Sausage Making – Easy Step by Step Guide – Meat Series 02

Sausage Making – Easy Step by Step Guide – Meat Series 02

Hi everyone one and a huge welcome to Steve’s
kitchen today I’m going to introduce you to the art of sausage making
now charcuterie has always been a big part of
my life I used to have a little farm we kept animals we had pigs and we used to make a
lot of different cured products and today I want to show you one of
the simplest and easiest ways to get into that by making homemade sausages which
are absolutely delicious you don’t need to keep pigs in order to do
this but you will need some basic equipment now if you’re interested you know what
sorts of sausages we’re going to be making today got a batch here we’re going to make a nice
simple herb sausage and you can tinker with it and
make it your own come on let’s get started now when you
come to make sausages this is a fantastic attachment you get
them on the stand mixers it’s actually a mincing machine they fit on the front here you can get them independently as well but this is a wonderful machine I’ve
used this for doing great big batches of sausages got a hopper in the front now we’re
going to be using the largest plate for the first grind just come down here when we’re talking
about meat fat is your friend you cannot make now if you don’t like fat I’m sorry
about that but you cannot make good sausages without fat they’ll just be dry and tasteless and the ones you buy in
the supermarket probably have a lot more fat in them than we’re going to be using here now bear that in
mind when you’re choosing the cuts for making sausages
you want the cut that has plenty of fat in it so you’ll be looking at shoulder cuts leg is good belly is good and with alot of the pigs now in this supermarkets they don’t have a lot of fat on them so you may have to
ask your butcher for some extra fat this is what I call backfat it’s a very
lardy fat would sort of melt and it’s fantastic for sausage making
now I’m going to cut this meat up into small cubes going to feed them through this hopper and get our
first batch of sausage meat going before we introduced
our herbs and flavors Now just quickly when you’re
cutting up your meat I would either use a chef’s knife to cut
it up into cubes and we want things probably about that big pop them in there but another great knife is a boning
knife you could use a butcher’s knife as well and this is a great knife for just
cutting up the cubes and it’s a knife you probably going to use a lot
if you’re preparing meat okay time to put the meat through the
grinder as I said to you before I’ve got the large die on here later on once we’ve added our seasoning I’m going to put it through again on this slightly smaller die you’ve got the
meat here all cut up into big cubes we turn on our stand mixer nice and
slow now most of these machines come with some
sort of safety pusher and you use that just to push to meat down
through and get this wonderful minced pork coming out the bottom and they work
really very very quickly before very long you’re going to have a whole
bowl full of minced pork now a great tip
when you come to the last piece of pork that’s gone through your mincer is just to turn it on and pop a little
bit of bread through there what that will do is the
bread will force the last of the meat out of
the chute and although we don’t want to put a lot of bread into our sausage it won’t harm for it to
be in there and you going to end up with this wonderful big bowl of sausage meat but don’t forget that is not seasoned yet I’ll actually put up on the side here on this
side all the ingredients I’m going to add I’ve got two kilos thats four pounds of meat I’m putting
some sage and thyme and black pepper and salt into the mix using a spoon or using
your hand we’re just going to roughly mix the
seasoning through now you could use this meat as it is and start to put it into your
sausage casings but I like to pop it through the grinder again on a slightly
smaller setting and that’ll get you a finer sausage meat which I think for this particular recipe makes
great sausages so let’s get on now we’re going to feed
this back through until we get that finer mince now when your sausage meat
is ready like this I’ve got a big pile of it here before we go to the trouble of popping that
into sausage casings I want to take a small piece of it pop it
into a frying pan or skillet and we’re just going to cook
that off and then you can taste it now if that tastes great cooked now it’s
going to taste fantastic in sausages now there it is off of the fryer and now you want to taste it because now
is the last chance you have to add seasoning and don’t be afraid to
experiment this goes really well with bits of chilli and paprika they even work really well with Apple so here
goes that’s just perfect time to get these in the skins now we need to get the
sausage meat into the sausage casings now with this grinder here it has an
attachment wonderful nozzle on here they work really well you pop the skin casings onto there
and as you grind it down through it comes in you fill the sausage up now of course I’m doing things on a bigger scale
when I used to produce for myself so I got this beautiful beast now these
are a little bit expensive not everybody will want a machine like this but I have one so
I’m going to use it if you have only this don’t worry it
