hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be a mukbang that Q&A and I actually wasn't craving anything crazy I wanted to just do a supplement chun video i was actually watching like noodle videos yesterday and i was craving that like crazy so this morning i was like you know what i'm just gonna make me some lunch on and do a video with it so if you guys are new here my name is Blanca Yvette and I do film videos on Tuesdays and Thursdays and if you guys are not you here then welcome back however if you guys are new here don't forget to hit that subscribe button and join the family and also that like button if you guys enjoyed this video so I am a little bit out of breath I'm gonna drink some water test of you guys do not know I am actually pregnant I am 35 weeks pregnant right now and I should be giving birth any time now so I wanted to film this video to just kind of update you guys on some Q&A video I'm gonna zoom Q&A questions and also the big question that a lot of you guys were asking me which was the waxine I went on Twitter and I was telling you guys all about my waxing experience and a lot of you guys wanted me to give you guys like the four one one but I'm gonna prep my food before anything I have to put up cleat about this bowl and it's like kind of scare us like broken so hopefully the clay from the bottom captures all the Jews because if not I'm gonna be screwed but I mean we choose so if I might of China just so I can make it look extra big and I should have done one more so it could look like extra you guys can see it here I love China you guys have no idea I know they're so bad for you and I know people are gonna be like grab why are you eating that they're so bad but so good Oh at the same time so I put somebody do you not and somebody wanna I do do the lime chili flavored with shrimp that's the one that I enjoy I just feel like it's just feel like it tastes the best I used to really like the chicken one but now I feel like it just tastes like one I don't know why I feel like it tastes like eggs hello random ham oh what's the four one one what is everybody been up to where's that from quote that movie I'm actually am so happy that on the filming again you guys follow my blog channel if you guys don't follow my blog channel I'll have it linked down below its life with you medic so if you guys want to come and follow my life but I had the most horrible headache they still actually kind of have it I have a sinus headache and I still have a lot of sinus pressure so I was feeling like I was dying like I really felt like I was dying so it's good to be able to get ready and actually film with video I'm not kidding guys when I tell you that this pregnancy it was so different was the end of my pregnancy but you know what I'm not gonna complain because the first few weeks of my pregnancy were amazing I literally did not struggle at all I didn't have crazy crazy crazy symptoms so I can't complain but these past like two three weeks have been absolutely dreadful and I cannot wait to pop this baby up and the worst part of it all is the fact that I was so out of breath like I feel like I can't breathe okay so I didn't ask you guys on Instagram to ask me questions so before we get into those questions I am going to talk to you guys a little bit about my wat scene so you guys are asking me so many questions about watching I didn't I didn't really so many girls don't get waxed and I actually just started getting waxed so I'm not gonna say like I'm gonna do wax for years I think I'd watch from over the past like two three years yeah like three maybe three four years all the same and honestly it is life changing guys I will link up my wax scroll down below if you guys are interested in getting waxed with her she's amazing and I had an experience with another wax girl previously to her and it was it honestly it was like the worst I was in so much pain I thought that I was dying I was like oh my god what is this you know but my wax girl now she's the bomb like she's so quick she gets the point she talks to you she distracts you she doesn't make you feel like she's just there you know staring at your vagina so that's a plus um as far as like as far as like the pain tolerance I've always said that I have a pretty high tolerance for pain so mind you of years somebody who's like a sissy Lola girl you're probably not gonna do well but if you're somebody who can take pain then you'll be fine the pain level can be like sometimes it can be it can be hard she basically says that if your pain level I mean if you just got off your period or if you're about to start your period that's when your body is like the most sensitive so you'll feel it out like a six or seven I don't know how exaggerating like sometimes a and you're like oh my god what is she gonna be done but then this time it feels like a three the whole time Scott my pregnancy it felt like a solid ask three not even kidding like it's a bearable am I good I don't want to scare you guys the paint is bearable like me a thumb to childbirth if you have got tattoos if you have bond a piercing like the pain is definitely bearable now you're gonna die you know it's just it's repetitive so that's that's the only difference but I basically when I go get waxed I'd you get a full Brazilian full Brazilian meaning I get the front full hair off of the vajay and then in the middle of my butt so like the whole butt crack area and then I get my back waxed my stomach waxed my underarms waxed and that's pretty