal is… F*** Korean internet words. Yes La myeon meog go gal lae Ooh La myeon meog go gal lae Oh very good This mean is yeah Do you want Netflix and chill? Yes La myeon…ramen? ramen ramen Meog go Eat Yes gal lae with me? Yes Do you want to eat ramen with me? Yes in my home. Yes?! Ahh! Ahh! I’m just…I’m just teaching, teaching, teaching And now exam time Woah! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Exam? Yeah! Yes! What? Stop! Stop Stop! Stop Stop! Hey student, stop! Hey student what? Now solve this Okay, 60 score Kimmy just practice 100 hours please. A hundred hours? Kimmy let’s go. Kiss chat, kiss chat. Question Your your your chat and me chat go to the kiss. Is there a kiss emoji? Just Touch Touch Touch? Touch Touch each other like Finger? You ready your cooking? Cooking Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah Okay So Okay, We are one stage is Hot dog! Start in 3 2 1 Go! Flour? Yes! Flour why? Why you Why you no sausage bread? You’re making bread? I’m making bread Why you not? You’re making bread? What is this? Ahh! Ohh! What? I put it on the lowest setting. Oh my god what’s this? This is Oh my god! Should we…should we taste? mmmmm Oh my god, this is… Are you okay? Are you okay? Just a little sour and hot Sour? Yes Now ready? Ready! Go go go! Two stage Hamburger!!! Go! Go! And a little…umm I’m scared Huh? Ohhhh! Wow! Wow! Ah! Oh It’s okay, it’s okay. it’s okay! Whoa, hey, what? Why no cooking onion? Why no cooking onion? Why? I like raw onion. What? What? Yeah I like raw onion. Raw. What?! I try Let’s go Kimi try. Try? Yes Like my mouth isn’t this big Okay, I’ll try mmmmm Kimi why you are face is sad? hmm Looks not delicious? What face? EZ Clap Honestly wasn’t even that bad. Come on, really? Mine was not that bad. Are you serious? You serious? 87% me and AngelsKimi is… Mine was not that bad 14…14% Stop PepeLaughing me Hachu Ooh Okay Thank you! Yes yes yes Thank you so much! Thank you! Really was fun I know! It was really fun! Bye bye

100 thoughts on “WHO’S THE BETTER COOK?! – Cooking Battle! ft. AngelsKimi

  1. Those were the most scuffed burgers I've ever seen. Hachu mixing potato in for some reason and Kimi tenderizing ground beef…

  2. Randomly hearing Kass' song from BOTW at 7:47 was a great surprise, I'm glad HAchubby isn't afraid to put in copyrighted music LOL

  3. i like Hachu video because she put translation, and edit esy to understand πŸ™‚
    Your english getting better so keep up
    love ya~

  4. I've been taking Spanish for a little over a year now cause we are forced to take it at my school but it's so difficult for me. And for some reason I find learning Korean easier. Like knowing the words and what they mean. Not reading or writing yet.

  5. I feel sorry for the guys who marry these girls; they would either have to learn how to cook or go eat at restaurants everyday or else they'll starve to death. Lmao!!

  6. μ•„λ‹ˆ λˆ„κ°€ 짜μž₯λ©΄μ΄λž‘ κΉŒλ§ˆκ·€λ₯Ό μ €λ ‡κ²Œ μŒ”κ²Œ 발음 ν•˜λƒκ³  γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

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