She Took His Money

She Took His Money

– The worst part is
when Abbie wakes you up at 06:00 in the morning, but how cool is that? Isn’t it beautiful, Priscilla? It looks fake. – Right? – [Asa] Behind you it just looks fake, like a green screen or a movie. – [Priscilla] Do you like it? – [Dad] What do you mean no? Why don’t you go back to bed? It’s 06:00 in the morning, Abbie. – [Priscilla] She was like “did
you see the pretty sunrise?” – Got a little pool action. – Yeah. – But, okay, so it’s a pool,
so it’s not that exciting, but it’s a pool on a boat
in the middle of an ocean. – Sounds a little more exciting. – It’s more exciting. You got to get in the pool. They actually have scheduled
times for our group to get in the pool, so that’s cool. – Yeah, for the Autism on the Seas folks. – The clan, our tribe. – [Asa] She’s got her buddy. – I know. – [Asa] They are quick friends. – They are. – [Asa] Isaiah, Isaiah. – Yeah? – [Asa] Let’s go. (upbeat music) – [Asa] Oh man, this is
what you live for isn’t it? Lunchtime. All right, we’ve got to find
our people at a group lunch. Abbie look at the dessert bar. Look at that. – [Isaiah] No we’re not going there yet. – [Asa] Come on. Holy cow, Ab, oh no, we’re not grabbing anything,
you can just look right now. We’ll get some after we eat, okay? Hey, you good now? They have so many choices
for food, it’s insane. What is that? – It’s chicken salad which I obviously can’t have bread with. – [Asa] Right. – But I figured if we each
eat it, it can’t get off, is that cool? – [Asa] That looks awesome. (Abbie coos) That is a serious cup of coffee, Ab. – [Priscilla] Right? (Abbie coos) – [Asa] Okay, ready? This is not giddy time, this is walking through a restaurant without running into people time. We’re going to wait for
one to light up red, okay? Oh, there it is, it’s red, come on. Red means down, Ab. What are you relaxing? – This is the life, got my
water cup, just hanging out. – [Asa] Just chilling. – [Priscilla] So cool, I
wish my thing was cleaner. – [Asa] Oh, the salt spray? Yeah, you want to get the
window washers out here? Gosh, the water really
is as blue as it looks, like it is electric blue. Isaiah is enjoying the cruise life. – Yeah. We’re here to relax. – [Asa] He’s in his bed on SnapChat, that’s pretty much the
same thing you do at home. – Yeah, but I’m on a boat. – [Priscilla] Why is this
cruise making me so tired? – [Asa] I know, it’s the rocking, man, it puts you to sleep. Abbie, you’re doing the same
thing you do at home too, laying on the floor doing
your squeezing stem, it’s like yeah, but I’m on a boat. – So everybody keeps
asking in the pictures and the posts and stuff how
she’s doing with the boat, she’s doing fantastic. – [Asa] Day two, super comfortable. – Yup. – [Asa] No nervousness, no nothing, I’m so excited about that. – I know. – [Asa] I mean, I was legitimately worried that she’d be nervous a lot, but she is, she’s good. Bye kids, Abbie have fun. – Have fun, are you going to
hang out with your friends? – You’re going to go to respite? So Autism on the Seas does respite, I think it’s twice on the ship, so like once during the
day and then once at night, and they’ll do it once
when we’re off the ship and we’re like port, ported,
when we’re in the port. See, it’s really cool, and
Abbie loves Chris I think, so she’s going to have a good time, but yeah, it’s kind of fun, you know, because all the families kind
of get to do their own thing and be together at the same time, so you get to do both. So she likes hanging out, so. Elevator all to ourselves! Look, look at all this room! Go over there. Oh, nevermind, it’s not anymore. – [Chris] Sign in here. – [Isaiah] We’ll see you later okay? I’m going to sign you in and everything. Hey, give me a high five. Okay, I’ll see you in a bit. (chill techno music) – With all the incredible
things that technology can do, and like, you know, the advancement of like
robotics and stuff, and we have a bar that makes drinks. – It’s free. – With a robot. This is just a giant head. Just an enormous head. – It moves. – [Priscilla] It moves. Come on. – [Asa] I know, but it’s
just a giant head on a ship. – Yeah. – [Asa] You know what we need on our boat? – What? – [Asa] A giant head. – [Priscilla] There goes his ears. – [Asa] That’s weird. Oh my gosh, it’s formal night y’all, and we look cute. – Oh look at her, it’s Abbie. – Look at you, you look gorgeous. Aw, she knows it too, look at you. – [Priscilla] She does. – [Asa] So beautiful. – Try to dance, try to see if you can. – [Asa] So beautiful. – Same place. – Where? – The main dining room, same place. – I know. – Tell Todd. – [Asa] Oh girl, are
you in a dancing mood? She’s like I’m all dressed
up, ready to dance. – Maybe it’s level four.