much it I don't get my legs back or my face wax I usually get my face thread in but the pain level honestly it's not bad at all because of dyeing your underarms laughs sometimes I feel like my armpits hurt more than my vagina does and they're way so why I honestly really really really recommend it and why I was telling you guys on Twitter leh it's gonna change your life it's because when you do it at least me I'm a really hairy person so I would shave and by the next day I was already like super prickly when I shaved my hair last about two to three weeks I won't need an actual Watts until about the fourth to fifth week so I do get waxed every four to five weeks when I was pregnant with my son I did have a lot more hair so I was getting wax like every three weeks with Camila I have it I'm sure you have that much hair growth so I'm there about every four to five weeks and food yeah honestly I just feel so good is there so when you're pregnant like my stomach's not like super super humongous either I have like a pretty normal sized stomach and I can't see myself anymore like I will try to like bend over and like a look and I can't see what anything down there looks like anymore so it would be hard for me to even try to shave being a hundred percent honest with you guys so views are pregnant and struggling with that the moment getting wax is gonna be the best thing and like I said throughout my pregnancy I have not felt any pain it doesn't hurt at all you trying to remember what other questions were asked let me go my Twitter you um okay so the first one is isn't it weird getting your booty hole wax isn't it weird having someone wax you I have so many questions oh so it is not weird it is not weird at all getting wax because she's not like in there like inspecting like your vagina or anything you're literally too late on the bed she's just making eye contact with you she's applying her wax she doesn't go inside my vagina so she's not like looking at like the inside of it it's like anything around it I'll open my leg to the left I'll open my leg to the right she'll get kind of like in between the lips and that's it it's only weird when you are getting like the back area wax because you do have to put your legs up in the air and that's the only thing but if you ever put your legs up in the air like go to the room go to a mirror chilling lip in the air and like look at your butt you know what I mean and you can't see like inside it and she doesn't like open my butt cheeks and like look at it important in know like she literally just room and that she doesn't even make eye contact with my butt don't you grab the wax and she just pulls it you know what I mean so she's not physically I feel like people think that the wax person's like physically in your vagina if you could go see a gynecologist you can get your vagina waxed what should we know before getting one done honestly just be prepared for a little paint I feel like don't be prepared for like excruciating pain like don't go in there thinking like you're gonna die but of course be prepared for some pain other than that your wax person should not make you feel uncomfortable you should not feel like excruciating pain you should not be burning you should not get any type of reaction even if you have sense skin you should not get like any type of reaction or anything like that unless you're allergic to wax in general but it's a quick process I can she can wax my whole Brazilian in like 15 minutes mmm this one was good so it says aftercare what do you do after getting wax I had an I had an oil that my lady suggested to put on that that treated my ingrown hair the ones that had happened from shaving and I would also prevent any new ones how long have you been going to your wax lady and of course she who is she so all that information I have another September low as far as who she is I told you this home I've been getting wax with her as far as like after getting waxed apparently people think that you can't like have sex or like go to the gym or move in general after getting waxed and that is not the case you are literally free to go as soon as you're done and groans I have suffered a few random and groans that's pretty common with getting wax but the only times I've ever experienced in groans are if I wax and I shave in between if you're waxing it consistently you shouldn't be getting any engrams but if you're shaving in between then yeah you're gonna block some hairs from coming out so those are the only times that I've experienced any ingrowns other than that like when she waxes me if she sees any groan she actually pops them for me which is kind of crazy TMI but it's not that bad I promise you guys not that bad says you got to how much your brazilians and brazilian cause your pain level the first time you type you tied it up you try it it up I think those are you man you tried it too now tips you recommend before your appointment and what position they put you in okay so how much your Brazilian cost I think it just depends on your area and of course your wax girl I don't even know how much the Brazilian costs like by itself but I can pay anywhere from like 90 to 120 dollars for my whole body like basically like my Brazilian stomach my back my underarms it just depends like my total always varies I've never even asked her how much it costs for just a Brazilian I'm guessing maybe like 60 bucks or something or fifty bucks I don't know I'm gonna have to get back to you guys on that one um but of course