100 thoughts on “The Meat of the Future: How Lab-Grown Meat Is Made

  1. If they can harvest and grow a muscle cell to produce lab meat (bland), can they not also harvest and grow the fat cell that would give it taste, color and texture?

    Does anyone know?

  2. I guarantee you this same method that they are using will advance to the point that they can construct human origins and replacement parts for humans in the long future that are in desperately in need for a transplant.

  3. This can seriously save humanity. Bacteria develop more and more resistances due to factory farming.
    Due to antibiotic overuse in farming in china, bacteria developed resistance against Colistin, an important last-resort antibiotic.
    If this continues, we are soon defenseless.

    With lab-grown meat in a sterile environment, antibiotic aren't necessary. Factory farming won't be necessary.
    Bacteria will lose the race against our antibiotics and humanity will prevail.

  4. $11 / party?

    That’s bogus! Beyond Meet patties cost $5.69 for a 2-pack so less than $2.85 / patty.

  5. Business – " I don't care I want to make more & more money"
    People- " we don't care we want to eat cheaper as possible"

  6. "what we need are the muscles"
    NO, we actually need the fat just as much. The fat is energy and carries vitamins we won't get any other way and helps us digest OTHER vitamins we ingest, even though not from animal sources.

  7. yay the 3rd agricultural revolution

    1st inventing agriculture

    2nd industrial age agriculture

    3rd gmos and stem cell meat

  8. This is the only way humanity has to stop killing animals.
    Vegetarians are totally stupid, to just shame people and telling them to stop eating meat because 1) it's in our instinct 2) we need iron and vitamin b12 so most of the people will just ignore them until there's a valid alternative.

    Hopefully this thing takes off sooner or later.

  9. I was deciding whether or not to go back to veganism. I think it's time. Eating meat from a laboratory seems creepy. I don't even like processed foods. (._. ) Perhaps if the population decreased, we wouldn't have this problem of too many mouths to feed.

  10. really looking forward to try this grown meat. i dont care much about the taste, the fact that it can be cheaper and less killing iis makes me excited

  11. WOW this is 2 years ago , I wonder if there has been any progress on this . as a meat eater I am more than happy to move to a more sustainable solution

  12. I thought vegans don't eat animal products? If its meat grown from the cells of animals, doesn't that still make it an animal product?

  13. So, with this, meat production can become way more efficient and environmentally friendly, while simultaneously making most vegans less angry, since it'll be "cruelty free", and nothing needs to die for it to be made. I'm so excited for the future.

  14. So, in a society pushing for more transparent, organic, less processed, and more natural foods to promote healthier bodies——-we've decided to harvest cow stem cells, growing chunks of meat in lab beakers, and serve it to people as food. What could go wrong? Apart from this being a very, very large sign of 1st world convenience more than practicality, you can probably suspect nutrient deficiencies no doubt (since you're eating more than just muscle cells when you eat meat, and part of your nutrition comes from what your meat ate), higher contamination concerns from production, unbelievable energy costs to produce enough meat to feed the demand, regulation concerns–I could go on and on…

  15. I bet we could use similar techniques in the future to make new limbs or full blown human bodies to upload our consciousnesses too. Maybe even make cows so we can kill and eat em in some weird twist

  16. Maybe the problem is not the meat, but the "growing population'" part of the story. 10 billion is too many humans for this planet. If we could get that number down by a third, meat and other resources will be much less of a problem.

  17. On the serious note : Does Vegan have different point of view that eating a lab meat is better because the lab meat can't grow it's mouth to scream etc. so the death of the cells in lab meat and vegetable aren't a sad thing? I'm surprise that people didn't normally see the vegetable as a living thing that they crush/make it die to become their food. It's almost like it's considered a bad thing only if you could understand the pain of something you kill but if you don't there's nothing cruel about it. Tho, there's one sad rule of the world and that is For Something to live, Other lives have to die.

  18. Blander in taste? If you want angus beef, just add the nutrients the irish "angus" cows would get. Sure it would still miss something, but people can switch to vaping too, so they can also switch to thism

  19. I am not agree with this lab meat becase it is dry and colourless . Also this meet is not cheap and it is more expensive than a big mag .so I think it is horrible and impractical too. It is so disgusting to eat

  20. After watching this video clip about lab-grown meat, I feel extremely interested in it. First, by producing lab-grown meat, we could prevent killing livestock which is cruel and unethical. A report shows that the animals that used for providing meat products cost 25%of land, therefore, if widely adopted, it could reduce a large amount of environmental costs for meat production. Also, it could be a gospel for some vegetarians as they don't eat meat because of the cruelty of killing animals. By providing lab-grown meat, they can enjoy it without hurting animals.

