The ‘Healthy Foods’ That Are Unhealthy! Dr Michael Greger

The ‘Healthy Foods’ That Are Unhealthy! Dr Michael Greger

We know that just because someone is eating
a vegan diet that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re eating a healthy diet. I think it’s important we look at how we
process and cook food before we eat them, as the way we cook can end up turning healthy
foods into unhealthy foods. We learnt in a previous video that cooking
carbohydrate foods with dry heat like frying or baking can create a carcinogenic chemical
called acrylamide. The consensus seems to be that cooking plant
foods with water, via boiling and steaming using glassware etc appears to be the safest
and best way to cook food. So now lets hear as Dr Michael Greger talks
about the best and safest ways to consume nuts, tofu and tomato products. This clip comes from Dr Greger’s August
2017 Q & A. Links to the original video will be in the description below… I know longer encourage people to toast or
roast their nuts so I encourage people to choose raw, unsalted nuts, seeds, nut butters
and seed butters and that’s because of AGE’S-Advanced Glycation End Products, so called glycotoxins. If you go to my website and type in glycotoxins
or AGE’S or Advanced Glycation End Products you can pull up all my videos. So basically when you expose high fat high
protein foods to high temperatures, dry heating temperatures like broiling, roasting, barbecuing
and frying you create these toxic compounds. If we look at the top 20 foods, I think I
list them in the book, number one is broiled hot dogs, its all like meat. But if you look at these tables, you say wait
a second what’s high protein high fat? Tofu! If you broil tofu bad stuff happen, so I encourage
people to eat steamed tofu. When I’m at a restaurant and there’s a
tofu dish you know they’re going to fry it so I ask for soft steamed tofu and then
you don’t have to worry about it. And nuts, when you toast walnuts or toast
any nut you create these AGE’s and actually high levels almost in the same ball park as
these other high fat high protein foods so we should use moist cooking temperatures so
200 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Unsalted Tomato sauce is healthier than tomatoes
and tomato paste is healthier than tomato sauce although I would use jarred tomato paste
because unfortunately acidic foods in BPA lined cans can be a problem even the companies
like Eden foods that do not use BPA in their lining they have to use jarred tomato paste
because evidently whatever lining used that is not BPA can’t deal with the acids so
jarred tomato paste and sauce is wonderful and in fact I had a video on tomato sauce
and prostate cancer a whole lycopene series, check it out, very fascinating.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Great information! I know they always fry tofu in the restaurants and another thing are aubergines, they are always so greasy, it is impossible to eat them, as it feels like eating grease filled sponge :/

  2. I don't understand the part about tomato sauce supposedly being healthier than tomatoes. What did that have to do with heating foods making them dangerous? And isn't that the exact opposite of the claim being made? Raw tomatoes aren't heated at all.

  3. Im feeding myself right now in West London, with sun rays at 5.5 Celsius. Furthermore, I ll l use the water that drops down the car windows from condensation, in order to hydrate myself. May you all have a happy tomato filled up weekend:D

  4. Ok to eat boiled nuts and seeds? Will the fats oxidise? Do nuts and seeds have trypsin inhibitors? If so, will they be deactivated by the boiling?

  5. I thought totally raw diet was for lunatics but I'm not to sure anymore I think a raw diet sounds about the right thing to do

  6. Now think of all the highly heated milk-alternatives like Soymilk, Almondmilk and so on. Better make your own from now on.

  7. Fast forward to 2030, a new study finds it's only safe to eat vegetables before they are picked, and then only on sunny days.

  8. Whole-food plant based get it threw your VEGAN heads..Dr. Greger is a stallion and has balls of steal..All the women want his schlong

  9. I like Dr. Greger, and I can't deny his contributions, but sometimes I wanna tell him to chill out a little. Humans evolved eating the most horrendous crap. We can handle some toxins. And have been for a while, unless roasted nuts and baked potatoes are a new thing. The only real killer is animal products.

  10. Eat the way Mosthigh says if you believe in him seeds, grain , fruit. And herbs, vegteables, peace everyone. Have a good day they are always changing their minds do your own research .

  11. I am taking this african red tea. This is really good in detoxifying and weight loss

  12. Interesting. I think I avoid most of these just because of my preference. I like boiling potatoes or sweet potatoes, slicing it in half and eat it with chili with jarred tomato sauce. I also don't eat a lot of nuts and soy.

