Viv Makes Peruvian Salchipapas | Food Network

Viv Makes Peruvian Salchipapas | Food Network

VIVIAN CHAN: Hi, I’m Vivian. And I’m going to teach you
how to make salchipapas, which is a Peruvian street food. And all you need are
five ingredients– sausages, French fries, ketchup,
mustard, and mayonnaise. So are you ready? So first thing you want to do is
make your sausages into octopi, which is plural for octopus. First, you cut them in half. And then you cut perpendicular
halfway lengthwise. So now you have
this pair of legs. You cut that in half again. For every cut you’re
making two legs. So technically, I
have four legs now. An octopus has eight,
so keep cutting. I think he has one short
right, but it’s OK. So we’re going to
continue to do that with the rest of our hot dogs. So now, after you’re done
with creating your octopus, you’re going to preheat a
skillet, preferably nonstick, with some oil. And you’re going to make the
octopi have a dance party. What happens is when the
little legs hit the heat, their little legs
start spreading. You don’t want to
cook them too long. You just want the
little legs to come out and have a little color. Once they’re all
curled up like this, you want to remove
move them off the heat and just let them
hang out a little bit. You’re going to grab your
French fries that you have been heating in the oven. Transfer them to a plate. Pick any fries you like. I like the shoestring. So now, you’re going to transfer
your little friends on top. Now to get your Picasso on. So first, I did mustard,
classic yellow mustard. And then you can make it fancy,
do diagonal with ketchup. And then, last but not
least, I like mayonnaise, so I’m going to squirt
more mayonnaise on. We are going to top it
with a sunny side up egg. And look, dance party complete. [music playing]

13 thoughts on “Viv Makes Peruvian Salchipapas | Food Network

  1. Ok, I'm peruvian, born and raised in Lima. Salchipapa is made with French fries, and hot dogs… if you buy them anywhere on the streets. You can also use frankfurters and other kinds of sausages, but if you go to buy some at the corner, they usually have hot dogs. Adding an egg? mmm… some people may prefer it, but that's definitely not the natural look of the dish. Also, WHY THE OCTOPI CUT?? we usually slice them diagonally or just plain chop it in little discs. I've never in my life seen anyone use that cut D: people love it with ketchup and or mayo, and that's just the regular choice. All in all… perhaps you should have researched it a little better, because watching the final look? That's not how a salchipapa looks Dx

  2. I slice the hotdogs diagonally about as thick as the fries. I also combine the three sauces mayo/ketchup/mustard at a ratio of 40/40/20. It makes a pinkish sauce and tastes delicious. Eat it all up with a fork.

  3. the salchipapas are of Bolivian origin, it was before the typical male dish of Cochabamba Bolivia appeared, it is clearly BOliviano

    las ssalchipapas son de origen Boliviano es fue antes q apareciera el pique macho plato tipico de Cochabamba Bolivia, es netamente BOliviano

  4. Bonjour Madame Chef , Sau Cisses Pomedeterre De La Pe'rou Centre De Lima Bar Munich , Época 1940 -1950 .

  5. I prefer chorizo sausage(chopped) with garlic sauce, peruvian hotsauce, and chimichurri. Fried egg is a nice touch though

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