We Tried To Re-Create This Black Ice Cream • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

We Tried To Re-Create This Black Ice Cream • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

okay so here we are eating your feet this is Annie and I’m Nikki our best friend Adam has challenged us to recreate black ice cream in a black waffle cone and it’s based off of this viral video we tried Instagram famous gothic ice cream are you a goth wish so the ice cream is from this place called little damage in downtown LA yeah it really is black so it is just soft-serve it comes out of a soft-serve machine but they put sprinkles on it can we get sprinkles yeah it says it’s vanilla rose flavor but it’s infused with activated charcoal so I did a little bit of research there’s this video called Pro tips how to make soft-serve ice cream at home from silver magazine this guy Chris Young makes ice cream using dry ice and I think he puts it in the freezer for a little while too to make sure that all of it sublimates what does that mean snow and ice changing into water vapor in the air without first melting into water so his recipe is mostly milk with a little bit of cream sugar salt and vanilla I also don’t know what dry ice solid carbon dioxide I’m really bad at science yeah so our expert and other best friend and third Asian woman with short hair 3a is here agent Powerpuff Girls we’re making soft-serve ice cream that is infused with activated charcoal when you using dry ice don’t touch me it’s bare hands yeah few lies our ingredients it’s more difficult to make this is a lot of it so you should be fine thanks for you thank you bye okay so let’s go get our stuff yeah all right we got dry-ice my milk powder and what milk but we could not find rosewater I got stuff are you okay this function like I don’t think so it burns a little bit well we have dry ice 12 pounds of it it’s sublimating okay we got to put this in the freezer so first we should make waffles we’re just making waffle batter for the LOX and we need to make a black with the charcoal which we had shipped to us because I guess it’s hard to find oh okay can you somehow get those into this ball how much I don’t know oh okay well that’s the charcoal shweet tastes it it’s just a powdery substance I got the oil and the eggs did you get the water you tell I don’t make anything you couldn’t put it in America that’s it oils why does it smell like cake yeah okay now time to add the charcoal that’s less add it gradually yes to see how that goes yeah this does not look like a thing you should eat more it might get darker when it cooks I’m gonna get food coloring just to be safe yeah let’s add a couple drops I don’t know how many we’ll find out this is our waffle cone maker and then it also came with this thing which I guess is like after it bakes it’ll come out and still be warm and then you can mold it into this shape should we get a baking tray for them when they’re done oh yeah put one show in each Bowl she does stuff kind of weird but I like it oh it’s green okay ready come on yeah good when do we open it let’s check on it Oh turn brown yeah it’s hardening oh do we put it in so no we don’t put it in I don’t think it’s big enough oh I ripped them is it too hot we got to do low and slow it’s not black it’s blue why is it blue so we added a ton more charcoal yes we’ll see if it’s dark enough so let’s try a minute I turn to the color control down which I don’t know what exactly that does but I am assuming it’ll make it less proud Oh better yes oh not that it’s not that it’s just very very soft okay it’s premature screaming oh oh it’s hot oh the tip is open it’s fine yeah little dry bottom first one and our second one the color is definitely better okay so it’s not baked enough I just don’t want it to turn brown okay that was 2 min it so let’s do 2 and a half I don’t think it was quite big enough Chris maybe our batter is too thick okay so it’s not really getting crispy but I also don’t want to turn up the color control on the waffle maker because I don’t want it to be brown on the outside so we’re gonna send out the batter with a little bit of water everything at the end of the day it’s just gonna be black oh but it’s so crispy so fast okay but better oh oh let’s cook time thin batter is better oh pretty good so I think we’re getting the hang of the crispy texture but they still don’t look as black as they do in the video so I wonder if for the rest of our batter we’ll just dump more charcoal in there okay if this doesn’t make a very dark black hole cone I don’t know what will oh good yes oh that feels great ah oh this one’s so good there look I have a black beak you know how much I love cross we have six usable cones what’s the definition of usable they’re cones this is our hero cone just beautiful drink break yeah but you make it for me okay well I figured since we have all of this charcoal and I thought it would be fun to try a White Russian but with a twist and use chuckle and then it’ll be like black and white boo-ki okay so we’re gonna start with ice hmm finger ice this is a drink making things a little measuring thing yeah it’s gonna measure our booze for us one and a half ounces of Smirnoff vodka mmm what makes White Russians kind of visually cool is how the milk kind of mixes with the coffee liquor well what we’re gonna do is mix the charcoal with the coffee liqueur and then it’s gonna be black oh it looks evil the top of a white Russian is cream so we’re gonna do an ounce and a half a cream Wow BAM look at how cool that looks there we go black and white Russian with charcoal Cheers Adam I mean like this is kind of you as a drink goes with your outfit yeah now it’s time to make ice cream we got to get moving pretty quickly here cuz our dry ice is out and it will help you mate so we’re gonna put it into this bag and then crush it with the rolling pin the bag broke ah I forgot the ball okay so we’re gonna go ahead and use Chris Young’s recipe from that server magazine video the only thing we’re changing is we’re adding charcoal a thousand grams a home a hundred grams I’m a heavy cream Tohno 25 grams of sugar do you want to do 3.5 grams of salt this is 95 grams it smells like farts I’m scooping out the vanilla and the vanilla bean and we could not find rosewater so we’re not doing that well I’m gonna get some vanilla I don’t think this is gonna be enough is that it set all the ingredients all right let’s winter up they say to be well incorporated before we add the dry ice I don’t understand what I’m looking at it looks like a cauldron full of like bad stuff yeah waters your enemies it’s getting close to the car it looks like we put a curse on it oh very cool we’re doing something right we’re almost there yeah yeah yeah we’re almost there okay this definitely looks closer to an ice cream texture because the point is to freeze it while it’s turning so become a soft but still creamy what happens if you eat the dry ice like if the chunks are today we could kill all our coworkers we’ve definitely made progress oh god it’s having a hard time oh it’s so frozen at the bottom that’s what it is it is a little icy but I don’t know if stirring it more will help it’s kind of weird what the flavors supposed to be no I would not eat this we’re making another batch I saw another chefsteps video where the guy blends the ice cream base first so that it’s really well incorporated I also think it’ll help dissolve the milk powder a little better cuz we think that’s what makes it taste kind of funky we’ll do that and we’ll blend the charcoal in so we’re not just like tossing that in too late okay I’m gonna blend it up Wow this is very nice this is a high-tech one okay I don’t know yeah that’s blended to me chuckles so weird look at that phone also I think last time because we didn’t have enough dry ice and we had to like stop true I feel like we need to continuously just incorporate it I think this will be better than the first time I guess like soft-serve machines are just always turning right that makes them there’s definitely less screaming stuff that makes me a little sad so we’re about ten minutes in the mixing we’ve put a lot of dry ice in it definitely looks thicker oh it does taste different yeah did it punch you in the back of the throat it definitely still kids I know but it’s better okay let’s get some piping bag so this set in the freezer for a few minutes definitely looks like it’s solidified still looks a little like goopy looks like tentacles also our friends are here to make me nervous hey we’re here to make you nervous when it’s the critical moment yeah the soft wasn’t issues the tip is you supposed to bent them before you say but and then yeah this is very cool okay your places Wow yeah yeah much is your outfit yeah that sprinkles all right good why is i carbonated that’s right it tastes carbonated because we used dry ice it is ice cream I think so yeah and you made the cones too we did make the cones oh this is the best one Annie we did it I didn’t mention this throughout the entire video but I’m very like this impossible so we have black charcoal waffle cone and then charcoal vanilla soft serve ice cream good tastes like it’s sour but it’s not like that that were it up this one’s for Adam keep going keep going okay the task was to make charcoal waffle cones and charcoal ice cream we succeeded yeah are you gonna leave with that have fun and this has been eating your feet [Music] oh yes