it's gonna depend on your walks girl pain levels like I said it could be anywhere from like a 6 to like a 3 tips you recommend before your appointment definitely shower shower before your appointment make sure that you have everything clean down there and make sure that you don't take right before anything because I'm pretty sure that will pick up on the wax peaches Kachinas just so you sure and everything's like clean down there for your wax lady cuz she actually has told me like some weird stories that have happened with like girls going in and stuff and don't eat before kentucker kids you don't want to be like all gassy or something if I can fart on the poor girl's face or something but does their hair have to be a certain length in order to wax you know what I used to think that you had to have your hair super super super long in order to get wax but when you are getting wax consistently your hair starts getting really sin not to other thing that I didn't even talk about but your hair starts getting really thin so it's no longer that really thick coarse pubic hair that you're used to seeing it becomes really light and it only starts coming out into certain areas like TMI again when you first start growing hair very hairy person like me you grow it like everywhere you know what I mean like you have like a push down there and now when I grow my hair it's honestly like in spots and it's very thin it's not coarse or thick or dark or anything like that you guys know being a Hispanic like we hover the coarse hair so it can get a little overwhelming down there if you are shaving and that's why it does pick up so quick but it gets really really thin so you don't like there's been times when I'm like I'll tell her like I don't even know if my hair is long enough it'll be like barely growing out and then she'll grab everything because now they actually have good waxes oh and when they wax they wax with hard wax not with hot wax like when you do your eyebrows so anybody sheriff is looking hot locks on your vagina like that I mean the wax is hot but it's not like strip wax do not let them cuz that's going in her so bad but she does harder wax and there's like suppose different types of like colors that she has I'm not a blacks girl guys I would like I hope I don't like say something wrong cuz I'm not a waxer but they have different colors for different like I guess strains of what they're pulling it so usually feel like the smaller hairs she puts like a white wax and then for like the thicker hair should put like a blue wax so your wife's girl's gonna know what to do so you I don't think you need to have it super long but of course it can't be like prickly short you know there has to be some type of hair there so thoughts on laser hair removal a lot of people actually were recommending laser hair removal and I considered it I considered getting my laser hair removal I don't have a lot of information on it maybe later on I would love to sign related stops to hear from growing but I do know that you do have to still be consistent because if you stop it will grow back so I feel like if that's the same thing with like getting wax laser hair removal I might as well just keep getting wax so I don't have a lot of information but if you guys wanted for me well these are hair removal I would love it I get you know people asking me all the time about these or heroine I honestly after the question is but that's pretty much like the basics for waxing let me see if you guys ask any questions on my new questionnaire that I asked today because there was actually some good questions and I'm excited um the first questions from Lara and Lara's boutique is you go why are you so beautiful I don't know bitch why you don't like a mom the next question is are having are you planning on having any more kids you guys actually already know this question I'm definitely not planning on having any more children after my daughter's here God will only of course if everything comes out okay the plan is to not have any more babies but I mean you never know but yeah we're not climbing about any more kids the next session will you be using a lot of Max's gender-neutral baby stuff for the new baby I actually have a lot of stuff that's still gonna fit the baby a lot of jeans actually she's gonna be able to wear because I did purchase max a lot of really cute light jeans all his little jackets she'll be able to wear all of his little sneakers because I mean girls wear sneakers too so she's gonna be able to wear all those like all his little ADEA outfits all that stuff I just pop it on with like a bow for a casual date but I'm glad that a lot of the stuff that I did get him she'll be able to wear of course she is a girl and I am going crazy trying to buy pink stuff so that's gonna be the only difference but a lot of my baby's clothes I actually don't that he doesn't wear anymore I sent them to my cousins in Mexico for like them but they were having babies and stuff so that's like we're all that close when there's one that good when did you consider changing Camilla's name at any point not Camilla I loved Camilla the first name is amazing but lately I'm not gonna lie it's a lie has really been like really like I've been kind of iffy about I've been kind of like you know I haven't really posted Celeste much only on the nursery think that I have back there but don't be surprised if I end up giving Hurley a different middle name or something because lately that I've been seen it so much it's