The Meal Prep Guy

The Meal Prep Guy

Mill fat monkey baby real flat huh my meal prep hunger game meal prep them for about two weeks now and I think the results are pretty clear I mean you guys tell me you see the ABS plate coming through that was seven dollars you quinoa good pick a different tribe Charlie what about that work there's just no space in this goddamn kitchen honey I feel like I'm cooking in a Fiat I swear I saw one yesterday like right as I woke up dude it took a shit and I was looking havoc right there bro hey 93 percent lean seven percent fat I know BCD was a theme in this household you will call me the next time you go to the market throw that fall the parent grab you get this now get this desert shit out of here what are we at the fair yeah dad I get I get it okay grandpa's in the hospital I got to go Ralph so I'm gonna stay on top of work you all right all then 98% fat-free just like me what's up Cory yes where there's one there yesterday it's not gonna season it only sees me I need of these ass – right there those are definitely your lungs meal problem everything cereal O'Neal tequila fucking charge recruits cada coach my meal preps meal preps a lot of people say new prints don't have any flavor I got two word for your haters sea salt baby all aboard the game train choo-choo what filter should I throw my meal prep so what my room always smells like tilapia did I just eat fish or did I just have sex you tell me what filter looks best with chicken for my 247 great got six am planting Gainesville tomorrow nice actually Milwaukee you guys go take out again I'm cute I haven't lost anyway but uh just friends some people just don't want it man hey you know meal prep that no somebody did okay I'll leave me alone

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  1. Ok. I've tried and tried…and tried. Dude…you're just not funny. You're like the white Kevin Hart…you were funny at first and now you're not

  2. Scale be lying, 70.3 lbs some bullshit unless its in kilograms which would equal out to 154 lbs which is more believable

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