Sticky Garlic Pork Chops – Food Wishes – Garlic Pork Chop Recipe

Sticky Garlic Pork Chops – Food Wishes – Garlic Pork Chop Recipe

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with sticky garlic pork chops that’s right it’s been quite a while
since we posted a pork chops recipe i think to be honest at this point they
sorta all blur together but i believe it’s been a while
and it’s not like i’ve been holding out on purpose i was just waiting for
something extra special which this truly is and when you consider the amount of
deliciousness you’re gonna be enjoying after making this other than chopping up
some garlic there’s virtually no work involved here so with that let’s go
ahead and get started and first up we’re gonna prep our sauce which by the way is
also our marinade so into this bowl I’m going to add some brown sugar and by the
way have we have forgotten an answer from brown sugar on how come it tastes
so good I don’t think so but anyway besides some light brown sugar we’re
also going to need 6 or 7 cloves of crushed or very very finely chopped
garlic we will also want to pour in some rice vinegar as well as the exotic and
odd smelling Asian fish sauce which as they say smells like hell tastes like
heaven in hell is a little strong it probably smells more like purgatory and
then we will also add a little splash of soy sauce as well as one plop of ketchup
which is a new unit of measure I’m trying out the plop and then we’ll go
ahead and finish this off with some freshly ground black pepper as well as a
little squirt of hot sauce and we’ll go ahead and take a whisk and give this a
mix and by the way if you want to add Cayenne go ahead I did because of the
sriracha but of course that’s up to you you are after all the moms and pops of
your sticky garlic pork chops so if you want to shake a little in go ahead but
anyway we’re gonna give that a mix at which point I’m going to pour about half
of that into this baking dish in which I’ll be marinating my pork chops which
are going to look a little something like this so what I have here are two
thick cut pork chops those go about twelve ounces each and these are bone-in
by the way but this will work regardless and then what we’ll do is pour the rest
of our sauce slash marinade over the top and we’ll sort of toss those around
until they’re well coated and yes of course you can do this in a zip-top bag
but one of my new year’s resolutions with
to try to waste less of those so I’m just gonna go ahead and do them in this
dish and then once those are set what we’ll do is wrap that up and transfer
them into the fridge for about one to two hours all right a little longer is
probably okay but I would say one or two hours is the minimum and if you are
gonna marinate it in a dish like this what I like to do is pull it out and
give those a flip every half hour or so which may or may not be important but I
try to remember to do it anyway because it just feels right but anyway I let my
marinade for about an hour and a half tossing occasionally at which point the
ready to unwrap and prepare for the pan and all that means is we’re gonna pull
them out of this marinade and sort of scrape off the excess and please
whatever you do do not discard it we’re gonna use that to make the sauce in fact
that is the sauce so we’ll go ahead and remove those chops to plate and as I
said we’ll scrape off any excess sauce and garlic and once that’s that we can
head to the stove and start cooking these up and I’m gonna be doing that in
this nonstick skillet into which I’ve added about a teaspoon of vegetable oil
and with our heat set to medium we’ll go ahead and place in our chops and the
reason we’re doing these on medium is because there’s so much sugar in the
sauce we do want it to over caramelize and get to to black all right we just
want a little bit of black so what we’ll do is cook these for about five minutes
per side on medium and then if need be we’ll finish them the rest of the way in
the sauce so I gave that first side about five minutes and then went ahead
and flipped them over and as you can see we have some beautiful caramelization
happening and by the way if you’re new to cooking caramelization is just a
fancy term chefs use for burning things on purpose and believe it or not that’s
exactly how we want this to look so we’ll do five minutes on one side and
then about five minutes on the other and at that point these should be close but
not quite cooked which is exactly what we want to have happen and feel free to
use a thermometer but for me the poke test works pretty good and it’s very
similar to cook it a chicken breast okay when it goes from soft and mushy to kind
of firm and springing back to the touch you know you’re pretty close and then
what we’ll do after about five minutes per side on medium is remove those to a
plate to rest at which point we’ll go ahead and take a spatula and scrape all
that marinade into the pan where you’ll see it’ll transition into a sauce
which is really more of a glaze and then once that’s been added what we’ll do is
raise our heat to medium-high and reduce this down until it’s thick and sticky
which is only gonna take a couple minutes and you’ll be the one to decide
exactly how far to go but as a visual guide I’m and let you see how far I went
which was this far and then what we’ll do once we’ve decided that’s reduced
enough is transfer our pork chops back in along with of course any and all
accumulated juices and then our endgame here is to reduce our heat to medium-low
and simply cook these pork chops in that sauce turning and basting occasionally
until they’re cooked exactly how we want it for me I’m gonna shoot for an
internal temp of about 140 to 145 which is generally lower than a lot of pork
cooking guides give but I’m fine with that there’s nothing worse than dry
overcooked pork and it’s really not a problem that there’s a little touch of
pink left in the meat all right just a little but anyway like I said we’ll go
ahead and finish on medium-low tossing and basing those chops as we see fit and
by the way to make truly authentic sticky garlic pork chops you’re supposed
to reduce the sauce all the way down to like a gluey glaze but I don’t like to
go quite that far all right I want it thick and sticky but I still want to be
able to sort of spoon over the sauce so I’m gonna stop right about here and if
you did want yours thicker just go ahead and turn up the heat
and just let it reduce a little bit more and that’s it once our pork is cooked to
our liking and the sauce is as thick and sticky as we want we can go ahead and
plate up in case you’re keeping score at home I’m gonna serve that next to some
bok choy brown rice and we’ll go ahead and spoon some of that amazing sticky
garlic sauce over the top and that’s it for something that required so little
work that looks stunning and as gorgeous as this appearance truly is the taste is
equally if not more impressive so let me go ahead and slice in and try piece and
see how I did and above and beyond that intensely flavorful slightly sweet
incredibly garlicky somewhat spicy sauce the texture of this pork is absolutely
fantastic all right because of the salt and sugar in the marinade we’ve
basically sort of achieved a brining effect and as long as you don’t overcook
it you are just going to be blown away at how moist
and tender this comes out so I really do love everything about this technique and
yes we are consuming more than a few grams of sugar here but because of that
highly nutritional bok choy in the rice it basically cancels it out and long
story short everybody wins so you can enjoy this guilt-free which
is scientifically proven to be much better for the digestion but anyway
that’s it what I’m calling sticky garlic pork chops if you like pork chops and
you like garlic and you like things that are sticky you are gonna love these so I
really do hope you give these a try soon head over to food wishes calm for all
the ingredient amounts and more info as usual and as always enjoy you

