Special Egg Biryani अंडा बिरयानी | Kunal Kapur Rice Recipes | Easy Dum Biryani  एग दम बिरयानी

Special Egg Biryani अंडा बिरयानी | Kunal Kapur Rice Recipes | Easy Dum Biryani एग दम बिरयानी

Hello, guys, this is Kunal. Today we’ll make Egg Biriyani. Basically, the classic Biriyani is made of goat meat, meat, even with chicken it is made and over a period of time, there is a vegetarian version also with that, it is also made of eggs. When it’s made of eggs pay attention that when you boil eggs they should be perfectly boiled and not get over boiled. So let’s start cooking Egg Biriyani. To make Egg Biriyani we have boiled eggs. On the other hand, we have water in this pan to cook the rice. We have soaked the rice for about half an hour. First, we take Oil. A little extra Oil goes in this pot. Extra Oil so that the Onions are fried nice and well. Once the Onions are fried, we will take out the oil. We will not add the spices yet as they may burn out. Only add the Onions. Egg Biriyani is one Biriyani that over a period of time we have developed out of our own convenience or taste. It’s a very open game. It is very important that Biriyani has a flavor. Flavor comes from the spices and by frying the Onions properly. As you can see this Onion has fried. It is evenly brown and the entire Onions will be taken out. Look at that. It is evenly browned with a little scope left but they will be fine when we cook them again. This is the oil left. We will take out some of it. In this leftover oil, we’ll add solid spices. This is Cinnamon. We add Mace. Bayleaf, Green Cardamom, and Black Cumin. Now we add Ginger and Garlic paste in this. Cook this nicely. Add a dash of water to it. In this goes Turmeric and Red Chilli Powder. Little Mace powder. And a little Nutmeg powder. Give it a quick stir. The spices burn out very quickly due to which we added that dash of water. Now we add a few chopped Tomatoes. To cook the tomatoes with that goes Salt. Now if you want you can avoid Tomatoes and add only Curd. We’ll add both tomatoes and a little Curd. Tomatoes generally when you go south of India especially in Kerela there is a Mappila Biriyani, in which tomatoes are added. So, it is perfectly okay to add Tomatoes in this recipe. Look at that nice bright color. Tomatoes have mashed nicely. The oil on the sides is also oozing out. At this stage, we’ll add very little Curd. This curd will give it flavor and with that, it forms a gravy which enhances the color and it will open a bit. Now we’ll nicely roast this on a high flame. Look at that. The color has nicely enhanced because of the Curd and continuously stir it. Till it gets a nice boil. Now just need to cook the curd which means that the oil should come on its surface. That’s it. At this stage, our fried Onions we will crush it and add to this. Now give this a nice stir. Now one secret ingredient which goes into this. That is these dried Fenugreek leaves. Which we also call “Kasturi Methi.” Now this is one ingredient which adds a nice taste and fragrance into this Biriyani But you can not tell it to anyone as it is a secret ingredient. Lightly crush and add. These few leaves which we added This will give a very nice taste to our entire Egg Biriyani. Okay. These spices have cooked. The oil is oozing out. Now we add these boiled and peeled eggs to it. Look at that. Now we’ll mix this nicely. And cook it for some time, about 5 minutes so that this Masala sticks on these eggs and the flavor of these eggs gets into this gravy. Lovely color. Now we add a little water to this. Give it a nice stir. Now we add in this Mint leaves. Turn off the gas. Add a little Green Chilli in this. That is, according to your taste but it adds a nice flavor to it. And we’ll keep this aside for now. And we’ll start with our rice. While this water is boiling. We’ll add in this Cinnamon, a few Cardamon, Bayleaf, One Green Chilli. With that, in this goes Salt A lot of Salt. Because when the water boils it will be very salty Then when we’ll add rice in this. The rice absorbs only the required amount of salt. If we add less Salt, the rice will be bland. All of it. With this a dash of Oil. That’s it. Water has boiled nicely. Now, all these solid spices will be taken out of this water. Now in this boiling water goes our soaked Rice. While the Rice is boiling we add a little “Kewra” water, and a little Rosewater. Again “Kewra” and Rosewater are optional. But it gives a nice floral fragrance. The bouquet of the flavors of this Biriyani forms nicely. We need to cook the Rice till they are almost 70-75% done. It has a little bite. This is the right time we’ll keep it on this side. And in this fresh pot we’ll first, spread one layer of Rice. We’ll spread the Rice in this way. On this we place our eggs and gravy, which is ready. Spread some more rice over this layer of gravy and eggs Cover it completely with Rice. This water from the Rice has so much flavor in it. And as our rice is about 70-80% done. To cook it completely it will need a little water. We will pour this over. Now over this we have Saffron, which we have dissolved in milk. We’ll spread it nicely. All of it. Very little “Kewra” water. Very little Rosewater. Just a little splash. Very little Cardamon powder. A little fried Onions. We should have a tight-fitting lid or kneaded dough. That we’ll spread in this manner. At this stage, if you want, you may add Desi Ghee over it or add Butter over it if you want. But the best thing is brown Onion oil which we took out after we fried the Onions. That has the best flavor. We pour it on the top so that the Rice don’t stick together and there is a lot of flavor in the Rice. A little touch of water so that the lid gets easily stuck on top of the pot. Now we’ll seal it. It is sealed from here too. Now we will increase the gas. And give it a “Bhapka” which means we’ll give a kick start on a high flame so that the gravy and water in this starts to boil. For 2-3 minutes cook it on high flame and then lower the flame and let it cook for 10-12 minutes patiently. Alright, time is up. The best thing is when time is up, you turn off the gas. And let the Biriyani for at least 10-15 minutes rest. What happens then the rice soaks all the flavors in them. Now moment of truth. Let’s open this pot of Biriyani. This is ready. Maximum Biriyani is prepared well but while opening it or serving, the rice breaks. So be very careful. We will take a flat spoon with a very thin edge. Dig in from one side in this manner and fluff up the rice. Look at that rice. Beautiful. It has a nice fragrance. Here comes the Egg. The Rice with masala on it. Now we add a little Coriander over it. A little fried Onions. And some Mint leaves. That’s it. And our Egg Biriyani is done.

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  1. If you could make tutorial videos on beautiful decorating or plating like a pro , it would be so beneficial 😋😋

  2. If you could make tutorial videos on beautiful decorating or plating like a pro , it would be so beneficial 😋😋

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    Just want to say one thing your way of talking and presentation is superb.
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