TEDxBrainport 2011 – Mark Post – Meet the new meat

TEDxBrainport 2011 – Mark Post – Meet the new meat

Translator: Michele Gianella
Reviewer: Tatjana Jevdjic [Enlighten your brain] [Mark Post – Meet the new meat] (Applause) The introduction by Bert [Meijer] was actually, in many ways, wonderful,
because I’m going to take you back for a much simpler question –
Whether we can make meat in the laboratory. You will immediately say, “Yuck.” And that’s the response of many people.
Well, I’ll try to convince you that it’s actually required to do so if Bert has not already done that job for me. Here are all sorts of imaginary names: Frankenburger, Lab Chops, Petri‑Pork, but in fact it’s really required
to start working on this principle. Because now we use pigs and cows,
and they are very inefficient in converting edible vegetable proteins
into edible animal proteins. We all eat meat,
and we continue to eat meat. In fact, the World Health Organization
has estimated that by 2050, the meat consumption will have doubled. That’s primarily from other nations. Right now, we’re already using 70%
of our arable lands for meat production through livestock. So you can do the math very easily:
that’s not sustainable. The other reason why we want to get rid
of the livestock is that it is environmentally very cumbersome: cows produce 39% of the methane,
one of the greenhouse gases, and together the livestock produces about 40%
of all our greenhouse gases. Which has sort of led to the expression that a meat‑eater with a bicycle is actually much more
environmentally unfriendly than a vegetarian with a Hummer.
(Laughter) (Applause) There’s another reason,
a number of other reasons why you want to get rid of the livestock. That’s because we all know,
that it’s – that the bio‑industry
is sort of animal-unfriendly: these are these calves that have no space,
have no sunlight, because their flesh needs to be white, because we export it to Italy
and they want white veal. And the fourth reason is that
there are zoonoses – we all know that, hearing this earlier. You have Q fever,
that’s one good example, and it’s a result of intense herding
in the bio‑industry. The concept is actually very simple. We don’t make life, we already use life – a cell, a stem cell,
from the muscle of an animal. You have many stem cells,
and also we have many stem cells in our muscle. You can actually take them out of a muscle and you can grow meat from it
in the laboratory. These cells, since they are stem cells, dedicated to become muscle, nothing else,
they proliferate. So, from one cell, right now,
we can make a million, and sometimes a billion. And those cells in the lab,
more or less by themselves, start to become a skeletal muscle tissue,
which is the basis for meat. So it’s actually a very, very simple concept. Here, you see that cell
growing out of a muscle fiber, and right now it can undergo 20 doublings. So, we can make –
and actually this work is also done at the University in Eindhoven –
we can make strips of muscle. Can you repeat that one?
We can make strips of muscle out of this, and we can actually, it starts to move. And we can electrically stimulate it, and it starts to move even more vigorously. Of course, that’s at some point required. We start with these
very simple strips of scaffold: Wim van Hanegem called it ‘Heugaveld-tapijt’
(Heugafelt carpet). We grow skeletal muscle on those strips,
so that you get a 3D structure. And of course, this doesn’t come for free. You need to add sugars,
and proteins, and fatty acids. But the thing is, you can play with it. You can make it much more efficient
than a cow or a pig can do. So we can increase the efficiency
of this process, and that’s where our gain actually is. And we potentially also could tweak the feeding of these cells in a way
that it becomes a more healthy product. Or we can use algae soup,
as Bert has pointed out. The sun, together with some
nitrogen and CO2 – we take CO2 out of the air –
through a process called photosynthesis produces sugars and eventual proteins. We can make a mix of that
and give it to the skeletal muscle. We also need to condition
that meat to make it more firm, so it stretches, we stretch our muscles,
that’s healthy, and it beefs up the muscle,
and we can also electrically zap it to produce strength.
It’s called the gym in the laboratory. We have other tissues than skeletal muscle,
we can also make those. We can make bones, no problem. And eventually we will envision,
this is an artist’s rendition, of course, that we have a production of meat
around these center bones, and a circulating system around it. This would be the entire factory,
with an algae pool, and a cell culture system, and all these units
where these are being produced. We did some life‑cycle analyses,
and it shows that we can – with all sorts of assumptions – that we can reduce
land, water and energy consumption and this is what it eventually would look like and of course, it also relieves our conscience
when we eat meat. Finally, there are a number of challenges
which I will go through. It’s not ready yet, but finally,
the problem will be, what is the remaining role
of the domestic animals? I’m sure you can agree with me that this is a much better state of being
than on a barbecue. Thank you very much.
(Laugter) (Applause)

75 thoughts on “TEDxBrainport 2011 – Mark Post – Meet the new meat

  1. Hey, if it looks like beef, smells like beef, tastes like beef and is genetically identical to beef, it's beef. 😛

  2. Nerdfighter
    I dont find this disgusting at all, especially considering current intensive world farming
    we need more meat to feed the growing population
    so by all means i dont mind eating lab grown meat

  3. I'm a Vegetarian and I don't know if I would eat the meat produced. I mean, it's not from an animal but it's still…well, meat.

