100 thoughts on “SZECHUAN Seafood EXTREME – INSANE Chinese Seafood TOUR in Chengdu, China – SPICY CHINESE SEAFOOD!!!

  1. So strange to see seafood is a thing in Cheng Du… it's like Kansas City having the biggest fish market in the States… like.. what..??

  2. I love your video, but OMG nonono!!!not Sichuan style Hairy Crab! We never eat it that way, they are so pricy, so fresh and so delicious it worthy only when you eat it steamed with some vinegar and ginger. They came from lakes and taste so different!! I am crying oh!!! you got the largest ones and you didn't try their natural flavor.

  3. 8:52 a little too graphic don't you think?????😵😵😵😜😜😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  4. I went to chongqing in china and got beaten up by the popcorn vendor near my appartment. I paid him less by accident and told him to keep the change and he knocked me out cold

  5. Drinking game every time he says Sichuan style take a shot you will be smashed in 3 mins also why does he talk with a Chinese accent when speaking English

  6. That's supposed to be under water. The world is not for you to chew and spit. That looks like an exotic animal and your acts of cruelty will be punished. Nothing is made for you, as you assume convniently; You are given a chance as human to be above, however you fail repeatedly, you will be born as many species that you kill, especially when you kill for taste. It is certain that it is not for health, it is only for taste that you kill these poor creatures. Go vegan, do penance.

  7. Trevor, I never liked spicey food but you are making me want to try it. Also, how can you eat so much food and not get fat? (A question probably asked by thousands of fans.)

  8. His reactions remind me of steve Erwin….. Hes the steve Erwin of eating. Ohhhhhhhh look at that….. The flesh. Yummy lil bugger

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  10. they have great logistics of having all those things ever far away from the sea. where I live we can barely have fresh fish even though living close to the sea =/

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