#SheMustCount: Episode 2 – Nutrition (starring Marie Avgeropoulos)

#SheMustCount: Episode 2 – Nutrition (starring Marie Avgeropoulos)

When you don’t know where your next meal is
coming from or how to provide food for your family, it becomes impossible to make education a priority. That’s why FFLV works to provide proper nutrition for students, their families, and the local community. Girls who are undernourished, they have a serious problem even just sitting in a classroom and concentrating for a few minutes. If you are undernourished, you cannot learn, you cannot concentrate. You cannot go forward. So really even
before we start telling them A-B-C, we’ve got to get them, you know at least to a good standard of health. Every morning we have a vitamin mix. It’s a powder which we mix
in the drink. And that gives them all the basics, you know iron things and calcium and all the basic nutrition that they need. The food these girls receive doesn’t just help the students feel better and study more efficiently, it removes a major economic burden for their families. Let’s try it. Yeah let’s try it. And it’s delicious. So there’s not a lot of waste that comes
from the school either. It’s pretty self-sustaining. You’re growing your own
food to feed the girls. And it’s all organic you can see the men pouring go-var, or cow dung on the fields. We cook two thousand meals a day in our school. 90% of the stuff comes from here. Grown at FFLV. Hundred percent organic. Organic. Having their own
means of food production means FFLV isn’t just providing meals for their students but they’re able to give back to the local community as well. A global tradition which they have done every single day for 25 years. Click here to donate and join me next time as we look at FFLV’s pioneering
health care program. Tackling everything from small illnesses to major surgery.

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  1. Marie Avgeropolous , you might might get pretty shocked to hear what Prabhupada said about women…
    "Lorenz’s study (2004:122) found that 80 percent of Prabhupada’s scriptural commentaries referring to women were “negative” in substance. Prabhupada routinely referred to women as less intelligent, lusty, inferior, and dangerous to the spiritual advancement of men. Given these qualities, Prabhupada emphasized that restrictions should be placed on women, that they should be grouped with other socially inferior classes (low-class sudras), and, because women are alluring sex objects, that men should scrupulously avoid them. For example, Prabhupada writes, “Women are generally not very intelligent”; “Women in general should not be trusted”; and “Girls should be completely separated from the very beginning. They are very dangerous.… They should be taught how to sweep, how to stitch … clean, cook, to be faithful to the husband. They should be taught how to become obedient to the husband” (Lorenz 2004:378–79). Because Prabhupada’s followers view him as a pure representative of God, most accept his words as literal truth." (from "Hare Krishna Transformed (New and Alternative Religions)" by E. Burke Rochford)

  2. Morning Conversation, April 29, 1977, Bombay
    Prabhupada: So far gurukula is concerned, that also, I have given program. They have given the name of “girls.” We are not going to do that.
    Tamala Krishna: What is that?
    Prabhupada: Girls. Boys and girls. That is dangerous.
    Tamala Krishna: Gurukula.
    Prabhupada: In that article.
    Tamala Krishna: Oh, oh, oh.
    Prabhupada: Girls should be completely separated from the very beginning. They are very dangerous.
    Tamala Krishna: So we’re… I thought there were girls in Vrindavana now. They said that they’re going to have the girls’ gurukula behind the boys’ gurukula. Gopala was talking about that.
    Prabhupada: No, no, no. No girls.
    Tamala Krishna: It should be in another city or somewhere else.
    Prabhupada: Yes. They should be taught how to sweep, how to stitch…
    Tamala Krishna: Clean.
    Prabhupada: …clean, cook, to be faithful to the husband.
    Tamala Krishna: They don’t require a big school.
    Prabhupada: No, no. That is mistake. They should be taught how to become obedient to the husband.
    Tamala Krishna: Yeah, you won’t learn that in school.
    Prabhupada: Little education, they can…
    Tamala Krishna: Yeah. That they can get at home also.
    Prabhupada: They should be stopped, this practice of prostitution. This is a very bad system in Europe and America. The boys and girls, they are educated-coeducation. From the very beginning of their life they become prostitutes. And they encourage.

  3. You are a great person Marie
    You are my favourite actress
    I love you so much
    You are so careful with these girls this is so amazing

  4. Because i love India and also im a big fan of Marie, i Will donate 10 euro (Because im from the Netherlands) per like So i can help this kids.
    Edit: 4 likes means 40 euro’s thanks Guys.

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