Seafood Risotto | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

Seafood Risotto | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

Hello guys! Welcome to my kitchen once again!
Today, we will make seafood risotto… I will show you the proper way, the Greek way to cook the perfect risotto with seafood and let’s start cooking! And let’s start by preheating our non-stick pan. It’s smoking…So, I will add some olive oil
and my shrimps. Just give them a nice color,
one minute each side. Nice, golden brown color! And my shrimps are ready! The pan, back again to the heat.
A bit more olive oil… and we add the calamari. The same…not more than one minute.
Give it a nice color! Can you see that? And the calamari is also ready! Take it off. I need an onion and I will dice it. Take your time and chop your onion. I have two celery stalks
and one carrot. I will dice them. And I will carry on with the celery. Dice them also… One clove of garlic… and it’s time to start cooking our vegetables. You will start with extra virgin Greek olive oil… and all the vegetables. Onion, carrots, celery,
and the garlic. And this is the beauty of Greece! You’re cooking and you’re watching that! This is amazing!
You need to let them caramelize. I will help them a little bit with some sugar… and lower the heat. Leave some time to the vegetables
to take all these lovely flavors inside the risotto after. Cook them for about five minutes. My vegetables are ready!
Can you see that caramelization? This will make our risotto very, very tasty. Back to the heat
and it’s time to add Mr. risotto. And just sauté the rice for a bit,
to make it translucent. My rice seems ready and
it’s time to add Mr. white wine. And you have to be patient,
wait until it evaporates. And when the wine evaporates,
we will start adding our vegetable stock. Don’t pour over lots of stock,
just two spoonfuls is enough for the start to cover the rice and the vegetables… and slow-cook the rice. After the first batch of stock,
when it evaporates, we will add some more. So, you have to continue this process
for at least four to five times, until the rice is ready. And now, it’s time to taste a bit of my rice. It is almost ready,
it needs about two to three more minutes. So, it’s time to add the seafood. I will add my calamari and my prawns. I will add the mussels. And I will add some lovely clams. Those should be enough. Now, I will just add one last ladleful of stock… Then, I will cover my pan for two more minutes and after that, I will uncover I will reveal my risotto
and I will put my final touches. And it’s time to reveal my risotto. As you can see,
there is a lot of moisture inside the risotto because all the seafood releases a lot of moisture
but this is exactly what we want… this flavor from the seafood! Now, take off the heat
and it’s time to add some final touches. Some rosemary… the zest of one lemon… and the juice of half a lemon… and just a bit of mascarpone. Now, we mix the risotto! Can you see that? It is amazing! Please, do not overcook the seafood! Just put it at the end and trust me,
you will have all this lovely flavor from the seafood! I will add a bit more salt… Oh, my God! It’s really delicious! Pepper, lots of pepper. And it’s time to serve!
I will take another spoon and I will start with these lovely mussels, with this lovely calamari, with these lovely prawns, with these lovely clams. I will add some wild rocket to the top. I will drizzle some extra virgin Greek olive oil, freshly ground pepper, and it’s ready to be eaten! Everything in a bite! Oh, my God! You actually can taste the sea! If you like that video,
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Bye bye, yia sas!

93 thoughts on “Seafood Risotto | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

  1. I think a cool twist is to make your risotto black with the ink sack of a squid. I'm pretty sure a youtuber shows how to prepare squid (Like Calemares – Which is a word I don't know how to spell) his name is "Barts Fish tales" and if you want I can like the video?

  2. Hey Akis. Still love your channel. Wanna do some dolmathakia? Also, is there a greek version of mirepoix or soffritto?

  3. love your Chanel, the authenticity of your dishes and creation  is amazing.  I tried some of your cooking techniques and variation of ingredients to my dishes, it turned out a big hit.

  4. I don't know how chefs add raw whole pieces of rosemary to their food. It's tough to eat and gets stuck in your teeth.

  5. That looks soooooo good. Akis, can I be your cameraman so I can taste allYour food after you make them? Haha

  6. Akis. Interesting video. Very different from the risotto I learned to make as a young chef using Italian recipes. Thank you for sharing your interesting content. Blessings ChefMike

  7. Hello Akis, i like your videos and have a Question. Can you maybe show me how to Cook that tasty White Nougat with Walnuts or pistachues or dried Fruits. That little White Nougat Bites all love in Greece and Turkey.

  8. Wonderful video, Akis!! You always do a superb job and that view, oh my!! Thank you!!

  9. Hey Aki what does "Yasos" (or whatever you say)…. mean?? Also v interesting recipe. Looked like a lot of black pepper… do you think it was too much?

  10. Looks incredible Akis! I have never made my own seafood risotto because I am so scared of overcooking the seafood, you make it look so easy though! I suppose when you removed the calamari and shrimp, they weren't fully cooked, right? So that they continue cooking a bit more in the risotto?

  11. Looks great, rosemary is an interesting choice for a herb, quite strong for seafood but I'd try it. Only issue with this is that it had to be too salty. All those clams and mussels and broth throughout the cooking process then you load it with more salt to season at the end?.. Not sure about that otherwise great!

  12. You are making me sooo hungry :)… I keep going from one recipe to another and I want them all! Love that you are not using lots of ingredients.

  13. Non stick pans generally have a warning about not letting get to a temperature (above 400 F) where it smokes. Are you sure it's okay to heat your non stick pans to such a high heat that it's smoking?

  14. Perhaps in a future video, you might explain how you first got interested in cooking and who was the greatest influence in your culinary life.

  15. What? You put mascarpone in the risotto which is totaly unimportant and then?… More olive oil? Man theres so much fat to give you a stroke!

  16. I just make the recepie,it is perfect!!!!! It is the most good risotto i eat in my live!!!Bravoo Aki???????ciaoooooo????

  17. ακη μην μας ξεχασεις εμας τα ελληνοπουλα
    καλη επιτυχια στο αγγλικο σου καναλι

  18. Exw estiatorio stin germania file kai otan thelw na kanoume kati spesial .. klevoume mono apo esena.. an theleis na kaneis ena video kai stin germania tha mou arese polu na se filokseniso kai na magirepsoume mazi.. eisai oreos ?????

  19. Άκη είσαι θεός! You are amazing mate! Everyday I check out your recipes to cook for dinner!

  20. i would love to try this recipe, looks delicious! only 1 thing: why would you add the rosemary at the end, its a hard herb, right? besides that, great cook!

  21. Why mascarpone ….you are not making tiramisu…..what happened to the tomato….why veggie stock and not fish stock…..awful version of risotto alla Pescatora….I am from Sicily by the way…..Italiani Greci una faccia una razza!!

  22. It's lovely to see Greece behind you there in the background Akis! There is something so relaxing about cooking and breathing in that ocean air 🙂 I agree the key to a good seafood risotto is not to overcook the seafood as that totally takes the flavour. I always use mascarpone in my seafood risotto too … I love parmasan but it can overpower the flavour of the seafood. I can't wait to make this when I get home from work tonight. Risotto is one of the best summer dishes ???

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