Review of Chefs Choice 615A Meat Slicer

Review of Chefs Choice 615A Meat Slicer

hello good evening. This is the two
sleevers kitchen you may recognize it from Urvashi’s who is usually standing right
here wherever. Well, Urvashi’s not here right now. So here in front of me I have a chef’s
choice 615 a it’s a meat slicer or a slicer whichever you wish to call it. And
so we’re gonna run through it. Now this has thirteen hundred and thirty seven
reviews on Amazon and it’s four and a half stars so we’re gonna expect some
really good things. Now here I have some cheese I have some ham I have some raw
chuck roast I have some capicola here I have a big loaf of bread and it have a
small little bit okay so let’s take a look at this machine and look at all of
its little features here on the end there is a on and off switch and it
turns on that’s I always handy okay so back here we’ve got the slide this sets
the thickness this little dial here if we turn it it’s marked in little notches
there and it moves this thing back from blade might be able to see it right
there a little bit it comes with one blade the blade that’s
in it right now you might can see that it’s got a serrated edge it’s kind of a
saw well they make a second blade that they don’t give you with it that you
have to buy and that’s this one now this one is they say it’s four thin cuts and
it probably is it’s smooth where the other one is serrated let’s go ahead and
cut something that sounds like a good plan so let’s uh we’re gonna set this
pretty thick it’s gonna do some bread first let’s and this is set on ten right
now if you can see that probably can’t I don’t think any of the cameras are
showing that good a picture of this so anyway here’s our loaf of bread now
we’re gonna take off until we get a nice flat surface there so you slide this
back we put our loaf of bread in there well look at that
this isn’t going to work because a loaf of bread is too big but that’s okay
because I have this thing over here this is a glove and this is a cut-resistant
Club you can’t cut it with a knife let’s turn
that on when we slide this through their slide sliced bread was quite nicely okay start off and what we got here now
you can see this slice of bread right there
nice and cleanly cut not a whole lot of fraying on it it did a nice job of
cutting this bread now here’s another little yeah now you
can buy this sliced you can buy it in sliced so let’s take the end of this off
turn on and of course the first thing I forgot
to do is put a piece of parchment paper under but it gives us these nice little
goodies for toasting if you want if it was thinner it would toast better so
let’s dial this down here let’s try to get all the mess here I’m not gonna
really worry too much about the mess cuz we’re having too much fun to take care
whether it make a mess or not turn this on I think I dialed it down
two or three here comes our bread now that is a slice of bread that would
toes nice and damn near turn into a potato chip
let’s do cheese here’s some nice of our tea okay and let’s dial this down to
okay that’s a number two okay so let’s see if
we can slice the piece on the market the market is usually pretty soft cheese
and push this through way now that is a nice-looking cut piece of
cheese right there that’s good-looking piece of cheese might have that in the
bread with my Apple okay so we saw that that slice of cheese pretty well now
here I have a piece of sharp cheddar sharp cheddar is a little harder than
Havarti so let’s go ahead and take the Marty out of here put back on our plate
put this down and and slice the the sharp cheddar so here comes sharp
cheddar now then again there we have a nice thin
piece of sharp cheddar cheese so let’s go ahead and move on to some meat here
now ham you know everybody kind of likes ham steak sometimes so I got this big
chunk of ham cuz I wanted to see if this would cut a big chunk of ham now then
again this guard has to come off because it’s not big enough to get around here
behind this big chunk of ham so with my glove protecting my hand and let’s turn
this out to about 6:00 and see what happens to our piece of ham here well now that looks like a pretty nice
piece of ham I would eat that and we want that chuck roast be pretty thin so
it’ll cook quickly so we’re going to turn this down to three and see what
happens to it now I have not cut any chuck roast in this yet so we’re all
gonna be test pilot here and see what this does I’m going to cut a couple of
slices here okay so that is Earth in chuck roast
I’ll tell you what you take this little piece of chuck roast here and you get
some butter and you fry that little thin chuck roast and butter doesn’t take very
long for it to cook and that is some really good stuff and since its cut
across the grain it’s gonna be quite tender and tasty and it’s got a real
nice marbling it with the Pat so that’s gonna be some really good stuff so we’re
gonna take this off okay just slide this back out of the way
you can see right here there’s a little black nut there that says to remove
blade and it looks like you need a screwdriver and you could I don’t really
have a screwdriver in the kitchen so I got a kitchen knife and this nut isn’t
tightened all that tight so you just turn it a little bit it loosens up and
it comes off okay there’s a nut off now we’re gonna reach
through there and take the blade off okay so there’s our blade this is the
serrated one okay now if you look on the back side you’ll see there’s white
grease okay and there’s white grease in here on these plastic gears and stuff as
to keep this from eating itself this plastic gear that meshes with that
plastic gear the grease protects them we’re gonna stick it back on there okay
it’s on there it’s meshed in we take our little nut and we turn it the other way
so now am prosciutto and I have cut listen Percy no this is Capra :
now I did cut capicola with the serrated blade and it kind of just fine it I
actually cut it quite thin not quite as good as maybe I would have liked but it
wasn’t bad not at all so but I want to try it with the smooth blade I think
it’s gonna do a lot better so we’re gonna turn this thing down
my new blade well lookie there there’s Capitola now if you look at it it’s a little
thick if you bought capitalist or be a lot better than that let’s turn this
down to one now and run another piece well now that’s much better this is
probably getting a little bigger than the 16 smaller than an 8 but it’s a nice
piece of capital a little thick let’s go ahead and put this hot or chuck roast
back up there and see how this blade works on chuck roast and push it through there well for a thin slice of me I don’t see
a lot wrong with that so what have we learned it’s a nice slicer it really is
it’ll slice what you want it to slice it’s a wonderful little machine now you
might have seen me pushing the meat through a little slow well I wanted to
have a nice clean cut full-length piece if I really wanted to cut this ham up
and I’d probably get to where I could get that cut and just be slicing it off
there you have it I don’t know what else I can add am i happy with it yeah
are we going to keep it you bet you sit on the it can sit on that shelf over
there with the 18 instant pots and fourteen air fryers thanks for watching
I come visit us at two sleepers calm it we’ll have a wonderful time thank you