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  2. Being someone who got ascaris from pork im gonna cook my pork to a nice tender falling apart white, instead of pink 😀

  3. You know, I always thought I hated porkchops because I’ve only ever been served dry overcooked chops sopping with Worcestershire sauce. I think I may actually give these a try.

  4. Brown sugar has Umami…why do you raise the inflection of your voice usually on the second to last word of each sentence?

  5. That marinade has been my family's recipe for years. We use it to marinate chicken, steaks, and tofu too. It makes them really tender and flavorful.

  6. Your commentating is so distracting. It's a weird speech cadence that is so off-putting. I couldn't finish the video.

  7. Info, dark brown sugar has molasses, light brown sugar does not, do not use dark brown in this recipe, way to sweet.

  8. My ancestors invented the flame.
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  10. Question: when you are making a marinade like the one in the video, should you approve the taste before using? Or maybe you shouldn't judge it yet because of factors like… oh I don't know, it will change with time as it rests with the meat, cooking it will change it, you have to imagine it with the meat and the final production? I ask because I followed the recipe to the 't' and I taste the marinade right after whisking it and it did NOT taste good. Very bitter and kind of weird (maybe that's just the fish sauce). I appreciate any help. Thank you.

  11. Cooked this last night and it was amazing. I used two large good quality chops (Hampshire outdoor reared). I was a bit concerned about the amount of vinegar, because my wife is not a fan, but everything is perfectly ballanced. For desert, I wiped a piece of bread covered with salted butter round the pan. Cheers

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    Sticky Garlicky Porky choppy I am sure it works
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    hurt.  I was in such a hurry to do this recipe and I didn’t have time to bother going after some
    pork.  Well anyway I put a ribeye in the marinade to bath all night. Got it out the next day cooked per your recipe.Since I only marinated one ribeye, I cut it in half, after my wife took the first bite, I realized this
    was a big mistake.  She was eyeing my
    half through the meal as if devising some plan to get my half.  Note to self when doing Chef Johns Recipes
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  15. 26 year old here. Made this this after work for my family using pork tenderloin, they loved it! I made it with your garlic noodles and they declared it as one of the best dinners they've had! Thanks Chef John!

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  18. The carbs in the rice are digested and converted into massive amounts of glucose, that makes the added sugar and the insignificant amount of fiber in the bok choy not matter at all. It's like having a coke with your meal. Just hook up a direct line for your insulin or shoot yourself and get it done quickly and painlessly.

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  25. Had no brown sugar, but did have sugar and molasses. From the first mix, the sauce smelled fantastic. My keyboard may have some sticky garlic on it from typing this without thinking.

  26. They look and sound so amazing. Can't  wait to try this. Pork chops are probably the most under rated of all the meat dishes. Aside from hamburger, I love to experiment with hamburger.

  27. For the love of god, make whole sentences instead of 4 words [pause] 4 words [pause] 4 words [pause] 4 words [pause] 4 words [pause] 4 words [pause] 4 words [pause] 4 words [pause] 4 words [pause] 4 words [pause] 4 words [pause] 4 words [pause] 4 words [pause] 4 words

  28. I made this with Worcestershire sauce instead of asian fish sauce and apple cider vinegar instead of rice wine vinegar. It was fantastic.

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  30. In case anyone is paranoid over his medium, slightly under-cooked pork chops, here's the backstory of why it's ok to do so in 2019 … The FDA has recently declared it is safe AGAIN to eat pork that was cooked to low internal temperatures. The reason? Modern food regulations forbid commercial pig farms from feeding their pigs slop which was causing pigs to become infected with trichinella that was then infecting people with trichinosis if the pork they ate wasn't cooked til it was shoe leather. Modern pigs are grain or vegetable/fruit fed and thus trichinosis has pretty much been eliminated from the pigs that become our food.

    Eat safe America.

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