Royal Balinese Food - AMAZING INDONESIAN FOOD at The Palace in Bali, Indonesia!

Royal Balinese Food – AMAZING INDONESIAN FOOD at The Palace in Bali, Indonesia!

yeah when my friend Andre invited me to attend a royal Balinese family gathering to experience authentic Balinese food and culture I hardly even knew what to expect but I was thrilled what you're about to watch in this video is the real deal it doesn't get better than this for authentic culture and Indonesian food in Bali hey everyone its mark Wiens I'm in Bali Indonesia Andre should be arriving soon and we're gonna first walk around the market so we're gonna be going around with Andre today and this is going to be a really unique and very interesting opportunity to observe Balinese profile record I'm looking forward to it sit back I'm so very good and this is a typical Balinese market you'll find all sorts of like jungle vegetables they're bananas and coconuts you'll see a lot of flowers beautiful colored flowers and these are all used as as offerings you know believed in social stratification so we still believe in caste so basically and well they have a fourth grade of social stratification in the top level we called Black Manta so we're going to the police for the raffle for the great work Supriya your family is part of the Royal yeah royal caste my name is a GU andrey so basically my eldest name is a goon Putra but my mom is house but my mom is from that's from Bali free royal person in Bali you starting with goon okay cool ok so angry maybe so welcome to my crib thank you all so this is this is like a this is a hole and Ellen one thing I just want to quickly tell you is that the majority of Indonesia is Muslim but Bali is the is the unique Island where the majority of people are Hindu we're walking into the compound now this is absolutely beautiful you can feel the Balinese culture here and one thing that I have to show you is this tree right here as soon as I stepped in the gates of this compound I got the aroma to my nose this is the hugest durian tree I've ever seen in my life you can just smell the aroma of durian in this whole compound thank you several categories for a living so we call it validation but it is for the old grand father and your brother this is for an pjip is this building and this one we call Serengeti friend and collect it they can stay over there okay thank you the CEO here this is an entire Royal Balinese traditional compounding and it is absolutely beautiful I am just I'm just amazed at the architecture the building's the the community mark using this which is a traditional form of dress in Bali so this is for you know ripping okay because slender okay thank you I'm gonna tell you immediately a sarong is much more comfortable than pants all that airflow is fantastic and we are now gonna go take a look in the family temple and we have ceremony every six months in Bali usually yeah and then that one is a Surya most of the common family local family I'm here to pray this is literally right off the tree that is that we're sitting in the shade oh oh it's beauty and oftentimes the small durians are the most fragrant and have the most flavor fell from the tree so this is natural this is organic oh oh oh that's insane it has the perfect hint of bitterness yeah perfect hint of bitterness just that slight alcoholic taste yeah and so sweet and creamy that's a durian you don't want you don't want to use any napkin at all you want to lick everything off your fingers Lily it's at a is very very common in Bali and in very very comfort food for Balinese okay and then after that we're going make all our and after that this you know yeah and we're gonna get started cooking he's gonna make a number of different traditional balinese dishes the first dish that he's making is the satay lilit which is a famous Balinese style satay using minced meat and he's using minced chicken so he first chopped up some kaffir lime leaves then he added chopped up some palm sugar added that in then he added some chilies which I think have been kind of roasted or fried before there's some turmeric he added in some salt oh and I'm 2 lemongrass they they take a little wad of the of the minced meat mixture and really delicately well they do it really fast but I know if you or I tried that we would probably end up with a clump somewhere or it would just fall off the the skewer but unless then ah okay banana stem soup really finely sliced the banana stock and then he stuff it into the basin and he took his hands and kind of we kind of like pulled them apart then he added a spoonful of salt and then he really mixed mixed it up and kind of squash it massaged it with his hands and then he squeezed it all to let out all of that water and all that excess moisture I think just water within that stump and then he added in the the classic Balinese spices the mix of turmeric and galangal and ginger and he added in a few more herbs and spices and then he added a few a few pieces of chicken chopped it up chicken in there too to make the soup stock that's going to be the the base of the soup well that's right out of the boiling oh that's hot yes there you go that's pretty oh you can taste the lemongrass in there really nicely sobbing that is already so lady honor for using for Villa or something so this press button is going to be like an animal for indicator for the healthy soil for the healthy environment yeah so if you ever buy land in Bali you want to make sure there's else within Atlanta so it's good to be like a good soil he added some boiling water which was that's gonna like remove some of the slime from the eels and that's the the first step of preparation in this dish sour sour Linoone he is an absolute master of cooking it's a little bit graphic to show you but it's really the traditional way and they sat in the hot water for a while and now he is the gutting the the eels just by hand like he's reaching in kind of removing the head and then just sliding his thumb through the body and just removing that inner guts section they so don't like kind of puff up when you put them in the oil is complete yeah the eels came out of the hot oil they're all crispy and they've really reduced down they mixed it with that toasted coconut and that is a an eel dish complete our staff he is a five-star chef his chopping skills are just insane he chops up things misses things in just an instant and they mix that up now he's adding the spices again that same turmeric mixture goes into almost all Balinese dishes that is the signature ingredient and then he also added these which are these are Balinese Balinese bay leaves he took that chicken mixture and now he's plugging them into little banana leaf pockets and he does it so fast and so expertly and then he ties them up with a very thin strips of bamboo that are sharp enough to poke through after he filled everything into the banana leaf and wrapped them up and be steamed and it's called boom right from the tree yes wow you are very lucky this is a paradise oh oh it