What I EAT in a DAY as a MODEL | Healthy Model Diet Plan DAY 1

What I EAT in a DAY as a MODEL | Healthy Model Diet Plan DAY 1

Hi Vanderfits and welcome to the first day
of our seven-day model diet plan. I just can’t wait to share with you guys what I
eat in a day in my life as a model and also tell you guys the exact ingredients
that I use which are all linked down below. So let’s get started right away
with the first thing that we drink in the morning which is a glass of lemon
with hot water so we use half a lemon and then we just pour in some hot water
because lemon is really good for you Of course it’s high in vitamin C but it
also is a rich source of potassium and calcium and lemon juice with hot water
helps your digestive system which is of course what we want especially in the
morning so let’s just start with that Then once you’ve finished that you can
wait about like 15 minutes or something like that and then you can get started
with your actual breakfast which is a bowl of Skyr yogurt. Skyr is Icelandic
yogurt and it’s really good for you it’s full of protein but you can use any
other yogurt that you prefer I use this one in the flavor of vanilla because I’m
just crazy about Skyr yogurt but low-fat yogurt is also a really good
option if you want to use something else then with that we take half a banana
some blueberries and some papaya with lime and we put that all in a bowl and then lastly we sprinkle some of this
boost mixture on top of it. This is a mixture of cinnamon and apple and flax
seeds in case you don’t have this specific boost elixir then everything is
linked down below so you can create your own if you like to And then when it’s time for lunch we
make some eggs I use the 3 eggs per person I’m also making lunch for my boyfriend
so that’s why there’s a lot of eggs in this pan and of course eggs are a great
source of protein it’s really important that you eat them especially because I
don’t eat meat I try to find other sources of protein of which eggs are
just perfect for me .Eggs are actually rich in vitamin D vitamin B12 and
vitamin B6 and they also contain minerals such as zinc iron and copper
and then I just sprinkle some cheese on top of it. I just use one slice of cheese
for two people so not that much and then I just eat it with a piece of Turkish
bread which I love so so much and then as a snack I eat some blueberries which
are rich in antioxidants and taste amazing and then it is time for dinner
already. We’re going to cook some pasta and the portion size is about 100 grams
per person and use whole grain if you want to make it a little bit more
healthy and then we just stir fry some shiitake mushrooms with some olive oil Shiitake mushrooms are low in calories
but they actually are very good sources of fiber and ales to provide you with
some beef vitamins such as B5. Then I slice up some cheese you can use any of
your liking I just use this Italian kind that is also written down below which
the exact one is and then once the pasta is completely cooked and then once the
pasta is completely cooked it takes about eleven minutes that I just stir
everything together with some pesto that I bought in the store in a little
container you can make sure that it’s organic pesto if you want the finest
quality and then I mix it with the shiitake mushrooms some of the cheese
and then you’re already done you can use some rocket to garnish which i think
looks super good and then that was everything already
that was our full day of eating I recommend drinking lots and lots of
water at least two liters try to aim for that goal and also of course drink tea
preferably organic tea together with these meals. I hope that you guys loved
this first day of the meal plan. Please let me know if you’re going to recreate
some of these dishes or recreate the whole day that will be amazing and then
share your pictures with hashtag #Vanderfit for example on Twitter and Instagram
that would be absolutely awesome and then I can repost them on my @vander_fit so that was it. I hope that you guys tune in tomorrow for
another ‘What I eat in a day’ bye bye

43 thoughts on “What I EAT in a DAY as a MODEL | Healthy Model Diet Plan DAY 1

  1. Day one ๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŠ

    1/2 lemon
    1/2 banana
    1/2 container of Sky yoghurt vanilla (or any other yoghurt of choice)
    A handful of blueberries
    A tablespoon of Linwoods breakfast boost (crushed flax seed, chia seed, apple and cinnamon)
    200 grams of papaya
    1/4 lime
    Tea of choice (I use Yogi Immune Strength)
    Olive oil to cook with
    3 eggs
    Half a slice of cheese
    Turkish bread
    A handful of blueberries
    Olive oil to cook with
    100 grams of pasta
    Salt for in the pasta water
    50 grams of shiitake mushrooms
    1/4 of a pot of pesto
    Some Grana Padano or other cheese flakes to taste
    A handful of rocket

  2. I suggest diluting the pesto with a few drops of water before putting into the pasta! It helps bulk it up and enhances flavor ๐Ÿ˜‹ as an Italian, let me tell you that pasta looked great!

  3. Why does it look so good!!
    And when I do it it looks so plain and dull and just not as appetising… Even your foods perfect, that's not fair!!
    But I still love you <3

  4. Vegan replacements:

    For eggs: tofu

    For protein-packed yoghurt: Non-dairy Greek yoghurt (my favorite brand is Ripple)

    For cheese: you can always use a fake alternative, but nutritional yeast is a healthier version.

  5. Wow dat ziet er allemaal ZOOO lekker uit ๐Ÿ˜ Ik dacht dat modellen bijna geen koolhydraten eten om een platte buik te hebben maar jij bewijst anders! Leuk om te zien ๐Ÿ˜˜

  6. I saw skyr in the supermarket the other day and was afraid I wasnโ€™t gonna like it.. definitely trying it now!! ๐Ÿ˜

  7. Good to see that you eat turkish bread (I love it too, well as a Turk I always have some at home). Seeing you eating that makes me feel less bad about eating some sometimes ๐Ÿ˜
    Many people who eat low carb eat eggs without bread. I tried too but that is a huge no-no…. I don't like eating eggs alone ๐Ÿคข

    That part was encouraging ๐Ÿ˜

  8. Hi Sanne ๐Ÿ™‚ Would you ever think about going vegan? It will help your health, the animals and the planet as a whole!

  9. Oh gawd, we had the same lunch today, love it๐Ÿ˜€ Italian advice: try short pasta with pesto, it's even better than with the long one! Looove you

  10. Do you ever cheat ? Like do you ever eat pizza,burgers,sushi etc.? I feel so bad when I eat those foods because I see a lot of YouTubers that demonize those foods. Do you think eating low carb would help to loose body fat ?

  11. Hi sanne Is there soemthing you can supplement for the lemon as I donโ€™t like lemons but want soemthing good to start my metabolism does a lime work ?

  12. The one time I tried to eat flax seed was the time I got to know that I'm allergic to it and almost died I shiver when I hear flax seed and I can't look at it even ๐Ÿ™

  13. I really love how you do the diet plan or workout plan in days with US instead of your meals or workouts for a week in one short video. I love that you upload 7 videos for each meal or workout you do so we can do this TOGETHER ! much love . I'm so glad i found your channel and can't wait fot you to change my life for the better successfully , physically , and mentally. <3

  14. Thank you for sharing! I'm always looking for awesome new recipes! check out my quick healthy breakfast recipes on my page..u might like them ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I love that you meals are actually fulfilling and achieve able! I watch these videos for inspiration but normally I know I would go mad on their diets! However yours actually seems realistic. Lots of love x

  16. Is the snack like โ€œobligatoryโ€ or could you possibly add more food to your lunch so you donโ€™t need to snack in between? Iโ€™m not a snacker and Iโ€™d rather not make it a habit… thank you for the meal plan I really like it !

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