Thailand’s Original Fake Meat — Straight from the Source | โปรตีนเกษตร ไทยคิด ไทยทำ ไทยกิน (อร่อย)

In the global power-play of the food industry,
we are usually moving forward. New big things to eat, latest food trends to catch, hottest
locations to be – all guided by the social media. But still, in the urgent time that we need
to rethink and relive with our food chain in direct connection to the environment, our
choices can help mitigate potential catastrophe. And ironically, when it comes to saving the
world, we don’t need anything fancy at all. In fact, after trying many of the new high-tech
meat substitutes, my mind turned to the one and only ‘Protein Kaset,’ scientifically
known as ‘Textured Vegetable Protein,’ developed over half a century ago at the Food
Institute of Kasetsart University and has become a go-to staple for those wanting to
skip meat in Thailand and the region ever since. Protein Kaset or the textured vegetable protein
might not be the newest and latest food item on the planet, but it is one of the most straightforward.
From soy flour to the bouncy bites. The rest is all your creation. Make them into whatever
you want it to be. And you too can have a delicious, low-carbon meal.

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