Vegan Steak, Fish Sticks, Mozzarella, and More // Miyoko's Homemade Vegan Pantry Cookbook Review

Vegan Steak, Fish Sticks, Mozzarella, and More // Miyoko's Homemade Vegan Pantry Cookbook Review

hey guys welcome back I hope you're all doing really well today I have a long awaited video one that I'm ashamed to admit I originally promised over a year ago now it is the review for the meal goes homemade vegan pantry cookbook this is the art of making your own staples and actually the reason that it took me so long to create this video is important to mention for this review here's the truth I found it tremendously difficult to motivate myself to make a lot of the recipes in this book I myself love to cook however quite a few of these recipes require a lot of time some of them require specialty ingredients that you'll need to hunt around for or order online I've had this book for over a year and a half now and I have over that time made quite a few recipes and a majority of them came out very well I'm happy with them however if you are a new cook or you're just kind of a casual chef you're looking for quick easy recipes that you can whip up 3045 minutes on a weeknight this is not really the book for you there are a few basic recipes in here but on the whole I think this is a book for people who are patient chefs and are passionate about making things from scratch I tested and filmed about five or six recipes for this video specifically throughout this video I'm gonna interweave footage of the recipes and then me giving you my my thoughts debriefing you on each one the first recipe I tested was for creamy soy milk with no vini flavor or you're slipping into a pot of boiling water and boil them very briefly then remove them from the heat and allow them to sit in the hot water for 30 minutes drain the beans and blend them with clean filtered water in two separate batches Miyoko cautions against over blending the mixture so I blended mine for just about 10 to 12 seconds strain the soybean slurry through a nut milk bag and wring out as much liquid as possible the remaining soy bean pulp is called Okara and I saved mine to use in the fish stick recipe which I'll test later on in this video Simar the soymilk gently for several minutes and then allow it to cool before refrigerating let's talk about this soymilk the recipe specifically has the phrase no beanie flavor in it and it tastes exceptionally beanie I think it's a combination of things right on the one hand the soy milk that we're accustomed to buying in stores nowadays tends to be heavily processed and I'm sure they remove a lot of the soybean natural soybean flavor so it just tastes a lot more neutral so it could just be that I'm not really used to dealing with the flavor of real soybeans it tasted a lot like if you were to liquefy tofu I think that if you wanted to make homemade soy milk so that you could then turn it into tofu this would be good but it honestly even tasted a little more beany than tofu I've tried a couple different methods of making soy milk and I haven't liked any of them it could just be that I don't like the flavor of soy beans let me know if you guys have tried any recipes or methods that you actually liked but I was gonna say I would like to pass on this recipe the next recipe is for unfished sticks start by pairing tofu with water and to liquefied then add the seasoning which includes some kelp powder and sushi nori to add a fishy flavor as well as nutritional yeast to make it savory once that's combined add vital wheat gluten and incorporate finally add some of the Okara leftover from the soy milk recipe and pulse to combine shape your dough into fish stick shape sand then set up a breading station with flour panko bread crumbs and a flaxseed egg dredge each fish stick and flour first and shake off the excess then dip it in the flax egg and then finally press it into the panko bread crumbs and set aside the cookbook provides instructions for baking and frying the sticks so I tried both methods to see which I preferred the fish sticks this is another recipe that was not my favorite I probably wouldn't make it again I think actually the main reason that I didn't like it was because of the kelp powder which is one of those specialty ingredients that I had to order from Amazon I actually think would be better if you just left that out altogether and also left out the nori I know that it's supposed to be fish sticks you're looking for that fishy oceany flavor but I think it's a little overboard here this is coming from someone who used to love seafood I love the Gardein fish list fillets so it's not that I don't I don't know why it's just so unsettling in this recipe I think it's awesome that she found a way to repurpose the Okara the pulp from the soybeans and it's not an ingredient that I've ever used before and I probably will not use it ever again because I will never make homemade soy milk ever again probably I really like the texture of the fried fish sticks however the baked ones inedible I threw them all out Varick trying them he is the least picky person I know or one of them at least and he couldn't he couldn't even stomach it the dry heat from the oven it just really made the fish sticks tough it made them kind of puff up like really chewy hard bread I personally will not be revisiting this recipe however if you are really into the flavor of seaweed maybe you'd like these the texture of the fried ones was pretty good I think that if you left out the kelp and the nori it might just kind of taste like chicken chicken strips hey you know attempt at your own risk the next recipe is for unstick start by coarsely chopping some mushrooms transfer those into a blender and add red wine soy sauce and a few cloves of garlic blend those ingredients to liquefied pour that mixture into a bowl and whisk in some water or broth then add vital wheat gluten and stir to combine Miyoko warns that the mixture will be softer than