28 thoughts on “UPSC CSE Mains 2019, Current Affairs Weekly Set 1, Score high in UPSC Mains General Studies

  1. Nice intiative Sir ! Your Yojana analysis and this weekly current affairs helps us a lot in our preparations. I have been following it every month. Please keep continuing it. You are doing a great job ! Thanks a lot.

  2. Sir,ek request hai ki apne Jo kuch main word use Kiya the,unhe Hindi me bola kijiye qki jab hum koe essay ya answer writing Hindi me karte hai that time that English words come in mind not Hindi specific word

  3. Sir this video's pdf is not uploaded in telegram channel plzz provide it.
    Thank u so much sir really helpful in maintaining current affairs

  4. Sir thank u sir for u r concern my small request sir our channel is very famous in south india too so please explain in English sir we can understand easly sir hope plz implement this idea sir

  5. Love the content and delivery of the lecture. It helps to revise what we learned in the preceding week. In data point section:- which agency released the unemployment data should be mentioned.
    Please continue with the course.

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