Ubisoft E3 2019 Conference | Ubisoft [NA]

Ubisoft E3 2019 Conference | Ubisoft [NA]

you you [Applause] what's going on everyone we're at Ubisoft live at e3 2019 I'm Yusef and this is Kerry we're gonna be with you all week to bring you the latest news announcements updates demos show matches and most importantly the height that is III Kerry how you doing this big beautiful Los Angeles day I am doing amazing I am so excited for all the cold announcements we have starting right now and over the next four days we're gonna have a little something for everyone we're also joined by Kat and Chris were over in the fan zone how are you all doing we're doing good Kerry we're great I'm Chris and I'm Kat we are here in the Ubisoft III Fan Zone it is right outside the Orpheum Theatre where in just one hour the Ubisoft III conference is going to kick off in earnest but before we get there we've got a pretty great show for you it is packed chat how you feelin it but I'm super excited my first time at e3 it's so nice to be in the fans don't surrounded by everybody so it's amazing it's a fun place to be and that's why we're streaming it to you all week long from e3 so let me give you a little rundown of the schedule right now this is Ubisoft live at e3 this show we're gonna be sitting down with creators from Assassin's Creed Odyssey trials rising for honor and steep to get updates and news from their games yeah but that's not all we're also be showing some really cool gaming clips that come directly from you guys our community we're also be showing off a bit of our you basava events calendar for this year so if you see something coming to your city or somewhere near you make sure you check that out and also this is kind of special because we're being celebrating something with the Just Dance community after this show comes the conference at 1 p.m. then an hour later it's gonna be right after the show 2 p.m. a celebrity showdown in Rainbow six siege with two team captains you are not gonna want to miss so to get an update on that we're gonna toss it over to shoutcaster extraordinaire Parker and Terrell Makai thank you so much Chris indeed once the conference is concluded we bring it out over here for our twitch rival celebrity show match team t-pain vs. team little yachty all for charity with some of your favorite twitch streamers as well so we've got some more things to set up but enjoy the conference and we'll see you after the show gonna be clever tactic yep intense action and extensive property damage which we all really love but that is not all starting tomorrow 11 a.m. Pacific time we're gonna be live in a stream streaming live from the Ubisoft booth at the Los Angeles Convention Center so you can guys can get an exclusive look at all our games but for now we're gonna go back to you stuff and check out what's going on with him all right yeah we're kicking things off talking steep I'm here with federico from the ubisoft fantasy studio federico how's it going good super goo I'm super happy to be here with you today so we're showing something off this time right yes absolutely as you know at Ubisoft and see we see you our player sharing amazing screen short clips sharing your passion for the game every day we are very grateful for that and you inspire us today we are here with something special a gift for you the Japan map usually you need to pay to get it but for one week only is completely free it's one more way for us to show much we care about you so let me get it straight if I already own sleep I just log in and I get to Japan map for free yes that teeth just boot the game up slide into the in-game store and there you will find your free Japan ticket waiting for you click on it and it's yours forever that's awesome you gotta keep it forever yes or no platforms nice so if I haven't played the Japan map before what kind of things can I expect from it we know players love to ride in beautiful places to pull off insane tricks Japan is perfect for both but don't take my word for it here with us we have one of our most amazing players Nicolas also known as the steep steep on YouTube so he can show us what he loves about Japan yeah and if you all don't know steep steep is a youtuber concentrator and he is so good at the game that they named him him they named it after him twice so Steve thank you so much yeah thanks for having me yeah so what kind of spot should we be checking out on in Japan baton yeah absolutely so I actually have three spots that I'd like to show off the first one I think is playing on your screen right now it's a big snow part called yo die it's basically a great spot to test out challenges and unique lines for yourself thanks to the variety of jumps rails and half pipes you can find there it's also a fantastic spot to play against your friends thanks to the new PvP list that's coming out with I'm super stoked to play so before you keep going is this your game point yes okay you are incredibly good at this game sir this is almost obnoxiously good I for those of you who haven't played sleep before sleep sleep is making it look very very easy and he's definitely a skilled player for sure that's a lot of dedicated hours that's for sure yeah so what's the what are the other locations you recommend yeah so after yo die my next spot that I'd like to talk about is desert Suzanne this is where you can find the biggest jump in all of steep it's a great spot to test new records for yourself on how many flips how many rotations you can do since you do have a lot of airtime it's also a fantastic place to try out new tricks and practice up some new grab combinations yeah you got some major air there that was pretty intense very realistic yes and so there's one more location we're talking about as well right yeah so last one is taking Segawa it's home to a power grid that's like no other it's a really difficult spot to land so that's what makes it so rewarding if you actually do fantastic place to impress your friends that's awesome thank y'all so much for coming up thank you and if you already own steep make sure to head over to the store download that Japan map right now and while you're getting that started we're gonna shift over and talk a little bit about our star players those who don't know you saw star players are our most dedicated community members and fans and every year we bring out a bunch of them from all over the world to come to e3 and the only thing we love more than having them here is seeing their reactions to finding out they're coming so we put a little video together check it out thank you for following Ubisoft it's not like the official Ubisoft holy Sh Ubisoft hi it's not something I should do wait a minute I'm nervous now we're inviting you to become a star player to thank you for all of the brilliant dreams you provide the fam BAM and you Vsauce community on switch oh you is so Chuck hey I'm going to I'm going to Los Angeles as you can see I'm surrounded all around me by star players are you all excited for e3 well enjoy the show y'all next up we're gonna head over to Kat in the backlog for an update all right well thank you Yousef right now I'm in The Fan Zone where we've invited different community members content creators and players to join us in the passion for gaming and to kick this off is game selling so hi games styling how are you hey I'm great how are you very good very hot it's boiling outside so you create custom game pads yeah I create custom controllers and consoles for people all around the world companies so here's an example of what we made oh wow that is incredible division Xbox one s console with the logo of course and the specialist H is on the front so how did this all start because I used to create custom Nokia phone cases of the kid with nail polish and glitter and I I'm hearing you're here so it started off in my basement a couple years ago and now you know it's branching out through Instagram own website and yeah going hard that's a mate what was your first one was the one one that started at all yeah just spraying with the spray can trying out trying to make the paint work and that's the whole gig we did yeah well thank you very much I'm gonna definitely come back and join your workshop cuz guys it is a workshop make sure you check out his website and his Twitter page for all his creations and yeah now we're gonna go ahead out back to the couch for some just dance community action so thank you thanks cat joining me here on the couch Monique Neff just dance community developer and it's a big year for Just Dance all right absolutely it's just dances 10 year anniversary 10 years of justice a whole decade of that game just like being such a joyful presence makes you a little nostalgic doesn't it I mean definitely and it's kind of honestly really crazy to think about how it's grown into the best community in my humble opinion so we actually put together a little video looking back on an amazing 10 years together let's check it out so this year is the the 10 year anniversary of Just Dance it's not just about the dancing it's not just about the community the costumes it's it's there's so much more than that when the original one came out I was like 14 but it was really special for me because it was a way for me to learn how to dance without feeling embarrassed there's an entire universe that I discovered and for the first time I danced with people that were ask passionate as me I don't even view it as a game it's it's it's I guess like a lifestyle really it's changed so many people's lives the fact that Just Dance hits the 10-year anniversary makes me realize how much time has passed the evolution of just saints one to what it is today is like almost a completely different game I discover so many new styles of music that I would never listen to before its abroad in in culture my music collection I feel like it's it's the living thing because each year is bring you to different universe the costumes the choreography the backgrounds are also immersive how I would like to celebrate it so maybe it matters them like playing all the games I would love to do a cosplay with like a piece of every single game just everywhere like have a little bit of just dance one here and like just dance to hear something I would love to do like a world mashup where I mean all the different people that have met via just stands playing just stands and have them a part of the video I think that would be unreal what I would do to celebrate the 10 years is I think to them we've been here 10 years and here's to celebrating 10 more now it's your turn how will you celebrate how will you celebrate how will you celebrate 10 years of Just Dance it is always such a delight to see people in the Justin's communities so excited we've got people here in the fanzone celebrating I mean this is a big year and a lot of people I think I really want to express how much this franchise has meant to them absolutely and actually we want all of you guys to join in too so I mean you can you know create a fun birthday card do a dance routine heck bake a cake and we are choosing our 10 favorite submissions to win these snazzy pair of custom converse so use the hashtag JT birthday and we will see them share your creations because the only thing better than playing just dance is doing it in your literal dancing shoes Monique thank you so much for joining us here happy birthday to Just Dance and now we're gonna go backstage and take a look at what's going on there as they get ready for the conference with Kerry thanks Chris I'm here backstage at the big Ubisoft conference where everyone's getting ready for the show later on today some people are surprisingly chilled while others not so much but for right now let's go take a look at some of the moments behind some of Ubisoft's biggest III announcements more comfortable because man all right so while our des are getting ready backstage for the big III press conference we have a surprise coming up for you guys right now so check this out I've made a lot of progress over the years see this this is one of my first videos I couldn't even hold focus properly and a wide shot forget it wasn't happening but I had one goal in mind one could be the best camera out there so I train every day even the days I don't feel like getting up I go because that's the kind of guy I am focus people have been asking for me for a long time after all my training and everything I've been through I think it's time [Applause] all right well joining me right now I look in the comment from the foreigner dev team all the way from the Montreal studio so hi guys welcome thank hey guys not too hot today we're great the couch oh great it's awesome I loved your video by the way Thank You ver it's really funny so basically you guys are coming out with The Spectator Kim yeah it's been finally finally we are in a third year for honor over 21 million Slayers so far and people have been asking for that feature for a very long time so we are so happy to bring it for them so people can be super excited to see this right now what are their gonna do with it exactly with the spectator mode any of you playing the game at home will be able to watch their friend playing the game online so it's gonna really improve the experience it's gonna actually change it you're gonna be able to follow of course anybody on the battlefield but you will have access to the free camera mode and so you will be able to move the camera freely around the battlefield and really see the action you want the way you want to see it so it's gonna improve the experience for anybody that's like watching for our competitions and it's gonna also change it for you guys testing this competition as well and also learning some tips and trips and guys who are really good definitely cool and when can we get our hands on this so the spectator mode is coming later in 2019 for all our players on all the platforms suite and that's really exciting because you guys have a really passionate community that I'm sure I'm sure right now they're super happy cannot wait to go check my Twitter account after this they're great they really pushed us in the past three years they pushed us to bring the game forward to improve the game at all time we love those I love those guys and so we want to continue to work with them and we want to include you guys in the development of that feature so you know that you get feedback and to make that feature as good as possible we will go with a progressive rollout of the future including more and more people from the community to the point when we will release the feature to all of our players so stay tuned for it yes just keep your eyes peeled out for that but before I let you guys go and enjoy Oh surprise oh no wait is pillow fighting with pop okay is this part of no no it's not we do a fighting game so we turn to each other sorry guys yeah um but yeah so what other surprises you have for us this week we have to actually anyway one on Thursday there's a wires down will be broadcasted live from the LA CC from the show floor so it's gonna be a lot of fun with some show matches during the week and if you keep watching in the conference that will start in 42 minutes yep we