  13. Steamed tofu and boiled potatoes are sadly the very least palatable way to cook them. Makes it impossible to season them while they cook. I just love being advised to narrow my already insanely narrowed diet further. Edit – after some thought this is incorrect. A slow cooker/crock-pot on low doesn’t cook food above 200 degrees so that should be a safe way to both cook and season potatoes and tofu. If anyone can confirm or dispute this I would appreciate it.

  14. Gotta stop baking my tofu… hard stuff! But I have always been annoyed with "healthy" recipes that roast nuts! I have always known this from my raw days 🙂 Glad I did! Thanks for spreading this amazing knowledge!

  15. People here in Sweden where I live eat shit their entire lives and still live well in to the 80s. I have cut back a little on the fried tofu but I will keep eating my peanut butter, I imagine it can't make that much of a difference in an otherwise plant based and healthy diet.

  16. If the slightly unhealthy diet wont kill you, the mental food paranoia will. I'm done with this sh*t. This online diet war is killing me faster than any food could. Eat healthy, be happy. Peace.

  17. all the peanuts in the store are all toasted, even the one that still have the shell and that are unsalted, on the container the say "toasted", do they still count as unhealthy food?

  18. Unrefined vegan diet with vitamin b12 supplement. I added more categories to the daily dozen guide of Dr Michael Greger: Plate: 1/4 unrefined high protein staple foods (beans,peas,lentils), 1/4 other unrefined staple foods, 1/2 vegetables. Fresh fruit for dessert.
    Avoid refined substances like oil, sweeteners, erythritol, refined stevia powder, blackstrap molasses, juice, refined flour, white rice, protein powder, tofu, yuba, soy milk, vegan fake milk, seitan, vegan fake meat, vegan fake egg, salt, most supplements.
    Healthier cooking methods are steaming, boiling.
    1> Unrefined high protein staple foods: Beans, peas, lentils: 3 servings.
    2> Berries: 1 serving. Wine grapes with wine grape seeds (resveratrol). Barberry.
    3> Other fruits: 3 servings. Amla (frozen amla can be found in India grocery store). Can eat peel (flavonoids) of small citrus like kumquat, mandarin. Avoid noni, mangosteen, starfruit. Minimize olives bec too much salt. Fiber needs water to work so fresh fruits are better than dried fruits.
    4.1> High Calcium Cruciferous Greens: 2 serving.
    kale, collard, mustard green, turnip green, bok choy.
    4.2> Other Cruciferous Greens, Cruciferous Veg: 1 serving.
    Purple cabbage, green cabbage, brussles sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, gailan, kohlrabi. Mustard seed powder. Turnip, komatsuna, mizuna, rapini, napa cabbage. Radish, horseradish, wasabi, Rutabaga, Watercress, tatsoi, arugula.
    5> Other Greens: 1 serving.
    Spinach, chard, beet greens. Cilantro, Parsley. Purslane. Iceberg lettuce not too nutritious. Avoid alfalfa sprouts.
    6.1> seaweeds: 1 serving.
    Iodine from tiny amount of seaweeds like arame, dulse, nori, wakame, avoid kombu, avoid kelp, avoid hijiki.
    6.2> cooked mushroom: 1 serving.
    Cooked mushrooms have selenium, vanadium. Some brands of mushrooms have vitamin D. Do not eat reishi mushroom powder which can cause liver damage (boiling reishi mushroom pieces and drinking the tea seems safer).
    6.3> Allium family: 1 serving.
    red onion, leek, scallion, green onion, garlic.
    6.4> tomato for lycopene. 1 serving.
    6.5> Other Veg: 1 serving.
    Hibiscus flower, eggplant, okra. Beets, Asparagus. Summer squash. Bitter melon, nopal cactus. carrot.
    7> Flaxseed powder: 1 serving. Source of ALA omega 3.
    8> Nuts, seeds: 1 serving. Other sources of ALA omega 3 like chia seed powder, perilla seed powder, hemp seed, walnut. Nuts like pistachio (protein), almond (calcium), peanut (protein, zinc), cashew (iron), brazil nut (selenium). Seeds like sesame (calcium), pumpkin seed (protein, zinc), sunflower seed (zinc).
    9> Herbs, Spices: 1 serving. 1/4 teaspoon turmeric. Like annatto powder (vitamin A), holy basil, fenugreek seed powder, citrus peel powder (flavonoids), american ginseng. Avoid overdosing on turmeric, cinnamon (cassia), nutmeg, tarragon, licorice.
    10> Other unrefined staple foods: 3 servings. Whole grains like 0 salt whole grain fermented bread, 0 salt whole grain unfermented sprouted essene bread (manna bread), whole grain pasta, wheat berry, red quinoa (protein), oat groats, rice (black, red, brown), wild rice, blue corn, sprouted corn tortilla, unhulled purple barley, amaranth (protein), buckwheat. Tubers, roots like purple sweet potato, purple potato, cassava, taro, yam (dioscorea), water chestnut, elephant foot yam (suran), arrowroot. Winter squash (can chew the seeds). chestnut. Breadfruit. Plantain, durian, jackfruit, mango, fresh figs, fresh dates, pandanus fruits, papaya. Coconuts.
    11> Beverages: 5 servings (12 oz). Teas between meals like hibiscus tea, matcha powder, green tea. Tea better than coffee. Avoid kombucha, avoid yerba mate. Avoid unfiltered aloe vera.
    12> Exercise: 90 minutes of moderate activity or 40 minutes of vigorous activity. Use standing desk. If using chairs take frequent breaks.
    13> Vitamin b12 supplement cyanocobalamin 250 mcg per day (or 1,000 mcg per day), higher dosages like 2,500 mcg can be weekly.
    14> Vitamin d: Sunshine, cooked mushrooms from brands of mushroom with vitamin d, cooked lichen, vitamin d supplement (2,000 IU).
    15> Vegan epa/dha omega 3 supplement. 250 mg per day. Or Algae powder like Nannochloropsis Gaditana.
    16> Sweeteners: fresh fruits.
    17> Less than 1,500 mg of salt per day.
    18> 0 salt fermented foods: tempeh, natto. Avoid high salt fermented foods like miso, kimchi.
    19> Superfoods: Debittered brewers yeast (by product of making beer)(b vitamins, chromium), Nutritional yeast (b vitamins), knotweed powder (resveratrol), maca powder (sterols), chlorella. Avoid spirulina, avoid blue green algae.
    20> Sleep: 7 to 8 hours every day.
    21> Green tea for mouthwash. Can also use small amount of whole leaf aloe vera powder in water.
    22> Sanitize hands with alcohol.