smells incredible and that is extremely sharp oh wow that's a beauty fire is hot so he just put on one batch of satay and you can hear them hissing over the fire and already you can just smell the aroma of that lemon dress just coming out right off the fire they are ready I'm gonna taste test oh it's amazing oh it's so fragrant it's so tender and juicy and you can really taste the fragrance the essence of that lemongrass which is just like embedded throughout it oh that's outstanding another dish we're making is lawar and a la Loire is a Bolognese like mix kind of kind of salad and we're gonna be making it with young Jack roots gonna be mixed up with this chopped up coconut and another ingredient to make the lower extra tasty is some boiled chicken skin that's some coconut milk yeah some curry we really mix it up with his hands that's a really common technique for cooking Balinese food and then he added in all the the minced jackfruit and then in some more chilies and that technique it looks incredible oh oh you can taste the chicken juices in there too I just sat in the kitchen in awe as they literally went from complete raw ingredients to a royal Balinese feast and now they're just gonna plate everything up and I think it's almost time for lunch but that food is going to be mind-blowing so we watched the entire process of making them dub making this food from literally from scratch from the raw ingredients to a royal Balinese feast and just the presentation is beautiful and Andrew is already explaining to me that you can see that the rice which is a cone like a mountain shape and it represents the mountains in the nature of Yahweh which is so important in Balinese culture these are royal coconuts he took out the the coconut water and then he filled it with the soup that's the banana stock soup that he prepared that we saw and prepared I think I got a move in for a piece of that eel first with some of the peanuts Oh Oh yesterday the heels are just completely crispy and then you have that incredible fragrance of that toasted coconut in there okay next up for the Lauer and can you mix the sambal whenever you yeah you want I'm gonna get some of this sure this is Samba yeah yeah okay with chilies and shallots in there I'm gonna make some some balls okay oh oh just it's just flavor impressive flavors you can really taste the coconut in there and I love that addition of that sambal you got that roasted chili in there a little bit of heat and very balanced yes definitely the shallots in there to get a museum oh you can taste the fragrance of that belief so nicely in there and then also you do really taste the the banana leaf as well which has been kind of steamed and embedded we have some spoons for the soup the presentation is just awesome and this is it's so incredibly good um you can taste again the turmeric and they're really nicely there's garlic in there and the bananas stump actually sometimes I've had banana stump that's kind of like chewy almost kind of like slimy yeah but because of the process of how he made it he squeezed out all the the water creating kind of salt mm-hmm all that all that water up it's really like crisp almost like celery oh it's just dish after dish of of excitement in your mouth okay and finally this update which I've already had a satay lilit yeah which I already had a taste of and I can already verify that it is out of controllably good perfect one biters your mouth just fills with like like Bourke roasted lemongrass flavor it's so good the flavors are so well pronounced so so balanced and so layered and also watching them prepare the entire every dish and then eating it that also adds to the to this to the – to how special this meal is and what I like is that every dish is unique as well even though some of the similar spices are used in all the dishes every dish has a different composition that was absolutely incredible food that was quite a quite a quite a bit of food on that platter – but oh man it was so good I love that mix of flavors those Balinese spices I'm fascinated and my mouth is just rejoicing right now this it's called No – you know is that leaf it's very good for your guests right we've got two different desserts traditional Balinese desserts I'll try the Lok Lak first which is a little rice flour cake with palm sugar and shredded coconut on top and you can see all its like they're kind of like your petal cakes right they're kind of roasted on the griddle that's a pretty big bite mmm yeah it's really good it like has that that bottom smokey crushed and a sort of gooey on the top and then you can really taste that fresh coconut as well as that that like syrupy almost like mole elasticity palm sugar on top and these are you can see these are like really kind of wobbly jellies with in coconut water and coconut we got to make sure it doesn't fall out of your spoon and then oh ho it's really well boy and then okay I think I got a bite whoa that's like a texture that will just like slide around in your mouth I've tried a lot of Southeast Asian little snacks and desserts but this is very unique and that texture is just so interesting look at that it's just like the softest jelly you've ever tasted we had some pre meal durian and we're having some second dessert durian as well and this is the durian that fell from the tree we actually when we were doing the cooking we heard up boom a thump on the ground and it fell from the tree it's completely natural it's organic that's the way you have to eat durian like often times for the markets these days they'll pick them premature unripe and then they have to like quickly ripen them in unnatural ways but the best of the best durian is when it just falls naturally from the tree it's naturally ripened Duryea wrinkly wrinkly beauty yeah oh it's more perfect than the first Detroiters it's better than the previous one we had small Tiki it's yeah it's reallyit sticky yeah sticky it's sticky it's so rich and creaming it's so perfectly you have to try the bitter undoubtedly one of the world's greatest natural things this is a Balinese food paradise we have come to the end of this absolutely incredible Balinese food and cultural experience learning about volunteers culture and then cooking all of the food and then eating the Royal Balinese food it's been really really education not only educational but also one of the most interesting and fascinating things I've done ever done and a huge thank you to Andre and his entire family for for hosting us here they've been extremely generous to us and they've also been very welcoming to their family royal compound yeah the food was amazing thank you very much for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it I'd love to hear from you in the comment section below and if you're not already subscribed click subscribe now for lots more food in travel videos goodbye from the rulli of the Paradise island of Bali and I will see you on the next video thanks again for watching

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