have something more we have something more and by our t-shirt you can maybe guest and go Raptors oh that's a go Raptors alright well thank you guys very much I'm looking forward to it guys make sure you check it out with what they have this week especially the Warriors then and right now we're gonna head back to Chris in the fan zone with major look folks I am here with artist and creator made you look and I'm trying not to bother her too much because as you can see this is not exactly a birthday party level face and body paint I mean no disrespect to tiger stripes and butterfly wings but made you look I gotta ask you how did you really get into this and decide to kind of up your game you know creativity has always been a part of me I've always been a artist I've always painted I've always drawn and then video game just had a strong connection to my life being able to take somebody in real life and make them into a video game in real life it's just so fun so fun and it's turning out really well I mean this is an iconic image we can all sort of recognize Assassin's Creed tell us about the creation and what inspired it absolutely we are inspired by multiple Assassin's Creed games I didn't want to do just one there's so many absolutely incredible ones our main source of inspiration is from Connor basing everything in a white jacket down to all the details and highlights and shading which is my favorite I love shading in the paint it's all in the details right absolutely love detail folks if you haven't checked out made you looks YouTube or Instagram you got to go check them out because it's the kind of thing you like look at and then you immediately show to the person next to you even if you don't know them because it's that cool made you look thanks so much for joining us thank you I appreciate it very very much folks meeting creators like this is part of these events it's one of my favorite parts and it's not just because I have a microphone this is an opportunity for people to come kick it in the fan zone go into the theater and watch show go on to the booth and play the games meet the people who make them and you don't just have to get to June get here in June to LA to be part of this Ubisoft throws events all around the world regularly and put together a little video showing you some upcoming ones with hopes that we'll see you at the next one there you have it folks between now and the end of the year you'll be able to check out Ubisoft games meet other Ubisoft fans and developers at all of those cities around the world so if there's one near you I expect to see you there next up we're bringing up another dev team we have folks from the trials rising team all the way from Helsinki at Ubisoft redlynx where are they yeah yeah yeah you made it yes no phone you know how to make an entrance that's for sure so for those you don't know this is John creamy Belpre Rao's rising and this is Ozzie hello creative director on trials rising and also professional clowns Ivor that's my job that's that's a real thing he dresses up as a clown and dives off of dives and pools so welcome okay oh all right so trials rising for those who don't know is sort of like motorcycle parkour platforming yeah and you're coming here today with a new announcement right absolutely so just today we have launched the second season of trials rising during our seasons we released a whole bunch of new content cool stuff for our players and season two is gonna be even bigger than season 1 we got a lot of cool stuff this season so instead of sitting here and kind of rattling off for you all we put together a little video to check out so that wasn't just a profit you stole from the supermarket you actually put a shopping cart in trials well actually we stole it from the supermarket but we will bring it back so don't worry okay fair enough how do you even play trials with a shopping cart so traditional trials gameplay is all about kind of controlling both the bike and the rider you've managed the relationship between the two of them in order to make it through the courses with the shopping cart that's kind of a whole new ball game you're only in control of the cart and your rider is just a passenger in the basket and it's your goal to keep them in the basket as you make your way through the trek that's awesome a lot of fun it's out now there you go now no excuses go play it and the thing I love probably most about trials is the fans because the people who love Trials love Trials absolutely and I hear you got a little bit an update for them absolutely so in addition to our season two we're also we got a little surprise for our creative community today we're launching a track building competition for the second season it's going to run throughout the whole season medieval theme to go along with the medieval theme of our season and the track editor is a big part of the trials it has been for a long time so again we put together a nice little video to kind of show of what the track editor is all about what it's capable of PD [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so auntie I think I figured it out why you're messing around with shopping carts all time your fans out here making a game for you and that is what we hope half of our level guys have come through the community so if you make a good ship we will find you and we will hire you where's the come out there coach it we will find you our tools are your tools that's awesome go make tracks maybe get a job who knows and for someone out there who maybe hasn't picked up trials rising yet I hear you're gonna help him out give me a free copy maybe yes because I need to know is there a veterinarian wait make it very unclose a veterinarian but what someone who takes care of an animal doctor what is called no we don't have a veterinarian why do you need an animal doctor empty because these puppies are sick yeah yeah that just happened the worst possible joke I've ever heard okay well hopefully someone got that code good luck to whoever gets that free copy of trials rising your kids it's a good touch of best I love it all right so trials rising season two motor mayhem is out now go ahead pick it up play with that shopping cart if you're interested in that track builder caught track builder contest at the trials game calm next up we're heading over to cat in the backlog and thank you you sir Scott I love those two anyways that is not our last update for this part of Ubisoft live at e3 if you guys just joined just now do not worry we still have some cool stuff coming away in the next 30 minutes the press conference itself starts at 1:00 and then it's followed by the Rainbow six show match the big game with t-pain and a little yachty so you definitely not we're going to want to miss that one and then afterwards we're gonna be streaming all week starting tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. and then on Wednesday and then on Thursday but before we get there we're gonna go and check out part one of our special edition of III Wow moments they think it's not a transition okay so I was I was just gonna play this one normal but I wanna show you something I just accidentally discovered because I was talking kinda loud and I heard myself to the game and I was like how is that possible so what I'm thinking is is if I can sing on key into this ukulele like a problem just acapella this okay this is doable start like coming back on his final stop he is as healthy as can be and stand there well [Applause] why do they have human eyes hey there folks Chris here back on the couch and I'm joined by virtuoso composer yes for kid you mind behind such soundtracks as Assassin's Creed Assassin's Creed 2 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Assassin's Creed revelation I promise I'm not just gonna keep listing games here yes for thank you for joining us it's great to be here well it's an exciting year for Assassin's Creed as the Symphony tour is – taking flight all around the world and tell me how it feels to see your music to hear it sort of composed for a big Orchestra performed onstage well it's always incredible to hear your music live it's and to be in a room you know full of gamers the excitement level is it's just totally something else you know I remember we've we've been playing my music live in concert for a few years and you know I remember we were playing as you know SES family and someone was crying you know it's just it's very emotional and I also find it very interesting personally because you know I get to hear my my themes being rearranged by different orchestras and certainly a sort of a fascinating kind of way to bring them to life different than the way most people hear them often now I want to take it back a little bit I want you to tell us about that first Assassin's Creed game Ubisoft approach – what was that like when they when they pitched it to you yeah so members of the original team they showed me concept art that was how I first was introduced to Assassin's Creed at an e3 hotel room and so they were talking to me about you were going to be able to go anywhere in this environment and it was a city and you can go to any point that you can see and you can even crawl off the buildings and I thought this is the most incredible thing how super ambitious this is crazy and so I went to Ubisoft Montreal and that's when they actually showed me that they had this running and I remember thinking this is like the first true next generation video game it's incredible and so made a strong positive impression early but then yeah get into it you're getting into it and you're not just composing for sort of a standalone game it's it's this new universe it's deep it's steeped in history there's a lot there what were some of the things you honed in on for inspiration well for Assassin's Creed 1 you know it was you know the first thing you have to think about is the the location where does it take place and so assassin tweet 1 takes place during the Third Crusade 1191 you know and there's three cities Jerusalem Damascus and acre and they needed different music styles different religions and after that they introduced me to the gameplay types like for example there is 'if drop music you're sitting on a bench or you can get up from a bench and start following your target and so these new gameplay types I've never seen before we needed to figure out how is that going to work and it's it you know then there's three key words that I was given by the team war being one of them so it's a very brutal time in human history another one was tragic because you know third Crusades and the last word was mysticism which I thought was very interesting word I tried to go really deep with that word and and and I think my the DNA of the Assassin's Creed score is definitely centered around mysticism DNA huh I see what you did that yeah well the animus is part of it too you know there's this whole array of these different layers and as you you create them it created a very strong identity for the series and then of course it's out of the Crusades and off to Italy for Assassin's Creed 2 we've got a little clip here we're gonna sort of show you we should take a look at it you know to share any memories about that game how how it comes back to you is sort of how it was different and what new challenges opposed and then how led to Ezio's family right so the thing that strikes me most about Assassin's Creed 2 when I first saw a demo of it was how atmospheric and they were experimenting with romantic ideas and I remember thinking how wow that's this really unusual I'm gonna have to write a very atmospheric score and that led to NCOs family that's something that I felt was important to there's a good to understand if the character of Ezio because he goes through so through such a tragic moments in his life and so this team I needed to write it to understand the character better and then of course that theme becomes part of the Assassin's Creed series going forward I mean has it just been so excited how's it been to see how this series has just endured throughout the years well it's incredible I mean I'm very honored that this theme is still being used and especially you know I see that 3ms as have that composition that theme has transcended its original writing and I very much feel that it's a theme written around sacrifice which is something that had fitted were they assassin's creed 2 but it's something that still fits the universe of a sea because all Assassin's goes through a lot of a sacrifice in order to get to become an assassin they absolutely do yes Bert thank you so much and folks if you are interested in checking out Assassin's Creed Symphony go to Assassin's Creed Symphony comm for tour dates and tickets yes we're so glad to have you here thanks for having me all right folks we are gonna keep the creativity train rolling and we're gonna go check in with Carrie hey Chris thanks I'm over here with Oh skunk in his workshop where everyone is here creating some pretty amazing custom Rabbids heyo a skunk how you doing I'm very fun thank you awesome awesome Todd I hear but yeah we're having a lot of fun so tell us about how a little bit about how you got started in making these like really cool-looking creations thank you so I'm asking the franchisees sorry for my accent and I started to customize some video video game console ten years ago and then I'm doing some canvas tree tower and stuff like this so it's my touch I love it I think it looks really cool tell us a little bit about this specific one that you've worked on today so I'm a guest for a visa today yeah first time in a three and I'm very excited to work with them I love the games of Ibiza and today it's a workshop around the rabbit sorry but it can take a rabbit and custom it that's so cool I can't wait to see what everybody here like ends up creating I've seen some and they look pretty awesome so thank you so much for joining us and everybody that's out there watching make sure that you follow Oh skunk on all of his channels the links should be on your screen somewhere hit those links and follow them like they owe you quality content because they will deliver thank you again so and now before our next segment I want to get into something a little bit more serious so we're here at e3 and everyone's excited about all the fun and games and announcements that are going on but something that we don't rarely see that much or all the long hours the late nights and the absolute hard work and dedication that the devs put into making these games so we traveled all over the world tour many studios and we asked our devs one simple question who do you dedicate your work to check out their answers I could dedicate everything to a group of people like the Oscars they're recording this yeah – my daughter Mila my family my mom let me go home my husband my mother it have to be for my younger brother my husband and my team it would have to be my parents they had every reason to say oh you're a farm kid you should you should be milking cows you should be throwing a bales and I mean I did that but they also were there to support me when I said I'm really interested in computers those two