Wheat Bonda | கோதுமை போன்டா | Tea Time Snacks | Recipe | Gowri Samayalarai

Wheat Bonda | கோதுமை போன்டா | Tea Time Snacks | Recipe | Gowri Samayalarai

Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai Lets see a recipe for a snack It is Wheat Bonda This snack is made with wheat flour which also gives a different taste No need of any side dish for this bonda The measure I took is for 30 Bondas 200 Gms Wheat Flour 1 Table spoon gram flour, 1 table spoon Rice flour salt, chili powder, cooking soda 1 Onion chopped well Curry leaves and coriander leaves chopped well Mix wheat flour, gram flour, rice flour, salt, chili powder, cooking soda in a bowl Pour some water and mix well Now add the onion to the batter Add curry leaves and coriander leaves Mix the batter well to this consistency For bonda, if the batter is so thick, it absorbs less oil but becomes hard. If the batter is watery, then it absorbs more oil. So, the batter should be in medium consistency Heat the oil in kadai and take some warm oil and pour it on the batter for tasty and crispy bonda Now the oil is hot At first fry two bondas and check the salt and spicy in it. and also we can check the consistency of the batter Now slide the batter gently in to the oil using your hands After the oil is heated well, low down to medium flame The taste is perfect but the bonda absorbed little more oil, so I am adding up 2 to 3 tablespoon of wheat flour to make it more thick like this. Now it is fried up well and crispy. Try this tasty and crispy wheat bonda and send us your feed backs.

100 thoughts on “Wheat Bonda | கோதுமை போன்டா | Tea Time Snacks | Recipe | Gowri Samayalarai

  1. Just now I have send this Recipe to my friend in Gujarat (she is a Gujarati) hope she makes for her son and husband

  2. Further to my comments about week ago, I have received a message from my Gujarati Friend that she prepared this bonda and said her son liked too much. Se how the recipe is going from one state to another and people learn and compliment, thanks ramesh

  3. I love this chutney reminds me of my granny who used make this with Milagu kulambhu and pumpkin kootu and rice or javarisi vathals ,yummy.

  4. I tried this wheat bonda today.. yummyyy.. reminding of kaara vadai from my home town.. best filling snack.. and can also be a nice side dish for curd rice.. thanks for this recipe..

  5. hi ur all videos very useful for me i tried many dishes all r superb nice taste i need fish curry dish receipe mam

  6. excellent kitchen tips and cooking methods also superb.I viewed many of your videos.especially I wish say that your voice is very nice.if I thought of ur samayal.l will immediately open it.ur voice is so very friendly.gods gift.thank u for ur gamble sharing-chandra from Salem.

  7. in some of ur videos i saw the pockets(podis)from Salem
    and ur Tamil too has Salem Tamil.ur in salem ur in Salem mam.if u don't mind.

  8. Really super Amma I'm newly married Itha try pannen supera vanthuchu. Amma thiruvathirai appam epdi seirathu nu solli kudunga amma

  9. Hi mam
    Indha bondakku rice flour alternate rava pottu seyalama,enkitta rice flour illam,pulungalarisi soak panni paste arachu sertha crispa varungala madam

  10. I tried mam,it came out very well,I dint expect…..my kids and neighbours liked it very much …like u said…outer crispy and inner side so soft

  11. Hi, mam I tried it, it came out very well nd it is so tasty nd yummy😋, My kids nd neighbour's r liked it…Thank u

  12. Vanakkam mam.
    Mam, wow, suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupera irukku mam.
    Nan nalla dosa sapttum, idha paththadhum sapdanum pola avlavu nalla irundhadhu mam
    nan try panni solren ungalukku.

    Good night mam

  13. I too tried…sema taste..Thank u so much..this z the first time I prepared good and very taste bonda..all credit goes to u only…😃😃😃😃

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