kind of like bothering me and I'm glad that I'm like I've been saying it so much and like really often because I don't want to put it on her and then be like there a name for that but I do love Camila Camila I'm not changing and that names gonna stay with her I love it her middle names the one that I'm kind of like Oakland you know I know I'm stupid huh I'm like so indecisive are you laying out tying your troops up there maybe coming little bribes or we sometimes scuse me I actually was planning on getting my tubes tied prior to like in the beginning but then after doing some research and realizing how hard and how much it does share body I have definitely opted out of that part me and Melissa's have been talking about him getting a vasectomy done they will allow him to do it already when he turns 26 and he already has two kids willed with one on the way so they will allow him to get it so now it's just basically if he decides to go through with it or not but I basically told him I'm not getting my tubes tied I'm super against birth control and unless he wants to pop me out another baby he needs to go go to a second to me that's what I told him those were good options and I actually when I approached him there I know there's a lot of men who don't want to get the mastectomy done because I have a like you know a good amount of mom France and when I talk to them I go like or what are you guys gonna do and have my babies the mastectomy is always like no I'm not getting you know like police this is not my cheats I like that but I know that there's a lot of people who think like they're not gonna work anymore like oh they're not gonna do this not gonna feel the same alesis has been very open to it I think he's just trying to like figure out what actually happens but there's a lot of guys who are really against it and they're like I'm not gonna do it so I kind of made Elise's feel bad I was just kind of like like that's the least you can do like I'm like going through all of these changes in my body in my life my like insights like all the pain all the suffering but you kind of go through the labor part you know to bring two of your beautiful children to this world the least you can do for me is just get a vasectomy done you know so I kind of made him feel bad about it so hopefully he does that for me because I just feel like that's a husband you know if you like do you really want your wife going through more pain and their recovery is literally like a day our recovery is like three weeks you know so it's like why not another popular one was are you nervous to be having – under – you know what I'm often not nervous at all I feel like it's it's I can't really stay because I don't know how come those gonna be she might be the devil I don't know but I'm not scared I'm not scared at all because I feel like I have such a good support system a Romy that I know I'm not alone I feel like if I was by myself and I didn't have any help then I would definitely feel a little bit more over but because I literally have very supportive husband and I have my mom who is huge she's actually going to be coming to stay with me for about two months to three months after Camila is born to help me out just to make sure I don't also lose track of like my work and stuff and then the looseness is now you know being at home more with me so just even having that help I'm not worried about it you know I weren't worried about like max I felt like I just don't want him to feel like his mommy doesn't love him or like I'm not paying attention to him like that's like my main main focus so I really hope once she is here I continue to just have that focus on him he's gonna be like my priority instead of like I was gonna blow my priority but like he's gonna be the one that's gonna actually feel everything you know Camila she's hopefully gonna be sleeping and hibernating and Max's little it's gonna require most of my attention so but I'm not scared I'm not scared at all I'm not nervous I'm I'm excited I'm glad that they're gonna be so close in age any mom that I've ever asked that has 202 or has had them back-to-back to say that it's the most amazing thing they grow up together and that it was actually easier for them to you know like the diaper changing and get him on a routine all that stuff that it was just so much easier for them my brother my sister-in-law actually had a baby 11 months apart and she said it was literally like the best thing ever for her so I'm excited I'm excited to just meet her I told you guys I love being a mom I love you know the feeling that max gives me every time that I see his cute little phase and for me to experience that love all over again like I'm ready I'm ready for it you know okay there's another one there's a lot of one a lot of them actually about plastic surgery and I think it's because you guys probably follow me on Twitter and ice I'm gonna get my boobs done and I've actually said them before there was a lot of them about am I getting any plastic surgery after giving birth am i against plastic surgery how I feel blah I am NOT against plastic surgery at all I am NOT that person that's like love yourself and be natural like love yourself yes of course but I've never been against plastic surgery for anything you know if you're gonna do what makes you happy if you're against it cool if you're not cool like let people do whatever the they want you know what I mean I am totally not against it I myself would love to correct my breasts because they are