messages it's okay even though I don't get it and you if you push yourself you'll achieve it what an amazing peridot combo actually now that I have a daughter I I think a lot about women's issues and things like that and I want her to be proud of what her mommy worked on I would say strongly to my husband because when I got a job offer Ubisoft as an associate producer on pony he pushed me and he moved his work he moved everything just so that I could live my dream let's first see Georgie and antistrophe decisional my parents I thank them so much for allowing me to get into this industry despite not having any view of the future of how this could end up becoming a career for me yeah are they proud of you today I also because you know it's too late would it be actually the team that I work with we work very very closely and I love this team and also even though I could have a dedicated to my family I think the team loves the game more commonly to effectuate 5:11 paralytics it is a keeper into discipline a circuit said it is a keeps against it family or FEHB it has to be a reasonable person I've ever worked with the Ubisoft this the biggest friends about this company that differentiates it from anywhere else is every single person I work with that I have shipped games with that have helped me from a fall that I didn't meet till years later it's become a piece of me and influences how I do my job on a daily basis I would say it's the developers so the people who are working very hard they're doing this because they love it and they're putting themselves on the line to make the games that we enjoy it would be for the people that like buy only one game and they buy yours and they're really hoping that it's gonna fit for them and if it does then that's like that's exactly that's the people who I'd want to like really have the most fun with our game manager they accept dahana lookup of this daily put the tip that's competição NoHo – oh no I have a monkey in my life and I would really push a common belief every Oh Georgie or to the community of gamers that I kind of grew up with where we made teams we found sponsorships we competed at events and we're gonna grow up in this industry together technical reconfirm icon delicacy complicated us a map of the rat he motivate women you keep on cigarette absolutement oaken a veneer and they coax us were not super metal technique recently she'd scoff a digital at the decision so mitzvah value room except artist nancy you're just as well that Flemish the people that's our the passion of the golden knife work for those dreams work for this passion because it's actually possible to get to that point where you work for your passion where you are making these things happen that was so awesome to see remember folks people make games and that's why e3 is about not only about the games but the people who make them so go out today and tell the dev something that you love about their work speaking of the people who make games by the way every year Ubisoft we host an internal gaming competition where teams from all over the world come together to compete in tournaments for various games we're talking farcry we're talking the crew – and most important they were talking brawlhalla also now the winners of this tournament won free tickets to e3 they thought they were gonna come out here enjoy the show taking the sights enjoy the beautiful weather but no we're gonna toss them on a live stream or we'd have them compete against the devs who make brawlhalla and we're gonna see who comes out on top and joining me to cast this game is Steven from the brawlhalla team Steven thanks for joining us thanks for having me we're so excited to be here we've got our teams right here lined up they are ready to go oh they're already into the match oh we're late here okay so we got the red team is our champions of the tournament the internal tournament that's team tee time versus the blue team that's the brawl with Deb's we make this game we fancy ourselves pretty good at it and team tee times looking to prove us wrong just to give a little context if you look in the top right hand corner you can see everybody's icon represented there that bar goes from white all the way to red and help the more damaged you are the farther you fly you're trying to eliminate your opponents to score some points to win the game looks like blue team has an opportunity off of the side all right oh the dunk off the edge is gonna be able to make it back Oh gets knocked out again looking like the blue team's gonna take the first stock and that is it the first stock goes away the devs already getting an early lead in this matchup we were not gonna make it easy on them even though you know we've become fast friends with these guys since they've been over here but this is an all-out war this is you know we're playing for real we're trying as hard as we can to witness that blue team see lots of damage now looking for some more finishers everybody so heavily damaged on the top right you can see and it could go either way oh yes red team's scoring a point there we go the big chunk off on the side gets them on the board they're in the positive now can they mount this comeback all right oh they're up at the top battling it out looking for another ground pound a rag is gonna sleep by oh another big hit Oreo know where the falter the depth and that is negative points for our bro ha with devs loosen it out there all right we're making some noise out here this is all right grab it a good time all right blue team will team damage their team damage is on still a close match looks like all of our Pro challah devs are in the positive so far in the lead we got two minutes left in this game can team tee time come back let us see oh no more team damage not the way to do it they're gonna need some big hits secure some Kos this game is getting close though all right caught in the clouds thrown out far yes oh wait is that enough to turn the tide I'm trying to do the math in the corner it's got negative this might be above my paygrade what to see at the end all right but this is gonna be close we've got a minute and 45 left we came out here Oh what okay nice clean up on the side flash his way through his opponent taking another stock for the dev team you wanted to make this as partisan on them as possible so we would have all the fun here Oh what okay that bomb made it through nobody got caught up in that lightens are live on this one too so if he bombs and spiked balls all kinds of items you can throw around off on the edge the blue team get the K Oh No looks like a red player is gonna make it back up through but not before getting thrown off again on double Kos coming out scores flying up people losing their lives left and right we got a minute left in this game can red team come back I don't even know the score it's so close oh we got some support for the devs but team tee time on team team times you know side right here a little bit of the underdog story but they're coming back they're doing some work they've got some chaos oh that bomb is gonna be trouble looking for the ground town knocked out the side of the can oh yes that's a good bomb there all right a couple more big hits since then we got one dev deepen the read on the stock could get another point before this game is over oh but the blue team is gonna take another one from Team tee time all right we got one tab off on the right side gonna make it back safely that's like Gustav's throwing out some haymakers four points pouring in for the dev team they're not gonna hold back not in the final seconds and there's another stock taken a red team somehow got a styluses Bryce stock surprised himself with that one all right here we go one last shot oh and there is GG's everyone exit work for Halle tabs on top though that was a great match Stephen thanks so much for casting you do an amazing job and congrats to the bra hollow devs who would have thought they'd be so good at the game they make but you know what team tee time gave them a run for their money so congratulations and if you fancy yourself a talented brawlhalla player head to the ubisoft booth it's Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. there'll be an open tournament where you'll get the challenge with devs of yourself let's see who can do it and you know we're out here we're competing but it's all about sportsmanship you saw that handshake and remember folks any time you're playing games it's all about sportsmanship so we got a special message for you from the master of video game etiquette check out this video what are you doing come on man dying damn you got me again I'm bleeding now hey hey you guys hold on I got to do something yes I'm ice-t I'm sure you've heard all those stories about me and they're all true now you guys know video games are for everyone and we need to keep a safe environment for the enjoyment of all but not everyone's cool like that so let's run some stuff down and see how smooth you handle certain situations question one you're playing PvP and get smoked by another player and he starts talking smack so you a do nothing you'll get them next time be camp and only try to kill him the entire next game or C work on your game playing simple and practice a and C you're right camp is for noobs and I don't think your team's gonna be too happy about that but listen there's a difference between some friendly trash talk and being a toxic debt there's nothing wrong with hitting your guys with a little smack but saying good game doesn't cost you anything okay let's try another one the best way to handle a troll is hey ignore them be calmly tell them to chill out or C tell them to go they mother with the controller listen y'all it's obviously either A or B there's a delicate art to dealing with the troll and my approach which is obviously the best approach is to kill them with kindness or I just mute the dumb fucks all right last one you're in a game and over the chat you're a voice that doesn't quite sound like you so hey stick to normal cons because video games are for everyone what's it to you be focused on your own damn game and mind your own shit or see show some mother respect sexist racist homophobic bullshit from a few punk-ass motherfucker dumb fucks out there trying to ruin this shit for the rest of us I knew you'd pick C good job I think we all learned something today and by the way team killing is for assholes and talking shit to your own team members is some super asshole shit so I hope this was helpful I'm ice-t good gaming to everyone enjoy III alright guys well here papa ice-t do not be a toxic dick so right now we're at the bittersweet moment where it's our last update before the big III press conference joining me for this is Ellie from Ubisoft Quebec the studio behind Assassin's Creed Odyssey so hi Ellie what are you doing today I'm good things bit warm tell me about it I know anyways and say that you guys are really deep into post-launch right now and I mean you're gonna be revealing something new to us today right yes so all of us at Studio Quebec have been working so hard on all the post-launch content and we're really excited to show up some new features today and reveal some stuff so I could keep talking to you about it or we could show a video that I think will do a much better job awesome let's roll that the story creator mode is a tool that we are going to give to the community to create all the stories they want in the world of Assassin's Creed Odyssey a story is a succession of quests that you can set up pretty much as you want we have a wide variety of objectives to choose from you can add characters from the main game as well as write your own dialogues and share them with wall community you can pretty much write whatever you want within Story creator mode the dialog tools are actually based on the ones that we use for the main game you can create branching narratives you can roleplay our community is quite creative and I think whether you're into art or writings or just very curious about how games work stream it can appeal to you there's so much potential and there's so many different objectives and possibilities with the dialogue system so really get deep into those mechanics and see just what you can actually create the entire community is going to make us dream make us cry you make us love we are pretty sure that people are going to surprise us I'm really excited to see what the community can actually come up with I'm excited to see the variety of quests that they will make and the stories that they can tell within the world because there is so much potential there all right so story creator mode that means you guys are coming out the quest builder right yes and that's a first for the Assassin's Creed brand it sure is so um it's something that the studio have been working on since the very beginning of production and it's gonna be totally free to all players and we're really excited to people to start creating and sharing and building things okay that sounds amazing and what does this mean for the community it's something that we wanted to give back for awhile because the community is so important to us like the fans are so great and we wanted to allow them to be able to make their own stories within the world of Assassin's Creed Odyssey using the characters that they know and love so they can actually create and share these things and it's accessible to everyone so that means it's totally cross-platform as well okay I'm sorry for doing this but that means everybody benefits right okay so how can we access that all you have to do is go to the official Assassin's Creed website and from that you can access the story creator mode page which has got the creator tools it's got the explorer you can see everything that people have managed to create before and then you can access the question game as well perfect and one big question was to me everybody washings gonna want to know when can this come out so I'm super excited to be able to say that it's actually releasing right to say yes you can go to the website now and download the update and you'll be able to create share and play all right perfect well guys heard that don't forget you can go right now and download the update for Assassin's Creed Odyssey and get your hands on the quest builder thank you so much for that that is really awesome and guys please I'm super excited to see what the commune's gonna come out with I want you guys to create a bunch of cool stuff and yeah get cracking on it congratulations on this awesome new feature the story builder it's really cool it's almost like the game's gonna start developing itself well another really cool feature that we have to talk about today that will make the world of Assassin's Creed Odyssey even deeper here to talk to us about it is Maxine the content directory Ubisoft Montreal tell us about it hello thanks for having me Carrie so it's already been announced what a while ago but I'm super happy to say that the discovery tour is finally coming to Assassin's Creed Odyssey that is awesome so this is going to be our opportunity to learn even more about the world of Cassandra and Alexios now for those of us who may have