Do fine in the restaurant a bit of rice and chopsticks? Oh That is so good, I’m a rice girl hands down My dad’s family. I’m from the Carolinas north and south so, um you Have some yum-yum sauce. I got this from In Japan located in Eastern, Maryland. They have my favorite favorite yum yum sauce, so I always have On my rice I always have yum yum sauce How about yet home honey, how about yet Wow, I am so happy about this Premium Yeah, mm-hmm Hi Aunt Lula! Just like the steakhouse I’m telling you Y’all gotta try it How are you guys doing today? Hi Aunt Lula! Always hope and pray all is well with you Mmm Use only one egg I don’t I Don’t eat eggs because they don’t like me I Chopped it up as fine as I could Believe it or not guys Asian American cuisine is probably in my top three favorite cuisines to eat. I Love it Of course soul food of course soul food As well as Mexican American Glory One share some when you guys like Hmm growing up I Was raised on Christian background strong Christian background my father’s a minister he’s a bishop Pulling up I was raised on corset music Um better known as traditional gospel music and where my family Every Sunday Every time you check you got into the car. Daddy’s blasting his quartet gospel music. I was raised on Some singers like The Dixie hummingbirds really Neil the gospel keynotes the Mighty Clouds of Joy And now doc Mackenzie of Canton spirituals. I speak huge huge huge fans of the singing disciples out of Baltimore Maryland huge fans Um I’ve just grown to love and appreciate the music now that I’m older Versus when I was younger because to me all I thought they did a whole bunch of scream and holler. Yeah Yes a hollering for All this cleared you like No, I mean my dad he has a group he has a singing gospel group Most of his gigs are locally and he’s been even been on the stages with Artists like Shirley Caesar and James Cleveland, you know, so When it comes to quartet music and he knows In traditional gospel music he knows his history liable Uncle listen to him talk for hours and hours about traditional gospel music It has a huge impact on my family On both sides of my family my mom. Oh my god So I typically go to a lot of The UM quartet singing And the southern regions of southern southern region regions of the United States Typically the the Carolinas north and south as well as Georgia different parts of Virginia in DC Of course in different areas of Maryland, um Now women have Had a huge impact on traditional gospel music, you know, then we had the Clark Sisters I Think they have a movie coming out soon. And then now we have artists like Lisa Knowles and her family Glorified who have I mentioned in a video before Blessed one of my favorite favorite female quartet groups. I mean so many So so so many I mean I enjoyed the Suwannee quintet I am there’s so many artists out there with traditional gospel music and Like I said, I’ve just grown to appreciate it, I don’t know are any of you or take heads we call quartet hazing I know There’s all of fátima gospel So I take many trips down south To go a lotta to this thing in program. So if you see me, say hello Please say hello because I enjoy going I love love love love. Love quartet music No money third Friday, I love LM a I’m just good another quartet any time And um, I love R&B music I just love the music period I just love the music it just has different emotions To bring forth different emotions Mm-hmm No, really big subject today guys, I just And they’re so happy with how this turned out, I’m so happy Just so good that’s right Just know that with hibachi Simplicity is the key simple ingredients good food, fresh food And at the end of it it’ll be I Don’t know what that was dunno glasses what just isn’t dirty Mmm Ciao Mmm, I am so so happy how this turned out so happy some Let’s try best. Try must try If you are new to this channel, welcome, welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to the channel I’m so excited you decide to be a part of the family. Thank you So so so so so much your support means so much to me so much to me. I think you brought the love That you all have shown me hope subscribers new subscribers Thank you, thank you thank you and um, that’s all I have to say anything else I mention I thought it was something else I had to mention but um, oh I’ll be in Birmingham I’ll be in Birmingham Alabama on Wednesday and Thursday of It be the 22nd I’ll be there 22nd and the 23rd and 24th and in Birmingham, Alabama So I’m gonna find like a location maybe I can go to a mall name of a mall and I’m Birmingham out of the amount that where I’m gonna be So that’ll be on um, Wednesday and a Thursday so I’m gonna try to try to own just sneak out maybe for like an hour Um, cuz I’m gonna go just do some quartet music. Yeah, and I’m gonna sneak out for like an hour to go meet and say hello some of you you not I mean So, please please please try to come out and say hi But I figure I’ll post I’ll send a post to the community section and I also posted on on Instagram I think this upload is gonna be on Sunday, I think Sunday, I’m gonna upload this. So on the 22nd is a Wednesday, so I’ll probably either be the 23rd 24th that Thursday and Friday where I’ll probably reach out and go to the mall Of course probably be during the day and I maybe work go to school but if you have time don’t buy I Probably can meet you in a food court for about an hour. So Come out. I love you guys so much. I see my next video. Peace


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