8 thoughts on “Review of Chefs Choice 615A Meat Slicer

  1. That’s fancy. You did a professional job, Mr. Roger. I am heartened by your safety, but as sure that I wouldn’t be. I will have to purchase slices, although none as thin as “your damn near a potato chip.” 😁

  2. Nice video, but I have a couple knives and I live simply… I don't even have a Kitchen Aid mixer, I use a spoon! I don't know about the price, it seems like a lot just to cut stuff, but maybe if I had a huge family… It would be great.

  3. You beyond stupid – cutting bread on a meat slicer – use a fucking bread knife I don;t recall in all my years behind a meat counter cutting fucking bread

    I could cut quicker and better with a bread knife anway

    bread can't turn into a potato chip it can turn into toast tho – wtf

    definitely FUCKING LOVE THE NOSE WIPE at the 4:36 TM only to have them there snotters on the cheddar – I'm cancelling my cable who needs Comedy Central when we have this on YT for FREE LMAO

    OMFG TM 8:56 Fucking capricolla steaks – stay out of the fucking Bronx for real – if you're using the straight blade to get what you all THINNER from the serrated WTF did you cut with the serrated 2" plywood thick, then you go down a notch and it's the SAME FUCKING THICKNESS JUST LOOK AT IT ON THE BOARD

    And ANY meat processing product that has plastic gears SUCKS especially slicers, grinders and stuffers – you'll be stripped down in no time and holding your ass in your hands

  4. As with the chuck roast cut , good presentation, prior to however , ALWAYS shut down the machine BEFORE picking up presentations . Safety first !
    Great review by the way , thanks for sharing and will purchase this slicer .

  5. All these cheap machines can cut. But the more expensive once can cut real THIN slices, like you would get a serano ham sliced.

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