What Do Ballerinas Really Eat? | Fridge Tours | Women’s Health

What Do Ballerinas Really Eat? | Fridge Tours | Women’s Health

Hi! Are you here about my fridge? Do you
want to come see it? Come on in! Hi everyone! I’m Skyler Brandt; I’m a soloist with
American Ballet Theatre and I’m really excited to show you what’s in my fridge!
As a ballerina I have certain things that I like to eat and not eat, so here
we go! You know, there are misconceptions about ballerinas in general – that they
either don’t eat, and it’s not really not the case at all. Dance is so physical, and
it’s a physical art form. It’s really a form of athletics. So usually before a
performance, I’ll eat pasta with cheese or tomato sauce. I have milk in here
because I love to eat cookies. I’m a huge fan of dessert and even though I try to
eat it at an appropriate time where it won’t basically give me a hangover for
the next day. Otherwise you know, on the weekends or something like that, I’ll
have a little treat. One of the dressers at ABT, during our season at the
Metropolitan Opera House, she gave me this chocolate that was some of the best
chocolate I’ve ever tasted – so I actually like, went on their website and I bought
a whole box of them. And I actually like to have extras, because sometimes now I’ll
give a little chocolate or something with a little note for my friends, just
kind of like a nice token of showing someone you’re thinking about them and
wishing them well for their performance. I’m not a vegetarian; I love to eat meat
and fish. I love love cheese – I even like vegan cheese, which is kind
of interesting. It’s not like I have to eat vegan cheese; I’m not vegan, but I
really do love the taste of it, and I like to make it with scrambled eggs. I
don’t know, I think it tastes really good. Maybe I’m weird. Sometimes we’ll take
things like hummus and crackers to work – we have maybe five minute breaks
between rehearsals, so I have to have something that I can very quickly and
easily throw in my mouth. I rehearse from 10 until 7 o’clock at night – it’s a
very long day. Sometimes I don’t have a break even, and in those cases it’s
really good to have a sliced apple or handful of nuts, or again, hummus – stuff that
doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare and can stay out for a little bit longer.
And otherwise, when I do have time, I like to order in. It’s kind of a luxury.
Sometimes I have pre-made meals. This is just frozen Indian food –
I’ll heat this up. My sister just got married to an Indian guy, so, I have the
hook-up basically. That’s why I have the henna that’s sadly coming off right
now. I have a couple of pictures that are
really dear to me up here on the fridge – in this one I’m right here and I’m
performing a ballet called La Bayadère, and this is one of the most iconic scenes
not only in the ballet, but in ballet history, where the entire female corps de
ballet moves as one unit. I love to eat spinach – something that I’ll pair with
like a miso-ginger dressing, and here I have margarine and also Smart Balance.
Sometimes I like to make toast in the morning or put it on my pasta. I like to
do my meal prep on Sundays. It’s one of my days off and it’s sort of relaxing. It
gets me in a state of mind that prepares me for the week. So for example,
I have here just some broccoli rice to be able to put in the microwave, heat up,
I can put cheese on it; I like to put pesto sauce on it as well. I have a lot
of fruits, things that I can pick at – stuff that doesn’t take a lot of
preparation time. These things I like to have on hand like hard-boiled eggs. Again,
it’s great for the protein. I like to eat guacamole,
I’ll eat it with chips or sometimes by itself. It’s classic. It’s also good for
when you’re entertaining people; I feel like a lot of people like guacamole so
it’s something I try to have on hand. I have shelled edamame beans – again,
it’s nice to feel like you can eat healthy and quickly. I feel like a lot of
times if you’re not necessarily prepared with something healthy to eat, it’s
really easy to grab those packaged things like chips or cookies. When I come
home from a show, I usually like to eat something sweet. I feel like that’s when
I’ll go for the dessert. As well eat the fruit, like grapes or something that I
can just pick out while I’m watching TV and kind of winding down. I guess the
weirdest thing about my fridge is that I keep my batteries in here – even though
they’re not in use, they say to keep batteries in the fridge because it’ll
just make them last longer, so – it is strange, but I found that it’s worked! I
think the thing that I would never have in my fridge are whole tomatoes. And
watermelon. I don’t know why; I don’t like either of those things. But I do like
tomato sauce, and I like ketchup, so… I don’t know, there’s something … something
strange. There’s something happening there. Well anyways, thanks for taking a peek
inside my fridge, and I’ll see you guys later!

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  1. Why is Men's health giving me 30 min workout s and women's health giving me fridge tours. Can I please have a new 30 min 4 week work out plan like men's health, please & thank you.

  2. Oh god I'd love to do a tour of my fridge. It doesn't look like that. It's all: "And this is….what the fuck is this? Is this off? Did I even buy this? Oh wait now I remember. Yeah that is off".

  3. If we paid you a surprise visit in 6 months, would the fridge look like this? Or be full of leftover Chinese containers.

  4. My daughter is the same way lol, she has never liked melon of any kind (although an avid fruit lover!!!), and loves all cooked tomato products, but not fresh.

  5. How is nobody talking about the fact that she sometimes had days where she rehearses from 10-7 with no break ?? That’s insane and shouldn’t be legal…

  6. Energizer is the best!!!!! I had them put in my keyboard, and it's been 8 or 9 years. I forgot about the batteries, and over the weekend my keyboard quit working, I could not figure it out for 1 and 1/2 days!!!!!!!!!


  8. I am a personal trainer and fitness studio, and I thought this was a great video…with one exception. I posted my thoughts here: https://youtu.be/VJKr4qDxTBc

  9. She look like she eat out a lot, the frigde basically just have snacks. She practice from 10 to 7 no one will have any energy left after that and takeout and eat out is the best option. Eating out doesnt mean eating badly, theres a lot of restaurants catering towards the healthy lifestyle nowadays.

  10. Fun fact shes the only success story from my old dance studio. My director would constantly brag about her at every recital and show. It's kinda cool finding old programs from like 2005 with her name in it with you.

  11. This is really good to hear! As a dancer it’s easy to think that you need to only eat vegetables or that you have to go vegan.

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  13. I actually like this, it's realistic for her lifestyle, she's a ballerina and need to energy, but also eats little of everything.

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