honestly think that I'm the most insecure about and the thing I've been be wantin to care about for probably it was something quite sometime now and my body has gone through some changes I actually was having this conversation with Lilly says and he was telling me like how do you think people are gonna react to you wanting to like a trip rasta and you know being open about it and I said I honestly feel like this is the thing I'm a grown-ass woman like I'm an adult I'm a grown-ass woman who is giving birth soon it is going to have two children whose body changed drastically and if I want to do that for myself I'm not gonna let anybody's opinions take that away from me what I want to do anything else to myself I went think I would ever do anything to my face for those of you guys who are always telling me that I got my nose done no this is my nose I've never gone cheek fillers I've never gone chin fillers I've never gone anything else besides my lips and the Botox on my forehead that I've told you guys about never done anything else to my face as far as my body goes my body I feel like I've always been really tiny I was really tiny and then I slowly started gaining a lot of weight and they weren't it wasn't bad way either you know what I mean like I was happy with the week that I was growing even now that I am I'm actually 22 pounds up from this pregnancy and I'm not upset about the weight game like my arms are bigger yes of course I have a lot more bucks at my office getting like super wide and my hips are getting super wide but I'm not unhappy with that weight because I know that if I dedicate myself I can definitely get back to where I was with Max I dropped my weight in like three weeks you know what I mean so what the bounce back beat that quickly this time around I don't know but I will tell you guys that my stomach did stretch out a lot more this time around so if I do decide to get any type of plastic surgery it probably will be my breast and even to get hopefully not a tummy tuck because I heard that they hurt so bad and they leave a horrible horrible scar because of loose skin so hopefully my skin how these the the electricity it's like you say it I don't even know how to say it goes the back and I get my waste of back to at least somewhat like 80% where I could just get like some lipo and just suck out all the fat from my stomach now getting like a whole mommy makeover I've thought about it and I really thought like what I want to do that but I don't want to also jump straight into saying that's what I'm gonna do because I don't know how my body's gonna know what if I love my body what if I just workout and my body looks bum I don't know you know so I do know that for my breast I need to wait at least six months so as soon as I give birth obviously from when I give birth to the six months January February I'm going to be eating clean doing you know everything I can do to make sure that my body's healing I'm healing on the inside on the outside I'm working out we're actually doing an in-home gym here and I'm gonna be just you know kicking butt and working out depending on how my body feels and looks after that will determine what I decide to do with it what I up out of getting like a bbl like everybody else is getting or getting like my waist down or my fresh new boobs buh buh buh buh I'm totally not against a if that's what I feel like my body is gonna need to make me feel better about myself I will do it to be honest with you guys and that's just me openly throwing it out there people already think that my whole body is practically plastic so you guys are gonna talk I might as well actually give you guys a reason to talk about something but I have thought about obviously doing all that I'm gonna be a hundred percent open with you guys like I always have been and let you guys know what I want to do when I do it I might not tell you like before I do it just because I might be scared and stuff like I'll probably tell you guys like look at this money buddy look how I look you know but I will let you guys in know like why I decide to do but just FYI cuz that was like a question I was getting a lot cuz I told you guys my body is definitely changing it's transitioning and I I don't look like oh we're completely different birds in like what the up in our body no of course not but it's little things that have made me feel really insecure and I want to be able to wear a two-piece but they don't wear nice bathing suit and feel good about myself and I don't think there's anything wrong with that you know so just just to give you guys a little input about that but I feel like this video has been super long already so I'm just gonna cut it here there's a lot of good questions I am doing a Q&A with ELISA to make more like an update letting you guys know about how we feel you know with Max and Alvey no one we're gonna talk to you guys all about our whole journey of Max being you know born to now so basically the first year of being parents and we're gonna tell you guys everything and how we feel and all that good stuff but I hope you guys enjoyed this little mud thing I do have still like a sope model shown right here I didn't end up finishing hammer but no big eyes long enjoy to this video thank you guys all so much for watching don't forget to hit that subscribe button and also that like button and I'll see you guys on my next video love you guys you're so distracted how everyone so distracted


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