Swedish Torch/Stove Vertical Cooking: My Bushcraft Recipes

Swedish Torch/Stove Vertical Cooking: My Bushcraft Recipes

Hello friends this is Max Egorov and
you’re watching a video about an original outdoorsman dish that I
called a vertical shish kebab it is essentially a potato spiral with a
hotdog inside I cook different variations of the
vertical shish kabab dish in the video I have baked spiral potato skewers on a
traditional grill with great results but it was never quite as delicious as the
spiral potatoes shish kebab cooked in the vertical grill I’m sure by the time you
finish watching this video you will agree with me
we are going to need a vertical log stove to do the job there are over 10
different ways how you can assemble such a grill called
Finnish or Swedish log stove I’ve shown a few log stoves’ designs in my previous
videos about making fire carved log furniture you can either make crisscross
rib cuts in a log section like I did while making my logs stool or you can
make a primary cut for an oval hole with the tip of your chainsaw to make a round
hole you will need to drill a priming hole before starting a fire in it while
making my outdoorsmen fire carved furniture I could have easily cooked my
vertical shish kabab however preparing such log stoves is labor-intensive
requiring tools as well as having to find a large log section here I’m using
a Finnish Log Torch to heat up my tent I chopped a log section into three pieces
got rid of the core and clamped the pieces together into a wooden chimney using
my DIY clamper as you could see one would need a lot of time and a large section
of a dry wood to make such a grill I decided to simplify the preparation
process this time I was far away from my camp and didn’t have my chainsaw at hand It is tiresome to saw a large section of wood using a hand saw so I decided to
use a new approach instead we will need three small sections of wood to make a
simplified version of a vertical grill the best saw for the task is a bow saw
sometimes called a frame saw or a coping saw I already have the saw’s blade and
now I will assemble the frame I’ll use this bird cherry stick we will cut it
into three pieces: two blade supports and one spreader it is important to make the
spreader to be as long as a blade I made a few finishing touches to make
the improvised DIY bow saw look neat then I made two cuts in the blade
support pieces for the blade you can either split the end of the blade
support piece to make a slit to accept the blade or saw it both ways worked
fine but since I had a mini saw in my multi-tool I used it on one side
next I will assemble the frame using mortise and tenon joinery you can
simplify these joints by making simple butt joints but I wanted to make a
foldable frame saw so I took my time to make it right I will make mortise in the
side support piece and then shape a tenon on the spreader to make the
mortise I just drilled a small shallow hole with the tip of my knife to make a
tenon I used my mini saw and knife first I made a circular cut on the tip of the
spreader and then shaved the tenon with my knife otherwise a larger mortise can
weaken the blade support pieces and result in splitting them when you start
tightening the line please be careful with the knife not to hurt yourself and
not to remove too much wood in the mortise now the tenon goes snugly into
mortise it is important that the tenon should be shorter than the depth
of the mortise to prevent splitting of the blade support members this tried-and- proved joint will reliably hold the saw’s frame together following these
simple principles we will be able to apply more pressure on the blade support
members without fearing to crack them the higher the tension of the bow saw
blade within reason the better it will work we just need to tighten the bow saw’s line and it is ready for sawing logs considering I made my frame saw on-the-fly from materials I could find in the forest it is not bad and feels surprisingly good in my hand it’s been raining for the past 20 days and it will not be
easy to find dry firewood here for example this tree was soaked and I
didn’t even try to make fire with it my bow saw is very compact when folded I
wanted to show the assembly steps as you can see it only takes a few minutes
to get my bow so ready for work as for me I find primitive DIY tools
very attractive I don’t quite know what it is
perhaps the naturally curvy lines or the brutality of raw wood used to make it it
is worth mentioning here that the bow saw makes a very thin cut and produces
very little wooden shavings it is the most economical and productive among
traditional hand saws perhaps you’ve noticed that I’m sawing the log without
supporting it and my bow saw doesn’t get stuck in the cut this is an additional
bonus of the bow saw had you used the regular hacksaw it would have gotten
stuck in the log under pressure it took me a while to get ready for sawing
the log but now we will be moving fast I got three thin log sections and now
we’ll connect them with my DIY log dogs I’ve made them for a totally different
