Trying ALL Of Red Lobster’s Most Famous Menu Items

Trying ALL Of Red Lobster’s Most Famous Menu Items

– We’re at Red Lobster in Times Square. And I’m gonna try all the
most popular menu items. Be like. (cracking)
(laughing) Really excited, mainly for
the cheddar bay biscuits. I’m gonna try and eat those in between every single meal possible. I feel all this energy
and I’m ready to go. Let’s fast forward and see how I really feel in a like few hours. I’m telling you, we are
going to walk out of here as 90% butter, 10% seafood. I’m looking at the menu, and we’re doing a lobsterita, which at
first makes me think there’s gonna be a lobster tail in it. But then at second I’m like, it’s probably just a pinkish color. And then we have cheddar bay biscuits. (screeching) No, no, no I’m not done. Did you follow along, I didn’t. Holy (bleeping). (upbeat music) Oh my god. It’s like the eyes water
before the mouth does. This is the lobsterita,
which is approximately the size of my entire face. And me holding it with one hand feels very precarious right now. You drink one of these at your happy hour and you’re definitely spilling like all the company trade secrets
by the end of the night. I love me a cheesy dip. That’s actual little lobster
bits on there, isn’t that? There you go, you’re
getting the real deal here. This is insanely just comforting, cheesy, savory, lobstery. We have to do the cheddar bay biscuits because they are a classic here. They are the staple. They’re garlicky, they’re
salty, they’re fluffy. You just can’t stop eating them. They truly have some sort of
like addictive quality to them. Although, fun fact,
they haven’t always had cheddar bay biscuits, before
they had hush puppies. And then in ’92 they introduced
the cheddar bay biscuits. They also go through almost
a million biscuits a day. Oh. I’ve actually never had
their like veggie sides or appetizers here, so
I’m pretty interested. I have never had broccoli
taste like this before. It’s really soft, and just
the right amount of fried. The sauce on it is like the perfect amount of spiciness for me. I have a pretty high tolerance for it, and this is actually spicy to me. You have one and you just
keep popping them in. It’s almost like popcorn to me, I could just keep on packing them down. That broccoli was indeed a little spicy, so I’m cooling off. I think we’ve all had this before, but you just got your fresh shrimp, you dunk it in here. I think like giving you six
big ones is pretty good. I feel like you have to have
you pinky out while you do it. Like that. You could kinda like sip
one and eat the other. Seafood stuffed mushrooms. And these are not just stuffed, ooh. (laughing)
(silly music) Man down! Let me try it again. These are like really fancy,
rich stuffed mushrooms. I know there’s six of them to share, but I feel like I would
want this almost as a meal. I would almost take the biscuit and dip some of it into
this like sauce down here. Um-hm. It looks like it’s a tartar sauce? It’s like coconutty. It’s like fruity tartar sauce? (smacking) Pina colada sauce. See I knew it wasn’t tartar. How did they come up with that? That’s so fancy, very intriguing. Big momma. Woo! That’s a whole hunk of
lobster right there. I thought that was just
like a baby shrimp. Oh I like this one. I’ve had a PTSD moment. I ordered shrimp pizza one time and I got very sick after. So sometimes when I see seafood pizza I get really nervous, but I’m happy to say I’m not nervous about this one. I’d say the sauce is actually pretty light compared to like your
typical white seafood pizza. Bring on round two. (screeching) (laughing) Could we get some more
cheddar bay biscuits? Thank you. I have to say, I love this cup. I would love to take one
home for my apartment. Again, you can’t taste
the alcohol in these. I like the tiki passion drink
more than the lobsterita. I’ve actually never had anything like this at Red Lobster before. And it has like blueberries,
we got some beans, we got some strawberries. They’re really like going the
healthy route on this one. You stop into Red Lobster for lunch, I feel like you would eat this and it’d be like your healthy option here. I’m really excited by
this one because one, you get a little baby
baked potato for yourself. And this butter sauce
right here, it reminds me, Delish has a Tuscan butter salmon recipe, and it kinda looks the same. Mm. I don’t personally see the
point in baked potatoes. I’ll take a bite out of it, but I also only like the
skin of baked potatoes. The inside really could go elsewhere. I don’t like. It’s nothing against Red Lobster, I’m just not a baked potato fan. I’m a broccoli fan though. I’ll eat the broccoli. Holy, this just looks beautiful. If I tried to recreate this at home it would not look like this. This is luxury in a bite. Holy. And you get like a lobster tail. I don’t know if I can do this on camera. I think I’m really bad at it. You gotta work for it sometimes. That is made with love
and a lot of butter. If you love seafood and you never can pick between a bunch of
different items on the menu, I think this one’s a real good mix of a bunch of different
seafood items in one dish. I like this one a lot. If you don’t get to eat that much seafood, depending where you live, I feel like this is the way to try
it and experience it all. You have your little
fried shrimps right here. Then we have them tossed in
a bunch of butter and garlic. Then we have the lobster over here. If you order lobster
it’s like cooked live. They don’t cook it until
you get your little ticket. And then you have, of
course, our beautiful crab. It’s like my hands. I grew up in Hawaii. We ate a lot of king crab and snow crab. And one of the only places you
could get it was Red Lobster. I love crab so much. It’s so good. And then everyone has their
own way of cracking the crab. I choose this method. But I’m gonna get critiqued so much for doing this not the