Maybe it’s level four. – Come on. – [Asa] Priscilla, you look gorgeous. What do you think of your fancy dinner? Was it good? – [Priscilla] Are you ready
to go back to your room and put on nice comfy clothes, yeah? – [Asa] You want to go change? So you’re going to change, and then you’re going to go hang out with Chris for a little bit, okay? No, you don’t want to? What do you want to do? Do you want to go to Chris? – [Priscilla] Don’t you
want to go with Chris? – [Asa] Yeah, okay. – [Chris] Yeah, we’re buddies. – [Priscilla] Chris is like “Abbie!” – [Asa] Have a good night. Girl, got the giggles and stuff, huh? – Look, they finally did it. Look, what’s that? It’s an elephant! I am so excited I’ve
been looking for this. Aw, I love it. Look, typical girl. – [Asa] Yeah, get them shoes off. – [Priscilla] Shoes off. – [Asa] Hey, you know what though? She kept them on the entire meal. – Yeah. – [Asa] That’s a first. – Aw, I love my elephant. – So we figured it out, it has nothing to do with
the comfort of the shoes or the style of the shoes, it’s like are these cute or no? Cute, I’ll leave them on. See I like cute shoes too, huh Ab? Ab, you look beautiful tonight, both of my girls look beautiful. – [Priscilla] Aw, thanks, both
of our boys look handsome. – [Isaiah] Am I beautiful? – Did you see your elephant? – I did, I walked in
when he was making it. He was like “I’m making
it for your sister,” which I thought was hilarious because my mom wanted to
see it more than Abbie did. I was like “Oh yeah, it’s for
my sister, thank you Birdman. – [Asa] Hey, fly is down. – Oh, that’s a first. – [Isaiah] Hey, took a little trip? Abbie, testing out your 40
yard dash in the hallway? She just took off, she’s like
“look dad, I got no shoes, look how fast I am.” – Yeah well I got one shoe on, so I’m half as fast. Oh that was funny. – [Isaiah] Hey, you can’t be
running through the cruise. – [Asa] Did you hear her? – [Isaiah] Yes. – [Asa] Give me a kiss, come here. Have fun with Chris, I love you. – [Isaiah] Bye Abbie. – Bye. Love you, kid. – We’ll meet you down there, bye Abs. – You ready? You want to go see the
cute boys or something? You do? Okay, let’s go find the teen center. We’re going to stop at the
teen center on the way. – [Asa] No, you’re not. – Say “bye!” Look, tell them. – [Asa] Aw, she blew a kiss. You want to take a nap? – Dude, that’s so bad. – Okay, so we have the Surf
+ Stream package for WiFi and it’s good like on
your phone and stuff, but uploading vlogs… YouTube did okay, it took like four and
a half hours to upload. Facebook though, and
this is a 10 minute vlog, Facebook took, what did I
say, okay 20 hours it’s been. 96.7%, that’s where we’re at right now. 20 hours. Y’all might have to start
watching some 720p footage, I don’t know if we can do this every day. (clap) (clap clap) – It’s a thing we do every
time we go down the stairs. – We don’t do the stairs very
often, so it’s not that weird. – Okay, so one of the distinct advantages of Autism on the Seas, see this line, how long that line is? We don’t have to wait in that line. – They get us tickets
to like all the shows, which is so nice, because
like I wanted to see Grease, went to book it online, and there were no seats
available, but they- – Reserved areas for us. If there’s something that
Abbie wants to do with us, then we can bring her with us to do it, but she would like sit
for like five minutes and be gone, so. – Yeah, so, she’s at her class, when I dropped her off, she kept going. I was like “okay, okay, I get
it, I have to sign you in.” – I was kind of worried, like, you know, I didn’t want
to put Abbie off in some room and then go have fun, but
I really think that they, I mean I don’t know why,
you know, you never know, even though they might be
doing this for a long time, like you never know what the
situation’s going to be like, you know? – Well, each kid is different, you know. – And so they, Abbie is
having a really good time, like she got mad when we left, when she left with me earlier, when I brought her back to
the room, she was mad at me. – So that’s good, that makes me feel a bit better, but for Grease we’re going to take her for the first part of
it, is that the plan? – I don’t know. – We’ll try. – Yeah. – And then if she doesn’t like it, she can leave, but there’s a lot – – It’s an hour and a half. – I know, but there’s a lot of music, she might enjoy some of it, we’ll let her experience
it and she can head off. – I’ve heard it when we walked by, it’s super loud and there’s