  19. Tofu, yuba and vegan fake milks are refined substances and not real food. Many factory made tofu have 0 fiber and are just junk food. They are also very wasteful products. In asia, making tofu, yuba and soymilk results in tons of high fiber and nutritious soy pulp being thrown away every day. In japan, they try to use soy pulp or okara in recipes. I have tried buying both fresh tofu and fresh okara from a nearby japan grocery store.

  20. Since fiber needs water to work, I eat 2 similar meals of boiled steel cut oats every day to get lots of water into my diet. I take b12 (cyanocobalamin) supplement in the morning. Eliminate 0 fiber refined substances like oil, coconut milk, vegan fake milk, vegan fake butter, vegan fake cheese, sweeteners, juice, kombucha, refined flour, protein powder, vegan fake meat, tofu, yuba, seitan, salt, most supplements. 0 added salt or less than 1,500 mg salt per day. I boil steel cut oats (other unrefined staple foods are whole grains, tubers like potato, sweet potato, cassava, taro, dioscorea yam, or winter squash whose seeds can be chewed for more protein, zinc, or plantains), boil with some dried mushrooms (brand with vitamin d, or wild morel, wild chanterelle, wild lichen have vitamin d, or vitamin d supplement 2,500 iu per day)(cooked mushrooms have selenium, vanadium), boil with sprouted lentils (or sprouted mung beans, or soak beans overnight for quicker cooking time around 20 minutes even without pressure cooker, fresh peas cook in just one minute) for more protein, add tiny amount of seaweed (wakame, dulse, nori, arame)(or algae powder like Nannochloropsis Gaditana, or wild anchovies, wild sardines with bones about 2x a week) for iodine, add annatto powder (for more vitamin A), add other herbs and spices (onion, black pepper, turmeric, garlic, cassia cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, allspice). After cooking, pour over high calcium greens (kale, collard, mustard green, turnip green, bok choy)(also has vitamin c, vitamin a), add flaxseed powder (ALA omega 3)(or algae powder like Nannochloropsis Gaditana, or wild anchovies, wild sardines with bones about 2x per week, for epa/dha omega 3), add triphala powder (for more vitamin c), add debittered brewers yeast (for more b vitamins, chromium), add some nuts and seeds (or eat clam, mussel, oyster, maybe about 2x per week) for more iron and zinc, add citrus peel powder (lemon peel, lime peel, orange peel, grapefruit peel) for flavonoids, sweeten with fresh fruits (vitamin a, vitamin c). Both unrefined vegan diet with b12 supplement and unrefined plant based pescetarian diet with b12 supplement are probably healthy. After eating, for mouthwash, add small amount of whole leaf aloe vera powder to water, gargle, spit out (whole leaf aloe vera powder has a small amount of laxative so should not be ingested)(can also use green tea for mouthwash). Can sanitize hands with alcohol.