100 thoughts on “We Tried To Re-Create This Black Ice Cream • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

  1. “I didn’t mention this through out the whole video, but I’m very lactose intolerant” honestly… same ;<
    But it made me laugh XD 10:52

  2. Tip when driving with dry ice try to drive with the windows open alittle cause if it evaporates it can fill the car with co2 and knock you out or kill you

  3. Her: we could kill our co-workers
    Nikki: ANDREW!
    ME: hahahahahhahahaha wth he's tryna kill andrew hahahha

  4. I think chould have not used activated charcoal, just use food colour. Activated charcoal removes medicine from your system.

  5. I feel obligated to post on every video using activated charcoal as a food additive to avoid it if you are on oral medications.

    Hospitals use activated charcoals for oral overdoses because it is very good at absorbing other substances. Like your meds.

    Black gel food coloring will make it paint black, btw.

  6. Does anyone else think Adam is like alexi in stranger things I’ve watched him in stuff for a while n I just realized

  7. This is the most entertaining thing I have ever witnessed. Wtf I’m like extremely entertained and happy after watching this

  8. annie if u read this im free on thursday n would like to hang out. please respond to this n then hang out with me on thursday when I'm free

  9. I don't think you're supposed to add dry ice into the ice cream, i thought u were supposed to put it under the bowl so it'll freeze

  10. I think people should realise that charcoal is disgusting and it’s actually bad for you even activated charcoal.

  11. Adam is dead on the inside, adam what do you think about this meal? Adam's answer is good, everyone else's answer is like this is incredible this is fantastic and adam is just is good with zero emotions

  12. Also dry ice does burn you, once I got some ice cream and I accidentally touched a bag of dry ice and it burned my hand

    well, too late
    I was fine, I live in AUS and our science teacher brought dry ice in for an experiment and the whole class just ended up pushing it around the desk with pens, one of my friends touched it and was fine, AS LONG AS YOU MOVE IT AROUND!!! You should be fine, I touched it, I didn’t get burnt or get frostbite

  14. 7:30–7:40 omfg that was both do chaotic and hilarious at the same time 1. Why did niki twirl 🤣 2. Annie's laugh 😂 3. The ice cream 🤣

  15. In the viral video the ice cream is black and the Ice cream is black as well but then they just realy random those rainbow sprinkles🤣🤣

  16. I’ve tried a black waffle cone from a cereal ice cream shop they they were French vanilla flavored and it was DELICIOUS but idk about black icecream

  17. If you wanna redo this at any point, ur supposed to turn the dry is into powderish using food processor so it sublimates entirely faster & doesn't carbonate the ice cream. The chunks sinks so the carbon dioxide kinda got trapped in the ice cream solution

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