    The problem I can see with this straight away is price. I'm sure if everyone converted this could be made more efficient. However, that would be a very difficult task I'm sure.

    I do think it's a very good idea though.

  4. im not sure why but my first thought wasn't "yuck"…it was that this will somehow lead to a zombie apocalypse and yes im a vegetarian nerdfighter :3 kinda(sometimes my parents force me cause they think im too weak…)

  5. …I thought of this a while ago. I even pitched it to my friend, I had no idea this is being researched. I'm so excited, I'd eat Lab meat for sure.

  6. @TheZebbyzeb Well they will still breed themselves. We could free them into their natural habitats where they can bred like any other normal animal species. At least that's what I would think.

  7. @TypicalUsername1 No, they are a domestic species and although they might survive in the wild it could be an ecological disaster. American Bullfrog in Australia kind of thing.

  8. @katmanbegins Yeah I'm not sure I'd eat it too. Ten years of no meat, I'm not sure I really want to start eating it again.

  9. The reason my first reaction was not favorable is because the first thing I think of when I think of anything growing in a laboratory is bacteria growing on petri dishes. But that's just a first reaction, I am certain the lab meat would be just as edible as farm-grown meat. It just might take me a few before I get used to the idea.

  10. It's tradic that we actually have to do this because of our love for meat and our lack of interest for our enviroment and animals. If we would care more about our earth, we wouldn't need to do this. But still, it's good to know that soon we will be able to. As long as we love meat, we'll need this kind of stuff.

  11. Really, really fascinating. I don't think I'd have a problem with it. But now I'm wondering if a person who can't eat meat for religious reasons would be able to eat artificially made meat…hmm…

  12. This seems like a good idea from an entirely logical standpoint, but what about ethically? Is it right for scientists to create muscles and fat artificially? What are the implications if this can be done with human muscle? Definately interesting and worth serious thought.

  13. If artificial meat does become the norm, understandably a big "if," an interesting effect might be first the decrease in mass production meat farms and possibly an increase in the natural and humane raising of animals because natural meat may be become the delicacy of only the rich and thus it will be quality over quantity in that situation.

  14. Notice this: This video was up for 1.5 weeks before it was referenced in Hank's video. At that point, views, comments, favorites, etc. shot up. Just look at statistics! Nerdfighters FTW! Thumb this to put it to the top, let more people see it, and make Nerdfighters!

  15. You can be sure the SICK people pushing this agenda will be eating the finest Aberdeen Angus beef, Norfolk turkey and every other top quality meat available.
    WE will be made to consume this manufactured crap.
    Time to stop the psycho scientists.

  16. I really hope that this meat will NEVER replace the normal meat. I am a dairy farmer and if that ever happens my whole life and passion WILL be over.

    This makes me want to cry. I HATE THIS.

  17. Is this some kind of joke?
    Did you not hear the estimate?
    Meat consumption will double by 2050. There will be people starving and all you care about is YOUR life and passion?
    Secondly who said ALL meat will be replaced? If this new meat is cheap for the extra population, people with your mentality might actually pay higher for "normal meat".

  18. My friend this is the life and passion of every farmer it's not just me. Simply because something is ''inefficient'' is plain ignorance at the benefits raising cattle does and what grass fed cattle can do for the environment. Some people just see us as villains, when many of us work our buts off to make an honest living. The real villains are the oil corporations, who want to destroy the earth.

  19. It's like you didn't read what i said.
    You're not a 'villain' because of what you do.
    And when the hell did i say anything about oil companies?
    I'm saying that you cannot produce enough for the increased population around the world.
    If you're talking about some local or country specific market in the US, then fine. Don't expect people in Asia or elsewhere with high birth rates to want to buy your stuff.

  20. And what benefits do you refer to? the shit the cattle produce?
    look if you really feel that new developments threaten one persons "passion", while they can help many others, take your sob stories to your local church. they love that kind of shit.

  21. I'm not saying that you are see us as a villain but some people see us that way. And yes I did read what you said. Well even if they can help people who are dying of hunger, what if it destroys others? I think that their should be a balance so that that type of meat doesn't replace us farmers. Technology is great, but we can't forget from the types of places we came from and our culture.

  22. Also search this in google, Cows could help in fight against climate change, that will answer your benefits question.

  23. you can't, why? some kind of sentimental value?
    Look, it wont destroy you; I can not see a future where people in the US all switch over to artificial meat. the problem is in countries with higher birth rates, not the US.
    and the number of people saved would be greater than the number of farmers around.
    either way, it isn't likely that a lot of people who can afford to stick with 'real' meat would switch over to the artificial kind.
    I know I wouldn't.

