Struggles Of Being A Freelancer | Feat. Shayan | BuzzFeed India

Struggles Of Being A Freelancer | Feat. Shayan | BuzzFeed India

Okay, great! Yeah, I’d love to work on this, man. Can we discuss my charges? Actually… we can’t “pay” pay you. But we have 20,000 followers on Instagram! Think of the exposure that you’ll get! Money is secondary. 20,000 people will see your face! Shayan, come here, beta. This is our new neighbour, Sudha aunty. That’s my son, Shayan. Hi Shayan! How are you? I’m good. What do you do, beta? I’m a graphic designer. Freelance. Oh. Freelance? I’m so sorry. Why? Economy is very bad, you see. Layoffs are happening everywhere. Oh, aunty, that’s not an issue. I have plenty of projects so I make a good amount of money. Oh, uh… what is my suggestion? Why don’t you join a call centre… until you get a real job? Yeah.. okay. I’ll join… Today only I’ll join. Hey, uh, listen. You know my cousin’s getting married, right? Do you want to do the wedding invites? Yeah, cool! I’ll send you a quote with my charges. What “quote” and all, yaar? It doesn’t have to be that fancy. Dude, it’s still a job, no? It’ll barely take you 5 minutes! Make something on Photoshop na. Dude… I don’t even know your sister. Guys, we’ll get our salary this week. Let’s go out for a drink! Yeah, let’s! It’s been so long. Somewhere new, please. I don’t want to sit at home. Yeah, it’s so boring – Shayan! Huh? Let’s go? Uh… I can’t this weekend, yaar. Let’s do it in, like, 20 business days? Hello? Hey! Everything looks great. Can you just make the logo a little bigger? Yeah, yeah, sure thing. I’ll just send that right away. Hello? Hey, this is perfect! But… can you change the font colour to blue? Yeah, sure. But that’s the only other change, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Great job! Great job! Okay, I’m on it. Hello? Hey! Uh, sorry to do this, but the logo looks too big now. Can you make it the original size? Yeah… just give me a minute. Hello? Good news! We decided that your first design looked great as it was, so we are just going with that one. That’s… uh, great. Shayan, beta, I’m going to the doctor now, okay? I’ve kept some money for the groceries in the kitchen, and the plumber is coming in 15 minutes. Supervise him! Don’t just sit in your room the whole time. So many errands, mom! I have work to do na. What work? You sit in your pajamas all day! I have a client call in half an hour. Tell your client to give you a real office! This is my workspace! Mom, just go, okay? I’ll be fine. Okay, bye. Bye. If you want some new concepts, I can have them ready for you by next week, and let’s take it forward from there. Yeah, I really like option 2 actually because, you know, like, I think the bold type, it kind of suits the brand. Shayan, we love all your ideas! Let’s do it. Okay, great, so let’s execute all of them then. Yes, of course! We don’t believe in compromises here. Amazing! So with the logo and poster designs, that should be about 50,000 bucks. Uh… our budget is 5,000. What can we get in 5,000? It was nice meeting you guys. Uh, wait! 5,000 plus exposure! Hey, anyway, listen. Did you think about taking up that project with my dad’s company? It’s a lot of money! Yeah, I don’t think so, man. I started freelancing so I wouldn’t have to do all the corporate stuff. You know, just do stuff I like, so don’t really wanna sell out. Alright, sure. Oh, shit… Hey, Aniket! What’s up? Uh… Listen… Is your dad still looking? For a designer? Shayan, you’re still sleeping? It’s 11 o’clock! Do some work! He just sleeps all day!

100 thoughts on “Struggles Of Being A Freelancer | Feat. Shayan | BuzzFeed India

  1. actually the freelance market has been going shit ever since people are working for less than minimum wages in the freelance projects. its better to have an actual job with freelance as a side income

  2. This is totally unrelated to this video. You guys are buzzfeed so can we have indian actors read thirst tweets. (Vicky Kaushal pls)

  3. That is so true, as I started as a freelancer myself and couldn't survive like that. I gave a shot for 5 years, but now can't so started a small business recently. Freelancing can be financially so restraining and stressful, especially with clients want to give yo so much work, but no $$$

  4. OMG! Being a Freelance Photographer, I related to every scene of this video 😭 My real life depicted so well, I might just break down now!!!!

  5. Honestly its boring guys. It might be a really high time to change your Cast or Host whatever you call it. These guys so annoying bcoz of that you are not getting any views lately. Especially the Shayan guy is too much. Bring some new blood to your channel and i really hope everything change soon..

  6. Freelancer life sucks! Ask for money and clients give you dirty looks like they are doing you a favor! On top of that they expect result after result in a single day. They want you to be professional but themselves don't know the meaning of it lol

  7. So relatable.
    Even 1.5 years ➕ experience in Content Writing and still people aren't ready to pay more than 30 paise per word.
    The hardwork, the thinking of ideas, the stress of deadlines, the repeated charging cycles of the laptop, reworks / redo, are worth not more than 30 paise.
    I wish the employers could understand that in 30 paise not even a drop of water comes. I'm not surprised that a word/text/image worth to them is 30 paise, a word/image/text which takes several minutes to think of. Our intelligence, our talent is nothing but 0.30 paise…..

  8. Thanks this vdo came right on time..I was thinking abt becoming free lancer after ma graduation but I'll prefer a job rather than freelancing..

  9. I can relate to this! The problem is, people in India never understand that freelancing is also a job. Having said that, not sure if there is a freelancer who is properly paid, as promised well in time.

  10. 4:51 ….. 11 hours of graphic design (logo &poster) work without even touching the trackpad or mouse….. do share these shortcuts… I might be missing some these hacks!.. .. ek bar graphic designer ko puch he lete guys!… and I missed shayan mom…. keep going shayan ✌🏻

  11. For everyone who thinks freelancers have no future, I started as a freelancer and now own an eCommerce based website and a tech blog with a global audience. Don't let these aunties and uncles tell you what you need to do with your life when they have absolutely no clue about freelancing. We are our own bosses and stand a better chance at achieving our goals than others.

  12. You forgot to add the part where people ask how much you earn even though I have never heard anyone ask that question to a person in a regular job. Just because I am a freelancer doesn't mean it's any less impolite!

  13. Kaun sa graphic designer khali touchpad se kaam kr leta hai. Agr aap mein se koi bhi bina mouse ya drawing tablet great designs bnate ho, then take a bow.

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