  21. I can't go this far. I am not going to eat ONLY steamed food. Tofu is delicious baked or fried with a little bit of fat. Give up baked potatos? I can't. I am sorry. I am not going to stop dry heating food. It's just too good and too warming.

  22. That's why you soak them and dehydrate them under 45'C until crispy/crunchy so they taste the same and double the bio-available nutrients and no nasties from high heat chemical/exchange.

  23. I don't understand why people are frustrated/upset with the information presented in these videos. As far as I understand the purpose of these videos is to present the best foods and the best methods of preparing them to optimise health and longevity as current evidence seems to suggest. That's all, you don't need to follow any of these recommendations lol.

  24. Lmao please. I won't deny that this is shown, but that's going so far. Btw people McDougall, a huge vegan scientist, says salt is healthy. The studies were done with salted cheeses and meats. We know now salt wasn't the issue. We need salt. I actually have a severe heart condition due to a very low salt diet for years.

  25. A lot of people have very sensitive digestive systems and cannot digest a lot of raw foods. Always say eat what feels best for your body and what you can digest. If you can't digest what you are eating then you won't be absorbing the nutrients. I think it's also important to enjoy what you are eating.

  26. I wont roast my peanuts for peanut butter anymore

    I'm still gonna cook my potatoes in the oven, cause I like crispy potato wedges and I don't like boiled or steamed potato.

    I don't eat any soy so I don't have to worry about tofu

    I do eat a fair bit of canned tomatoes, it's the only way I can reliably get in tomatoes….

    My question is do the benefits of these foods offset the negatives of the cooking or bpa cans? I buy canned diced tomatoes and they say they use a bpa free can but who knows. I figured that the benefits of the tomatoes themselves would kinda offset any of the problems of the can, maybe that's just wishful thinking?

  27. I love Dr Greger but sometimes I feel like he looks at food like a completely nutrient standpoint and not from the standpoint that you should also enjoy food. I mean I’m definitely gonna eat more boiled potatoes instead of roasted after this video but seriously? Boiled tofu? Most vegetables don’t even taste good if they’re not seasoned or roasted. Sometimes I think this advice can lead to hypochondriacism. No ones gonna tell me that roasted potatoes with spinach and mushroom on a bed of white rice is gonna kill me compared to 3 Big Macs and a Coke.

  28. I’ll tell you why the baked potato is not dangerous. The only part of the potato that may be dangerous is the very outside because it gets the high heat. The inside of the potato is full of moisture which in turn steams from the inside. The potato is finished and fluffy at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefor it has never even reached above 212. Thank you

  29. Having a picture of nuts, tofu and chopped tomatoes makes it look like those are unhealthy foods. People see that who didn’t watch the video.


  31. People make it so difficult on themselves. Learn from your own experience. Learn what natural foods your own body needs. How much water you need. In my particular case I require Cacao and honey daily.

  32. A lot of the fake meats, like oumph and beyond burger end up having burnt crispy bits, which make them taste nice. Although the main part of the food is protein, the flavorings are sugar and this is what I think is burning. Does this mean these fake meats are really bad for you if they require you to cook them until parts of them are burnt, black in places.

  33. Thank you, I highly respect Doctor

    Greger's work and appreciate your presentations with the zippy red bus !

  34. AGE levels in food don't correspond to AGE levels in the body. Only the smallest AGEs can pass through the gut from food. Vegetarians actually have higher levels of AGEs than omnivores. Could be because AGEs form when sugar combines protein in the Malliard reaction, the same thing that causes bread to brown, and vegetarians eat far more fruit, leading to more sugar in the blood generally.

  35. Sponsored by the dairy industry.
    "Kids, don't drink almond milk! Drink cow tits juice instead, you'll get man boobs! Every one loves BOOBS!"

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