25 thoughts on “Taxpayer Subsidies for Unhealthy Foods

  1. Let's TAX BACON, ICE CREAM, HEAVY CREAM, Steams, pork, eggs, etc.  Typical lib/dem/prog crap.  moose kakes', aka the chief of the food police will love you.

  2. "Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." – Ronald Reagan, Remarks to the White House Conference on Small Business (August 15, 1986)

  3. The ≈$20B subsidy for corn and soy fed to chickens and pigs (while people go hungry) is really just one of the ways that politicians say they're "doing something" to "help America's hard-working farmers" with farm subsidies. But really, they're just funnelling money through farmers to subsidize Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, and other "life science" companies that supply GMO corn, GMO soy, and the toxic petro-chemicals that are sprayed onto them.

    Follow the money… It only passes through the hands of farmers.

    Imagine what could be done if that money was spent not only supporting healthy organic whole foods, but also sustainable organic farming practices.

  4. Im not optimistic that change will happen before a scarier tipping point.
    I brought up the last video (on arsenic in chicken )on a forum and all hell broke loose. People would rather DIE than limit junk and meat.
    How DARE I spread information that would potentially limit the diets of anyone that would  humor the part it plays in their own health crisis.

  5. When broccoli costs 3 times what chicken costs, you know the fix is in.  Meat needs to become more of a condiment to the meal instead of the focus, like in Chinese food.  As for corn and soy, 95% is GMO, the FDA's food safety tzar was a Monsanto V.P., and that is what the animals eat.  Food is political.

  6. Although we see it often, the "taxation and subsidization" solution this video suggests is difficult to achieve. We're talking about directly violating the WTO's international policies/treaties. If States provide companies or industries with subsidies or restrict the sale of unwanted products, it would give those particular industries a competitive advantage. Now this has international implications. 1) Many Third-World producers would not be able to compete in the US market, 2) Possible trade war with other countries, and 3) Disadvantages industries could actually take the State to court and demand compensation for lost revenue. Either way, these policies will piss off a lot of people.

    Note – Sure there are provisions that permit subsidies or policies that inhibit trade if it is linked to societal health and wellbeing, but the International courts can be tricky. I don't agree with this system, and I would argue it directly conflicts with our human needs and development, but the WTO's agenda is clear. Reduce NTBs.  


  8. This just makes me sick, and don't think it does not take over huge parts of the honest economy.  This bad money goes and gobbles up any good corporations that are left turning everything to poop – and it's poop that is not even good for fertilizer too.

  9. Now you hit the nail on the head on this. 
    Even if Big Farm is about making money, it ends up making no economic sense at all. 
    Great video. 

  10. Great video! We have spoken many times about how absurd it is that the American tax payers are funding both the cure and the cause of our disease epidemics. On one side we are subsidizing the crops and practices that are making us sick, and on the other we are spending money on public health initiatives to try and fight it. Isn't that the American way! Sickening! 

  11. Wherever there is big money in this country there is corruption plain and simple. Everything comes back to greed.

  12. This is exactly what I need to share with those who don't believe the "Conspiracy Theory" that people and corporations would do things based on profitability at the expense of the health of the people.   I wonder how many people I could get to come to my house and watch this and other ire raising videos?  Let's find out! 

  13. I can't stand the pompous tone you have in your voice at all times, but what you say is incredibly interesting. 

  14. Did your taxes go this week to subsidize unhealthy foods? 

    Watch the video below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org:

  15. The "system" is so broken, changing the direction that money flows via subsidies won't fundamentally change anything. Incentives are distorted because the costs are externalized, and unseen costs remain hidden.

    Ultimately, what is needed is an admission from people that trying to solve complex social problems (such as what food should cost in the grocery store) is not done through pointing guns at people via taxation. This goes far beyond healthy foods, but it is worth considering here.

  16. Concentrated benefits and dispersed costs. No one has the time to go argue about paying $17.85 more in taxes annually, this is why we have subsidies for all sorts of things. Get rid of the subsidies, watch the relative cost of things go up, and people will choose what they value from their wallet. Remove health care funding and limit it to exclusively people who are born with disabilities, and people will HAVE to take responsibility for their health. Eat lots of carbohydrates, sedentary life style and obese? Too bad, die out.

  17. 'Big broccoli' doesn't exist because good ideas don't need coercion. The same is not true for the meat, egg, and dairy industries and their associating lobbies.

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