forgotten what the discovery tour is give us a little bit of a reminder so it is basically the same world as the main game but we remove any pressure any conflict from it here it's all about exploration it's really meant to be accessible for gamers and also for non gamers I loved the first one that was set in ancient Egypt but what's in you in this edition like what can we expect are us tourists so there are many new things but I brought a small video to share that with with us so because we're gonna see here we're gonna go into Sparta and it's gonna be a tour about education so when we get there we there's actually a character that's waiting for us to invite us into the tour King Leonidas you got a pretty special avatar yes we've got very cool set of avatars ranging from historical characters to very unique ones like this cultist so they're part of a progression and reward system the first cycle of the agonal looks like we just entered a station tell us a little bit about what's going on here so learned the Torah regarding education now we're seeing this highly realise cinematic so this is the new format it really helps us to focus on all the small details and intricacies of the beautiful world of ancient Greece that is so cool I love how Assassin's Creed puts history like into the game okay so Leonidas is waiting for us at the end yes so it's the same character from the beginning of the tour he's waiting for us but now he's offering to us something very special so we can take a fun quiz to test our knowledge and paying attention but let's go for one easy question right okay first a simple question who Anwar Spartans allowed to grow moustaches moustaches yeah tough question I'm gonna say ten I feel like Spartans could grow the man scruff at 10 I feel like that's let's try that we Spartans are aggressive but not definitive anyway it's drawn from the full tour so it's alright let's try something else all right I'll go with 30 this time we'll say smortest that's a good answer okay so this looks amazing tell us how and when the players can access this so the discovery tour will be available this fall for all Assassin's Creed Odyssey owners for free and also as a standalone format well thank you so much for joining us today and telling us a little bit about the discovery tour and a huge shout out to the team at Ubisoft Quebec for creating these two amazing features the story builder and the discovery tour thank you again maxi Thank You Kerry also if you're curious about the discovery tour please ask your questions on the Assassin's Creed subreddit and we'll answer as many as we can this Wednesday on a livestream at 11 a.m. Pacific time along with the story builder it's an amazing time to jump back into the world of Assassin's Creed Odyssey now for those of us who are just joining this livestream the conference is gonna start really soon but before we wrap it up and jump into the theater we have one more amazing well moments compilation for you now these are the best clips that we received from you the community so hold on to your beards mud flaps butts whatever you got Oh I mean I'm beat yes we do he started swinging while the thing was getting me up to me who I was gonna get up surprise motherfucker I think they had to invent an ESRB rating descriptor for chicken related I don't know this has been such a great show I got from the wild moments to all the creators around here I mean absolutely well game sounds really cool and definitely go check that out after four days we're so fucking yes of course and just the energy that's been here today I want to thank everybody who's been here on site and who's watching on the stream the star players that are hanging around it's just been an amazing day and of course we've got a lot more to come after the conference starting at about 2 p.m. we're gonna have a celebrity showdown team t-pain team lil yachty in rainbow 6 siege facing off you're not gonna want to miss it folks there's gonna be a ton of streamers along for the ride as well it's gonna be a good match you know I really can't choose who I want to win t-pain lil yachty good competition and folks that's it for us on the pre-show we hope you enjoyed being here a half as much as we enjoyed hosting it and from Far Cry to Assassin's Creed 2 trial sobral hollow we got to see so many cool games so many cool segments we saw a screen printing we saw makeup we saw rabbits figure a shout out to steep shopping carts so many good options of so many good options for instant Fried Chicken everything so on behalf of all of us at the pre-show thank you so much for joining us we're gonna head into the Orpheum Theater and for everyone at Ubisoft we hope you enjoy you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what you just saw was only a glimpse of the Assassin's Creed symphony tour starting on June 29th imagine an 80 piece live orchestra and choir playing the iconic themes from Assassin's Creed while you relive some of the most memorable moments from over a decade of Assassin's Creed in an immersive experience check out AC Symphony comm to learn more I mean excellent music great performances goosebumps if you like those things I think those shows are gonna be for you but of course there's one show that we all came here to see the Ubisoft III conference and it's just about to start here from the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles now the house is packed and to give you folks at home an idea what that feels like can I please hear the balcony people make some noise none out now if you please if you please I'd like to do the same for the people sitting on the ground floor well the excitement is here folks we hope you're feeling the same way there from everyone at Ubisoft all around the world please enjoy the show [Applause] [Applause] London greatest city in the world well used to be now as a right mess governments fucked off extremists a grab in power organized crimes slicing up the boroughs the war donks our outs and freedoms a bloody joke but this ain't their London this is our London and there's a new power growing it's all of us together we're building a resistance one recruits at a time what's my favorite operative up to this evening and though I never say that to the others skirt and talent Bagley so gob shut eyes pealed yes I have allies and if I did I wouldn't peel them Vladdy drives are everywhere kicking our fucking teeth in lately then I recommend you recruit someone who can deal with drones brilliant never would have thought of that impressive skill sir sure but we need a drone expert Raj not a shit kicker file that one away for later concerned about the increased Albion presence in London is a pose who disgraced mercenaries petroleum come on your shift hurry up well now Jimmy sure no formal engineering training but he has several mischief charges for hijacking Albion drones hold still fuck yo help me find that drone expert he's about to get himself like if you just ignore me dr. time [Applause] we'll chase turns converging on your position like shit [Applause] were you planning to tell me about my buddy checkboard oh boy [Applause] Marthe it's gone lovely evening isn't it I used to feed the birds here now they're all bloody machines get used to it in the long march of progress everything dies eventually eventually even you badly I'm sure now there's my heaven speaking of death you'll never guess what just happened to Ian oh for God's sake badly a little respect but let's finish what he started he was working on a new recruit a drone expert that's promising what do we know about him Albion stands Jimmy just before he was killed I should be able to predict his next move and that data unfortunately his records are locked up tighter than your compression stockings ah Albion sivan taken over Scotland Yard complicates matters there's my way in hello darling time to go they'll be on to me yeah the files you stole indicate that Jimmy's gone to candle market let's get someone over there badly top top ready for some action they owe me always but this recruit better be worth all the trouble according to the Scotland Yard records Jimmy's sister was killed by a plant Kelly we believe he's seeking his revenge inside camden market camden black market you mean yes the Kelly's are rumors about all sorts of illicit goods out of the old stables some with fingers and toes if he's gone in there alone he's in big trouble Kelly's up this place on full lockdown hmm I have an idea today everything's all fine and dandy now Naomi we've already lost one apprentice so try not to get killed or will be the red for the day probably that this amine despair PHR Thompson cannabis and fentanyl together at last through the miracle of genetics Kelly's are moving loads of weapons are here not me typical back-alley shanks Stables it's human trafficking found Jimmy here we thought he might be in some sort of trouble how are you gonna get some out there lots of hugs and kisses on your feet mate all right wait a minute you get sick hope you're sharper than you look Jesus Christ baby's dead sick creeps they're rolling help all we showed those fucks didn't we we almost died out there tonight look thanks for helping me but I can handle myself right you think you're better off alone you think everyone else has given up and there's no one to trust that's what they want you to think and that's how they'll take us one at a time it doesn't have to be that way together we can change things wait what happened to that bloke Oh help me he didn't make it fuck it welcome to dead SEC James yeah okay so where do I go to meet the rest of the crew you don't need to go anywhere look around you everyone has a reason to fight and dedsec is open to anyone anyone welcome to the resistance thank you thank you guess I'm going to make you all wait so long I should really knock it out of the park huh I'm Clint Hawking I'm the creative director of watchdogs Legion and for the past few years the team and I have had the privilege to work on a game and an innovation that we are very proud of watchdogs Legion is set in London one of the greatest cities in the world and it's had a massive influence on all of our culture for centuries today with brexit London's at a turning point it's hard to predict what the future holds for London for the UK or for the world but history has proven time and again that where London goes all of us go together in our near future London is facing her downfall the UK has become a surveillance state and freedom has been replaced with fear armed drones patrol the streets deportation squads rip people from their homes and grandad is using crypto to buy a new kidney on the black market but Londoners never surrender their resilience and determination is an inspiration to us all and they are the heroes of our game all of them and watchdogs legion your mission is to build a popular resistance to fight back against the emergence of an authoritarian regime this means you don't just play as one hero but many and in watchdog's legion you can recruit and play as anyone in our game every Londoner is fully simulated with a persistent life and relationships and anyone from the entire population can be recruited into your team find them profile them hack into their lives play their origin mission and win them over to your cause the heroes you recruit are all unique characters with different backstories and personalities fully voiced and animated and they are the stars of your story every cinematic in the game will change depending on whether you're playing a former mi5 action hero a seventy-year-old granny you saw feeding pigeons in the park or anyone in between however you want to play whoever you want to be watchdogs legion lets you be that you want to make a team of classic British spies no problem you want to be a crew of street savvy kids from the council block do it you want to go hipster body-mod afropunk gangsta awesome the women of Bletchley Park these ladies fucking invented hacking play as anyone is the innovation that transforms a story about freeing London in the world from the grip of tyranny into a game about the heroes that live in each of us because being a hero isn't just a job for someone else anymore it's a job for everyone so on behalf of the watchdog's legions team here and around the world I hope to see you on the booth thank you for your time and welcome to the resistance [Applause] ah London had a good run there for a while now it's alright bombings and people thrown in cages like animals oh hello you can forget the killer robots everywhere so yeah let's knock on a bit shit it's up to us to take our city back there is if we can't do it alone we need to recruit a resistance I know what you're thinking where do we start open your eyes and take a look around look you look it in no not him in former mi5 beauty never ends it can get anywhere and erase anyone got kicked out of Oxford robotics school for teaching him to reproduce and I fell over their proper bellend come on come at me he'll crack your skull just to look at that funny this had better be fucking good and allow me to introduce you to the deadliest of the love this is not old she's experienced like I said you can recruit anyone and all me bloody anyone him/her everyone is just a secret weapon find them recruit them build the resistance let's unfuck this world [Applause] well my name is Rob McElhenney and for the past fourteen years I have been making a television show called It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia thank you but I am here today because I love games and I wanted to express that love and the only way that I know how save for playing them and that is to make a TV show about them more importantly the people who create those games and the people who play them so last year I called the funniest people that I knew Charlie Day Megan Gans and David Hornsby all executive producers on sunny and we started talking we realized very early on that if we were going to do this we wanted to do it right and to be as authentic as possible because as you all know nobody smells bullshit like this particular community so we did the right thing we partnered with Ubisoft and away we went it has been an incredible experience working with one of the biggest and best game developers in the world to inspire us because our show takes place in the fictional studio that created the biggest MMORPG in the world mythic quests and we meet them on the cusp of releasing their biggest expansion yet mythic quest Ravens banquet the show follows the team of devs as they navigate the challenges of running their game while dealing with the difficulties of modern office life these people are truly stuck together yet they grind it out day after day for the love of the game and at the head of that team is my character creative director ayan grim like [Laughter] like most creative directors he's gifted driven and tirelessly dedicated to his game and like most of the creative directors that I've met he has an ego the size of a city bus I'm gonna get my ass kicked backstage because there's a lot of creative driving here joking aside it is clear that those creative directors and the thousands of people who work on