The Snackdown: Is Spaghetti a Salad? | Food Network

The Snackdown: Is Spaghetti a Salad? | Food Network

Good, old-fashioned spaghetti
with tomato sauce is a salad. No, no, no, no. Is spaghetti a salad? The answer is no.
[smack] [crashing] [bell ringing] Do you agree that a traditional
pasta salad is a salad? I 100% agree that
a pasta salad is a salad specifically
and arguably because one dresses a salad. And if a pasta salad is
dressed, then it’s a salad. If it’s sauced, then it’s pasta. And what exactly
is the difference between a dressing and a sauce? A dressing, for the most
part, is vinegar based– unless it happens to be dairy based– whereas a sauce tends
to be savory in nature but not acidulated. [record scratching]
-Wait, wait. Hold on. I need to look that word
up in the dictionary. Acidulated. I have no idea– I have no idea what that means. Does it mean, like,
is has acid in it? It means quite–
yeah, quite acidic. So acidulated is just
a really pretentious way of saying acidic? Of saying it’s acidic, yeah. Like, it’s got salad
dressing on it, not sauce. Just because something has
some wet sauce over it makes it a salad– it’s an erroneous claim
because, if I just arbitrarily labeled whatever foodstuff I
wanted with whatever label, my customer, ordering
a salad and confronted with pasta and spaghetti
sauce, would be irate. [crashing] I’ll grant you that people
don’t commonly call spaghetti and meatballs a salad. But times change. I may just be a little
bit ahead of my time. And maybe I was sent
here from the future. You think that these
are the salad days? I think that we’re
headed to the salad days as soon as people
start calling spaghetti and meatballs a salad. Well, we’re constantly
trying to become more and more healthy. The more that we can shove
into that salad category, the better I can feel about
myself, the happier I’ll be. So I want to thank
you, really, for making spaghetti into a salad so that
I can eat it with abandon. You look like a very
healthy meatball sub. Thank you, Dan. [laughs] [bell ringing] If you like this video,
please check out my podcast. It’s called “The Sporkful.” We like to say it’s not for
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  1. spaghetti is not a salad, I don't think you can call a sauce a dressing any more than you could call biscuits and gravy a soup where the gravy is your broth.

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