Restaurant employs ‘first-ever’ robot burger chef

Restaurant employs ‘first-ever’ robot burger chef

I got Cora see I think this is better than a human burger I've had a lot of human-made burgers and they just seasoned the meat a lot better I think when you're stacked up with the best you want to do your best so if you see robots doing it under like four minutes you want to be a bigger better cook right it's an uncertain but delicious future please retreat

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  1. Just in the U.S. alone they can't handle the homeless, immigrants or veterans. Imagine how bad it will be with tens of millions being unemployed. When everybody is getting $1,000 Yang bucks it will become worthless without huge regulation which brings me back to my point of do you want to be %100 dependent on the government? A sea of blood and poverty awaits the future.

  2. Can’t blame automation and the loss of manufacturing jobs on corporations. The systemic unreasonable demands of labour unions have forced companies to think outside the box for survival. One thing I can tell is that, the machines won’t demand pay raise and organise a strike.

  3. I wonder if they can sense motion of their surroundings incase someone is in the way they beep or talk to them to excuse themselves of their way.. If they can sense the motion detection of delivering the meal to the customers to the table then maybe they can

  4. People should not support this kind of restaurants because population is increasing day by day but they try to decrease the number of workers 😢.

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