these games put everything that they can into them they recognize that they have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility that they must do everything in their power to ensure that the games are nothing short of the best that they can make because that is what the community you deserve I promise you that in making this show we took the same approach so without further ado here is a brief look into our upcoming TV series for Apple TV plus mythic quest Ravens banquet [Applause] what is Miffy quest some may say it's just a video game when it first debuted MQ was hailed as a masterpiece now played in 20 different countries on six continents it's the biggest massive multiplayer role-playing game of all time and today they find themselves on the precipice of their first major expansion a quest Ravens banquet and it all falls on the shoulders of one man creative director ayan grim when we think about cultural touchstones we think ET star wars avatar and yet our industry dwarfs the traditional entertainment business so when we think about Legends why not think significance true indeed and when we think of visionary world-building artists instead of just Spielberg Lucas and Cameron why not sink I'm sorry I gotta stop what is this it's a commercial for the game it's a commercial for you it still goes this is insane I think it's brilliant [Applause] [Applause] hey there my name is Parker and taro Makai a sportscaster for Rainbow six siege there are so many exciting things to come in year four in-game events map reworks playlists updates a roster of 52 unique operators and of course a thriving eSports scene starting tomorrow you'll be able to enjoy our 13th season operation phantom site this major content update brings two new operators to team rainbow nuke and warden after this show be sure to stick around for an intense celebrity match starring t-pain little yachty and some of your favorite twitch streamers for the twitch rivals celebrity show match but right now here's a glimpse of the new season in action thank you everyone and have a great a three [Applause] again that's what you get when you take on the brawlhalla master or whack 1v1 me bro for real yeah I'll toast your buns again sure want to choose a different character yeah i jus rajae break my burrito whoa it's those guys from the game Oh this place has everything 25 million players dude that's almost twenty five and a half million Oh bacon pancakes makin bacon pancakes bah wah wah-wah-wah-wah no man [Applause] [Applause] the only test of a man's worth this battle those rounds come screaming past your head you're gonna learn if you're hungry enough hungry enough to take that victory we're gonna battle with the soldiers that we used to be ghosts and you better believe that they are hungry too once upon a time some of these ghosts they may have been your friends and there is brotherhood but then there is what the world needs these ghosts they are the past they still serve the Machine that we left behind and right now for the future the world needs us I'm honored I'm honored to be here with you tonight and as you head into battle with that mean look in your eye those bad intentions in your mind remember this you are the few with the courage to make history you had the desire to take victory you will be on a battlefield full of ghosts but only you that makes you use what's going on everybody hey I'm John good to be here this is bambam the dog thank you thank you it's a real honor to be here with you guys today thank you I love you too right on this is awesome this has been really great and exciting and I'm really I'm really honored to be here I'm I'm enormous ly proud to be part of the development of this game it was a pleasure to work with the Ubisoft team you know I've had the chance to play some pretty strong tough men over the years I've played a Deputy fighting zombies special Special Forces soldier who lost everything and now I get to play a coldie Walker he's a skilled former Special Operations soldier with his own sense of responsibility his own moral code he knows how things should be run he loves his brothers fellow soldiers but he is willing to do whatever it takes to complete his mission and take control of aroa there is no briefing there's no backup you will not face a group of bad guys or criminal organization you will face an entire army my army the wolves we got the numbers we've got the organization and remember we trained alongside you the weaponry of a fully operational special ops detachment trust me there's an unparalleled arsenal of high-tech weapons in a row ah so if you think you have what it takes strap on your boots and you get ready to take on the Wolves take on me see in a row we'll be waiting for perfect predators you have the knowledge of their hunting ground we have the element of surprise they have the technology but we have the skills to even the odds do you ever know we fight with our brothers and sisters they are hungry but we are enraged we are ghosts and ghosts never die [Applause] hi everyone being a community developer on Ghost Recon wildlands and great point has been an incredible journey for me so far when we first announced the game you were very excited and after discussions of members of our community I today announced that with our post launch plan we will be bringing back our AI teammates for solo player with Ghost Recon breakpoint we want to go the extra mile with how we engage with you so I'm pleased to announce a brand new community program that will allow you to express and share your passion welcome to Ghost Recon Delta Company from cosplay to streaming fanarts of forum discussions however you show your love for Ghost Recon there is something for you in our five different detachments with lots of content to support you as well as direct discussions with our studio so head over to our Ghost Recon great print website to find out more and hear from you soon Delta ghosts thank you very much everyone [Applause] Thank You Lora hello everyone the ghost recon team has always taken great pride from your passion for our games and that passion is what pushes us to deliver the best SpecOps experience out there behind enemy lines you will be fighting the most dangerous enemies the ghosts have ever faced constantly testing your survival skills yes we can't wait to welcome you in Ghost Recon brought point on October 4th and one more before that our beta will be live on September 5th you can register on our website right now for chance to participate Ghost Recon breakpoint will be live for years to come we've got your back new content free updates and many surprises inspired by our community yes yes like this one [Applause] [Applause] will you survive your breakpoint alright see you all out there have a good one [Applause] Megan dauntless and daring agent she's all in all out always montane counterterrorism and rescue veteran his best offense this is defense nomads covert special ops team leader a ghost on the battlefield guevara highly-skilled defending operator lightly-armed massively effective Sam Fisher elite covert operative the lone wolf now hunts with a pack when chaos strikes rally to specialists lead the elite squad [Applause] pre-register now [Applause] ten years ten years that's a lot of dancing we're exhausted I know but think of everything we've done it's not for us or for you or you it's for them the players we danced and Scipio and his girlfriend got married we danced and our friend Jaden Rodriguez danced for millions bringing together generations we danced and they set world records do you remember Carrie yeah of course we do because we were with her tonight yes dance is why we exist and I know we're gonna have much more of these moments because dance is a force it's transcendent it unites and it shows us who we are that's why just that it's more than just dance [Applause] and get ready for what [Applause] yes [Applause] [Applause] there's an old tale about this village a samurai came to deliver justice but darkness clouded our minds she slaughtered every living soul and became the spirits of death years later we hunted the samurai in the village we didn't believe the old tale not on tears Aurora came it's the honkers for our stores [Applause] be wary Sequoia is the spirit of death and she's brought a curse that was doomed us all [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we found him [Applause] hi I'm Bo Chad another lead game designer on the next Rainbow six game it's called Tom Clancy's Rainbow six quarantine I'm part of a new team in Ubisoft Montreal that set out on an exciting new mission create a radically redesign co-op experience built on the foundations of one of the best shooters of this generation what siege is to the PvP shooter genre we will be two PvE co-op warranty will test your tactical skills and survival instincts holding you and your operators on the razor's edge it pulls you together as a squad facing off against an unknown and devastating parasite you will risk everything every time you step into quarantine stay tuned and start prepping for your next deployment I can't wait to show you more and have a great eatery [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] as creative director at Red Storm entertainment there's no greater reward for me or the team than to see our game come to life and to see our players our star players taking tremendous pride in being a part of the division yeah now if you haven't had the opportunity to play the division 2 yet we would be thrilled to have you join our very passionate community because I'm happy to announce that this week only between June 13th and June 16th the division 2 will be absolutely 100% free for everyone to play and there's no better time to join us as we were about to release the first of our major content updates for a year one journey a journey beyond Washington DC to save not just a city but an entire nation all right thank you episode 1 coming in July right around the corner we delivered to you new main missions and a brand new game experience so for the first time we're taking the fight outside the city and you'll venture deep into the woodlands to spearhead an attack on a presidential compound as you seek to bring a traitor to justice the National Zoo is the setting of our next mission where you and your team will hunt down the surviving outcasts leader and this brings us to our final edition of episode 1 a place called Kenley College and it's home to an entirely new gameplay experience one that will take exploration investigation and logic to uncover the fate of a military convoy gone dark now episode 2 coming this fall we'll bring to you the Pentagon once an impenetrable fortress it has fallen to the black tusks and its secrets are about to be thrown out into the open you must do everything it takes to secure what lies behind the walls of this last castle but this won't be the greatest danger you face in episode 2 I'm very excited to tell you that our second raid will be coming this fall bringing back intense 8-player action watch you tackle the first raid it was awesome and we cannot wait to see what world records you break this time around now this brings us to our third and final episode of year 1 what if rebirth was not about bringing in the world as we know it back to life but the opposite one man holds that power and humanity itself is at stake agents it's time to engage in a manhunt in this chart we had the training we fought to protect the weak but training doesn't prepare you to on someone you used to call brother he has left us no other choice if we don't stop him there will be nothing left to save holy shit what about that I can't wait for that okay one last thing as you might know we have been working on a movie it will be directed by david leitch starring Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal well today I'm proud to announce that we will be making the division movie with Netflix more to come on that in the future thank you very much thank you hello everyone I'm Brenda Penner grossie I'm vice president of platform and product management Ubisoft has been creating worlds for over 30 years we have the most diverse library of games and we're about to make it even easier for you to play them I'm here to announce Ubisoft's new subscription service on PC called you play plus you'll get earliest available access to new games including the premium editions with all their additional content and you can enjoy the depth of our PC catalog that includes over 100 games and growing you play plus will be $14.99 a month if you sign up today will enable free access for you in September at launch [Applause] if you want it ready steady fight the good fight because this is war [Applause] or great lachemann for greatness man for greatness for greatness man great wherever players are we want to provide access to our games and services I'm pleased to announce that in 2020 you play Plus will be available on stadia stadia is the new generation gaming platform where you could play our stadia games from any device a special thank you to Phil Harrison and his team this is beginning of our partnership thank you so much have fun playing [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hello future champions my name is Stefan and I'm a proud member of the roller champions team all right come on bring it up from the get-go our ambitions with this game were very clear we wanted to create something new we wanted to capture the intangible excitement of players preparing for the big game the hype of team play and competition along with the craziness of high speed racing so we started working on roller champions a skill-based team pvp sports game that is as fun to watch as it is to play a game in which you the player can create your own story as you roll up to glory but right now I know how it looks we showed you a trailer then I got on stage starting my little speech that's all well and good but when will you ever get to play this how about today that's right when we're done here I want you to head over to you play on your PC to download a pre-alpha III demo of roller champions play the heck out of it for the next few days and when you're done head to the forums to tell us what you thought and you know what we firmly believe that you will be screaming as loudly as our colleagues did when they first got to play tested back in Montreal but I can't just leave you with that so here's a taste of what you should expect once you click that download button put your skates on see you in the arena [Applause] celebrate I'm second [Applause] so first I want to say thank you to thank you so first I want to say thank you to all the Ubisoft teams around the world for your talent and energy you know congratulations for another great show so I believe video games have a positive impact on all of us and the world around us at Ubisoft our intention is to create game that will make you stronger and appear in your life when you play Ubisoft games we hope you will spend quality time with family and friends and meet new inspiring people learn more about yourself by doing and gain new perspective on the world and help shape it so to everyone who play our