expected but she cautions against adding too much extra vital wheat gluten I did end up adding an extra 1/2 cup but I'd recommend adding more she also instructs you not to knead the mixture divide the seitan into loaves and bake for half an hour then transfer the loaves to a pot of boiling water to simmer for an additional hour after removing the cooked seitan and allowing it to cool you'll slice it to prepare it for the marinade I cut two of the loaves long ways to make thin steaks and then I slice the last one into strips to use in a stir-fry but you can cut yours however you like the larger the pieces the longer you'll need to marinate them the marinade is a mixture of red wine soy sauce mirin or sake and a whole head of minced garlic lay your seitan in the marinade and make sure it's well coated then let it sit overnight in the fridge I gave my steaks a little toss every few hours just to make sure it marinated evenly to repair it i seared the seitan steaks in a griddle pan over high heat the steak I was satisfied with it on the whole I do think that it needed to be needed more and maybe it also needed extra vital wheat gluten which is weird because she specifically says in the directions to the recipe not to be worried that it seems softer than usual maybe different brands of idle wheat gluten very I'm not sure why that would be the case given that it's just pure gluten for the most part I think but if you're making this recipe and you have made seitan before definitely don't be afraid to kind of use your intuition recipes very time-consuming because you have to cook it right three different ways you have to bake it then you have to boil it and then whatever you use the seitan steak in you have to cook it again in that recipe I do think it's worth the investment in time especially if you're making if you want to make like a seitan stake for a special occasion and I love the flavors I'm really not that sophisticated of a cook I do usually what's expedient I very rarely will cook with wine very rarely will take the time to marinate things but it really did add so much flavor made it so savory I love the idea of adding the pureed mushroom mixture into this seitan and I'll probably do it again in the future so I think the steak recipe is a great one to try out again with a few modifications if you have the book it is a fantastic staple to have she lists a couple different ways to prepare it I showed just slicing it in searing it in a pan I actually preferred it in a stir-fry cut it into thin strips and stir-friday it firms it up a little bit more I would love to make it again shape it into like more of a round loaf thinly shave it and make a vegan Philly cheesesteaks or something like that you can also grind it up and make a meatloaf there's a recipe for that here which I would love to try out because I used to be a meatloaf Fein my thoughts a mistake the next recipe is for rejuve of rejuve Lac is super simple to make rinse off a grain of choice in my case I used quinoa and then cover it in water until it starts to sprout which for quinoa doesn't take that long at all then drain it give it another good rinse and cover it again in clean filtered water then allow to sit for until the mixture is slightly bubbly I used the rejuve Alecto then culture some cashew cream to prepare the vegan mozzarella recipe from the book I took the cultured cashews and added it to some agar powder that I dissolved in hot water along with tapioca starch I cooked and stirred that mixture until it was shiny and stretchy and poured it into moles to cool it I later sliced it and used it in a deep dish pizza rejuve alack as a culture for vegan cheese's first time I've ever used it typically if I want to make a cultured vegan product a cheese or yogurt I will use either the contents of a vegan probiotic capsule or more commonly I'll just take store-bought vegan yogurt unsweetened plain and a couple tablespoons into my milk or cashew cream what have you and I'll culture it that way and I like to use my instant pot because it has a yogurt function so you can really speed up that culturing process I was very curious to try the radula just to see if there was any difference in flavor I couldn't tell that much of a difference between the two honestly I used quinoa as my grain you can use brown rice or a different kind of grain as well and there was like the slightest hint of quinoa flavor but it kind of went away when you mixed it with all the other ingredients and especially after you cooked it I know that you can just drink rejuve like as a healthy probiotic drink I took a little sip just to see how it tasted I don't know if I could stomach that much of it I'm not interested I really just made it for the cheese and in the case of this recipe at least not all vegan cheese's are like this but in this one we are cooking it on the stove so we can dissolve the agar powder into it so we are killing off all of our beneficial bacteria that we've cultured but it does still add that nice tangy flavor I like the flavor of the cashew mozzarella I think I've had others that a little bit more convincing flavor-wise I would up the quantity of the agar powder just a little bit to make a finished product a bit more firm even after I had chilled it in the fridge and it had solidified it was still too soft to grate it I would have had to probably freeze it for a little bit of time if I wanted to grate it successfully it's not a huge deal break or anything but I do like to be able to kind of Finlay slice my cheese or grate it if I want to have that option so I did like this recipe flavor was good and melted nicely I put it in a deep dish vegan pizza and enjoyed it however I'm a little bit on the lazier side as far as cooking goes I will typically just go to the store and buy premade vegan mozzarella by day or so delicious or whichever one happens to be on sale that week and if I were jonesing to make my own vegan mozzarella from scratch