  24. Of course sentimental value counts. I mean if we aren't happy then life is pointless. Thanks for understanding

  25. I am looking forward to buy it. I have tried many times to become vegan, and stopped as I became anemic. I wish I could eat meat without the killing.

  26. But I would not eat synthetic meat that has also been genetically modified. I have read the papers regarding Monsanto's transgenic corn and its carcinogenic effects on mice.

  27. they probely could, my dad (the guy in video, not kidding) is also working with the same method on the human body, so probebly somewhere in the future, yes.

  28. Human beings are completely nuts. I hope we become extinct soon. Why not to embrace Nature, leave animals alone and accept the fact that we are vegetarian animals as the great apes we are?

  29. sorry we are no vegetarians and would have been extincted since long without eating meat. especially my tribe(s), rooted in northern lands, here no fruits grow in your mouth the whole year long, we couldn't have survived without meat.
    but that shouldn't mean it's still necessary, i just don't like if it's told we "great apes" are vegetarians by nature.
    neither i like to be second class only because i eat meat, wether physically nor mentally i'm 2nd class.

  30. what we are is labelled as "Omnivor", we eat "everything", just like the pigs.
    a cow is a "Herbivor",
    and the nice cat as my avatar a "Carnivor".
    would you like tell the cat now to stop hunting?

  31. How far is it to soylent-which colour ever?
    How can i trust a description made from "x",
    If we use already Human hair to earn "denaturated eggwhite"?
    Is that on the nutritional info printed: "this bun contains human hair"?
    Tomorrow i expect "2022" get's reality, we will eat cadaver.
    Nicely packed and described as "healthy food made of alginate".
    What's the Goal of this, we have food enough, it's only in the "wrong" stable,
    much gets wasted instead to be eaten.

  32. neither i understand why you wish we would extinct?
    that's what the cat is so angry about on that little picture left of the post.
    we are UNIQUE, only we can argue about that, only we can compose, paint, write essays and prosa, no other creature can do this.
    only we can describe our universe (and i mean universe in it's latin meaning)
    one could say without us the universe didn't exists, because there is no one who can get excited about it.

  33. hmmm… my dear, but he's not completely wrong.
    in a world where the highest goal is profit, sorry i can't trust nobody. of course you will, he's your dad.
    true is even the scenario he described, you know it prob. "soylent green". it's a horrible scenario and who can grant me it won't come this way? we, the lower class will eat cadaver, while the upper class will use up the last resources?
    i know, it's "in vitro" and not made of cadaver, but tell me please who can grant this?

  34. Something to cheer you up:
    "Diet Steakette: it's Bad" (e2/frontier)
    "Now, even more Bad!" (pioneer space sim)
    thanks D.B. and tomm
    us totally sci-fi addicted, we certainly know the dangers…

  35. furtunately i can go to a shepherd and buy half a sheep if i like to.
    i don't need any of what is needed for your "system", neither money, because there is the opportunity to pay it with labour.
    but of course it would mean some will make no profit and have no "easy job" that's "evil".
    i'm a craftsman, farmers and craftsmen (that's no easy living) don't need you, you need us.
    because without us, no money to earn, no cosy place for you.
    sometimes i wish i could take back what i builded.

  36. ever drank a cup of milk directly from the udder?
    if not, you really missed something in life.
    most will say it tastes horrible, we already didn't know anymore how that stuff should taste for real.
    while our famous nestlé (i'm swiss) is replacing milk with tard.
    butter replaced with hardened plant oil, which hardeners clearly are worse as all the cholesterine in the butter.
    "Yoghurt" (so called) made from starch and water, i applied this on textiles, it's no food.
    it's not for good only for $

  37. yep, to give a old already "should be long dead" who can pay this a longer life, no?
    certainly it won't be for the child who lost his leg because of a mine in a war somewhere in this rotten world! because this child can't pay enough for it. no this child, how important his life may have ever become, won't have a chance.
    we should work to change this and not produce artificial meat (or grow limbs or organs for a elite) only for more and more profit.
    but well that would mean to do real WORK!

  38. Wel it could be in the local supermarket in 10-20 years. And it'll have the same price, probably cheaper. Atleast give it a try when you get the chance?

  39. i guess not as long as i can choose between this and meat where i can tell the farmer by it's name.
    most of all i wonder how you will let it taste like the real thing. meat i buy in the supermarket already doesn't tastes of meat. meat i buy at the local market, every farmers meat tastes somewhat different. it's better to eat only once a weak meat but therefore tasting meat. real cheese smells ugly and chicken should smell of "dead bird", no joke.

  40. Wel, the process itself is very easy, you take the cells, grow them, multiply them, grow them some more and shape them into a burger without killing the cow. It's, at the end of the process, actual meat. Only grown outside the cow, and if you want my opninion. It tasted like meatloaf, close enough. Which is why my dad is going to start more project to improve the burger, we'll see how it tastes then:P

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