games thank you for your love you can chance you always do better and go further so now I am very proud to announce a new project from an exceptional team in Quebec City please give a warm upload to back ELISA Cote who is coming to show you a sneak peak of his game [Applause] [Applause] thank you hello everybody over the last 10 years I've had the chance to be part of an incredible team that has always pushed the limits of Assassin's Creed and shown us different periods of our past but our imagination has always been bound to the reality of the history books these past four years our minds I've lingered on a different aspect of our history mythology the stories of the ancient gods and their misadventures have existed through generations of storytellers and audiences and I've transformed into tales that we still know and love today now these stories have shaped our dreams inspiring us to build something new something that transcends the limits that we have always set upon ourselves today I am very proud to have the chance to show you a glimpse to show you a teaser of this brand-new game that we've been working on I hope you enjoy it thank you and have a great a three [Applause] when heroes need help they turn to the gods and gods need help they turn to you here we are hello everybody let me thinkin let me think it in me hello everybody at home thank you so much for watching I hope you had a great show but this is just the beginning guys this is just the beginning thank you thank you thank you this is just the beginning we are here outside of the Orpheum Theater live from the Pro zone where we have an incredible Rainbow six siege show match together with twitch rival we have our two new best friends t-pain lil yachty we brought some other streamers so let's do this shit okie dokie and we're life again indeed so once again a quick reminder operation phantom side will be available starting tomorrow any Rainbow six fans here oh I like that I like that now we are super proud super happy to present to you the twitch rivals Rainbow six each celebrity showdown for the first time this is one of many rivals events to follow this year at least we hope so if this goes well I guess it's up to you guys at home and do you guys hear also we have as mentioned eight incredible streamers we have eight of the best treatments for all over the world probably the best and best in the world why not let's go for that and two amazing team captains and a quick thank you to our sponsors to our partners at AFC and Trust for hooking us up with some of the gear you see out here thank you guys you're amazing now the moment you have all been waiting for the unexpected teams team number one team hey everybody we got deep a we got ammunition we got bean ants we got little Lexia we got the Russian badger words good on me how you feeling I'm good you brought some friends I did bring some friends these are these are all the winners over here so you know how that works so you know we got we got yadi here so what's the first thing that came to mind when you heard you were gonna battle this man ah you know no big deal it was like always gonna be there – that'd be cool he can watch us win I guess oh shit so you're gonna win ha yeah sure why not all right so let's call team through to the stage because it's time for this all right everybody make some noise for Team yadi yadi all right come on you gotta beat him right what's up with that sure I mean where the road sign is I heard that if and they went it'd be the first thing they ever won so oh shit any response to that ah you know winning once it's always great no big deal just this would probably be my first time winning anything at all ever saw you know but you know I'll take the one win over over ten thousand losses he'll be ok I'll take this as the first winner well so as a quick reminder 21 we're playing for good here we're playing for charity we're playing for girls who code we're playing for girls who code were playing for st. Jude play lives so everybody's a winner here today yadi you ready so pain you ready I got a poop buddy yes sir alright hate your places guys everybody make some noise this is going to be an amazing show imagine this is gonna be one for the books who needs cue cards alright so once again a quick reminder what do we have here for you all today we have two teams consisting of eight amazing twitch streamers we got the celebrity team captains the special team captains yadi t-pain and we brought two amazing shoutcasters to help us out because that's not really my sing the shout cap so shout casteth take it away parker Caleb what's good it's going pretty good Leon thank you so much and we are excited to get this twitch rivals event underway on wave punk I've got in taro here in taro this is your home court this is rainbow six siege this is your thing this is and uh we're gonna be showing off two brand new operators and building hook in Morden we're gonna be showing off the new map caffeine toasty XQ alone the revamped map Co fed just cafe dostoevsky and then of course you've got two great charities right now hoping that their team is gonna be able to pull through and win they're playing for the better part of $50,000 both in charities we're going to get some money donated to them today but they're trying to get the bigger chunk going to their side of the team so we'll see what happens here I'm super excited to get into it but we thought this is them talking about phantom sight earlier today and we get to play phantom sight right now yeah and it releases tomorrow as they said that's incredible you get to test the new content yourself and put on the test server now but it's live and everybody gets to enjoy it within 24 hours yep so we'll be playing a one-match on cafe dostoevsky we'll be playing for round nine rounds better so the best-of-five the first team to win five rounds will win we'll be swapping sides every two rounds here so that'll be pretty interested see how that plays out and you get a favorite form you got a team that you think is gonna maybe take it this time well I was originally rooting for North America because as was correct they don't ever win anything and okay I have to suspect that that was probably bikini body hotel little yachty na doesn't win anything but now bring in the fire I got a cheer for you oh really okay I like it I think I think t-pain's team's got something I know ammunition in her in her gang there they've got a file underneath em ever the last word travels man they were looking to get some vengeance so I'm excited to see us get into it but they're gonna be getting that match started here ever so quickly and what sort of things you hoping our players bring out today this is a charity event as we're playing for fun we're playing for entertainment here what sort of stunts you hope when we see somebody pole well we've got the Russian badger in the game and we've got one body in the game so I'm imagining that there's probably gonna be some mayhem I would just say play for fun try out the new content try out the new operators I don't know how many people no cafe all day so so cafe changed right right we had cafe before and then they closed down they had some problem in the kitchen they station they renovate everything what's new about cafe well there's been a foyer that's been added in the front there's new Bob set on the second floor they added a bunch of extra room up on the third floor okay as well still only one bathroom in the maps it's visiting it's a facility for consuming food but we only have one that one stall bathroom on the top it's may not exactly accept how many three-story maps are there and see is that is that standard for some number three storeys pretty common there's no two-story Maps three-story maps and a couple four-story but not that many I mean this cafe is a big map that's gonna be defined by its verticality for those that are unfamiliar with siege you know you've got a lot of soft destructive capabilities you can shoot through holes through walls you get kill somebody two stores below or two stories below you two stories of mafia it doesn't really matter I love siege for that reason it is what it is one of the most dynamic shooters on the market right now today but we also have two new people who are gonna be playing and is there tuning on to new people to new operators so I'll talk to me about these operators talk to me about Nook so you've got nook coming in she's Danish right away a lot of people might be frightened by the fact that her name is the Oh with the slash through it she's a very spunky operators people have stylized so her ability is she can go invisible to a variety of different cameras and only be detected if you're looking right at her and it's possible that you can go undetected and sneak right in the middle of the site and nobody might be the wiser that's crazy she's uh yeah she's a pretty interesting operator and I'm excited to see how she's gonna be played out here and ranked and casual and Pro League over the next season alright cool and who do we have on the other side of the operator pool here so you've got warden probably one of the dressed actually absolutely in the Secret Service his ability is he has a little watch activate it you can see through smoke you see through flashes very good at close quarters engagement and is able to negate a lot of different pushes that come from certain attackers who have abilities that are meant to hinder your ability to see where a plant is going down if you're planting the diffuser etc awesome so his watch does also tell time right I not entirely certain it does it's you know what's gonna like you're like oh phone's right right they do everything almost except call people now like they still call people you don't use them for that it's like I feel like watches are going that same direction but deep pain on your screen there they are gonna be I'm super excited to have that guy here lil yachty as well of course all these individual streamers are streaming their own perspectives – yes you know in normal twitch rivals events this is a twitch rivals event which means every single one of our competitors is live on twitch right now you see which rivals extends to go check them all out I'm sure they would all love it that does mean deep pain a little odd little yatta excuse me also are streaming their perspectives live on Twitch so correct if you want to go see how T pain plays you're gonna see how little yadi plays go check them out I'm sure they would appreciate your company and chance so I'm excited to get this one under way and won't be getting there as soon as we possibly can but there's dude this has been such a cool day it has we've seen so much stuff that new Rainbow six squad elite squad game yeah that looks pretty dope and also quarantine – I can't wait to see what happens from quarantine looks like it's based off of outbreak when you had the zombie moon just a couple seasons ago I wanna play it but I'd you know we're here you're doing this now I I need I know what I'm doing tonight I'm going home I'm downloading roller champions I'm grinding that as much as I possibly can that game looks insane I can't wait to get into it here's all the competitors on your speed again every one of them alive on twitch right now I'm sure you can go root for them and see their perspectives is one of the coolest things about twitch rivals I think that makes two travels different from other sorts of video game competitions is that everyone's lives which means every single perspective is viewable if you're like man I really want to see the rook player I really want to see how do you play Monty in an actual competitive environment the Monty players dream is respect you know what's just that if you want to yeah you get individual pointers as well you can hear if you've got your favorite streamer in there as was noted by Leon these are some of the most popular streamers when it comes to now just twitch but also Rainbow six and there's some fan favorites as well and yeah it's it's quite a swath of personalities you've got a lot of humor mixed in there you've got a lot of people who are also gonna trying I think pretty hard to try and bring some justice to their region and win some money charity doesn't wanna make that happen and we are waiting on one player to get into the lobby we're not stalling for no reason we do want the gameplay as much as you guys do I promise we'll get there as soon as we possibly can talk to me about what the strategy is gonna be on the macro level for these teams they're playing a map that they're not familiar with not like we've got some very experienced shooter players here but none of them have played on this new Cafe Dostoevsky what's gonna be the strategy there's still some similarities to the way it was in the past I'm really interested to see when they move into the game you've got two rounds on attack two rounds on defense then you swap right so because of this there's gonna be a little bit of consistency where you know okay next round we're gonna be defending again next round we're gonna be attacking again which we've actually seen with the new ranked reborn playlist that's in the actual game itself is that we're moving more towards like the professional settings okay so that consistency in the way that they're gonna play it's gonna bring I think a little bit of excitement when they switch sides because of the fact that they're gonna mate right away I think we're ready to go you see the good luck have funds down in chat and I'm excited to get this match started we'll get it booted up here and we will go what's you typing well we tell what are we talking about nope just just starting up the game what let's play some Rainbow six siege see where we go playing the bomb mode and we're talking about moving into into some you know more towards pro settings here but we're not getting any bands no so I mean there's that rank reborn playlist that exists right now which is in the main build where essentially you're gonna be playing with what's coming to ranked next season of course bomb is the game mode it's denoted in the top level or native screen beam ants and giving me the Nook round one let's go I want to see the new stuff no warden so far on little yachties team I don't know if it's gonna come out at some point but you got a little Yami going with calves that's awesome she's an operator who is almost the inverse of Nook on defense she's silent step and sneak up on people t-pain gonna rock the Nomad but little Lexi's on the sledge so I am fully team t-pain this round I want to see the new Quinn I want to see sledge walking through walls I'm excited to get this action on their way this is a good destructive combination from TT Payne as well in the middle of the operator loadout you see and running with finca this is an operator whose ability gives an adrenal surge it negates any recoil you might have it gives you a little bit of health boost and she comes equipped with frag grenades which as well as you can see at the sledge in little Lexi's hands will also have frag grenades lots of explosive power here the real question mark for me on team pain is gonna be rush and Badger going