works just as well a little bit slower and a quick word about
sausage casings as well traditionally sausages were made with the
intestine of the pigs or lambs and they used to clean them out
and salt them and brine them and then you would use those and I’ve used
those many times before I can’t get them where I am at the moment but these are a
great substitute they’re still a natural product they’re a
collegen sausage skin and they’re pretty much what you would have
on any name brand sausages they would use this sort of
casing the great thing about these they last for years years you can store
them and if you don’t happen to have
intestines these are ready to go so what you want to do is you want to
thread this on to the sausage nozzle like that pull a
little bit of the excess off and then over this side of the
machine we’ve got cranking handle and this
handle allows us to crank the sausage meat down the tube it’ll start coming out you’ll see it coming through here and then we need to actually get to this
end and I’ll show you in a moment how we fill the sausage casing now I’ve got a little tray below here now as
the sausage meat comes out the end of the nozzle we’re just going to twirl it round and pop it
onto the tray below here and this is really something you just
get used to after time occasionally you might get a bit of an air
bubble and obviously you’re going to need somebody on the cranking handle I’ve got an assistant with me here now you
can see I’ve end up with this massive sausage here which is great that
is the end of the mixture in that particular batch I’m just going to take the skin
towards the end like this tear it off with a little bit of
excess and what we’ll do is tie a knot in the end of that and
then our sausages are going to be ready to start to loop now look
I made two batches of sausages these are the herb sausages these are a spicier one I put chili in that
and I colored it with paprika so you can see what they are and now
what we need to do is turn these into sausages now it’s a little tricky
you do get used to it just pinch your sausage like that give it a little twist take another length
and it’s really a time you get used to doing this turn it the
opposite way bring these sausages up and you have a
loop of 3 I’m going to take another bunch now here
give it a little twist that way come to the next one little twist back a third sausage like this and a third
twist but this time I’m going to take that
those first two sauces let me just see if I can get this on camera so the first two
Sausages and the third one I’m going to push through like that a little twist and there you’ve got a group of six
sausages I hope that’s not too difficult it is
just a way of practicing and when you get perfect
at it you’ll be able to whip with them out really quickly now I hope you’ve enjoyed this basic introduction to sausages these also they freeze really well so make big
batches don’t waste the time doing small batches have a lot of fun making them I’m
probably not going to be able to answer too many comments about ingredients
there are many different sausage recipes out there I’ll put my ingredients down below please
share the love give the thumbs up now I just want to share with you this
beautiful big batch of sausages I managed to do the whole batch in one time now they will split
occasionally as I say it’s a little bit of a knack that you get used to but the beauty is
with these sausages you know what’s in them it’s all pure pork they are going to taste absolutely delicious I urge some of
you if you’re into this sort of thing give this a try at home and it may start
you on a journey which I started many years ago of
loving home cured meat see you next time so there we have it
how to make your own delicious sausages at home little bit of fun little
bit of something different from Steve’s Kitchen now I’ll leave some links here to some other videos as always I love to hear your comments and I will see you next time be good

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  20. Try my dads recipe

    Pork shoulder


    1 tspn of salt

    1 tspn of pepper

    1 tablespoon of paprika

    1 table spoon of thyme

    1 table spoon of Chile powder

    1 tspn of garlic powder

    1 pinch of sage

    1 tspn of brown sugar

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  29. The best quality sausage is made with very course meat and not fine, I come from Italy where people has been doing this for generation, and they all strive to find the biggest trifle ever and sometimes also widen the holes with drillers.. 28 grams of salt every kg of meat will be fine either for drying and curing them and for using them fresh of frozen, pepper according to the taste, all of the other spices are optional but good and what can't absolutely miss is half a glass of red homemade wine every 2 kgs of meat, never water as some recipes recomend on YouTube. After filling the intestine or skin some holes with a needle are required to make sure air bubbles are going away and the meat can cure perfectly. Good timing with these is funny, United the family to share moments of pleasure during the tasting afterwards, thanks for your recepe anyway, if you like you can experiment mine as well and decide which one better suits your palate. Cheers!!! 😀

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