The Strongest Man in History: Chicken Wing Eating Contest | Exclusive | History

The Strongest Man in History: Chicken Wing Eating Contest | Exclusive | History

♪♪♪ – Oh, my gosh. Awesome. – Why don’t we
make this interesting? Let’s do another
loser buys dinner, huh? Let’s make another bet.
– Okay. Let’s do how many hot wings
we can do in two minutes. – Cool.
– All right. – I’m out, man. Over the last two days,
my stomach has been shot. So I’m gonna be the referee. – Okay. Well,
you lay the rules down. – You said two minutes.
– Two minutes. – As many wings
as you can put down. No meat can be left on the bone. – We literally have to eat
10,000 calories a day just to be this big. It makes it a lot easier
if you make a game out of it. I think I got a good shot. I eat just like
the rest of us. – All right, ready, set, go. ♪♪♪ – [ mouth full ] One.
– Wow. – [ mouth full ] One.
– [ mouth full ] One. You don’t want
to challenge The Beast to a chicken-wing-eating
contest. This is my element. – One minute in–halfway.
– [ mouth full ] Five. – How did he do that?
He literally inhaled that thing. – [ mouth full ] Six.
– [ mouth full ] Seven. I usually fare pretty good in food challenges
against these guys, and I’m gonna do anything
to beat Eddie. – [ mouth full ] Nine.
– [ mouth full ] Nine. – [ mouth full ] Nine.
– Five, four, three– – [ mouth full ] Ten.
– …two, one. Done. – Honestly, I think
10 chicken wings in two minutes isn’t that bad. If I had a bit of practice,
I reckon I could do 50. – All right, let’s figure out
who’s paying for this. We got Eddie as the winner, and then you two
in second place. Who cares about second place? – [ mouth full ] We do,
because the loser pays. – That’s a good point. – The rules were to clean
all the meat off the bones, and obviously, Oberst, you still have plenty of meat
on your bones. Nick did a much better job
of cleaning them. Therefore, Nick, second place. – Yes.
– You’re paying. – All right, I’ll take the loss. I’m not the best
competitive eater. Nick and Eddie shovel food
down their throat all day. I don’t eat like that. – Someone hand me
another burger, please. – Do you want that one?
– Oh. – You want this one?
– Don’t touch it. – Which one do you want,
this one? – Don’t touch it.
Stop touching the burgers. – I’m trying to help.
You asked for a burger. – Not from you.

100 thoughts on “The Strongest Man in History: Chicken Wing Eating Contest | Exclusive | History

  1. Is it really necessary to consume that much food and be that strong?

    Not practical.

    And a disproportionate of the world is below the poverty line.

    A sign of the times.

  2. Brian probably had a thermos of ground bison and rice hiding behind him that he ate after the cameras were turned off.

  3. The lifting piano* braina shaw= im out man my backs been killing me im gonna be referee. Eating contest* brian= im out dude im not used to eating alot im gonna be ref

  4. I'm like this 1,60cm tiny, no-muscles asian and I take some satisfaction in the knowledge that there is at least one thing I could actually compete at with these guys without getting crushed… ?

  5. Do you guys really get along that well away from the competition? Like Eddie, I was a swimmer until I finished High School and many of us were great friends and surfing buddies. Once we got in the pool at a competition we were fierce competitors whether it was a swim meet or water polo match. Always enjoy the videos you guys do

  6. Eddie:Challenges everyone to a chicken wing eating contest

    Also Eddie: “You don’t want to challenge the beast to a chicken wing eating contest”

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