I think I'd use a different recipe so a long time ago I made a video where I tested out three different vegan mozzarella recipes I'll link it down below if you're curious and there is one in there that called for aquafaba and that's probably my favorite homemade vegan cheese I've made so far the next recipe is for oil-free Mayo combined cashews and water and puree until creamy and completely smooth then add in tofu apple cider vinegar mustard maple syrup salt and garlic powder and blend until completely smooth and creamy the first night I used it to make an oil-free version of in and out animal style fries by mixing with ketchup and relish and drizzling it over baked fries topped with grilled onions I also used this oil free mail in my chickpea salad recipe to add some extra protein and cut out a bit of the fat to make it a healthier lunch option oil-free Mayo I love it I am as many of you who know a male addict I love it on everything I used to as a child just eat plain white toast spread with Mayo however as I've gotten older and somewhat more health-conscious I've realized that Mayo is almost entirely oil and this stuff does not taste like real Mayo if you're putting a lot of it into a recipe however if you're using it in small quantities and you're mixing it with other flavors like for example if you're spreading a little bit of it onto your hamburger bun it's gonna give you the right kind of Mayo seeing you know what I mean I've been meal prepping big batches of this chickpea salad using the oil-free Mayo for the past couple weeks just because it's an easy healthy high-protein lunch and it keeps me very satisfied and I don't taste any difference in the chickpea salad between the homemade Mayo and like a store-bought vegenaise vegenaise or just male just knows my favorite so I can't taste any difference textures a little bit different I have a Vitamix so it got very smooth but there's just um I don't know what the word is not gritty but you can tell that it's pureed tofu it's just not as velvety as the whipped oil which makes sense and I think that's fine it's just a little bit of a trade-off there I already went through the entire first batch that I made of this Mayo I'm probably gonna make another batch this weekend because it's just nice to have as an option I think if you're worried about it not tasting right but you still want a lower fat option you could always go 5050 real Mayo oil free mail and I think that would be a nice in-between closed recipe I give a thumbs up mostly because I just like the option of having a healthier version of Mayo the next recipe is for slice and bake chocolate chip cookies cream together softened vegan butter coconut sugar and white sugar then add in some vegan yogurt and vanilla extract stir in all-purpose flour baking soda and salt this recipe also calls for a bit of finely ground coffee lastly I stirred in some vegan chocolate chips then I rolled the cookies into balls and baked I took the leftover dough and rolled it into a log and wrapped it in parchment to freeze it so that any time I wanted to whip up some cookies really quickly I could take it out of the freezer defrost it and then just slice off a few pieces of cookie dough to cook up these cookies they're good how could they not be good right they're chocolate chip cookies with sugar and flour and vegan butter I do like the addition of the coffee it added a little extra mmm if you didn't really taste it like if I gave them to you and didn't tell you there's coffee in it you might not notice but it does kind of bump up the flavor of the chocolate however and Eric also agreed with me I prefer my go-to recipe which is just a vegan version of the Nestle Tollhouse cookies I just use vegan butter and replace the eggs with flax seed eggs and it's perfect it's the perfect recipe these cookies were good however who has vegan yogurt sitting around to add to their cookies all the time right I had to go out and buy it specifically for the recipe and I don't feel like it necessarily added anything to the finished product so I just like to keep things simple whenever possible I like the concept of rolling your cookie dough into a log and storing it and just being able to slice off a few pieces make a couple cookies in one batch so that you don't have dozens of cookies sitting in your house tempting you all the time however you can really do that with any cookie dough recipe for the most part so these are perfectly wonderful cookies however probably won't make them again so those are all the recipes from this cookbook that I tested out for this video there are others that I really enjoy for example there's a cultured vegan butter P in here which I don't make anymore but I built on top of it I kind of tweaked it and made it my own I know that's another video that's long long overdue but to summarize I think this book is worth purchasing if you are a very curious chef if you don't mind recipes that require a lot of ingredients and time and waiting you'll like this however I think that if you're a more casual chef you're looking for quick and easy options there are other cookbooks I'd rather recommend to you for example the hot for food cookbook that's one of my favorites and I think that one is more for the average kind of cook thank you so much for watching this very long overdue video I hope that you enjoyed it if you have this cookbook and you want to share your thoughts on it or any of your favorite recipes that you think that I should try out haven't already I would love to read that comment down below there are other cookbooks you'd like me to test out in the future let me know as well I have a couple in the queue I have Mississippi vegans cookbook I have a field Rose cookbook a lot of people have requested that I review avant-garde vegans cookbook which I would love to do leave your recommendations requests down below I hope you're all doing very well thank you so much for watching I love you bye

