100 thoughts on “We Competed To Make The Best Meat Jello • Ladylike

  1. ??? Congrats to Jen, but I won't be trying either of those recipes, ever. Just nope! You really surprised me this time with this challenge, but I don't like mayo or olives, so neither sounded good to me once you added those ingredients. (When I make tuna salad, coleslaw & such I actually just substitute a favorite sweet or tangy salad dressing, depending on my mood.) I felt like even without olives that the ham recipe wouldn't taste good to me all mixed in 1 bite, & that bottom layer improvised too? Sorry Jen, I appreciate you being creative but I'm so glad I wasn't the one tasting that!?

  2. This is a coincidence to me because I’m making Jell-O shots for the first time today and I’ve got like an hour and a half for them to set up lol ?

  3. Kitchen and Jorn back at it again!

    You should make some trader joes appetizers. As a tiny cooking competition episode.

  4. Omg , one of the funniest TCC yet. Y’all had me dying with laughter. Yay Jen !!! Keep it rolling. Lol. Oh BTW Eww !!! Lol. Let’s get another weird TCC.

  5. I just wish they would do something other than cooking again. It's called Ladylike and they cook. Feels a little old fashioned to me, even though I know they are hardcore feminists. Just sayin'.

  6. I'm Polish and meat jello is very normal.. It's made with pork or chicken corn carrot peas and eggs so Jen was not too far off ? we eat it with vinegar and bread

  7. me having a heart attack when Kristin said "ex-husband" and the relief i immediately felt when they cleared up Kristin was in fact no divorced. WILD.

  8. Ladies I love the show it is amazing!!! Also can we get an update on Mike's hair transplant. Because his hair is looking great!!!!

  9. Y’all… she’s not divorced, and she’s probably not wearing a ring because she’s cooking with messy stuff and doesn’t want to dirty the ring.

  10. You guys should do a zero waste tiny cooking competition with Joyce and Auri?! That’d be super fun and interesting!