VLOG: what I eat in a day + day in my life

VLOG: what I eat in a day + day in my life

hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel welcome to a new video today I’m going to be doing kind of like 8 day in
the life what I eat in a day take you around with me vlog day it’s a busy day
you guys saw a couple snippets from my morning and kind of what I like to do
when I wake up I’ve been doing this new book I’ll show you um the daily stoic if
it’ll focus so I’ve been doing the daily sale like and it’s like a little
meditations or little blurbs you read every day and I like it it kind of like
sets the tone you read a little something every day and I like it so if
you’re looking for a little something just to do every day or every morning I
would highly recommend the daily stuff so I’ve just been working a little bit
this morning it’s 8 o’clock and I’m about to go to Pilates so let’s go so were showered ready for the day going
to make some breakfast it is what 10 o’clock now um and generally I fast you
guys know that I practice intermittent fasting most days but if I get hungry I
eat earlier and if I’m not then like I wait the 1516 hours uh and I’m going to
make some stove top granola so if you saw my last paleo breakfast video which
I believe down below I have been obsessed with making my own stovetop
grain-free granola it’s super quick it’s quicker than oatmeal in the morning like
if you were to do stovetop oatmeal tastes delicious and I’ve been having it
with pomegranate seeds blueberries and added collagen into the dirty yogurt so
let’s go ahead because I’m quite hungry this is literally all you need a little
bit of coconut oil vanilla cinnamon touch of coconut sugar for a little bit
of sweetness and then I have a mix of pecans and sliced almonds so this is what my breakfast bowl I
topped it with blueberries you can hear the sizzle because the granola is still
warm and it’s just so so delicious so I’m just in the middle of filming I
always have to wear a t-shirt when I film because it gets so hot with like
the oven going I even like have to open the door sometimes so I wanted to just
show you guys so I used the Canon m50 it’s like a DSLR but it’s compact for
shooting like the recipe type videos right now I’m making some healthy
comfort food recipes these are some like chocolate chip blondies they’re kind of
like a blondie version of a choc – cookie that is like the best description
on so this is gonna be in if not the next video the video after that it’s
healthy comfort food and then I have some more stuff going on in the oven and
as you can see there’s a big mess because I’m in the middle of filming so
I just finished filming and this is like a reality of what happens most times
when I film I end up eating whatever I make as like my meals so for lunch I’m
eating these jicama fries so look forward to this it’s they’re really nice
and crispy but they’re lower carb than potato so if your keto or anything like
that these would be great I steamed some broccoli to get some greens and then I
have half of a sweet potato grilled cheese so this is like my hodge podge
that I’m gonna eat for lunch and then I have a very fun mess to clean up so I
just finished eating but haven’t had time to clean up and I need to run
through a Reiki appointment so that’s just gonna have to wait until I get back
which I hate coming home to messy kitchen but you know we do we gotta do
so if you always don’t know what Reiki is it’s basically like energy healing
and I see my friend Becca at well Haven Toronto if you guys are interested
anyways let’s get going hop in the Ebor and I’ll show you guys in America so I’m back from Reiki did the dishes we
can see that massive pile of clean ones and I’m hungry because in like that mini
lunch I had there wasn’t really a big source of protein and protein is
normally what keeps me full so I’m going to make like a a chocolate smoothie the
bone broth one so let’s grab everything I use this one from ancient nutrition
it’s like a bone broth chocolate really yummy um into that I always add so I
always make sure to have protein fat and fiber sometimes greens but I’m not gonna
put greens in a chocolate smoothie so I’m gonna grab the almond butter from
the fridge and the ground flax for fiber and then milk can make it smooth and I
love the one by bulk the ingredients are really clean there’s no guns it’s just
water organic almonds vanilla bean and Himalayan salt so I will leave the recipe down below
but it’s basically like a chocolate milkshake and because it’s bone broth
protein – you get the gut healing benefits and it’s just so good so good
hmm so I’ve just been working about something really exciting dinner just
arrived and if you guys are know unbuttoned I’ve mentioned it in videos
but I mentioned it all the time on my Instagram and basically it’s paleo keto
breads buns and then you recently have a pizza crust that’s available at Pizza
Pizza which you’re not from Canada is basically like our Domino’s or our like
Papa John it’s like you know the chain pizza so the fact that they have like
keto friendly paleo crust is incredible so they offered to send me some which
was so nice and yeah so we got like three different pizzas which means I’m
set for tonight and the next couple days for sure
a us all dairy-free cheese which is really at me so I’m gonna go ahead