43 thoughts on “Vegan Steak, Fish Sticks, Mozzarella, and More // Miyoko's Homemade Vegan Pantry Cookbook Review

  1. In the steak recipe, don’t add the water to the mushroom purée. Mushrooms let out a lot of water. That is why the steak can come or so mushy. (I know because this is how I make vegan steak).

  2. I don’t have this book but I do have her artisan vegan cheese book. I struggle a bit with some of her recipes.

  3. I would like to share my recipe for homemade soy milk.

    Soak the beans for 12 to 24 hours (this step eliminates most of the bitter taste coming from beans)
    Blend the soaked beans with a little filtered water, for a minute (Although I need to add I don't have a blender, I use a food processor and it works just fine)
    Then you put your blended beans and filtered water to a large pot and add a tablespoon of sweetner of your preference, a dash of salt and a teaspoon of cornstarch. Salt acts as a preservative, cornstarch prevents seperation as it waits in the fridge.
    After it boils, you turn the heat down to medium low, but keep an eye on it because it can boil over VERY quickly. Simmer for at least and hour. You don't have to do anything while it simmers, other than occasionally stirring.
    Soy beans just need to cook for a long time to eliminate that beany, bitter flavor.

    I start the recipe with 3/4 a cup of dry beans and a liter of water. As it simmers water evaporates, so I add some more at the end to my taste. After I sieve the mixture, there is about 1,5 liters of milk left, apart from okara.
    I use remaining okara instead of chickpeas in falafels etc.

    I was going to say that I hope you give it a try but I make this recipe just because soymilk is so damn expensive where I live. If I were you, I wouldn't bother 🙂
    I love your videos, and admire you honesty 😊

  4. Vital gluten. The worst thing you can do for your health. You don't have to have celiac disease to have bad effects from so much gluten (which is essentially like glue and no human can digest properly — especially in these quantities).

  5. Have you tried simmering soy milk over very low heat for 30 to 60 minutes? When I first tried making soy milk a few years ago using Mary's Test Kitchen recipe, I found that I had to leave it cooking for about that time to totally get rid of the beany taste.

  6. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting. I really had such high hopes for Myoko products and especially the mozzarella but I'm just not a fan and imagine these recipes replicate the tastes and textures of purchased items. I'm with you on the already great ones available like FYH and Daiya. I'm trying to locate Good Planet and Violife mozz as I hear they are wonderful. The "steak" looks interesting but way to much trouble. Mayo? I've tried them all and always come back to Earth Balance's MINDFUL MAYO and it's a staple in my home. Gardein's vegan Fish sticks(?) and Crab cakes are great and already made. I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to make some of these and reviewing the results.

  7. Yuh. I love this book but it is quite time consuming. Maybe switch the sea weed powders from the fish stick recipe with old bay. I really like her pasta recipes and want to try out the Gelato recipe. There's also an eclair recipe in there I want to try. Pate a choux is kinda like the holy grail of vegan pastry making.

  8. Bless your heart for perservering through recipes that didn't turn out how you like them! But also, thankyou for this video. I have seen that cookbook and do quite enjoy making things from scratch occasionally, but from this video, I can tell this book isn't my cup of tea. Thanks, Sarah 😊

  9. I tried the mozzarella recipe as well, mine turned out more brown looking and didn’t taste like mozzarella at all, had an interesting taste. Haven’t added it to any dishes yet but might try and make a pizza soon with it