with the recruit pick oh not a lot of play with dude I love him he's gonna be bringing up the memes all mattes I can just feel it starting with the recruit so this is actually one of the changes that we see to Cafe Dostoevsky here is that the site on the first floor has been moved into the kitchen instead of the front of the bakery so well you're gonna see some pretty quick action because it does appear then with the first fake a boost punk Russian badger is already at the finish line just inside the kitchen and he's got a shot Xander finds the trade by Russian badger another one on the moon died I'm just in there in the building right now and t-pain is looking for his first kill he's gonna be having to do some heavy lifting here and it doesn't pick the best opportunity to reload the first 45 seconds well Lexie cleans up Sakura land it's just bikini body left alone t-pain still up can he get the final kill oh I didn't think you can you buddy be careful gotta sneak around lots of patience you can see the bottom right-hand corner the diffuser being planted that's the objective here it's on the corpse of the Russian battery he's giving him a pillow there you go no hay use you sleep just fine and now bikini body has to work against this timer so in the top of the screen you'll see that the timer is gonna slowly tick away two frags that will need to be found for bikini body around feeling pretty good well thank you very much let's go to round two so it was shown right away that with the Finca pick from and there was their idea was to just get him to the site as quickly as possible then you've got a shotgun in the hands of russian badgers recruit well you're gonna do an awful lot of damage I'm close and that's exactly I was intended and it worked out quite poor bikini body left off on his lonesome he did his best he tried will Alexian russian badger doing the majority of the frag in there in round number one a fuse pick here round number two we're actually gonna see that Nitin a second bomb site the new bomb site that's being added which is the reading room and fireplace hall this is gonna be on the second floor originally Cappy Dostoevsky and its previous iteration only at three sites now it's got four bomb sites and this one has some similarities with the dining hall but the reading room is gonna be a new place for teams to be able to plant that defuser or defend against the attackers coming in nobody want the free t-shirts nope new free t-shirts you gotta take the free to everybody gets a souvenir twitch rivals branded this time that's right here your III 2019 lol came back blows that are unaware that's rook as you mentioned before we actually start at the matchup provide some bulletproof armor uh just to be able to give people a little bit extra state a peace of mind I suppose when they get shot at as they're finishing setting up here just a reminder to everybody we're playing for charity today st. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and girls who code we should be playing each be receiving some portion of fifty thousand dollars determined by the results of this match and a single game a best of nine first of five rounds will take home the victory but there's no losers here no losers no losers at all except for the old cafe no poor old cafe World Cafe well not not a moment of silence for all staffing so a little bit of a slowly needs a moment of silence fine whatever let's go there's a match to zakaral and amazi here and a new operator as well but not the newest anymore I don't know if this is a spawn peak no it actually just looks like once again team pain trying to send us home early Oh Russia with the shield out not going to be using any of his possible explosive charges from that cluster charge he'll just keep moving on in bikini bottom on his second kill nobody is able to get away from this mp5s he guards down the stairs over my reading room balls now – before I was a quick start for – paid on round one not going so long yeah he's got two kids no cleaned up by Zander it's our boy the Russian badger last alive and he is a Russian operator in Mother Russia he's already gotten what kill with the cluster charge they're still two more to go that shield it's gonna stop most of the damage and the PMM pistol that he has in his hands it packs a real punch as well how do they know where he is it goes for a long flank now he is a three armor so he makes an awful lot of noise he also moves at the slowest speed but he still has two of his abilities left so his gadget essentially is a grenade launcher that fires these pucks of grenades out and can deal quite a bit of damage he's gonna be confronting bikini body in just a moment no he's on the back and we'll finish them off Keeney body having a great round there but little Lexi went in the Battle of the Lil's here that is correct we'll see if you can find a revenge so bikini body strategy was just hide in the most obvious place possible just around the banisters and then wait very patiently behind in round three we do switch up sides tied up at around a piece right now so that's correct this is what we mentioned about that side switch so it's gonna be team TPA new after two attacks split their first go at it they're now gonna be on defense and looks like they'll go to cocktail lounge upstairs this is a site that got completely overhauled it used to be a nice big open strip Russian Badgers my favorite person in the world right now we got two chunka coming on out locked in and ready to go who's TPM plane affectionately referred to as Lord the Lord and give your run in the tachanka you got to run the shotgun preferably suppressed and we'll see if that's exactly what is loaded it's gonna be it does not appear to be what is called this sausage he's gonna get his free t-shirt off the bat he's ready to go Tonka now for people who don't watch Rainbow six supposed to be the most well known of all the operators probably a bit of a meme in the community he has a turret that you anchored down and then just sit and wait very stationary and well most people know where you're gonna be you can return fire because of a pane of glass that prevents them from taking any damage to the head and it looks like it's gonna be a good old-fashioned spawn peak for the Russian badger getting as much content as possible now if you are somebody just tuned didn't you play a lot of Rainbow 16 you're like what are they doing how are they on Cafe here and why does it look different we're playing on the phantom side patch that comes out tomorrow be sure to be playing the game it's a great degree of difficulty putting down this turret and I think the spawn peak with the pistol is not exactly the wisest of ideas absolute embarrassment that's gotta hurt that helmet man he's back at it he's just gonna maneuver around see because the way the Kafe plays verticality tends to be the name of the game when it comes to Rainbow six right you've got all the different floors he attacks you walls and such so if you know that they're gonna come from that first floor well you could be ready in a satchel actually he was ready who finds Russian badger down inside of the cafe entrance and that's it we're back at an even contest she's had enough of a memes take a look the damage to the process though the Lord has spoken he's not very convincing this time Xander finds t-pain never thought you want to say that ace you t-pain from the stage not happy about it return fire little Lexi dropping one two no moon nights has evens it up no spray transfer there now it's ant on the flank avenging her teammate moved I betrayed it back once again here's an operator that has the ability to bring you back to life with a stim pistol and in will get a second chance now as little yachty is the one running this fuse shield was a Creole not too far off so a much slower pace than we saw from team pain a little Gaddy has the majority of the health on his team he's gonna have to find some frags here it's gonna have that shield for extra measure and he needs to but Anna's holding this new angle of the newer part of the map that has been added having to fetch that diffusers the primary goal and while she's waiting and taking an awful lot of damage she's gonna be on essentially 1 HP but traded off at B tans with silence happy about that one and now the 1v1 sac really in a tough situation he's just a gust of wind away from his demise and Blackbeard will have a face shield or a rifle shields and quipped at some point he doesn't have the diffuser on either right now that is correct in 45 seconds so there you go mix it up he'll have to get into the site which means he's gonna have to cross the line of sight that beam ends is holding inside a piano you might be able to do so just to work around the second pillar that's been added now but I don't think he Nan's us too aware of where he is shooting 80s down sakharova Vaughn in but the marks that are coming out from the cameras that are existing in the Matt comedians we'll finish it off TPA will reach and hands rocking her own charm that's in the game Ubisoft actually announcing this morning that their new there will be new creator charms company out so feel free to take a look yourself five new creators will access to their charms in the game and then all the old content creator twitch charms are available as well find a way to play it play the game tomorrow to be able to get involved with a phantom sight action you enjoyed this Cafe Dostoevsky why the game yourself I like that little yachty takes his time to figure out exactly what he needs to pick down doubt his team ultimately it's an important decision the ultimate support player who picks the operator that will help his team goes and this time it's gonna be in an operator who throws out flashbangs that can be particularly annoying to deal with warden is a great counter to her we haven't actually seen a warden yet so far in this matchup I've got the paint on the hello tell me about Helen so ella is a very interesting operator she has gone through a variety of different changes and right now she's fast she's a 3-speed right now there's three speeds that you see what's B 2 B 3 speed in correspondence with the armors as well that we'd mentioned where there's a three armor which is the slowest three speed of course being the fastest and she's got a weapon that is very good and taking multiple engagements at close range but anything farther away well there's a lot of damage drop off the recoil is very difficult to control but because she's the three speed she could maneuver pretty quickly and she's got traps that will disorient review and slow you down too now this is gonna be interesting this is called the Hall of Mirrors strategy so rush badgers gonna throw up three decoys and then trying to get it's gonna do so on Xandar take your pick the decoys that are thrown out by Alibi make it look like there's an enemy outside and you have to choose which one it is in this case for Xander not the best but now goes-p danced a little yachty and it's a successful entry from the in here an early kill for lil yachty is healed on the prowl for more but he's not gonna find an ammunition puts him on the ground and that'll be the lead back for t-pain scene that's unfortunate – that's a lot of utility as we refer to as two operators in the hands of lil yachty steam whose gadgets are incredibly important for executing a site flush at cetera sacral is gonna be able to grab rush badger and t-pain then bikini body takes out rushing badger so they've been able to take themselves out of this hole up to and she's got one kill so far she's got two hundred for more she's got this it's been a good comeback here from team IATI who would shown a little bit of I suppose reluctance to push quickly t-pain's team didn't really have that same issue when they were on attack two people in this room do they know where she is there's the first one and it's gonna be finished off sakura closes out the round difficult to go over against the black leaders you can see it's got the rifle shield it makes it very hard to hit in the head obviously a better time to a head shot and and just didn't really have much of a chance there well it's not gonna be a blown either way we're tied up to 2 we're going back and forth right now and I'm I'm interested to hear how that's how the players are talking here to hear what the comms are like on these teams the beauty of twitch rivals yeah we get to tune it we can listen in and we're just reminder every single one of these people live on Twitch right now go check them out so they would love your company in chat this is an even nail-biter of a game rush your badge on your screen the meme award so far we know the capital another exactly a meme operator at the moment another new pic but we don't have any opportunity seen any other one yet so I like that we're seeing a lot of this site by the way it's good to show off the new addition to cafe for people that have played this map having a fourth viable bomb site is incredibly important for its balancing perspective this is a trap operator basically you lay down these little studs on the doorways or windows and if you walked through them as an attacker while you've taken off a lot of damage once again on the support operator for little yachty man he is such a team player we've seen a we've seen a few shield operators but so far no Monty very noteworthy operator for bikini body on clash popularized a strategy where you put the shield on your back and then quickly pivot around so the shield absorbs all the bullets and then well you're able to do some damage with here I want to hear what the players are doing let's listen oh man t-pain finds the frag the clash down shields no good no a little bit of cheeky this for a bikini body didn't really work out also well toupee taking so much damage in the process though so favorite operators here on jackal not enough time to put an object on it but there's moon die falling on red stairs and now an we'll just continue to charge on up we're too far off as beam ends and they've taken an awful lot of damage nobody on t-pain's team right now other than little Lexi at full HP so a couple bullets here could stop all of them in their tracks Zander looking for shots and he'll find him a munition sit down helping the enemies and a sleeper agent apparently and Lily Argus now once again the Battle of the littles here with legacy just waiting patiently you can shoot through those walls so if little yachty isn't aware oh no oh no what he was trying to do gunned down by Russian badger coming down the 1v3 this is gonna be difficult for him to do believe once again the team Payne's team are so low on HP be able to cut down Russian badger get some solo but not out and he's gonna crawl around on the ground what what antithetical performances here in this round but is a little guys in the bounce bag look at that let's go the dab for the win all right feeling good right now yeah so they've been going back and forth as they also have already side swaps it so as you've known it now that we're in round six orange team team lil yachty back on defense so some speculated maybe this could be a block from either team not the