Raw Almond Milk and Other Advance Preparation for Raw Food Recipes Made Easy

Raw Almond Milk and Other Advance Preparation for Raw Food Recipes Made Easy

If you know you have a
really busy week ahead, you may want to prepare a few things
in advance on the weekend. Some of the raw food dishes
that keep really well include pâtés, salad dressings,
desserts, and almond milk, a non-dairy beverage made
from soaked almonds and water, and I’m going to show you
how to do that in just a minute. You can also prepare a
few seasonings in advance. A lot of recipes call for a tablespoon of
lemon juice or a clove of crushed garlic. Minced onion and parsley are
also common seasonings. And these items keep for
five days in your refrigerator, so you could just go ahead and prepare
those in the beginning of the week and then it would be really easy to throw
together a lot of different recipes. So let me go ahead and juice a
little bit of lemon for my week here. And you can just go ahead and
store this lemon juice in a little jar or container in your refrigerator. And it even freezes really well if you
want to keep it around for a little bit longer. Crushed garlic, minced
parsley, and minced onion can be prepared very
quickly in a food processor. You just place coarsely chopped parsley
or peeled garlic cloves or chunks of onion right in the processor and just pulse
a couple of times until it’s finely chopped. But if you don’t want to
clean the food processor, you can also quickly mince an
onion by hand for your week. So let me show you how to do that. First, I’m going to peel the onion. I’m cutting off
one end of the onion, and then I’m scouring the peel, meaning I’m just making a
small cut into the peel itself, all the way around the onion and then the peel easily comes off. Now that the onion’s peeled,
I’m going to cut it in half, but I’m leaving this end on and that’s
going to hold the onion together. as I finely chop or mince it. So now to begin, I’m going to make
cuts along these natural grooves that you see on the half of the onion, and I’m going all the
way down to the board, but I’m not going through this end right here
because I want the onion to hold itself together, which will make it easier for me to chop it. I’m making one cut through the center of the
onion just to make a finer dice or cube. And now I’m going to
begin to slice the onion. I’m using the down and
through technique, pushing the middle of my
blade down and forward. And you can see the onion is coming
out already diced or in small cubes. So now that I’ve got the
diced onion, I can go ahead and use the fan technique to mince it. Mince just means very finely chopped, and so again, I’m placing the tip of
my knife on the far side of the pile, and I’m moving the base of the knife up and down quickly just
pivoting it in a fan motion. Mincing that onion. This looks like about a cup of onion, which is easily enough for one or two people
to use as a seasoning in different dishes during the week. Some recipes call for
soaked nuts and seeds. Non-dairy milks and pâtés are
a couple of those recipes. Soaking nuts and seeds is
something that you can do in advance, and it’s very easy to do. You just place any nut
or seed into a mason jar, filling it about halfway and then filling
the rest of the jar with water. And you let it sit on your countertop
at room temperature overnight or for eight hours. And then the next morning,
drain off the water, give it a rinse, and you can either use those soaked
nuts or seeds in a recipe right away or you can store them in your
refrigerator for up to three days. Almond milk is a tasty, non-dairy beverage
made from soaked almonds and water, and it’s great to use either just
straight as a milk replacement or you can pour it
on cereal as well. To make almond milk, I’m
going to use a blender. I’m combining almonds
along with some water, and then I’m going to add some dates. These are Medjool dates. They’re very soft and sweet dates, and they’re going to
sweeten this almond milk. If you want an unsweetened milk,
you could leave that out, or you could use a different
natural sweetener of your choice. So I’ll go ahead and add those in. You could also flavor this with some
vanilla extract if you wanted to. There’s a lot of variations. You can even use different nuts and seeds. Brazil nut milk is very delicious,
and so is sesame milk. So now I’ll go ahead and blend this. So now I want to strain it. We have this thick almond mixture, and I want to extract the
milk from this mixture. So I’m going to be using a mesh bag,
which works really well to strain nut milks, but if you don’t have one of these, you can simply use a fine mesh strainer held
over a bowl and pour the almond milk into that. So here we go,
pouring it in here. Secure the bag. Give it a little twist so
that nothing gets out. And now I’m going to milk the almonds. So I’m just squeezing this bag
from the bottom and from the top. It’s a lot like milking a cow. But I’m milking the almonds and out is
coming this delicious, creamy almond milk that is so good on its own
or poured over cereal. So with almond milk, a couple of
pâtés and salad dressings, a dessert, and some of your seasonings
prepared in advance, you’ll be set for the week.

15 thoughts on “Raw Almond Milk and Other Advance Preparation for Raw Food Recipes Made Easy

  1. Thank you Jennifer! Today I made your Chocolate Mousse Tart and yoiur Not Tuna Pate, both for a party we're going to tomorrow night. They taste fantastic!

    I've added your book on my birthday wish list.

    I am enjoying your new videos so much – thank you for sharing!

    Debbie *Ü*

  2. Oh Oh ….. I think you just messed up your 'fruit' side of your cutting board slicing an
    onion?!!!! I've done that before and all my fruits end up tasting like onions!!!!

  3. After watching this, I must try it at home! I've been wanting to make my own creamy, sweet nut milk for a while but I never knew how! Thanks so much for the tips on getting all the milk out of the sack after too.

  4. Can't wait to try this. I didn't realize how easy it was to make almond milk. Question – can you put the left over almond pieces back into the blender and run again? Or is it best to just run once?

  5. Quick fix – cut a lemon in half and take the exposed side and rub it on the board. Kills germs, disinfects and cleans off the onion smell/residue.

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