Rice punch & slush (Sikhye: 식혜)

Rice punch & slush (Sikhye: 식혜)

(knife chopping) (happy music) – Hi everybody! Let’s make something sweet;
sweet, cold, refreshing dessert. Today, we are going to
make Sikhye, Korean Sikhye. Sikhye is rice punch,
because it made with rice. See, we can make anything with rice! This is a very popular
dessert among Koreans. Whenever we have some special occasions, always, we make this Sikhye. Because, we eat a lot of
delicious food, after that, our stomach is kind of, it’ll
feel uncomfortable, too full. This rice punch, you just drink this, and then all digests quickly. Also, tasty, because we make
this with barley malt powder, the malty flavor,
aftertaste is amazing, so good. We call this yeotkiereum-garu,
barley malt powder. Today, I will just make
kind of a slush style. It’s perfect for summer weather! This is eight ounce, then I will add 14 cups water. We got to mix this very well. We need to wait until this
powder is all sunk on the bottom, then we need to get only its clear water, clear malty water we need there. Before filming this, two hours
before, I mixed this one here. This bowl is just clear liquid,
you can see the difference. Nobody can touch it now,
because it’s very important; if you touch and shake it,
all will be mixed again, oh my! Just my time, two hours,
I have to wait again! (laughs) So how important it is. I’m going to save this for later. Now, I will make rice. One cup. Let’s wash. (faucet running) And rinse. And change water. In my last rinse, I will pour
out water, as much as I can. 3/4 cup water. 1/2 a cup. 1/4 cup. You see, not much water. Press the button, and make rice. There is a little science
involved making this. Barley malt has enzyme called amylase. When amylase is meeting starch from rice, the starch turns into
sugar, sweet thing. You know, you make rice, and just mix it with this malty water, then suddenly it makes
a sweet drink! That’s amazing, isn’t it? My rice is done! Let’s check it out. Oh wow. Each grain of rice is cooked and firm. That’s what we need. So I’m going to really
carefully just pour out this. Slowly, slowly like this. Can you see there on the bottom? It’s like mud. I will just stop this, because I don’t want to
make cloudy Sikyhe. This is around 11 cups malty water. And then now, close. You need to set to warm. Keep warm, can you see? And press this. I still like to use this. This is four cups of water, the color is a little grayish. That’s it! I don’t have to worry about this sikhye! I’m going to let it
ferment for four hours, and four hours later I will check it out. The rice is going to be light,
and color will be changed to white. Grains of rice should be floating. Meanwhile, I’m not going
to touch this. Four hours later it’ll
be nicely separated. So see you in four hours! (upbeat guitar music) I’m back, four hours later. So let’s check it out! Wow, look at this! This rice is floating! Okay, I’m going to transfer
this to my big pot. Look at this color, gorgeous, beautiful. Delicious looking and it smells really good. The sediment is sunk
on the bottom. Pour this, just the clear
liquid, very slowly slowly. Around three cups. I will boil this really
vigorously, and then, turn off. That’s Sikhye! And this leftover sediment is not delicious anymore. All the malt flavor was infused,
so throw it away. Let’s heat up over high heat. It’s really boiling now. Turn off. This tastes just subtly sweet, we usually add some sugar here. You can taste this, “Oh, this is good.” and then, don’t add any sugar. But I will add one cup sugar. Ever since I was young,
my grandmother, my mom, when they made Sikyhe, hot
Sikhye was so delicious. So we were always eating
a little bit to taste. You can serve it hot or cold. Oh, yummy, yummy! Serve hot or cold,
but we usually serve cold. The rice will keep
fermenting in this water. As time goes by, the color
is going to be more cloudy, or grayish. So we usually separate rice and Sikhye water. How I’m doing this? I will strain it. Then let’s rinse this in cold water. (faucet running) Just soak this in cold water. Let me taste my Sikhye! Ah, so good~ Now, what I’m going to do
is just let it cool down. This Sikhye water, and Sikhye rice, keep these separately in the refrigerator, so whenever you serve this, you can ladle some Sikhye
water and scoop some rice. This is the way that we serve Sikhye so that the color is not
going to change, and pretty, rice color is always white,
beautiful and floating. I’ll just keep eating this again. The flavor is really good,
sweet, but not that sweet. This is total, about 14 to 15 cups. When it’s cooled down, cover. Now I’m going to make slush. To show you how to make slush,
I had to make another batch. I froze it for around five hours. I will bring it, but before that, I will just give you an idea for garnish. You remember, jujube? With jujubes, I made these
flowers. How you make this? Use your knife and just cut around it, you can feel the seed
inside, and just cut around, until the seed is coming out. You see? Seed. And then you can just roll
it, roll it up tightly, and squeeze, because the inside is
sticky, you can do this. Just like a glue, you know? It’s jujube flower. This way we make this, I made some here. And also, these are pine nuts. Pine nut in Sikyhe, is always very beautiful and tasty. When we add pine nuts, we
always remove the tips. See, this is the tip! You can take off the tip. Actually there is a little tiny hole inside, so you should be able to do like this. What does it look like? It looks like a match! (laughs) We usually make this with pine needles. (laughs) I just kept this in the refrigerator, so it’s very cold. You see, just half is frozen. This is slush! In the summertime, it is awesome, you can make slush with all
these two jars, and use for a big party, you can serve this way for several people. I also made granita with it. Have you ever heard of granita? Using your fork, and then
just scratch, scratch. Add some rice and mix it together. Jujube, pine nuts. Let me taste! I’m so excited about this Sikhye slush! Wow, almost too cold, too cold. My teeth are frozen! It tastes cold, refreshing, and sweet, and the aftertaste is
kind of a malt flavor, that’s really great. All the starch from the rice is gone, so the texture is like sponge. The taste is really unique, if
you have never tasted Sikhye, you got to make homemade Sikhye. Sikhye is loved by all Koreans, we always make this whenever
we have some special occasions, We made this with one cup of rice, and eight ounces barley malt powder. Today we made Korean Sikhye and sikhye slush. Rice punch and slush! Enjoy my recipe, see you next time, bye! (happy music)

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  1. I would have to try making this punch with some extra punch with malt barley take that to 150 deg for 1 hour the add some grain that's cracked grain convert that to sugar then i would make sure i make 35 gallons then add a lager yeast and convert to some kind of beer

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  3. I just want to say thank you for making these videos. You are one of the most genuinely delightful people I have ever come across. Together with your knowledge I am happily addicted to your videos. But I’ve found it’s more than that. These days your videos help me get through the days. They make the time go faster at dialysis. They make procedures more tolerable as a distraction and during times like now while I’m on bed rest they keep me company. Thank you for that.

    PS I must admit I have found myself waving back when you end the episode!

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