Veg Khow Suey, Khao Soi Desi Style, Noodles in Curry | Kunal Kapur Burmese Recipes

Veg Khow Suey, Khao Soi Desi Style, Noodles in Curry | Kunal Kapur Burmese Recipes

Hi Guys,
This is Kunal today in my kitchen, i.e., The ‘K’ Kitchen we are going to make a Burmese dish known as ‘Khao Suey’ We will heat one pan, add some oil to it, a bay leaf, some black pepper, cumin seeds We will lightly saute it Cumin is well roasted
Next we will add some chopped onion, chopped garlic, some freshly chopped ginger, and some green chillies, give it a nice stir, We do not have to saute the onion-garlic-ginger, we just need to lightly cook it for one – two minutes This is some turmeric, in goes some madras curry powder, next goes some gram flour, we need to saute the gram flour on a very low flame, just for a minute or so Gram Flour will give this some
thickness as well as flavour To ease this, we will add some yoghurt to it We now add vegetables of choice to this, I have carrots, mushrooms, and broccoli Add some salt and pour in a dash of water to it We do not have to boil the vegetables completely we need a crunch in them, hence, cook them lightly Wow! That curry powder flavour
is just coming out so beautifully At this stage, we are going to add some coconut milk, lots of coconut milk Look at that nice, silken coconut curry We need to just give it a boil and that is it! Our curry is now ready! Khao Suey is consumed with noodles It is almost like a soupy consistency, This is our soup we have some boiled noodles, we are going to fold it on the fork,
just for the presentation purpose It looks much more neater Just roll them up and place it in the centre Repeat once more and place it This is our Khao Suey and here are
some accompaniments I am going to add some chilly flakes, some roasted peanuts, some chopped spring onions, some brown garlic flakes, some brown onions Finely, garnish with a coriander sprig Our Khao Suey along with the accompaniments – DONE!

70 thoughts on “Veg Khow Suey, Khao Soi Desi Style, Noodles in Curry | Kunal Kapur Burmese Recipes

  1. I have never heard veg khao suey. Must try this. I am in love with this dish. I always have chicken Khao suey. Can I prepare the chicken like this too? Thanks!

  2. Assalamualaikum wa rahamatullahi wa barakathu Kk Sir………Masha ALLAH very nice n yummy Dish….. Thank u so much for sharing the lovely recipe.. God bless u Kk sir ..Ameen YaRabbul Alameen ……….Madras Curry powder kya hame yeh market m mil jayegha ……

  3. I am burmese and I am impressed how u make this dish…but we usually make this dish with coconut milk, egg noodles and also we add chicken..

  4. वाह क्या स्वादिष्ट रेसिपी है 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Sorry butt it's not prpper khawse's different..coz khawse is made in chiken and Curry is based on coconut milk and garlic ..

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