Whole30 Meal Prepping - Two Whole30 Diet Recipes That Rock

Whole30 Meal Prepping – Two Whole30 Diet Recipes That Rock

what is up meal prep and family it's Bobby and last week I asked you what kind of meal prep you want to see going forward and there were some awesome ideas which means deci and I are gonna be crazy busy the next few weeks but I chose whole xxx meal prep because I believe in that diet plan but even if you're not on whole xxx think of this recipe like crazy clean eating with crazy monster flavors so I hope you guys are ready for shrimp and roasted cauliflower curry meal prep oven roasted cauliflower tossed in a coconut curry sauce and finished with walnuts and raisins and crusty shrimp and a garlic orange sauce so here's the deal if you love straight-up awesome meal prepping that is good and good for you and doesn't tease you with click mate of some girls boobies on the thumbnail or some guys biceps too then you click on the video and it turns out to be bland chicken boring rice and boring broccoli click subscribe you guys we're rockin out creative delicious recipes every Friday morning and I would love for you to join the Flav City community alright to get this recipe started I have two heads of medium-sized cauliflower in front of me I'm gonna season it with a couple teaspoons of avocado oil pinch over just over a half a teaspoon of salt if you crack some black pepper then I usually only have dried thyme but I did pick up some fresh thyme at the market and then run your finger the opposite way that the leaves grow and the leaves just fall right off I'm scattering over about a teaspoon of fresh but if you only have Drive use half that stuff is strong Dee bling and then just mix up everything really well and pre-heat your oven to 450 degrees we're going fast and furious style because when you roast cauliflower at high temperatures it gets crazy kind of caramelized on the outside and really really creamy on the inside it's unbelievable did I oversaw that cauliflower a little too much alright pop this guy in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes all right friends while the cauliflower is doing its thing let's get cracking on the coconut curry sauce we're gonna preheat a pan over medium heat and then drizzle in some olive oil let's do trivia question number one for the week I used avocados oil before for the roasting in the oven and I'm gonna drizzle in a couple teaspoons of olive oil does he's wondering where this is going leave a comment below if you know why I use different oils in this case olive and avocado for two different applications and then go in with one onion that I find the diced pinch in a quarter teaspoon of salt and a couple cracks of black pepper oh by the way this recipe is pretty much a hundred percent keto also except for one ingredient which comes in way later on so if you're hoping for a keto rest of you to pretty much consider this a twofer because it's keto and whole 30 I like to hook up my friends whenever the ask Lord all right so give that a mix I'm gonna let it go for about five minutes to give it a head start and then we'll throw in some ginger and some garlic now go in with three cloves of garlic that are finely minced and then break down some ginger by peeling it with a spoon and then gradient with a micro planer that way it turns into a pulp and then add about a teaspoon to the pan next up it's time for the curry powder I'm gonna use ma dress curry powder if you look inside the bag here you can see it's a yellow curry powder it has a fair amount of turmeric in there which I want but I actually want this to be even more vibrantly yellow so I'm gonna kind of supplement that with some ground turmeric so go ahead and tip in a tablespoon of the curry powder and then half a teaspoon of the turmeric powder and then give it a mix and this is like the most important part of the recipe think about it those spices have been sitting in the old pantry for a couple months the flavors might be a little asleep right they've been on a siesta so if I cook them with the fat over heat I'm essentially blooming the essential oils in the curry powder and turmeric and bringing all those flavors back to life and it really elevates the flavor big-time so do it for about one minute you can already smell your dusty smell smells good see it already smells like little Mumbai in here and we're getting a tons of flavor so next ingredient is coconut milk you can use low-fat if you want but I'm using full fat because I love that rich creamy body so go ahead and tip in a cup now look what happens immediately the coconut milk gets dyed yellow by that turmeric and the curry powder now I do want a little bit heat in there I could add red chili flakes but I have these little long red chili peppers that I love and grab my knife and just finely slice about half of it and add that to the pan all right next up I have chicken stock because if I'm using like coconut milk I don't need it because the difference between light coconut milk and full fat is water it's just much more watery this is thicker so I want to tip in a half a cup of chicken stock yeah yeah yeah good question that's it on the ball like that the whole thirty police is in the his own either but make sure it's a whole thirty chicken stock it can't have any MSG any sugar any caramel colorings it's best to use your own or there's a handful of brands out there you can buy all right bring this guy to a simmer and then I'm just gonna let it reduce until it's nice and thick and saucy alright I'm putting the sauce back here and we can move on to the shrimp part of the meal prep before we cook there's a beautiful shrimp that I have in the fridge you first have to make the garlicky sour orange glaze to do that I'm preheating a little pot here I'm gonna add a couple teaspoons of olive oil then add two cloves of garlic that are finely sliced and then add a teaspoon of freshly chopped thyme the original snap crackle pop all right so that is exactly what you want to see right the time is literally bursting with flavor and infusing the olive oil with all that yummy flavor I want to toast that garlic for just a minute and then I'm gonna add tangerine juice which you can do Oh Jay but I saw tangerine juice at the store and that is just so darn awesome just make sure it's pure OJ or pure tangerine juice it can't have added sugar or anything like that for whole thirty and a little bit of lime juice so add about two thirds a cup of tangerine juice or orange juice and slice a couple slices of lime add that to the pot along with just a quarter teaspoon of salt and a few cracks of pepper thank you we're sauce crazy I don't think we've ever made two sauces in one meal prep video I'm gonna let that go and reduce