Vegan Pancakes | Light + Fluffy Vegan Pancake Recipe

Vegan Pancakes | Light + Fluffy Vegan Pancake Recipe

hello my friends its Danny and today I'm gonna show you how to make very light and fluffy vegan pancakes and for those of you who are not vegan make sure you stick around anyway because I could have just as easily title this video how to make really good pancakes that happen to be vegan I was a big bite now the secret to making pancakes super light and fluffy without any milk eggs or butter is your baking powder and you got to use a whole bunch of it I'm going to show you exactly how to do that but before we get started if you have not already take a moment to subscribe to the channel and hit that notification button because that's gonna make you a part of the clean and delicious inner circle meaning whenever I post new content you will be the first to be notified and the benefit of that is whenever something new goes up I usually spend a couple hours in the comment section so that gives you a great opportunity to have your questions answered and it gives me a great opportunity to connect with you so if you haven't done that already take a minute and do it so I have a nice big bowl for my pancakes and I'm starting with 1 cup of white whole wheat flour now white whole wheat flour has all the same health benefits as regular whole wheat flour but it's much lighter in texture and color and flavor so it works out perfectly when you're making pancakes and for those of you who need this recipe to be gluten free just hang on a few minutes I'm going to adjust that in just a minute there's a way to do it then I'm gonna add just a pinch of salt and then one tablespoon of baking powder and yes this is more baking powder than you would normally see in a pancake recipe but that's going to be the secret ingredient because that baking powder is gonna release its gases once we add the liquid and that's what's gonna add the air and keep these pancakes nice and light and fluffy so I'm gonna gently mix these ingredients together and then we're ready for our liquids I've got 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk you could use any type of milk that works for you here 1 tablespoon of maple syrup just adds a little extra sweetness and then a tablespoon of melted coconut oil again I'm just gonna get in there and give this a good stir you just want to stir until all the ingredients have come together you want to be careful not to over stir it because we don't want to beat the air out of the pancakes right so once you've got it together just let it sit just let it rest on the counter for two three four minutes what you're gonna see is that baking powder is gonna start to activate and it's gonna form little bubbles and and the mixture is really just gonna look really light and fluffy like you can see here and that's how you know you're ready to get to the stove and start whipping up your pancakes so what I've got here is a nice big nonstick skillet I'm gonna heat that up over a medium heat then once the pan is heated I'm just gonna give it a nice light coat of coconut oil here do remember if you're using a nonstick pan like I am here you never want to use cooking sprays on your non-stick pan because it will ruin the finish and they will not be nonstick for long and you're just not gonna get any life out of your pan so you'll just want to coat it like I am with a little bit of coconut oil or some type of vegan spread or if you're not a vegan you could certainly use butter then what I like to do is I like to make small pancakes I usually get about ten silver dollar pancakes out of the mixture I take a 1/4 cup scoop get my batter and then I drop about half of that into the pan and repeat now I'm using a 12 inch skillet and I get four pancakes in the pan you don't want to overcrowd them so just depending on the size you like your pancakes just want to give them enough room in the pan so they don't spread into each other you're gonna notice that they're gonna start to fluff up as soon as I start cooking because these are light and fluffy pancakes and then the sides are gonna set up and you may notice some bubbles over the top of your pancake it'll just take a couple of minutes that's how you know your pancakes are ready to flip so get underneath and flip them over you want to see this beautiful golden brown color like I have here and then you're just gonna let that go for another minute or two or until that pancake is golden brown on both sides and then it set up and cooked it through the center then I just like to take them out of the pan and you can see how nice and light and fluffy they are and I'm gonna repeat until I've used all the batter now for those of you who want to make this recipe gluten free I tried a few different options right so first I did oat flour that was a one to one swap I did find the oat flour it did not get light and fluffy so while you could do it I don't really recommend it the pancakes ended up being like a really really thin almost like a crepe the second thing I did I tried swapping in a gluten-free flour mixture so these are just pre-made bags of gluten-free mixtures that you can swap out one for one whenever you're working with wheat flours sometimes they tend to be a little bit gummy ER than flour but they definitely get the job done and for a recipe like this the pancakes they did work just fine so if that's something you're interested in I will leave a link down below the one that I used was the Bob's Red Mill and then my third attempt that I tried to make a gluten-free was with spelt flour and this one happened to be my favorite it has the same sweet flavor like a regular whole wheat flour does and you get that same golden brown color but you don't have any gluten involved so again I'll leave a link down in the description box for that as well that also was Bob's Red Mill so from here guys it's the fun part you get to tap your pancakes with whatever pancake toppings you like you have so many options and then what would pancakes be without a drizzle of maple syrup right over the top I personally love this recipe they are so light so fluffy and I'm telling you if you were blindfolded you would not even know that it did not have eggs or butter or milk in the recipe they are that good so you must give this recipe a try and when you do snap picture and tag me at Danny peas or at clean and delicious so I can see all of the clean and deliciousness you're whipping up in your very own kitchens don't forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell thank you so much for watching I will see you back here next time with some more clean and deliciousness Cheers how do we really good pancakes that just so happened to be vegan wait a second no butter no flour and no milk and you're calling this a pancake and this is supposed to taste good I'll never understand these you two of us well you know what I know you all understand and I promise you these pancakes are delicious