case no everybody's pulling their way in I mean if we can't you don't get to see the scoreboard but we can and basically everybody is within the same range of each other then were you we only play nine rounds ice crack we're round six we have three rounds left after that like it's crazy how cliff this is coming down to the wire yep if you'd seen a lot of nook recently but you haven't seen any warden yet so hey want to see that warden man I I want to see the best dressed man in a hole of Rainbow six make it appearance so here's another trap operator for you this is frost being played in the hands of little yachty now it's got three welcome mats and essentially what they are is gigantic bear traps and if you step in them as you are in significant trouble you are downed and you'll rely on a teammate to be able to get you back mom it's great for stopping the rushes that we've been seeing from team TV a little Lexie on the sledge Russian badger I believe on the note just putting up a defense you know it's another tool that the defenders have at their disposal such that you can barricade doors Bondo's up and slow everybody down higher levels it might actually work against you because it does box yourself in yeah so we'll see if a Russian badger once again this man is breaking every land speed record to be able to get inside the building as fast as he can and he's just he's fine no no now he's dead not enough coverage for Russian badger who you got to give the man some credit he got in quickly but eliminated pretty quickly tea paint on the glass recently nerfed a little bit but still the sniper absolutely used to be able to see through smoke and every single way now even sutures smoke it says miles but he'll Johnny here playing inside of this train car with a shotgun in hand and he's got his traps down too then this vans gonna be able to have so much coverage doesn't appear to be the case he means he's gonna wander on in though and around this marble banister can't see anything at all they get some marking up down goes a little XA so once you have team liliani taking the lead in terms of operators t-pain will soldier on he's got a GU – heel which makes it so you can't run take a little bit of damage while Pato no Xander knows that the smoke is coming and t-pain appears to be a bit confused and General Meetings one struck the wall it looks like t-pain will be able to do a little bit of damage and Xander will walk away a little worse for wear t-pain he's gonna be left alone candy clutch the one before can it happen in this particular instance between hand but now they're able to hit any shots here wave [Applause] absolutely beheadings and Earl have to grab that diffuser too [Applause] possibly given some life to tears amen night to me anyway it's a one-hit kill we're back tied up again I feel like we could say this ever it's been every bet that dill the Mac's lead either team has had has been one round no team has led by two rounds yet as we're getting closer and closer to that final round nine for all the marbles now what needs to happen is North America needs to be on the precipice of winning and then choke and EU needs to win has his tradition here so we'll see if the prophecy will fulfill itself and I will give a team yachty the opportunity to walk away with the win as we noted a couple of times there's no losers here exactly this is for charity so everybody walks away a winner but there's bragging rights and when is really we live in the era of social media really it's twitch rivals about the rivalry that's you know everyone live on twitch right now and playing for a good cause looking to raise money for st. Jude's Children's Hospital and girls who code as absolute correct so I need two very good charities as well that are sure have a vested interest in their team if you want to play the story seriously and you look at the lineup of team yachty this is a very interesting lineup you got a shield operator you got to shield some really the sack real running the black cleared and then once again we mentioned this pink in the very first class gives you the boost t-pain having some difficulties where to put down less black mirror pledge that's okay he's upstairs all on his lonesome reow anybody like here on the shields playing with little yachty right now on the outside it's one of the newer operators prior to actually that was in the hands of lil yachty did gridlock Okemah body might actually become the very first victim here badger waiting impatiently oh no this is very dangerous the two meemers in a collision course downstairs the bakery I think it was rushed badger set over his comms he was gonna be looking for a nice brioche opportunity to see what finca does she could actually bring you back rubbing the dead face of any dog dies on defense even down her ability over there on the stairs caught in the bear trap remember those four broke conveniens will be able to get this finish if she wants to with and doing her best as well finds the knife killing bikini body no team is 1:200 no way no way to be – we've got a beautiful double killer got and instead of reading tough position now for moon who doesn't have the SAS gee that was the shotgun that we stopped being run from tachanka earlier there's an awful lot of damage up close but quite a great deal of recoil – and as Zachary will not too far off so both of them urges essentially knocking on the door of this site they do own the diffuser as well so if they need to they can possibly get this – check that's where it's gonna be very important and okay then reload then showing off the destructive capabilities here so these but all of these walls actually that separates a Creole from the train car you see through those walls completely and expose the opponent behind it be you an attacker or a defender off alot of patients there on red stairs they're just essentially waiting and moon will go on drones something that really hasn't been happening all that much in this match now sacral all alone on the black beard all these holes in the hall it's actually working against sacral now because only got one right hand shield left it has a reinforced wall once again take the lead they take round seven and they are now on match point it's best-of-five they've got four in the bag of any one more here to get the victory in our celebrity showdown who's it gonna be do we going around do we go around nine if you were going then bring it back I mean like I said the prophecy is EU needs to win this one so yes you gotta have team will you win it and then they need to do something they haven't done so far which is win two in a row break the hearts of North America play the warden bring the warden out last opportunity to sell everything on the line I'll take a sum chunka chunka sounds pretty great t-paint where you going what are we doing here this is the little yacht east rat where he waits until the final moment a Nixon operator that is crucial a castle Castle is a very good operator here on cafe his ability is essentially to close off doors and windows with a barricade that can only be destroyed either by nailing in a set amount of times or with explosives so exceptional in slowing down pushes similar to trap operators which as we mentioned earlier TV vanes team one round away from winning this if you're rooting for a little yachty make some noise give them some support they need that all the energy they can get oh yeah I'm thrown right now it's at five claps hey you know what there's five people rooting for them they're lost in everything they just saw in that press conference man this is to charm some renovation work done here and Xander knows exactly where to chunk is so you have this preparation phase where as an attacker you know exactly where the defenders can be and all it's gonna take is a quick little mark here and Russian badger is gonna be found out and he might not be long for this earth this is peak performance right here a steam to win here my shotgun is an interesting strategy but if there's anybody who plays support as well as the Dottie does I think he's gonna be able to accomplish something with this one so they have to get all the way up to that third floor because cafe is so vertical everybody on attack has access to repels they can repel up to the top of the building and then as you can see from bikini body you have hatches that you can drop down when you are on top of the map itself to do some scouting after dropping the fidgets spinners just to slow down anybody who does decide to drop through that hatch and it looks like Sackville might be the one on deck and now it's all evened up 3 apiece so we said you know they've opened the hatch the moment that they draw they're possibly sitting ducks and Lexi has this ACOG on her mp5 it's gonna give her a lot of range to be able to gun anybody down in sacral knows actually where little Lexi is the red mark on your screen but there's a lot of hesitation here from sacral to actually drop and possibly take that fight caffeine and munition a little Lexi if the death squad another side but he's going straight for the play at little Yanni didn't try make it happy I think the new honest saw the position with the poisons down the win for the victory little Lexi in company gonna clean it oh no to see teammates as they finish it off and that is the victory for Team hey the first victory for North America let them go Wow make some noise for Dean well done guys well done well done yadi what happened then got out their whole team played over the good game you know third quarter which are really hard we went in the paint left a few in the back end and just wasn't strong enough you feeling good though because she won 10k for your charity that's all good think it's better than okay exactly and Juby thought everybody is the winner so 10k for the runner-up team yachty 40k for team winning team team pain sorry can everybody everybody keep winning team please shall we start with a runner-up let's start with a runner-up team jadi you have something for you guys we have a wonderful way to big check for 10k we can do your post moment with this if you want come on yeah everybody team yachty they're signing off indeed we're signing off they were streaming to their own audience and so they have to do the right thing and sign off properly any final words from you guys Wow all righty once again make some noise for Team Yanni all right thank you guys very much we're gonna do a team picture after so you can put this down for now put it over put it right back here boom and then the winning team yes team panes make your way forward guys claim your prize this is your moment in the spotlight you did an amazing job indeed indeed all right are you guys ready for DK for st. Jude [Applause] the biggest checking over so how you feeling pain but well you know I think I gotta played a good game you know everybody everybody on the team just seemed like they were really determined we just wanted it more and I think that came out and all the hot lights and yeah everything went just as God planned I saw you know your your impression was amazing how are you guys feeling you feeling good indeed it's all about the good causes so you can put it down let's put it down all righty shall we pull for a team picture everyone together and eat everybody make some noise for Team yachty and team pain everybody make some noise to twitch my rules yah take a leak do the picture so we have both teams we're gonna take a few pictures it's gonna be amazing we got the red cups that's also hand this to let's say use that's not that's never gonna work here but well we'll try it out we got both checks right here exactly we'll leave it as it is so final words of celebration yes no I mean this is a great thing man it's a forked cost for you no I'm saying a great day it wasn't as hot as I thought it was gonna be good man he knows that this is what we came here to do this is what gamers are you know we come out here to do these things for the people so we play my everybody we play blocks down we play we play to win and you know indeed how about you sir what's up next for you you're gonna check out e3 okay so he will be at e3 so you can check them out Heavy D 3 you can check out yachty alrighty thank you all very much for watching this was the first of many twitch rivals Rainbow six Beach showdowns we will see you next time thank you all very much for watching have an amazing e3 deep a little yadi yadi keep a you guys are amazing pretty cool stuff there love it it's been it's been it's been quite the show and don't forget folks phantom site gonna be available tomorrow definitely get your downloads on and get into the game placement look for me yeah play some warden to the poor guy the guy didn't even get to show up got the suit you got to make it happen there but that's pretty awesome stuff that does it here for twitch rivals thank you so much for watching we'll see you guys next time goodbye you

30 thoughts on “Ubisoft E3 2019 Conference | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. Make UbiArt Framework open-source like Michele Ancel & his team want it to be, and maybe i'll give an actual f- -k.
    in general, ubisoft Montpellier is really the only good division. (except you yves, your a gem)

  2. The only good thing that caught my eye was watch dogs legion. Never played the other games but this one seems really good. Probably will pick it up

  3. Thanks guys for teasing us in Wildlands with Michael Ironside back as Sam only to just completely give up on the franchise 👍

  4. I was hoping to be a bit more impressed 🙁 No Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia… Still been hoping for a Far Cry Primal 2, Roller Champions is kinda cool as based off of Rollerball. Why not a sequel of From Dust? Was hoping for Skull and Bones, will there be a new fantasy RPG IP for the next gen? Why not some crazy fun 3D platform action/adventure games? Where is the remake of the first Assassin's Creed; Splinter Cell Saga; Prince of Persia saga? Will Hungry Dragons come to consoles? Would UBIsoft answer the call to make an awesome dragon/monster open world adventure game? What is on the agenda for the next gen? What's next for The Crew? Will there be a new HAWX?

  5. Well! Somebody gave me a reason to put Watch Dogs 2 higher on the priority list! 😉
    The Tome Clancy stuff looks interesting. I might give Division 2 a shot, considering it'll be a free half-week.
    Roller Champions = Rocket League 2 ????

    Gods and Monsters. If it's coming out that soon, it's gotta utilize at least some of AC Odyssey's engine. And I'm actually okay with that.

    Between all the shmucks that decided to pay to do a big press conference at E3 this year, I'd say that Ubisoft has won for me. Xbox comes in a close second with that announcement of LEGO Star Wars coming back (HYPE!). Bethesda…they're trying. They're really trying. And Square is disqualified because I honestly couldn't care less about Square.

  6. No love for Watchdogs? C´mon people! The plot and gameplay look so fun! Being able to pick ANY character you want? if done right? incredibly innovative and groundbreaking!

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