and get sticky and then add a little bit of tapioca starch to thicken it up still waiting for my coconut curry sauce to thicken up back there and it is time to yank the cauliflower from the oven and see how beautiful that is all right you guys look at this cauliflower this is what I was talking about before the exterior is nice and browned and it's kind of charred in spots but inside it's very very creamy this is awesome all right let's swap the sauces because the coconut curry sauce is just about done look at this you guys thickened up really nicely the color is just downright gorgeous but to make this even better I'm gonna stir in a little bit of coconut cream it's really not that fatty but it's gonna make the sauce so luscious and so creamy so let's start with 1 tablespoon and that adds a really nice color to the sauce now we're missing one flavor component here we have sweet coconut milk I added salt while that's cooking we have chilies for spice what is it Betsy what is it acid that's right baby a little squeeze of lime juice all around out the flavors perfectly let's add maybe a teaspoon of lime juice to start oh that's good dude that is perfectly spiced it's crazy creamy but it's chunky-monkey right there's a lot of onions and garlic's and chillies in there I want a creamy kind I want to put that creamy waterfall all over the cauliflower so let me grab a little bolt and then strain the golden elixir right through a strainer into the bowl and then the use your spoon just to push it through the sieve you get creamy sauce on one side and chunks on the other now that's for this one Dessie can't keep track of the sauces eat two sauces it's too much for one person I'm gonna transfer the cauliflower to a bowl and look at that you guys the pieces that are really caramelized like that those are my favorite ones now drizzle over enough of the coconut curry sauce to coat shake over a tablespoon of chopped walnuts for crunch a tablespoon of raisins for sweetness and then some fresh herbs like parsley or cilantro to finish and then give it a good mix up wait a second hold on we can't go through a video about some kind of zesting and we already had a lime from before let me grate over just a half lime oh you guys as soon as that lime zest hits the hot cauliflower desk you smother Wow this could totally satisfy any vegan vegetarian or meat-eater because the cauliflower is roasted and almost kind of nutty and meaty and that's sauce you couldn't drizzle that sauce up on an old leather shoe and it would taste good alright this is done all we have to do is finish up the glaze for the shrimp and cook the shrimp and we're done to finish this our orange glaze I'm gonna fish out the lime slices then stir together a teaspoon of tapioca starch with two teaspoons of water that's a slurry add that to this simmering mixture and after a couple minutes it thickens up really nicely and turns into a silky glaze and tapioca starch is just like cornstarch to activate the thickening power you have to boil the mixture alright last thing to do is cook those shrimp and then we are done all right I've got one pound of shrimp right here I patted them really well dry with paper towels and then put them in the fridge because if you want your shrimp to get crusty as can be there can't be any moisture on there so I'm preheating a large non-stick pan over medium-high heat I'm gonna drizzle in a couple teaspoons of avocado oil I have half of these shrimp to a bowl add a pinch of salt half a teaspoon of smoked paprika and a tiny drizzle of avocado oil I mix it all up then add the shrimp to the pan put them in one single layer and slap down the splatter guard splatter guard because the oil will go everywhere and only half the shrimp at first because I don't want to overcrowd the pan if you do that the shrimp will end up boiling in their own juices they won't get crusty as can be I'm gonna give those shrimp these two minutes and then we'll flip them let's give this shrimp a flip perfect see what I mean you guys those shrimp right there are beautifully crusty now we have about 30 more seconds on this side and then drizzle over the glades take a few tablespoons of the glaze and just add it straight to the pan it's gonna bumble off and look really angry but just give it a good stir the shrimp are gonna get coated in that sweet sour Irby glaze pick up a pan Benihana style give it a good flip oh I wish smellivision was it enabled look at that Oh sexy grub baby that's how we roll okay yeah let's get the second batch of shrimp in the pan cook them till they're crusty but that's sticky glaze all over the shrimps then get them out of the pan if you're doing this recipe as keto you can't do the glaze because the orange juice is a keto carb ah that's talking more eating let's plate this dish I'm gonna scoop down some of the cauliflower curry salad and a nice handful of leaves two shrimps sprinkle over some parsley and a few sliced red chilies now come on you guys click that like button if you think this is sexy AF grub those shrimp are shiny and glazed that yellow roasted curry is calling my name I got to go in for one of these shrimp getting the stickiest one possible shrimp put the tails classicness like me a classy guy hey guys shrimp are juicy perfectly cooked smoked paprika lovely that glaze sticky sweet and sour it's a flavor bomb hole 30 or not that is awesome you need this in your belly you need to hook me up and share this video and spread the Flav City love all across the internet and with your friends if you want the macros storage and reheating instructions they're always down in the description box like they always are but I'll see you next week until then keep on cooking pace

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  1. Umm a trully classy guy would walk over to his wife and feed her a piece of shrimp, she just told you she was hungry :/ LOL
    Great recipe. My hubby loved it <3

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  4. Hi Bobby, love this, unfortunate I'm allergic to shrimp, any suggestions for alternative protein-? With cauliflower-?
    Moving on love your vids?????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  7. I'm assuming you mean added MSG as it's naturally occurring in most meats and lots of roots and vegetables.

  8. Could you make the glaze using a stock, with orange extract that has been cooked down or thickened with xanthum gum? To make it Keto friendly?

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  10. Hey Bobby,
    Do you know of any other glaze that could be used that would be keto friendly because this looks delicious and I can't see myself cutting out the glaze, it looks too delicious lol?

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