project and will keep it a secret for now
but since there weren’t any in the use at the moment I decided to use them for
my vertical grill assembly by the way if you decide to make such log dogs for a
vertical grill make them wider 20 to 25 cm will be ideal you’re going to need
six log dogs total the wider log dogs will be more comfortable to use and it
will make the grill more stable at the bottom now we’ll put 3 log sections
together leaving a small gap in the middle and we’ll connect them with six
log dogs three on the top and three at the bottom by using the bottom log dogs
I elevated the grill above the ground which will improve convection and will
not burn the grass while the fire is getting started and our grill is
reaching the right temperature it is time to prepare our potato I cut a crude
spiral on the skewered potato I happen to have a piece of pipe with me
and I decided to use it for cutting an opening for the hot dog in the potato
I saved the potato core for a later meal as you can’t afford to be wasteful while
living in the wilderness for a while if you don’t have a skewer any skinny stick
with one side tweak in the shape of a hook would do to cook my spiral potato
hot dog dish all you have to do is to debark the improvised skewer and push it
through the center of the hotdog it is important to center the hotdog on the
skewer so it will grill evenly later now you just slide the potato on the
skewered hotdog by now the improvised grill would have already burned red
embers on its inside and it’s hot enough to grill our vertical shish kabab I put
a stick on the log dogs to hang the skewer even heat distribution begins to
heat the hot dog which eventually progresses to fully cooking even with
the little fat in the hotdog the small amount that renders out saturates in the
potato from its side to add meaty flavor so essentially the potato gets both
baked and smoked while there is not much smoke it needed from the vertical grill
it is enough to give the dish a smoked flavor make sure that the distance
between the log sections are no less than 4 to 5 cm (2 inches) otherwise the grill
would have produced twice as much heat and the kebab would have cooked too
quickly on the outside leaving the inside raw the gaps also allow you to
view inside the grill to see the progression of cooking with this
vertical grill you can even cook large pieces of meat such as wild game now
that it’s done cooking we can taste the dish while I was making a bow saw and a vertical
grill I got hungry my bushmen shish kabab tasted like heaven I think this is
the best hot dog I’ve eaten in my life perhaps due to the beautiful surrounding
scenery and my hunger after laboring nevertheless the spiral potato tasted
even better with its smoky and meaty flavors only when I finished eating I
realized I should have suspended some sort of fatty meat atop the potato to
have made it even more tasty and meaty I did have some marinated meat a plant
to prepare after this shish kabob but after I ate the spiral potato instead I
just took two fatty pieces of meat to cook over the spiral potato and grilled
it up I spread the spiral potato evenly on the skewer and put the assembly into
the grill now you can probably see how the sizzling fat runs down the potato
as it cooks basting it with the meaty taste believe me
the smell of the cooking made my mouth water it is different from the smell of
regular shish kabobs cooked on traditional grills because those shish
kabobs dripped fat on the coals rather than self-basting friends it’s a pity I can’t share a piece
of this dish with each of you but I hope you can all recreate it along with me
I would recommend you to eat this dish with the fresh tomato trust me it is so
delicious and note I couldn’t be biased by my hunger when I ate the second shish
kabob because I already had a filled stomach from the first one the one fault
of this dish is it can result in gluttony because it is hard to stop
eating it which most likely will not help you lose weight before I finish
this video I wanted to mention a bonus of this grills design it virtually
leaves no marks on grass it didn’t burn the roots so the grass will regrow in a
couple of weeks here I just wanted to show you something
funky I’m gonna ignite smoke it ignites then it goes back to smoke and we can
just ignite it again and it keeps burning to summarize I’m pretty happy
with this vertical grill design but I’m sure you can make it even better than
mine for example I experimented with the new grille design using a few skewers to
vertically cook hot dogs and eggplants together if you have any experiences
with vertical grill designs or dishes I encourage you to share your ideas and
experiences with me in the comments section two heads are better than one if
you like this video and you want to help to make this channel successful please
hit the share button I would be most grateful lastly check out my other
videos if you want to see more content like this

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