  21. I don't support because not slaughtering will increase the number of animals, and reduce the land that could be used. In addition,the color and the taste is different from traditional meat, it is not suitable, it makes people feel uncomfortable, plus this is not practical in mass production.

  22. I agree with lab-grown meat in this world, because animals are limited. At the end, it will be extincted . But now we have lab-meat.It is a sustainable development.We will get meat with no killings.The animals will not face the crisis of extinction.Although it’s tasteless.But I believe that one day lab-grown meat will replace traditional meat

  23. Like your info. However when you talk you start strong and loud but, at the end of your sentences you fadeout.

  24. But Bloodless meat will not feed the MSNBCannibal Gods that feed off blood sacrifice . Widespread lab grown meat consumption may Trigger them toi enter our dimension and start killing us off to feed their addiction to BLOOD!

  25. And what if we dont want it on our plates? I am all for adding more choices, but i am Not For, forcing this change on everyone!

  26. Why do these meat lab advocates always exclude information on the actual nutritional values of Omega 3, Zinc and other nutrients that ruminant's create in their meat from their diet? And I guess the solution to blandness will be to add multiple chemical compounds to 'enhance' the flavor that way we can have the same unhealthy insulin receptor damaging foods Americans stuff themselves with already. Finally, the 'economic efficiency' example of the $11 patty compared to the $4 McDonald's burger is a totally false comparison. The meat in the McDonald's burger is less than 50 cents. For the 'technology must save us' crowd, this is the next shiny goo-gah. Maybe it will feed the starving of the world, but I have my doubts. It will make a few people wealthy–that, I have no doubt.

  27. This is fine in my eyes ,considering mainstream beef is already crappy in more ways than one, but only as as long as they dont make it illegal to have your own little farm if you really truly have a desire to continue eating and providing grassfed, organic, well treated, open pasture, happy, and non gmo beef to your family, friends and local peers. Dont take away our freedom to choose something more enjoyable.. I certainly dont mind paying 30x more for the premium as it likely becomes less readily available down the road just as long as its never stripped away from me. Thats a good life, having proper freedom to choose. LISTEN UP AMERICA! ILL JUST LEAVE IF YOU TAKE MY FREEDOM TO RAISE HAPPY COWS AND CHICKENS TO EAT! And ill be quite happy in the mountains of spain pumping my beefy american retirement into their economy. Btw I do not condone or agree and infact i utterly despise malpractice of mainstream farming institutions. Sure it costs more to have happy animals but its worth it and it creates a tastier and actually edible product that wont put your temple through hell.

  28. If your definition of meat eater is a person who eat meats that came from animals that were slaughtered then this wouldn’t be considered a meat eater type of thing for you. But if you define it as a person who eat meats and any type of meats then this would be considered a meat eater type of thing for you. Lab grown meat can be vegetarian or meat eater foods depending on your definition.

  29. Someday in the future, eating real meat could be illegal, a woman giving birth might only exist in history class, if I am still alive, I'd rather die.

  30. Animals are harmed and killed in order to make the cell culture for these so called 'clean' meat cells to grow. Why is no one talking about that?!

  31. As long as it provides the necessary resources for my body, I'm all for it. We have seasonings and spices to deal with the bland taste if that cannot be artificially altered. I am genuinely excited for this, this can save us a lot of resources while feeding more people and less animal slaughtering as well, some animals are treated horribly and even though I love meat as much as the next person, I don't like the idea of mass slaughter. If I had to hunt I'd have no problem with killing an animal for food, because that's overall a lot more fair and I have to work for it. We have A LOT of power over our world and it's on us to make things the right way, even if we may not first succeed we can always correct ourselves later. At least that's my ideology.

  32. No thank you, I like my meat just the way God created it, not how the scientists are creating it.
    On the other hand, I wonder, why are they making products looks and tatses like meat, if they are vegans?

  33. If dangerous chemicals to make minced meat look fresh have been banned, One has to wonder what type of other chemicals they are mixing to make fake meat taste like real meat.! No thank you, nothing can replace what is natural including the meat.

  34. My advice to all is this. Eat your meat the way God created it. Don't eat the fake meat that the scientists are creating.
    Scientists can make the fake fruit Juice to taste like Fruit Juice, but It's all made with loads of sugar and other chemicals. But if you want the real fruit Juice squeeze the real juice from fresh fruit. And if you like meat, then don't eat fake meat.
    You are what you eat.
    Love the animals, but don't worship them, which is what the Vegans are doing.
    Nothing can match the originals.
    "Fake foods and drinks will make you sick"

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