music, so she might enjoy it. – She might enjoy it. – She might, yeah, we’ll see. (laughter) – Okay, so we just had a parenting tip, don’t normally share these kind of things on Vlogging Autism. – I’ve never thought of
it as a parenting tip. – Ready? Okay guys. – Take your kid gambling
when they turn 18. – Yup. – When they have no money. – Take them to the $50 table. (laughter) – Take them to the $50 table, and I was like, maybe
this is what’s normal, and she, after we cashed in, she’s like “oh there’s a $10 table. – I know, I was like “that’s some crap, why wouldn’t you have
said that beforehand?” – We went to the $50 table with $150 between the three of
us, now Isaiah is broke. – And we lost it before the guy even had a chance to scan our badges. – Yeah, I’m going to
give you that money back, but the point of it is – – Like you stressed me out
so bad, I had no money. – This is real life in gambling, the difference is we did it like that, usually you sit there at the table and they just bleed
you dry and you’re like “I’m going to win, I’m going to win,” and then you lose, but the same thing happens when
you walk away empty handed. – I’m so mad, I’m so mad. – Tell them what you said, she just swiped it with two fingers. – She just, yeah, she was
real slick about the casino. – Yeah, I don’t know about this casino. She pulled a 20 right on the
flop, and we had 11, 13s. – Mom pulled a 17, I pulled,
what, a nine, like what? – Just the chances are
slim at that, come on. – Casinos are a scam. – [Asa] So what did we learn? – Casinos suck, don’t gamble. – [Asa] What did we learn? – Marina’s a terrible person. – [Asa] No, the house always wins. – Always wins, yeah. – In David Dobrik’s blog
when they were playing pool, and he just loses, and
he’s like $10 000 down, but I only lost $50. – [Asa] So Isaiah’s going
to get sick over that loss. It’s really bothering him. Going to like casinos and
stuff like that is fun, but you have to plan to lose
the money, like it has to – – Right, like it has to be extra money that you don’t care about. – I’m not, I’m telling you, I’m not asking you to give them tips, I’m telling you if you go with
the boys to go to a casino or something like that, or you do that later on in life, plan to lose that money, okay? – Okay, don’t go in there
looking for like a profit, is that what you’re saying? – Yeah, yeah. – Okay, so we left Vegas,
now we’re in New York. – [Asa] Yeah, look at this. (Spanish guitar playing) Crazy, right? How they could
have this on the same boat. – Aw, I missed it. (slow dancing music) – That’s good, right? That’s good? (laughing) – Bye. – [Asa] Have fun. – I’m taking him out on the town. – [Asa] Woo! Y’all are going dancing? – Yeah there’s ’50s and ’60s music. – Bye. – [Asa] Hey kiddo. – [Instructor] She’s ready to go. – [Asa] Hi, you ready to go? Want to go bye? Want to go back to the room and hang out? – [Chris] Okay, goodnight Abbie. – [Asa] Say bye. – [All] Bye Abbie, bye. – [Asa] Bye. Thank you guys. – [Asa] Thank you, we’ll see y’all. Bye guys. Come on. Have a good night. You have so much fun, huh? Come on, let’s go this way,
going to catch an elevator, go to our floor. So we figured we would switch off. Priscilla is going to
go hang out with Isaiah. A lot of the activities
are like at night, you know like after respite’s
over, stuff like that, so we’re going to switch off, that’s how we’re going
to make that happen. So mom’s going to hang out
with you tomorrow night. Abbie, you’re really rocking
these glass elevators. They’re not bothering you
much at all, are they? I’m going to say you’re tired, huh, girl? You look tired. Say bye everybody, bye. So respite’s pretty awesome. They have tons of
activities for them to do. Lots of sensory stuff, of
course, which makes sense, so yeah, lots of sensory stuff, of course like some kids are
loud, some kids are quiet, so, or prefer it quiet, so they
have headphones in there, iPad activities are always a win. But yeah, they have a really good time. Everybody’s super happy to be in there. So, that makes me excited,
and like Isaiah said, we’re not just dropping her off
so that we can go do things, you know? She’s actually enjoying
it in an environment where she’s comfortable and content, and not overly stimulated. Out of steam. She’s probably going to go
back and go to bed, huh? You going to say goodbye to everybody? You want to close it down? (beep) How we played it off like
“oh, we’re parenting!” We had no idea what we were
doing, we just lost $100. – Oh my gosh. – Technically $150, because we’re going to
give Isaiah’s $50 back. – Right. Parents learning. – Yeah we just got cooked. What’s up? – [Isaiah] What? – Nothing.

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