way other people do it. Honestly, it really doesn’t
matter how you open it as long as you get the meat out. I like being kind of like a
cave woman while I’m doing it and like I feel like
I’m discovering my food and hunting for it. I’m very happy, this is so good. Oh my god, I’ve already decided
I’m being gross about it. This is a lot of lobster. This is crazy. I don’t want this round to be over. I feel really happy. I feel like I’m at home on this one. (upbeat music) It looks like I haven’t eaten any of them ’cause we keep replenishing them. So it’s like kind of my own
little secret over here. I’m expecting this to be
extremely extremely rich, extremely creamy, and
most of all very cheesy. Let’s see. I’m gonna learn how to eat
pasta correctly, at least once. It truly hits the spot. You definitely aren’t looking
at the nutrition count on this when you’re eating it, you’re just enjoying yourself. I don’t even wanna say goodbye. See you later. I am not an admiral whatsoever, whoever the admiral’s named after this this looks like this would
probably be very fitting. Dunk. I feel like this is a seafood
version of a chicken tender. Doesn’t that look like Florida? No? Did you know that Red
Lobster started in Florida? I did. No one cares about my fun facts. I would almost consider
ordering this as an app, and then having everyone from the table get a little bite of everything. This is the first place
at a beauty pageant. That looks like a little dress. If you don’t have the steak
and lobster on the menu are you really a seafood place? Also, I’m not cutting
this with a steak knife and that cut really well. I think I would cook mine
a little bit more rare ’cause I don’t like to chew ever. You really don’t need more sauce or more anything on the steak. And I feel like when you
can just eat the steak with just a little bit of seasoning and it’s still good, I
feel like that says a lot. I think by the end of today I’m gonna be 90% butter, and 10% seafood. I seriously don’t even
think you need the steak, I think you just need the lobster. But if you’re someone who likes both you might as well get
both, you deserve both. A snow crab is more delicate. Not as intense feeling. (laughing) As a kid that always gave me delight. I’m gonna try to crack it. Although these, I haven’t had good success with cracking these. (cracking)
Oh, hey. Hey. Look at that. (gasping) For what I can’t do with
lobster, I can do with crab. So I feel like I’ve made up for it. Depending on the season you come in you can kinda get
different things on here. We have lobster here, but
you got the skewer of shrimp. And then you have your
little filet of salmon, broccoli, and then a bed of rice. It kinda looks like the
rice is on top of it, but maybe not. Let me see. I don’t know what that is. Ooh, like a bruschetta almost. But a cheesy one. A cheesy garlic bruschetta. There’s still like sauce in the actual, I hate to call it this, but carcass. You can drip it on top. I like that this one
has the seasoning on it. It reminds me of like a cheesy bruschetta. That’s what I’m gonna call it in my mind. I feel like I want this
topping on all of the seafood. I have never been friends with a skewer. Mm-hm. I’m pretty sure it’s
about to be dessert round. After this cheddar bay biscuit break. ♪ For seafood lovers too ♪ – [Announcer] Now, about
that craving for… – Dessert. ♪ Red Lobster for the
seafood lover in you ♪ (upbeat music) – Wow. I’m not sure where I wanna start. Let’s just start with the
vanilla bean cheesecake. I like that you can actually
see the little vanilla beans, I feel like that’s a nice little touch. Mm. It’s light, it’s not that dense. I feel like sometimes cheesecakes can be really thick and creamy. ♪ Warm apple crostada ♪ I’m hoping this tastes like
a deconstructed apple pie. Mm. It tastes (laughing), did it
sound like I had an accent? It tastes, a warm fall day. Out picking apples. It’s like warm, and
caramel-y, and vanilla-y. The perfect amount of
sweet but not too sweet. That’s a good way to end your meal. This looks beautiful. Wow. Ooh, look at all those little
baby chips on the side. If the icing is good enough, you should be able to eat it on its own. I think. Oh my god. I don’t know why I bother going to the gym the days before these shoots. I mean, it doesn’t even matter. It truly doesn’t matter
’cause then I just do that, I just eat the entire
thing of icing on the side. And the last but not least. This is my last thing I’m
eating at Red Lobster. And I feel like this seems right. I’m kind of sad. But I do need to leave, I
do need to get out of here. Alas. ♪ Touch me ♪ ♪ It’s so easy to leave ♪ Tastes like a Snickers. Very much like a Snickers. Are there nuts in here? Is it a nutty brownie? I don’t know. No, it’s chocolate chips in there. Little fudge chips. I thought it was nuts. Fudge chips, just more chocolate. This is the first time, I think, in a long time on these shoots that I’ve ended not feeling
completely destroyed. What have I gotten myself into? I need a moment. This is the face of joy. You’re laughing at me. That might turn into a dark slumber. So I’m just gonna continue
working on my brownie overboard. And we’re packing up all
the rest of the food. Bringing it back to the office. If there’s anything that I forgot to order or that you feel like
I truly missed out on let me know and I’ll make
sure I make a trip back. Until then. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Trying ALL Of Red Lobster’s Most Famous Menu Items

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  5. These are fun to watch but it’s just an add for whatever restaurant they are “reviewing” nothing ever looks that good and there is never a single negative comment.

  6. These are fun to watch but it’s just an add for whatever restaurant they are “reviewing” nothing ever looks that good and there is never a single negative comment.

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