38 thoughts on “Vegan Pancakes | Light + Fluffy Vegan Pancake Recipe

  1. Yumm yumm you nailed it. ❤️ I should probably mention that Spelt has gluten in it and it’s not safe as a gluten free substitute for celiac or gluten free diets. I wonder how Buckwheat would sub out, since that grain is actually free of gluten. 😋

  2. I just made these pancakes and they were so good and fluffy! When I saw how fluffy these were in the video I just couldn’t resist making them since I just so happened to have all the ingredients and usually my pancakes turn out super thin and flat no matter what recipe I use, but not this time! 😄 and I added blueberries to it and they turned out that much better. I love the idea of adding maple syrup to the batter, which idk why I’ve never considered doing that before cause they taste so much better with the syrup already mixed into the batter that I just ate a couple of the pancakes without any syrup or anything and it was great. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

  3. every vegan pancake recipe i tried have failed and turned out gummy, but not these! they are so fluffy and tasty, i used agave bc i didn’t have maple syrup & i added vanilla extract to give it a bit more flavour bc my first batch you could taste the baking powder but other than that these are amazing!!! thank you!!

  4. Listing the consumer benefit of subscribing in such a logical way is brilliant. I’m barley subscribed to a handful of channels and you’re now one of them.

  5. Used spelt flour and made these today for our family. They were delicious. And can’t believe how well they turned out without using egg or milk. Thanks for the vegan recipe!

  6. These are the best tasting pancakes I've ever had! Vegan or otherwise. Thanks so much for the recipe!😍

  7. so i literally just made these i used regular unbleached flour and used plant based butter to cook it. they came out waaaaaaaay better than i thought. i think these are literally the best pancakes i have ever had! and i am not just saying that. i am so glad i stumbled upon this video. definitely saving this for the future. thank you so much! also when i cooked it because the flour i was using was a bit denser, i put a lid on top of the pan to cook thoroughly and they came out beyond perfect in every way, even had a nice buttery crunchy edge . the besT!!!!! they were super poofy!

  8. I just made them! They taste really good but I think the amount of baking powder is a little too much as it makes them taste a bit sour-ish. Yet the pancakes weren't completely fluffy, they were still a bit "spongy". Other than that they're really great! Thank you for the recipe.

  9. I tried this recipe and oh my god…😱 it’s the best! I alternated it a bit by using earth balance butter instead of coconut oil and vanilla extract to add more taste. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! 🙏🏼😊

  10. Been looking for vegan pancake recipe for some time now. Tried this recipe tonight and IT WAS SO DELICIOUS!!!!! Thank you!

  11. White ww flour made it so delicious and the maple syrup gave it a caramel flavour. Thumbs up👍🏻

  12. I tried these pancakes out and they were awesome, I am not a vegan but I just didn’t have any eggs on hand, I used regular half fat milk and honey instead of maple syrup and they turned out amazing definitely a keeper!

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