The European Cake Cookbook

The European Cake Cookbook

hi everyone and welcome back to my kitchen today have a very special episode for you I won't be sharing your recipe but I will be sharing the next best thing little sneak preview of my brand new cookbook the European Cake cookbook which is hitting stores everywhere March 13th now if you haven't pre-ordered this book yet what are you waiting for just head down it to my video description box I've left a link there that you guys can pre-order it and be the very first one to get it when it comes out I love that my European cake cookbook is so unique and it's completely different than any other book that's out there on the market today this collection of recipes is just phenomenal and handpicked each and every one of the 65 recipes to really highlight and emphasize the flavors of each region to bring out those traditional flavors to create new and inspired recipes I love using the French butter creams whipped cream frosting almond flour sponge cakes rich and decadent chocolate cakes creamy ricotta cheese cakes you name it this book has something for everybody for every occasion and for every day let's jump right into my book and take a peek what it looks like on the inside starts out with a simple introduction and then we dive right into the chapters the book is divided into six chapters starting with Eastern Europe my home region you have delicious Eastern European Ukrainian and Russian desserts what I love about this book and I know you guys will love it and appreciate it too is that it has a really great mix of those extravagant special occasion cakes like this peach seafood cake alongside those simple everyday cakes that you can enjoy with your cup of coffee we have things like birds milk thought which is incredible if you have it you know what I'm talking about and those complex extravagant cakes are accompanied by simple everyday cakes like this Victorian sponge cake filled with raspberry preserves and a simple Chantilly cream this sticky chocolate cake topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream this Italian coconut cream cake made with light as air cake layers and equally light and fluffy frosting my Western Europe chapter is filled with incredible cakes such as this lemon raspberry macaron cake what I love about this book is all the different combinations of techniques and recipes and flavors such as this lemon lavender blackberry cake you have those French flavors of the lavender in the blackberry and we have a French buttercream it's not as sweet as an American buttercream but it's so silky smooth and you guys are going to love it and of course this chapter wouldn't be complete without a few decadent crepe cakes like this strawberries and cream cake and I've a whole chapter dedicated to southern Europe those creamy ricotta cheese cheesecakes and citrus flavored cakes it's packed full of citrus flavored cake such as this lemon meringue cake and of course some cheesecakes now these are not your standard cheesecakes these are made with mascarpone and ricotta cheese they're super fluffy and creamy they're not as dense as the American version of cheesecakes but there's absolutely delicious you guys are going to love them and moving on to Central Europe if you love rich and diligent and chocolaty desserts this chapter is for you this prune chocolate and walnut cake is phenomenal you're going to love the flavor of the frosting the strawberry Swiss roll is also incredible it looks like a piece of candy and you want to eat it right away and moving on to Northern Europe then my northern treats chapter is filled with simple everyday recipes such as this lemon blueberry cake buttery pancakes and just delicious coffee cakes to have with your coffee in the morning now I am just beyond excited about this book it just came out even better than I could ever imagine if you've been following my channel for a while you know that it's just a childhood dream mine to have my very own cookbook and putting this one together was an incredible amount of work but I love to every single second of it and I can't wait for you guys to see it this book will have 65 all-new never before published recipes that you guys are going to fall head-over-heels in love with if you're ready to dive in and enjoy the world of European cakes make sure you preorder this book today it's coming out March 13th you pre-order you'll just get it that much faster and I would love to see your guys's creations once you get the book post them on Instagram and Facebook you can hashtag with Tatiana's everyday food I am so so excited to see what you guys create out of my book and once the book comes out I'll be coming out with a few video recipes of the cakes from this book hope you guys have enjoyed this little sneak preview and I'll see you next time

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  1. Our Facebook group, The Cake Slice Bakers chose this as our new baking book for the coming year. We can't wait to get started!

  2. ‏Dear Tatyana
    ‏ I would like to inform you that I am under the establishment of a new book and the reason behind part of my success is (you)
    ‏Behind every video you do .. I encourage to achieve a goal in my life ..
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  3. Hey Tatyana
    I got my book today down here in Perth Western Australia
    I love it I've waited since September last year
    Am soo excited can't wait to use it shame I can't get you to sign it

  4. Awe, this is so great. I love your recipes because they are unique. You have your own style and it’s beautiful. Congratulations on your accomplishments. 🎉

  5. I started to watch the channel when I was 23 and I haven’t seen it for long. I’m excited that this channel still exist. Now you are like a lady instead of a girl, and I became more mature too.

  6. Amazing cookbook, there are a lot of inspiring cake recipes! Congratulation dear Tatyana, I wish you all the best, you deserve it! <3

  7. HI. I love baking so I am glad that I find your channel. I gonna try all your cakes. I love European cakes. Maybe you gonna bake some Polish cake? I can't wait when I will get your book.

  8. Will your book be available in Germany, too? 🙂 and if it is, are the ingredients converted to grams and millilitres? 🙂 I would LOVE to buy the book if it is! 😍

  9. Congratulations on your new book. The first of many to come! Ms. Tatyana I’m in desperate need to find where I can purchase one of those sticks as I called then the ones that comes in Birthday cakes sayin happy birthday, happy thanksgiving, well you get it I have seen a tutorial and she has a made to order one like if you need a specific name or wordings you can purchase it the thing is I can’t remember were I seen it, so if you happen to know of someone or where I can buy it from please let me know I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you

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