  10. I've had this book for a couple years and the only recipes I had made up until recently were the real burgers and the no knead bread. I made the burgers so long ago that I don't even remember if they were good, but I really recommend the bread. It does require prep a day in advance but it turns out great, better than a lot of freshly baked bakery bread I've had. I have started cooking from my cookbooks a lot more recently and I made the okara crab cakes from this book because I had made the soymilk from Non Dairy Evolution and used the okara for the cakes. They were good, but I did add things for my personal preference like corn and extra bell pepper and dill, and I will say I still prefer the ones I usually make that are my own recipe with hearts of palm, chickpeas, and chickpea flour as the base. The wasabi tartar sauce though is great, which I made using the oil free mayo. I love that mayo. I always keep in on hand since I first made it about 2 months ago. I know what you mean about the consistency, but after finicking with it a bit I now blend mine for a super long time (I do have a high powered blender) and add a bit extra xanthan gum and it comes out almost with a whipped consistency. Thanks for the tips about the fish sticks, I will probably avoid them next time I have okara lying about. Disappointing because I was looking forward to those. My non-vegan partner is always flaunting his fish sticks around and making me crave them. Let's see… The ranch is good but I prefer my own recipe, and the marinara is pretty standard, I usually just end up making that my own as well after trying to follow recipes because I like what I like. Oh I also made the white cake baking mix and made raspberry muffins that were ridiculous but I will never make that again because it was too good and I need to lose weight lol. Anyway sorry this was so long. I appreciate your review and look forward to future cookbook reviews, especially the Mississippi Vegan one, I bought myself that one for my birthday because my partner is from Louisiana and loves southern food, but I haven't made anything from it yet. You should also review the Sweet Potato Soul book! <3

  11. I'm kinda disappointed with this book, good thing I bought the electronic version which is cheaper. These recipes were great when I first started transitioning to veganism but now they are just simply weird and unappetizing. Plus lots of mistakes or failed expectations. The cheeses always come out quite sour too. Vegan food has changed a lot over the years.

  12. I love that you said who has vegan yoghurt sitting in their fridge all the time because I never have it either 😂💚

  13. So I have the book and I noticed that this book is made for people who have been vegan for 30 yrs and completely forgot the taste of meat and dairy

  14. About the soy milk, here in Peru is very common to drink homemade soy milk, it is made very similarly to how you made it, we just add sugar too (and drink it hot). And I personally love the flavor of it. I can't stand store bought soy milk, so I think you don't like it because maybe you aren't used to it

  15. I always find vegan mayo recipes make it more like a sauce than a mayonnaise. Some aren’t bad tasting but I don’t really use it as a mayo replacement so what’s the point. I just stick with the Vegenaise with avocado or grape seed oil and use it sparingly because I know it’s not the healthiest.

  16. You should review Liv B's new vegan cookbook coming out "Vegan on a Budget." Feb 15 and it looks really good!! Thank you!

  17. Spot on review. I loved the idea of this cookbook but just can’t commit to buying all of the random ingredients and putting in the time. I didn’t try the mayo but I will now.. There’s certain things that I will always make from scratch like nacho cheese, thank you Lauren Toyota, But theres so many amazing vegan products on the market that we no longer have to make everything from scratch.
    I also make the toll house cookies but I use applesauce for my egg replacement. BEST COOKIES EVER! And I didn’t need to buy coconut sugar or yogurt.

  18. You could use the steak recipe to make "steak tips" kebob style. Try using the Soy Vay Veri Veri Teryaki. It's fucking amazing. It was my go-to as a meat eater back in the day. And still is, because it's fucking vegan, what???

  19. Lovely camera work and editing in this video!!! Everything was set up and filmed so meticulously!❤️

  20. I’m saying this with love because I’ve been a long time subscriber and viewer of your channel but you seem bored by doing this.

  21. I’m not vegan, and likely never will be because I am an anemic and hypoglycemic and rely on meat on a heath basis, but I watch your channel constantly because I find it so fascinating.

  22. Love the honest review! Fish sticks and vegan steaks sound incredibly nice. If there are recipes are too challenging or time-consuming, then yes, it’s VERY difficult to motivate myself to make them. Sometimes it’s worth it though!

  23. I LOVED this video! Of course i like all of your videos, but I did like the style more of you showing some video of you making the recipes and then being able to sit back and get your honest review about what you ate. I kind of hate when people review cookbooks and whether they were sponsored by a company or not they tend to butter it up, but you didn't and i appreciate that. I hope to see more videos like this again in the year 🙂

  24. It is clear you put a lot of work into this video, which I'm really appreciative of. I'd say this cookbook is a miss. I'd love to hear your opinion on recipes pulled from Gaz Oakley's Vegan 100.

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