37 thoughts on “Walking Tour of Vung Tau: Seafood, Beach, Park & Social Hub – Vietnam

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  2. So how would you go swimming at the beach by yourself? I know you have a loktote but would you trust locking it up to a rental chair? That's my dilemma for my upcoming visit to Da Nang in March.
    Are you planning on going to the theme park in Vung Tau where you have to take the gondola up to the park?

  3. looks like my ideal place to be…be near ocean but can get into saigon when you feel like it….the one thing i like about vung tau instead of danang (close to saigon)to bad the video wasnt lighter

  4. You did a good job capturing the family activity at the beach plaza at 10:30pm. All the seawalls and sidewalk were built a couple years ago. What you didn't show is that seawall where people were sitting, it extends along the beaches for kilometers to Front beach and beyond. Local and tourist couples and groups park and sit on the wall at night, it's a scene.

  5. I landed in Vung Tau 1 month ago from the states and it's really nice, only a pleasant 2 hr ferry ride to HCMC and a great place to start my retirement/expat adventure, I want to see Da lat, Hoi an, and Danang but I'm in no hurry as fitting into a different culture has been very pleasant from Vung Tau and I do go to HCM for medical and a taste of the big city life and on my next trip tp HCM I want to go to a big mall with more things that fit (socks, shirts, shorts, etc.). There is a very young population that is very social and just out for fun and they really like the beach parks, walkways, and seaside meeting areas, there no groups drinking and looking for trouble like you see in the west, I have to give the Vietnamese a big Yes, they are very peaceful people….and I ask myself, why did we invade this country? I can find a reason.

  6. I stayed close to the other beach about 2 klm from this. Much quieter with a nightlife of western bars and hostesses for those that prefer that.

  7. Great review of the area it makes me want to visit the place. Much better than some of the crap channels coming out of Thailand and Vietnam that are more focused on themselves, drinking booze and hunting down their resent sexual conquests. BORING! The better channels i have noticed attract a higher quality viewers like yours.

  8. Vung Tau was a nice change of place from Saigon. that being said, it got boring really quickly and was kind of dead. I liked motorbiking around and it was pretty, but I think phu quoc is better if you want the beach

  9. Hey Reekay, yes it would be better if you go to the beach during the day. We can't see the beach at night. We can't see how clean the beach is or how clear the water is. Other than that, your video is good.

  10. Nice vlog of Vung Tau Reekay. Would like to see more of the whole area. This walk was down Hoàng Hoa Thám street to the "Back Beach" as they call it. If you go west on the same street (past Melody a few Km) you will end up on "Front beach" area. On the way you will go right by a place called " MKBar" . Might want to check it out, as it is known as a good place for Western food! ( At least it was in the past…….let us know what you think if you get by there.) Also, you will see a lot more people there on the weekends ……fm Saigon!!!

  11. Nice job Henry , I was going to go to this place years ago but the super high temperatures of vietnam scared me . Did you happen to see the Orthodox Church there by any chance ? I didn’t realize Vung Tau was that nice .

  12. I stayed at the Phúc Đạt Hotel , near Back Beach in 2010. It cost $15 per nite then. The room was huge and completely furnished in white marble. Floors, Clostes & bathroom. Incredible! The receptionist told me that most Vung Tau hotels trebled room prices during TET Holidays.

  13. Really informative for a newbie trying to figure out where to start to get away from the expense of the US. I wonder about any decent dental clinics there or in TH or PH, my son needs some repair which will be astronomical in Las Vegas. Maybe the PH given the nature of the service, and the english level? Also I need a doctor to prescribe meds for blood pressure and it costs $125 to simply go see him so I can then buy them at walmart here.

  14. This place was so primative in 1967, none of this was there. Just the Flags and the street of bars. A few observations….no fat people or trash can I see. This will be my visa run destination in 2021.

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