they’re still warm real excited I mean how delicious does
this look oh my god so excited so I eat like five six of a pizza but I was
craving something really fresh so I just tore up some lettuce that I had and I
just hold it with some olive oil salt pepper
yeah just craving like a crunchy salad because I didn’t really get too many
greens in today but it was like this is just a realistic day of I was getting
pizza delivery so I’m gonna eat the pizza I’m sorry I’m gonna go ahead and
eat the salad but just kind of want to be honest and update you guys that I was
craving salad so as you can see change into my PJs and I’m gonna have one of
those um cookie dough bar things that I showed you that I baked it has a little
bit of sea salt on top which is delicious and honestly it’s like a
chocolate chip cookie blondie look at that texture so yummy so I have my blue
light glasses on now I took my makeup off and I’m gonna do some work I like
editing videos at night because I find it doesn’t require a lot of brainpower
so it’s almost like I don’t even notice doing it like it you know what I mean
like I just sit there and kind of just go through it but it’s not like quite
yet requiring a lot of brainpower so I do a lot of
at night it’s like easy I’ll put a show on and do some editing so I’m gonna do
that and edit the healthy comfort video as you can see my glasses are reflecting
like a Bluegreen and that’s because they are blue light glasses so you guys saw
me what we’re clear ones before like probably like six months ago
um those are just like plain blue light glasses that I get a Baxter blue these
are my prescription glasses that I got with blue light lenses so they have my
prescription in them and blue light I figured might as well get them with blue
light because why not and so yeah so I’ll leave the Baxter blue link down
below and they were looking for prescription glasses in general I got
these off bond look and they were really affordable they’re they’re not like
fancy designer brands they’re like really affordable glasses um and I think
they’re kind of fun so it’s important to wear blue like glasses I’ve said this I
feel like I say this in almost every vlog because I wear them at night but
it’s super important to wear blue like glasses because blue light interferes
with your hormones especially your sleep hormones so if you’re looking at TV or
computer screens or phone screens the blue light suppresses your melatonin and
melatonin does is that that’s the hormone that basically tells your body
it’s time to go to bed so if you find that you have trouble falling asleep at
night or staying asleep your melatonin can be off and that’s because you’re
looking at lots of screens so I like to wear blue light glasses to kind of like
stop that to make sure that I can sleep well and generally you want to do it a
minimum of two hours before bed so that’s what I’m gonna finish doing I
hope you guys enjoyed this video found it fun or informative or you know just
talked to see part of my day I like sharing these types of things with you
and kind of like less formal videos and me just shooting recipes because I don’t
know there’s a lot more to me than that so I hope you guys enjoyed this if you
have any requests for anything any topics about me to talk about or
anything like that let me know down below and I’m gonna leave my like what I
eat in a day playlist here so that you can check out all those videos see lots
more healthy you know recipe ideas this was completely like not planned this is
just like what I ended up eating because it was realistic in terms of like my
shoot day and getting some pizza and all that so now
let’s do a little question tell me what tell me the best thing you ate today I
don’t know damn the comments below that’s a fun question let’s go with that
one um so yeah that will be it for today’s video
I hope you guys are all having a great day and I will see you in the next one
bye guys

26 thoughts on “VLOG: what I eat in a day + day in my life

  1. I love these videos Liv! How stinking adorable are your striped pj's! Thank you for giving us a look into your daily life. I appreciate you so much girl❤ sending Anguiano love ❤❤❤❤ The best thing I ate today was your nutter butter recipe cookie!!!!

  2. Best thing I ate today (not so best for me, did it anyway) was after running around doing errands didn't feel like getting home and making dinner—so the cute lil BBQ Filling Station around the corner was what happened. LOL!! It was tasty but didn't leave me feeling great–we all know this feeling all too well. Oh well, I go to that place about once every couple of years. LOL. Tomorrow night has all the makings of the chicken parm you showed earlier this week! I'm gonna have to try this toasted nuts/yogurt yumminess you've got going on there. 🙂 Have not seen the MALK yet, I live in middle America and don't think it's made its way here yet. 😉 Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Liv! 🙂

  3. Your skin looks so good 😍 could you do a skin care video? And maybe a full day of eating for good skin ? I would love it😍

  4. Love these vlog style videos! My favorite thing I ate today would have to be snicker style dates. So yummy and pretty healthy 😊

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