The Stages Of Eating Fast Food

The Stages Of Eating Fast Food

(upbeat music) – Yo do you have any lunch plans? – Yeah actually I was thinking
about getting some fast food. – Fast food?
– Fast food. (upbeat music) – This is the greatest meal I’ve ever had. – This is luxury. (upbeat music) – Cheap, fast and delicious. There are literally no
negatives to fast food. – Zero negatives. (upbeat music) (whooping) (upbeat music) I’m gonna be so productive after this. – This is the greatest
decision we’ve ever. (upbeat music) I am a monster. – I regret everything. – It was you, you suggested we get this. – Sorry I’m sorry. – I ate what, maybe 60,000 calories. – Why would you let me do this? – No one can know about this. – That was the worst use
of five dollars ever. – I will never do. (upbeat music) Yo do you have any dinner plans? – Yeah actually I was thinking
about getting some uh. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “The Stages Of Eating Fast Food

  1. 1. Craving, is like idgaf if the food is plastic
    2. Buy
    3. Regret, bad life decision
    4. Eat, feeling your blood sugar go back up satisfyingly and happiness fills thy heart
    5. Regret nothing, but tells oneself to eat something not as cholesterol filled later on

  2. My fast food buddy is my friend (I'll call him O). We go to fast food restaurants after school with our super health conscious friend that thinks if he eats one bite of fast food he will instantly gain like 100 pounds.

  3. Fast food should not be called "fast food" because it only makes you slower (after you have a sugar crash).

  4. Never happens to me.
    Well no there are days I just get a single cheese burger with my limited funds and feels bad later or the next day, but I have weird depression that if I don't indulge in my craving I will actually feel ill. Though luckily for me my cravings always tend to be small ones.

  5. What makes food is called fast food? If I'm making my own burger, and I can cook it as fast as the fast food restaurant does, is the burger still considered as fast food? And what's the different between fast food and junk food? If burger is one of the junk food category, would it still considered as junk food if I make my own burger?

  6. I have a million stages:
    Eat apple
    Not be satisfied
    Think about fast food
    Look at pictures of fast food
    Hit up calories in fast food
    Cave get it anyways, thinking I'll only eat half
    Eat everything
    So much regret

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  8. Every time you eat this poison an inside voice goes "No! What are you doing? Stop it! Go to the gym! Go to the gym!"

  9. I'm probably the weirdest person ever. All I eat at McDonalds are hamburgers with just ketchup and maybe some chicken nuggets and a drink.

  10. mood and literally me eating fast food: 0:15
    also the regrets part :'c thank food I exercise If not I will be so damn fat 😂

  11. Calories isnt a problem to me cuz whatever i eat i cant get fat xD and i get muscles really easy

  12. Stages of seeing a Z & J Video

    Stage 1: Shock
    Stage 2: Happiness
    Stage 3: Excitement
    Stage 4: Enjoyment
    Stage 5: Bliss

  13. My fast food buddy is my mom😂 we would literally go to a fast food place in the middle of the night! Even if we have food at home!

  14. Considering what buzzfeed has become, these two would get run out by the feminist that run buzzfeed now. Glad they both out of that cest hole

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